Top 100 Deserve Me Quotes

#1. You can't be responsible for anyone but you, Cole. We all make our own decisions, and pay our own consequences. You can love someone, but you can't fix them. You deserve me because I say you do, not because other people think so or don't.

Lyla Payne

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#2. You're going to want me, Simon, as much as I want you...and before you can have're going to have to deserve me.

Gayle Eden

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#3. If you are not scared to lose me, you sure as hell do not deserve me.

Saif Samir

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#4. She didn't deserve me. She deserved a hell of a lot better than me, but so help me, I wasn't good enough of a man to just let her go.

Nicole R. Locker

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#5. Hell yes, I want the man, but if he can't handle me now at my worst, then he sure as fuck doesn't deserve me at my best.

K. Bromberg

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#6. I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

Marilyn Monroe

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#7. If you don't love me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best.

Marilyn Monroe

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#8. If you can't love me in my rugs, you don't deserve me in my riches

Bernard Kelvin Clive

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#9. It took me a long time and a lot of heartache to realize that just because you love someone, doesn't mean they deserve it.

Steve Maraboli

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#10. If they want me I'd love to come back. I'm not going to play because I can, I'm going to play because I deserve it.

Greg Maddux

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#11. I can't ask for a better you. You, however, deserve a better me.

Adhitya Mulya

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#12. Prate not to me of suicide, Faint heart in battle, not for pride I say Endure, but that such end denied Makes welcomer yet the death that's to be died.

Stevie Smith

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#13. I deserve all the love you can spare me. And I want a lot more than I deserve.

Dashiell Hammett

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#14. You deserve whatever i decide to give you and i want to give you everything. Just don't forget to remember me, and we'll be okay. Don't forget how much i love you ...

Kahlen Aymes

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#15. I'll live for me and for other real people. Until some god gives me five minutes of their time ... they deserve none of mine.

Matt Dillahunty

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#16. My prayer to the Lord every day, is this-I have been a great sinner. I do not deserve Heaven. Let me stay here.

Andres Segovia

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#17. Heavenly Father, loosen my grip on the things of this world. Lead me in the dance of spontaneous, cheerful giving, and let that generosity remind me always of your grace toward me, which I in no way deserve. In your Son's name I pray, amen.

Max Lucado

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#18. Your ass belongs to me. I've suffered for it. I've loved you forever. I deserve it," Danny went on, his voice a low mixture of anger and desire. "I don't ever want you getting from another man what you can get from me. You hear me, Paul Guy, it's mine.

Kele Moon

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#19. I will spend my life loving you and you will spend your happy life making me a better person, as you already have, from your mere presence ... I will be the man you deserve. I'm not quite there, mouse, but I'm working on it.

Belle Aurora

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#20. Don't change for me, I'll not change for you.
I don't deserve it, you don't deserve it.

Leutrim Shabani

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#21. And it struck me that maybe True magazine had been wrong. Maybe there are no New Men. Maybe there are only the living and the dead, and all those who are living deserve each other and are equal to each other.

Miranda July

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#22. I run an academy in Spain for young footballers who are released by their clubs and who, in my opinion, deserve a second chance. It is a rewarding job for me, but one that also reveals many of the faults in the English game.

Glenn Hoddle

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#23. I now deserve love. romance, and joy - and all the good that Life has to offer me.

Louise Hay

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#24. For me personally it is because I get an awful amount of success and I don't think I deserve it and then I want to sabotage it.

Michael Parkinson

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#25. God has broken me in every way possible. I spent a year not caring, a year trying to figure out what I'd done to deserve it. and a year trying to make it right.

Cassandra Giovanni

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#26. All I ever wanted and needed was love. Everyone had it, but me. What did I do to deserve -


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#27. Don't make excuses for me. I was an ass. I'm still an ass. I broke up with you, and you deserve better.

Sara Daniel

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#28. People are nice to me because of how I like, and part of me likes that, but part of me feels guilty because I haven't done anything to deserve it.

Ted Chiang

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#29. Let me first of all congratulate both of the candidates who have made it through - both Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom are formidable politicians and they have fought great campaigns and they deserve to be in the final two.

Michael Gove

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#30. Tell me this, why should you - a spoiled boy who thwarts his king, lives like a libertine, and manipulates others - deserve to be happy?" "I have manipulated


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#31. I'm lucky to be part of a team who help to make me look good, and they deserve as much of the credit for my success as I do for the hard work we have all put in on the training ground.

Lionel Messi

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#32. You won't see me at a microphone singing and tapping my foot. I spend a lot of money on sets, costumes and sound. I believe people deserve a show. I'm a singer, musician, dancer. I work hard, and I'm soaking wet when I come off.

Barbara Mandrell

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#33. Oh that God would humble me deeply in the dust before Him! i deserve Hell every day for not lovingmy Lord more, who has, i trust, loved me and given Himself for me.

David Brainerd

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#34. I've had. It's the real me. People don't deserve anything less.

Corey Clark

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#35. Ryan and Michael didn't deserve you and if I ever see either of them again, they're gonna answer to me for making you feel like your body, your sexuality, wasn't beautiful.

Tricia Best

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#36. You kidnapped me! You've humiliated me, beat me, nearly gotten me rapped, and just a moment ago you had me suck a complete stranger's dick in a room full of twisted perverts. I love you, but I'm not the coward, Caled. I deserve to live or die on my own fucking terms.

C.J. Roberts

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#37. I deserve better than that, you know? I deserve ... I deserve to be someone's number one girl."
"You are."
"No, I'm not. She is. You're still protecting her, her secret, whatever that is. From what, though? From me? What have I ever done to her?

Jenny Han

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#38. Jacey, you try and see the good in everyone. That's your mistake. You think that if you look hard enough, you'll find it, that everyone has something in them that deserves you. But that's so fucking wrong. Very few people deserve you. And that includes me.

Courtney Cole

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#39. My gosh, Nick, why are you so wonderful to me?'
He was supposed to say: You deserve it. I love you.
But he said, 'Because I feel sorry for you.'
'Because every morning you have to wake up and be you.

Gillian Flynn

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#40. I need honor and love in my life from somebody who's playin' for keeps. What I'm searching for is a man who'll stand by me: who will walk through the fire and be my flame in the night. I won't settle for less than what I deserve: a friend and a lover who'll love me for the rest of my life.

LeAnn Rimes

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#41. You deserve so much better than me, but that doesn't change the fact that I still want to be with you.

Janna Sproul

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#42. I'm so, so sorry. I don't deserve it, but give me a chance." he squeezes me hard. "I need another chance.

Jodi Ellen Malpas

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#43. I used to hurt so badly that I'd ask God why, what have I done to deserve any of this? I feel now He was preparing me for this, for the future. That's the way I see it.

Eden Phillpotts

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#44. Too beautiful for a drifter like me. You deserve a man who can buy you pretty dresses and take you dancing every week. But I'm damned glad it's me you're with tonight, me who'll be taking you home.

Charlene Raddon

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#45. You are not going to walk away from me. You are not going to leave me. I know I'm messed up. I know I will never be what you deserve but, damnit, I'm sure as hell going to try every single day. I'm going to try my hardest, Estella, because without you, there's nothing.

Komal Kant

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#46. Don't trust. Trust is death. Kill him. Kill them all. Oh, to die and be done, done with it all, sleep without dreams, dreams of Ilyena, forgive me, Ilyena, no forgiveness, only death, deserve to die. . . . Rand

Robert Jordan

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#47. I want to be with someone who lives for me. I want to be with someone who considers me the love of her life. I deserve that.

Taylor Jenkins Reid

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#48. Let it rain, let it pour, because she don't love me anymore. So let it come down on me. Every word, let it hurt, even more than I deserve.

David Neil

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#49. She's jealous of you. She has been since you got that solo in the sixth-grade Christmas pageant."
( ... ) "You're telling me I went through six years of drama from Lydia because she decided I didn't deserve to sing the verses of 'It Came Upon A Midnight Clear' instead of her?

Andrea Laurence

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#50. Surely the thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of being merciful, especially to those who don't expect it and often feel they don't deserve it.

Jeffrey R. Holland

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#51. You mean I deserve someone like you? Someone who I know nothing about and has no quarrels with fucking me, but a huge issue with relationships? Yep, I got everything I deserve right there.

Skyla Madi

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#52. Packed up the Dylan and the Man Ray and the Joyce
I left a note that said well I guess I got no choice
Scuse me girl while I'm kicking it to the curb
Leaving with all I need but less than I deserve

Walter Becker

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#53. I have a soft spot for musicians. If a man could ride this roller coaster with me and come out alive, then I guess we'd deserve each other's company.

Katy Perry

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#54. Before I die many will die with me and they'll deserve it. See you in Hell.

Kurt Cobain

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#55. I think the big thing I've had going for me in that regard has been the success of the league. I don't have quite as much control over things as people believe, so I frequently receive more credit than I deserve, and occasionally more criticism as well.

Pete Rozelle

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#56. What do I have to do to earn and deserve the key relationships that are going to get me where I want to go?

David Maister

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#57. So if you love me, let me go.
And run away before I know.
My heart is just too dark to care.
I can't destroy what isn't there.
Deliver me into my fate -
If I'm alone I cannot hate
I don't deserve to have you ...
My smile was taken long ago
If I can change I hope I never know


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#58. I have a mantra of my own that has helped me through the most chaotic of times. I remind myself that: I am the best, I have the best, and I deserve the best.

Allison Holker

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#59. the home team concept for me is not all about getting myself out of the doghouse with a whole bunch of people who need something from me. It's about making sure that the people who deserve my energy and love and attention get it before it's sucked up by people who have their own home teams.

Shauna Niequist

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#60. Nothing about this thing we have is a bad thing. I'm not gonna lie about it: I don't deserve you. I'm sure as hell not good enough for you, but as long as you want me, I'm all yours.

Abbi Glines

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#61. You shouldn't love me. I don't deserve you.

Simone Elkeles

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#62. I don't know is she loves me anymore, or if she hates me, or if she just don't care one way or the other, she ain't showing a thing to me since. Sooth, friendly, nothing. It's all I deserve after what I did to her.

Lisa Reardon

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#63. Judge me all you want, say what you wanna say, but you, you, you, don't deserve my attention!


Deserve Me Quotes #1168503
#64. Well me the real reason. I mean, haven't we been friends long enough that I deserve the truth?

E. Lockhart

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#65. But still, even now, to think of it, I feel something akin to that happiness. And I've more reason now than ever to say that happiness is not what I will ever know, or will ever deserve to know. I am not so much in love with happiness. Yet the name Paris makes me feel it.

Anne Rice

Deserve Me Quotes #1190177
#66. You," he says, with a dirty look, "don't deserve salvation."
"As if you could give it to me," I croak. "Why would I want to go to Heaven anyway when it's crammed full of murderers and kidnappers like you and your buddies?"
"Who says I belong in Heaven?

Susan Ee

Deserve Me Quotes #1219993
#67. O God, forgive me - I am a proud, lustful, greedy man. I have loved authority too much. These people are martyrs - protecting me with their own lives. They deserve a martyr to care for them - not a man like me, who loves all the wrong things.

Graham Greene

Deserve Me Quotes #1220365
#68. No, I do not want to be loved unconditionally. I want to be shown when I am treating you less than you deserve. I want you to leave if I ever start making you promises I do not see through. Love me for my flaws, yes, but don't you dare ever allow them to hurt you.

Beau Taplin

Deserve Me Quotes #1223774
#69. I realize in this moment that all my life I've felt that I deserve to be punished, for wanting so much, for taking so much from this world, from the people who love me.

Claire Bidwell Smith

Deserve Me Quotes #1263514
#70. My silence doesn't mean I don't know what goes around me, but what goes around me don't deserve my words.

Eyden I.

Deserve Me Quotes #1269234
#71. A thankful heart is constantly extending grace because it has received grace. Love and grace are uneven. God poured out on his own Son the criticism I deserve. Now he invites me to pour out undeserving grace on someone who has hurt me. Grace begets grace. This

Paul E. Miller

Deserve Me Quotes #1271431
#72. Believe me, when people say, 'We want to pay you X-million to do this movie,' I won't be the girl who hangs back saying, 'Oh, I really don't deserve it,' I'll be, 'Un-hunh, hand it right over.'

Sharon Stone

Deserve Me Quotes #1274048
#73. All I know is that you probably deserve better than me, but I'm too selfish to let you. I'm into you, and I want you to be so into me, you don't even care that I'm not good enough for you.

Samantha Young

Deserve Me Quotes #1307063
#74. My daily sins require daily distribution of God's grace. In that sense, it never ceases to surprise me because I don't deserve any of it. I mean, I deserve to be locked in a cage and for God to throw away the key.

Tullian Tchividjian

Deserve Me Quotes #1327503
#75. I have to spend the rest of my life finding ways to deserve a certain white-haired girl. She's very prickly, occasionally puts goose droppings in my shoes or tries to kill me.

Leigh Bardugo

Deserve Me Quotes #1371907
#76. I know that I brought this all on myself. I know that I deserve this. I'd do anything not to be this way. I'd do anything to make it up to everyone. And to not have to see a psychiatrist, who explains to me about being passive aggressive.

Stephen Chbosky

Deserve Me Quotes #1372328
#77. I love you. I love you so damn much it consumes me. I don't deserve you, but I'm gonna become the man who does deserve you. I promise you. I'll make you proud of me.

Abbi Glines

Deserve Me Quotes #1417578
#78. What do you want from me?" Tears fell down her cheeks as she pleaded for an answer.
"I need to be close to you," I admitted, feeling my lips tremble too. "Please let me be close to you." I was twisting my fingers together, begging pathetically for something I didn't deserve.

Elizabeth Finn

Deserve Me Quotes #1437024
#79. I'll protect you as long as I can."
"I don't deserve it."
I betrayed him, I ruined his life, and this this is how he repays me.

Victoria Aveyard

Deserve Me Quotes #1467797
#80. You're going to forget about me and find happiness. You're going to find someone who can love you exactly the way you deserve to be loved." I lowered myself so I could directly meet her face. "Do you hear me?

A.L. Jackson

Deserve Me Quotes #1473886
#81. Deserve your distrust, but can't you accept I want to help you? Haven't I given you proof?" "The more proof you show me, the closer I have to inspect the fine print." Rook had proven to me where his loyalties lay.

Hailey Edwards

Deserve Me Quotes #1480000
#82. If someone has wronged you, tell this to yourself: "I did not deserve God's forgiveness, but He forgave me through Christ. So I forgive this person also.

Paul Silway

Deserve Me Quotes #1480599
#83. Piper, I want another chance. I'll make it right, I swear. You'll never be sorry if you give me another chance to love you the way you deserve. I won't be the fool this time. I'll be there, no matter what the cost. I swear it.

Alexia Purdy

Deserve Me Quotes #1499323
#84. ... what you get out of life is mostly what you planted. Not always, no, but mostly. If you think you're a success, you will be a success; if you think you deserve nothing but crap, you'll get nothing but crap. Your inner reality shapes your outer one, every day of your life. Do you follow me?

Tana French

Deserve Me Quotes #1507183
#85. Jesus came to live the life we could not live and to die the death we deserve to die.

David Platt

Deserve Me Quotes #1515700
#86. I hope to God I don't win an Oscar tomorrow night. It would really depress me if I did. I really don't deserve it. It wasn't that important a part anyhow.

Dustin Hoffman

Deserve Me Quotes #1549102
#87. I've been really, lucky and sometimes you think, 'Why? How did this happen to me - what did I do to deserve this?' And you realize how much it's just luck. And then you see that there's a lot of people who are not as lucky as you are, and I want to like share that luck, you know?

Natalie Portman

Deserve Me Quotes #1550067
#88. I could take chances with my heart and I would be able to bounce back, and anything that might hurt me would just make me stronger in the end. And I did deserve everything I wanted-somebody who would appreciate me, somebody I could trust, someone who liked me for me.

Elizabeth Eulberg

Deserve Me Quotes #1592339
#89. Every great business leader I've ever met, in addition to being very smart, very driven, they have this, 'Why not me? Screw it, I deserve it, let's go.' And if you don't have that, you can't achieve greatness.

Donny Deutsch

Deserve Me Quotes #1593736
#90. Trump's immigration positions do not deserve a response because they are so outlandish. If you force me to give you three words to describe them they would be: ludicrous, impractical and racist.

Bill Richardson

Deserve Me Quotes #1605743
#91. Can you ever forgive me? I already have. How could you? I don't deserve it. That's what makes it love.

Richard Paul Evans

Deserve Me Quotes #1622472
#92. Lyrics are important, but it's hard, because English isn't my first language - although it feels like it is these days! I grew up with amazing melodies, so getting that right on a song has always been the key thing for me, but there's no reason why a great melody doesn't deserve great lyrics.


Deserve Me Quotes #1666679
#93. I know you deserve better than me. You think I don't know that? But if there was any woman made for me ... it's you.

Jamie McGuire

Deserve Me Quotes #1670702
#94. You deserve someone better than me. Someone young and idealistic ... someone who can experience things for the first time along with you. I'm not always kind, and I have more faults than I'd care to name. All I can promise is that I'll want you until my last breath.

Lisa Kleypas

Deserve Me Quotes #1690317
#95. You've shown me joy where before I saw only despair. You've taught me hope where before I knew only hopelessness. I may be broken, but all my pieces are yours. And I'll work every day of my life to deserve you.

Penny Reid

Deserve Me Quotes #1699560
#96. Well see what you wanna see. You should see it all. Well take what you want from me. You deserve it all. Nine times out of ten our hearts just get dissolved. Well I want a better place or just a better way to fall.

Modest Mouse

Deserve Me Quotes #1717176
#97. Yes. I love you. I should have told you sooner, Lina. Not that I deserve to have your love after what I did to you. I wasn't there for you when you needed me. And I promised you I wouldn't let you down again. I'm not a guy who goes back on his promises. Can you ever forgive me for that?

Jaci Burton

Deserve Me Quotes #1753419
#98. My life has been shaped by the decision two people made over 24 years ago. They decided to adopt a child. They got me, and I got a chance at the kind of life all children deserve.

Karen Fowler

Deserve Me Quotes #1763262
#99. I've done what Lorien has intended me to do, and that's to undo damage that's been inflicted on those who don't deserve it.

Pittacus Lore

Deserve Me Quotes #1781416
#100. To love another, you must first love yourself. Love yourself, Magda, so you can love him. Love yourself enough to let your memories of me ease away from closing your heart. Love yourself enough to know that you deserve happiness. - Barracus

Terry Goodkind

Deserve Me Quotes #1788469

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