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#1. I'm all for dropping lawyers into any war time situation. - Author: Greg Proops
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#2. I think because people are passing - people that we are aware of are passing at - I don't say a great pace, but it seems like people are dropping, and I think it's just making - there's a consciousness and there's sensitivity to it. - Author: Shemar Moore
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#3. At this point, with a financial crisis looming, Lord Revelstoke saved the day by suddenly dropping dead. - Author: Liaquat Ahamed
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#4. Terrorists are not following Islam. Killing people and blowing up people and dropping bombs in places and all this is not the way to spread the word of Islam. So people realize now that all Muslims are not terrorists. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#5. He can be pretty charming and charismatic. Still, he's not a well man."
The newcomers all burst out laughing. Callum scowled at her a moment before dropping his head back and saying to the ceiling, "Bloody hell. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#6. It is not proper for man's life to be a circle, she thought, or a string of circles dropping off like zeros behind him - man's life must be a straight line of motion from goal to farther goal, each leading to the next and to a single growing sum. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#7. She was gauging him, trying to work out what cards he had up his sleeve. For now he might be able to keep her off balance by smiling meaningfully and dropping hints, delaying the moment in which she realized that she held all the cards, and that his well-brushed sleeves held nothing but his arms. - Author: Frances Hardinge
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#8. My earlier metaphor had been wrong, I discovered. The splash of ink from the pen dropping onto the page looked nothing like a spray of blood at all. - Author: Lyndsay Faye
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#9. Heaven is huge. It's a world. It's not a flat place in the clouds with billowing fabric blowing around and baby angels sitting on clouds, dropping grapes in your mouth. - Author: Paul Silway
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#10. saying Daphne was a worrywart was like saying soccer players' legs were a thing of jaw-dropping, panty-melting goodness. It was just a fact of life. - Author: Avery Flynn
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#11. Dad determined when the pork lard was hot enough for frying by dropping a match into it; if the match lit, the lard was hot enough. - Author: Paul Prudhomme
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#12. I've got about three minutes to get ready in the morning before dropping my kids at school and going to the office. But even with limited time, I still want to look natural and pretty. - Author: Christina Zilber
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#13. You're impossible." I sighed. "And really weird. No wonder Jared likes you."
"Is that a good thing or not?"
I shrugged. "You two have bittersweet panty-dropping connection."
"Gross. - Author: Rea Lidde
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#14. You aren't the enemy," Henry said, dropping his arm to his side once more and taking a step back. "That doesn't mean our goals are aligned. - Author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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#15. It wasn't until I started to do 'Poison River' that the readership started falling. 'Poison River' started out very slowly and simply, but then it got really dense and complicated. I don't know, I think the readers just got fed up or burned out. They started dropping off. - Author: Gilbert Hernandez
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#16. People lived their lives, carelessly dropping information as if it were trash. The writer moved behind them like a ragpicker. She cleaned and separated their garbage, culled and collected it. - Author: Nell Freudenberger
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#17. Monday is a sloppy umbrella day, which makes everybody a little blue. Cole, dropping by my office in the morning, wastes no time in blowing off steam. "You can TAKE this DAY and SHOVE IT where the SUN DOESN'T SHINE," he growled.
"Too late. Somebody already DID THAT. - Author: Giorge Leedy
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#18. And I don't like books which are full of name dropping. - Author: Daphne Du Maurier
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#19. The speakers sing with the sound, smiling to the heavens, angels dropping dead with the beautiful poison of her voice. - Author: C.M. Stunich
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#20. I have just been working with Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is also a mum, on a movie called 'Hysteria.' She is everywhere because of the nature of film work. Not that I'm name dropping or anything like that. I have to pinch myself when I remember who I've been working with. - Author: Ashley Jensen
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#21. After going to theater school, and then subsequently dropping out, I would say that when I first went to Chicago and learned long-form improv, that was a far better acting workshop than any acting school I've been to. - Author: Thomas Middleditch
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#22. Was insanity just a matter of dropping the act? - Author: Susanna Kaysen
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#23. Potentially, America is really the greatest, but it's not yet, I don't think. It's too much like an old-fashioned empire, waving the stick and dropping too many bombs on too many people. - Author: Robert Wyatt
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#24. Do the moment-to-moment work of dropping anything that wants to drag you down, and Reality itself will see to it that you rise. - Author: Guy Finley
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#25. You don't worry about dropping the eggs until you're almost home. - Author: Stephen King
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#26. He grinned, that sexy, I-fucking-own-you grin and released my ass, dropping me full force on top of my full-time obsession. - Author: Alessandra Torre
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#27. But you could've at least told me. Instead of dropping me like a one night stand, you could've had the decency to break up with me instead of leaving me wondering for years ... - Author: Gayle Forman
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#28. Peace has never come from dropping bombs. Real peace comes from enlightenment and educating people to behave more in a divine manner. - Author: Carlos Santana
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#29. Dorian panted, dropping his head to her shoulder, he
whispered, his voice gruff, "Will you be mine for all eternity? - Author: Amanda J. Greene
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#30. Mirabelle sat down, dropping into the cushions like a ball being caught in a large leather glove. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#31. Orchestras seem content to be museums now, even as they wring their hands about dropping subscription sales and graying listeners. - Author: Allan Kozinn
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#32. I think it's best to pick a biographical subject who lives to a ripe old age. Older people tend to relax and speak their minds. They're dropping some of the masks that they've been wearing. There's a candor. - Author: David McCullough
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#33. Even with all the crazy stuff happening recently, beneath the sorrow and the anger, I was still a red-blooded, twenty-three-year-old woman sitting in front of a man, who may not be a hundred precent human but had to have caused a panty-dropping crisis across the universe. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#34. You know you made it, when people you know, tell people they know, that you know them. - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
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#35. It is gaol that finally reveals to me the beauty of Shakespeare, the spirit in his words, the jaw-dropping audacity of his language. - Author: Christos Tsiolkas
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#36. We all have various ways of dropping in and getting connected to ourselves. For one person it might be playing basketball. It's a good way to get in touch with how they feel. For somebody else, it might be taking a walk. - Author: Deborah King
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#37. Going to America increased the build up on me, especially as the war was going on there. In a way we'd turned out to be a Trojan horse. The 'Fab Four' moved right to the top and then sang about drugs and sex and then I got into more and more heavy stuff and that's when they started dropping us. - Author: John Lennon
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#38. Beespittle, droppings, hairs
of beefur: all become honey.
Virulent micro-organisms cannot
survive in honey. - Author: Denise Levertov
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#39. The process of life, towards the whole truth can only be covered, by absolutely dropping yourself. You can only merge into the whole, if you prepare to lose yourself. - Author: Roshan Sharma
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#40. All sense, all judgement, overthrown by a h-dropping, glottal-stopping glitter pirate, and I didn't have to care. - Author: Alexis Hall
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#41. He groaned slightly and winced like Prometheus watching his vulture dropping in for lunch. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#42. Life is a wildly transient thing with people coming into your life and dropping away. It definitely takes work to maintain relationships. - Author: Natasha Lyonne
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#43. I listened to the pure crystalline notes of one of Mozart's concertos dropping at my feet like leaves from the trees. - Author: Virgil Thomson
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#44. The defense mechanisms of The Imposter are: sarcasm, name-dropping, self-righteousness, the need to impress others and the need for others' approval. - Author: Manning Brennan
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#45. Trees make babies by dropping tiny wooden tree eggs on the ground. - Author: Randall Munroe
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#46. Young men may enjoy dropping their work at five or six o'clock and slipping into a dress suit for an evening of pleasure; but the habit has certain drawbacks. - Author: Charles M. Schwab
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#47. Even though my fear was detonating over and over like bombs dropping, the fragile and fractured wings of my heart dared to beat as well, and alongside all that fear and all that gratitude, I felt the first precious rush of hope. - Author: Shauna Niequist
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#48. Jesus," he muttered, dropping his head.
He looked back at me. "Duchess, you can argue about anything."
"No I can't."
"So, now you're arguin' about not arguing?"
I decided to be quiet. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#49. Although the number of manufacturing jobs in the United States has stagnated, dropping 12 percent from a high in the early 1980s, the number of retail jobs has risen 43 percent. - Author: Bill Dedman
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#50. Every great decision creates ripples. Like a huge boulder dropping in a lake. The ripples merge and rebound off the banks in unforseeable ways. The heavier the decision, the larger the waves, the more uncertain the consequences. - Author: Sylvester McCoy
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#51. Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow. - Author: Plutarch
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#52. If I were God, it'd be a whole different story, dropping fruit at will. Let them eat apples. - Author: Trebor Healey
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#53. Rudeness to Mrs. Dosely was like dropping a pat of butter on to a hot plate - it slid and melted away. - Author: Elizabeth Bowen
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#54. Shane:is your distant cousin jack the ripper dropping in for coffee.
eve:screw you collins - Author: Rachel Caine
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#55. For males twenty-five is the fatal age. For women it's twenty. We are all dropping like flies. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
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#56. He covered her hands with his. "Why the hurry?"
"Seriously?" She stared at him, her jaw dropping. "I'm on fire! If we wait one more minute, I'm certain the sheets will spontaneously combust. I won't be held responsible if your house burns down because you wanted to waste time on foreplay. - Author: Elle James
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#57. Mike Hawk!" Bennett practically yelled at me, dropping his hand. His eyes were red from laughing. "How am I supposed to keep it together over that? That's like meeting a fucking unicorn. - Author: Christina Lauren
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#58. Not me." He bent his head, voice dropping to a husky whisper. "Never me. - Author: Alyxandra Harvey
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#59. My body is dropping so fast, my gynecologist wears a hard hat. - Author: Joan Rivers
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#60. I was contemplating dropping out [pole dancing lessons]; I could barely move a muscle. It had certainly burst my 'I'm in great shape' bubble. - Author: Andrea Smith
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#61. Sabrina fair
Listen where thou art sitting
Under the glassie, cool, translucent wave,
In twisted braids of Lillies knitting
The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair,
Listen for dear honour's sake,
Goddess of the silver lake,
Listen and save. - Author: John Milton
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#62. Those of us who fought the crypto wars, as we call them, thought we had won them in the 1990s. What the Snowden documents have shown us is that instead of dropping the notion of getting backdoor government access, the NSA and FBI just kept doing it in secret. - Author: Bruce Schneier
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#63. Aces," Carswell Thorne murmured. Dropping his feet to the ground, he leaned forward to inspect her closer. "Is that all hair? - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#64. Dropping those atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a war crime. - Author: George Wald
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#65. What is compelling with 'War Horse' is the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring craftsmanship in this movie. - Author: Stacey Snider
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#66. In America, the border of the property would have been gated to keep children and sleepwalkers and drunkards from dropping to their deaths, but there was no division here between safety and stupidity: you had to draw those lines yourself. - Author: Courtney Maum
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#67. Publishing a book of poetry is like dropping a rose petal down the Grand Canyon and waiting for the echo. - Author: Don Marquis
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#68. I like going to areas where the murder rate is high and dropping it. - Author: Snoop Dogg
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#69. I'm not regretful about dropping acid, but I could have stopped it a little sooner. - Author: David Carradine
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#70. Well, I started conducting kind of by accident. I wanted to give myself a special birthday present for my fortieth birthday, and I was living in San Francisco at the time and I started attending some of the concerts and then simply dropping hints. - Author: Bobby McFerrin
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#71. If you are anxious, you can't learn. It's like dropping seeds on concrete. With a quiet mind, people take things in. - Author: Herbert Benson
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#72. You're gay," wash stated.
Rhodes nodded, a short jerk of his head, dropping his gaze to his beer.
"As in, you-like-men gay."
Still eying his beer, Rhodes gave an affirmative shrug.
"As in, you like-to-fuck-men gay."
"Yes! - Author: Katie Allen
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#73. You women are all the same. You worry about the wrinkles and the half stone and your boobs dropping, but you don't worry about the sparkle, and that's the best bit. You shouldn't let that go. - Author: Elizabeth Noble
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#74. And now it's some other guy's hands that are thumbing their way over Joey's face and down Dee Dee's chin and - oh, fucking hell - dropping down between the A and the M, going right for the V under the H&M-meets-S&M miniskirt. - Author: David Levithan
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#75. And as fall turned to winter, the Darlington peach trees started dropping their leaves again, gently, like they were letting them go. It wasnt the same as giving them up. It wasnt the same as losing them. - Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
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#76. 90% problems of line can be solved by dropping them and remaining 10& can be solved by effort - Author: Nitin Yaduvanshi
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#77. Particular individuals who might never consider dropping out if they were in a different high school might decide to drop out if they attended a school where many boys and girls did so. - Author: James S. Coleman
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#78. I have never known this kind of peace. Never known this kind of comfort. And sometimes I am afraid," he says, dropping his eyes, "that my love will terrify you. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#79. Books Are Good For Lots Of Uses, Not For Dropping In The Toilet. - Author: Frank Zappa
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#80. There's an old saying among scientific guys: "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs, ideally by dropping a cement truck on them from a crane." - Author: Dave Barry
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#81. I like dropping into a small club and playing with some people, trying to help them get a start. - Author: John Lee Hooker
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#82. Wake me up if you see anything alarming."
"Like ... ?"
"Like an airplane dropping on our heads or a band of marauders on the side of the road. Little things like that. - Author: Summer Lane
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#83. On Sunday mornings, as the dawn burned into day, swarms of gulls descended on the uncollected trash, hovering and dropping in the cold clear light. - Author: Edward Conlon
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#84. When I look at 55 percent of our black men dropping out of school, how bad off are we going to be when we need some lawyers? - Author: Bill Cosby
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#85. When you love what's deeper, your response is direct. There won't be a fear in dropping directly into the deeper. - Author: John De Ruiter
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#86. BDSM is about dropping the pretenses; I want you completely exposed. - Author: Sierra Cartwright
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#87. The higher up I hold it, the less painful the hot wax." ... "Try hanging off the ceiling and dropping it from there. - Author: Barbara Elsborg
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#88. Facebook, from what I can tell, is the virtual equivalent of dropping into the homes of several million people, all of whom say at the same time: 'Hey! Let's set up the slide projector!' - Author: Linwood Barclay
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#89. When you lose your face ... , it is like dropping your necklace down a well. The only way you can get it back is to fall in after it. - Author: Amy Tan
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#90. And when the lessons 'appear'..
The 'intensity and clarity' is jaw dropping..! - Author: Abha Maryada Banerjee
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#91. I see History as a relay race in which one of us, before dropping in his tracks, must carry one stage further the challenge of being a man. - Author: Romain Gary
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#92. She swallowed, her eyes dropping to his lips. And he knew she felt it too. - Author: Maisey Yates
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#93. The Iraqi government will try and retake some of the cities have that been captured by ISIS. That means the Shiite government dropping bombs on civilian areas, on Sunni cities. There will likely be a response with car bombings here in Baghdad, and this could be a long fight. - Author: Richard Engel
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#94. She switched the headlamp on and saw bats clinging to the side of the cave inches from her face. Someone whimpered. She supposed it was her. She switched the lamp off and played out the rope, dropping more slowly, trying to control the whimpering. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#95. When you make a decision and a commitment to do something good for yourself, it is like dropping a pebble in a pond. It has a rippling effect. The firmer the decision, the stronger the frequency and wider the range of things that will be reached. - Author: Iyanla Vanzant
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#96. I find wholly baffling the widespread belief today that the dropping of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs was an immoral act, even possibly a war crime to rank with Nazi genocide. - Author: J.G. Ballard
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#97. 'Brand-Dropping' is the term that the Kluger Agency coined to describe discreetly advertising by product mentioning in song, and we feel we can make this the way of the future without jeopardizing any artist's creative outlet or typical style. - Author: Adam Kluger
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#98. Girls dropping out of school because of early and unwanted pregnancies. The reason? They did not realize the value they possess in their body. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#99. Television is more of a business. You can't take as many risks, because there's so many channels now, and the advertising's dropping. - Author: Dana Delany
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#100. One of the reasons I started Tzadik, which is my own label, is to keep things in print. I got tired of labels dropping things out of print when they don't sell. - Author: John Zorn
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