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#1. True creativity comes from enjoying ?the? moments, which then fulfill themselves, and a part of the creative process is indeed the art of relaxation, the letting go, for that triggers magical activity ... - Author: Seth
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#2. You make your own reality. - Author: Seth
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#3. If you do not have a loving concern for the environment ... it will no longer sustain you - you will not be worthy of it. You will not be destroying the planet, you see. You will not be destroying the birds, or the flowers, or the grain, or the animals ... they will be destroying you. - Author: Seth
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#4. Anyone who takes responsibility for getting something done is welcome to ask for the authority to do it. - Author: Seth
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#5. The best experiences and the biggest ideas don't fit into a category. They change it. They don't get filed away, they transform us. - Author: Seth
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#6. The present is the point of power. - Author: Seth
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#7. I believe that all creativity and consciousness is born in the quality of play, as opposed to work, in the quickened intuitional spontaneity that I see as a constant through all my own existences, and in the experience of those I know. - Author: Seth
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#8. Hope without a strategy doesn't generate leadership. Leadership comes when your hope and your optimism are matched with a concrete vision of the future and a way to get there. People won't follow you if they don't believe you can get to where you say you're going. - Author: Seth
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#9. It is not virtuous in any way to put yourself down, or to punish yourself, because you do not feel you have lived up to your best behavior at any given time. - Author: Seth
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#10. In the next life you will be working with those attitudes that are now yours. - Author: Seth
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#11. The thing is, you never know what tiny event might become a potent memory, lingering in your mind, taking on more and more significance with each passing year. - Author: Seth
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#12. Rather than simply interrupting a television show with a commercial or barging into the consumer's life with an unannounced phone call or letter, tomorrow's marketer will first try to gain the consumer's consent to participate in the selling process. - Author: Seth
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#13. You create your reality according to your beliefs and expectations, therefore you should examine these carefully. If you do not like some aspect of your world, then examine your own expectations. - Author: Seth
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#14. Stop advertising and start innovating. - Author: Seth
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#15. It's never too late to redefine self-control, to change long-ingrained habits, and to do the work you're capable of. - Author: Seth
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#16. All energy contains consciousness. That one sentence is basically scientific heresy, and in many circles it is religious heresy as well. A recognition of that simple statement would indeed change your world. - Author: Seth
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#17. We believe what we want to believe, and once we believe something, it becomes a self-fulfilling truth. - Author: Seth
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#18. Either you're going to tell stories that spread, or you will become irrelevant. - Author: Seth
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#19. Am saying that lesbianism, homosexuality, and heterosexuality are valid expressions of man's bisexual nature.
I am also stressing the fact that love and sexuality are not necessarily the same thing. Sex is love's expression, but it is only one of love's expressions. - Author: Seth
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#20. I've certainly seen a lot of my cartoonist friends embrace 'Little Lulu' in a much deeper way because their kids love it so much. But that's not gonna be happening for me. There are no kids coming. - Author: Seth
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#21. More than ever, we express ourselves with what we buy and how we use what we buy. Extensions of our personality, totems of our selves, reminders of who we are or would like to be. Great marketers don't make stuff. They make meaning. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #430539
#22. The next time you have a choice between chasing the charts (whichever charts you keep track of) and doing the work your customers crave, do the work instead. - Author: Seth
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#23. If you make a difference, people will gravitate to you. They want to engage, to interact and to get you more involved. - Author: Seth
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#24. Just because you're winning a game doesn't mean it's a good game. - Author: Seth
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#25. You create your own reality. - Author: Seth
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#26. Alas, there isn't a pain-free way to achieve your goals. - Author: Seth
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#27. Physical reality springs from the imagination, which follows the path of your beliefs - Author: Seth
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#28. You don't launch a popular blog, you build one. The writing isn't the hard part, it's the commitment. - Author: Seth
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#29. When your ideas about yourself change, so does your experience. - Author: Seth
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#30. You do not hate anyone you are not capable of loving. Remember that. - Author: Seth
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#31. Your being alone is important and has validity beyond any philosophy. That is the message that you are trying to give to yourself. You are each trying to rediscover for yourselves, in your terms now - after centuries of myths and distortions - the validity of your own beings. - Author: Seth
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#32. The past existed in multitudinous ways. You only experienced one probable past. By changing this past in your mind, now, in your present, you can change not only its nature but its effect, and not only upon yourself but upon others. - Author: Seth
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#33. I don't think it's a coincidence that comic books appeal so strongly to children. Not that it negates any of their power for adults, but there is something about comics that makes them a perfect storytelling system for children. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #607678
#34. The ends do not justify the means - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #619178
#35. The Internet is going to change marketing before it changes almost anything else, and old marketing will die in its path. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #649212
#36. There are no limitations to the self
except those you believe in. - Author: Seth
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#37. We happily give up our freedom and our income in exchange for having someone else take responsibility for telling us what to do next. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #674877
#38. Organize your reality according to your strength; organize your
reality according to your playfulness; according to your dreams;
according to your joy; according to your hopes - and then you can
help those who organize their reality according to their fears. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #683811
#39. It's not enough to be aware of the domain you're working in, you need to understand it. Noticing things and being curious about how they work is the single most common trait I see in creative people. Once you can break the components down, you can put them back together into something brand new. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #692023
#40. Freedom isn't the ability to do whatever you want. It's the willingness to do whatever you want. - Author: Seth
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#41. You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #738140
#42. Knowing what to do is very, very different than actually doing it. - Author: Seth
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#43. Marketing that works is marketing that people choose to notice. - Author: Seth
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#44. Ordinary thinking and ordinary effort are almost never enough to generate leadership. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #834514
#45. The linchpin is an individual who can walk into chaos and create order, someone who can invent, connect, create, and make things happen. Every worthwhile institution has indispensable people who make differences like these. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #842647
#46. You will not understand your part within the framework of nature until you actually see yourselves in danger of tearing it apart. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #861431
#47. You can either fit in or stand out. Not both. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #861559
#48. When you focus on delighting an audience you care about, you strip the masses of their power. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #889650
#49. The connection economy rewards the leader, the initiator, and the rebel. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #916105
#50. There is no other way to change your physical reality but by changing your thoughts. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #976869
#51. If you want to know what you think of yourself, then ask yourself what you think of others and you will find the answer. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #990173
#52. Try is the opposite of hiding. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #991536
#53. Advertising is just a symptom, a tactic. Marketing is about far more than that. - Author: Seth
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#54. Your turn Imagine that the world had no middlemen, no publishers, no bosses, no HR folks, no one telling you what you couldn't do. If you lived in that world, what would you do? Go. Do that. - Author: Seth
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#55. In basic terms, civilization is dependent upon the spontaneity and fulfillment of the individual. Your civilization is in sad straits. Not because you are allowed spontaneity or fulfillment to individuals, but because you are denied it, and because your institutions are based upon that premise. - Author: Seth
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#56. Cosmo Girl with a passion for fashion and a magic flask. - Author: Seth
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#57. It's easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1068431
#58. My life is mine and I form it. Tell yourself this often. Create your own life now, using your beliefs as an artist uses color. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1082491
#59. If you are love with the perfect, prepare to see it swept away. If you are able to dream of the impossible, it just might happen. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1083768
#60. I think obviously there's a core of who you are, and as you get older, you become more aware of what behavior is immutable. For a long time, I felt there was a deep separation between the person I was as a teenager and the person I was in my 20s and early 30s . - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1131279
#61. You want something, you dwell upon it consciously for a while, you consciously imagine it coming to the forefront of probabilities, closer to your actuality. Then you drop it like a pebble into Framework 2, forget about it as much as possible for a fortnight, and do this in a certain rhythm. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1135919
#62. Correct is fine but it is better to be interesting - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1186015
#63. We see what we believe, not the other way around. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1215654
#64. It certainly seems too simple to say what I am going to say, yet it is almost as if you would be better off turning the entire rational approach upside down, taking it for granted that all of its assumptions were false, for they are indeed more false than true. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1222012
#65. The art of moving forward lies in understanding what to leave behind. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1233344
#66. Comics are given serious attention now and I'm quite surprised. You see them reviewed in major newspapers and exhibited in serious museums. I wouldn't have predicted it. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1242954
#67. You are meant to understand the nature of your inner self, and to manifest it outward. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1248636
#68. What could you measure? What would that cost? How fast could you get the results? If you can afford it, try it. If you measure it, it will improve. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1250383
#69. You must realize that what you are cannot be seen in a mirror.
What you see in a mirror is but a dim reflection of your true reality. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1269939
#70. If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do work that matters, this is it. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1280347
#71. The miracle of your being cannot escape itself. Your thoughts blossom into events. Your beliefs grow as surely in time and space as flowers do. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1293631
#72. Your impulses are your closest communication with your inner self, because in the waking state they are the spontaneous urgings toward action, rising from that deep inner knowledge of yourself that you have in dreams. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1303226
#73. Micro trends matter more than macro ones, but most of all, people matter. Individual human beings with names and wants and interests. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1338872
#74. Don't try to make a product for everybody, because that is a product for nobody. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1342057
#75. As an organization grows and succeeds, it sows the seeds of its own demise by getting boring. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1360212
#76. Your art is what you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Your art is the act of taking personal responsibility, challenging the status quo, and changing people. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1363677
#77. Extraordinary benefits accrue to the tiny minority of people who are able to push just a tiny bit longer than most. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1366172
#78. The basic idea of karma is not punishment. Karma presents the opportunity for development; to make use of opportunities that were not taken advantage of, to fill in gaps of ignorance, to enlarge understanding through experience, to do what should be done. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1370641
#79. The self has no boundaries except those it accepts out of ignorance - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1386472
#80. As I have told you before, in a manner of speaking you are given the gifts of gods. Your beliefs become reality. What you believe is, and becomes real in your experience. There is no area in your life to which this does not apply. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1393757
#81. You expand your consciousness, your ideas, your perceptions. You break away from self-adopted restrictions. You grow as you learn to step aside from limiting conceptions and dogmas. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1406090
#82. Forget the cringing selves you sometimes are and remember, instead, the magic essence of your own being that sings even now through your fingertips. That is the reality which you are seeking. Experience it fully. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1407249
#83. For at no time are any events predestined. There should be no such word in your vocabulary, for with every moment you change, and every heartbeat is an action, and every action changes every other action. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1475674
#84. More time on the problem isn't the way. More guts is. When you expose yourself to the opportunities that scare you, you create something scarce, something others won't do. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1486275
#85. On the one hand you take life too seriously, and on the other, you do not take playful existence seriously enough. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1518492
#86. It's better to make a decision, even the wrong one, than to be in limbo. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1609699
#87. The true power is in the imagination which dares to speculate upon that which is not yet. The imagination, backed by great expectations, can bring about almost any reality within the range of probabilities. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1613524
#88. Sick ones cannot teach you to be well. Psychiatrists have a high suicide rate. Why do you think they can help you live happily, or add to your vitality? Physicians are not the healthiest of men by far. Why do you think they can cure you? - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1641599
#89. Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service. Not slapping on marketing as a last-minute add-on, but understanding that if your offering itself isn't remarkable, it's invisible. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1649310
#90. Ideas that spread win. Ideas don't have to be selfish to win, in fact, it turns out that the more generous the interactions an idea produces, the more likely it is to spread. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1681685
#91. Marketers need to spend less time making promises and more time keeping them. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1689738
#92. My mother-in-law is obsessed with clowns. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1728453
#93. You must watch the pictures that you paint with your imagination. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1731455
#94. We've discovered that the earth isn't flat; that we won't fall off its edges, and our experience as a species has changed as a result. Maybe we'll soon find out that the self isn't "flat" either, and that death is as real and yet as deceptive as the horizon; that we don't fall out of life either. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1765305
#95. You create your own reality. There is no other rule. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1802386
#96. Giving your team cover for their cowardice is foolish. Give them a platform for bravery instead. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1815530
#97. Choose your customers. Fire the ones that hurt your ability to deliver the right story to the others. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1833299
#98. Hatred of war will not bring peace. Only love of peace will bring about those conditions. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1852205
#99. The dreamer creates his dreams for his own purposes, selecting only those symbols which have meaning to him. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1861051
#100. When you see the world as it is, but insist on making it more like it could be, you matter. - Author: Seth
Seth Quotes #1874518

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