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#1. A man who needs the unusual to make him "wonder" shows that he has lost the capacity to find the true answer to the wonder of being. The itch for sensation, even though disguised in the mask of Boheme, is a sure indication of a bourgeois mind and a deadened sense of wonder.

Josef Pieper

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#2. She understood very clearly why people go mad. Sometimes it is the only way to survive the unbearable when all other flight has been cut off. When the body cannot remove itself and emotions cannot be deadened, then the mind simply refuses to accept reality.

Anne Perry

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#3. I have met men who are habitual liars. They have lied so long that they no longer can distinguish between the truth and a lie. Their sensitivity to sin has been almost completely deadened.

Billy Graham

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#4. Ah remember walkin along Princes Street wi Spud, we both hate walkin along that hideous street, deadened by tourists and shoppers, the twin curse ay modern capitalism.

Irvine Welsh

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#5. Basketball, hockey and track meets are action heaped upon action, climax upon climax, until the onlooker's responses become deadened. Baseball is for the leisurely afternoons of summer and for the unchanging dreams.

Roger Kahn

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#6. I lowered my towel and saw that though my body was still firm, the glow of youth was about to fade. The sparkle in my eyes had all but deadened.

Elise Icten

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#7. Eyes blinded by the fog of things cannot see truth. Ears deafened by the din of things cannot hear truth. Brains bewildered by the whirl of things cannot think truth. Hearts deadened by the weight of things cannot feel truth. Throats choked by the dust of things cannot speak truth.

Harold Bell Wright

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#8. They are so accustomed to the feeling that their senses are deadened to it;

Jean Webster

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#9. Afterwards, once you lost all hope, time began to go faster and the senseless days deadened your soul.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon

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#10. At one time I used to keep notebooks with outlines for stories. But I found doing this somehow deadened the idea in my imagination. If the notion is good enough, if it truly belongs to you, then you can't forget it-it will haunt you till it's written.

Truman Capote

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#11. A society deadened by a smothering network of laws while finding release in moral chaos is not likely to be either happy or stable.

Robert Bork

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#12. I hated the summer jobs I had when I was a teenager. They were so mundane and repetitious, they deadened my soul. On the bright side, it was good training for this job.

Craig Ferguson

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#13. Wilderness, wilderness ... We scarcely know what we mean by the term, though the sound of it draws all whose nerves and emotions have not been irreparably stunned, deadened, numbed by the caterwauling of commerce, the sweating scramble for profit and domination.

Edward Abbey

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#14. Matter is merely mind deadened by the development of habit to the point where the breaking up of these habits is very difficult.

Rupert Sheldrake

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#15. My heart is properly cultivated ... and is not left to wither under the burden of cold erudition, and my religious feelings are not deadened by theological inquiries.

Friedrich Schleiermacher

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#16. For my part, I believe that remorse is the least active of all a man's moral senses,
the very easiest to be deadened when wakened, and in some never wakened at all.

William Makepeace Thackeray

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#17. The quicker you are in attaching verbal or mental labels to things, people, or situations, the more shallow and lifeless your reality becomes, and the more deadened you become to reality

Eckhart Tolle

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#18. Whether we realize it or not, everything we do is an expression of either how alive our souls are or how much we have allowed ourselves to be deadened over time.

Erwin Raphael McManus

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#19. For almost a decade I was haunted by the memory of Deborah Black, I was about to claim. But the memory didn't haunt me; I haunted the memory. Went to it, at night or in the deadened hours of empty afternoons, woke it up, reminded it of all the fun we'd had, made it do things with me.

Glen Duncan

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#20. To become wholly compassionate requires us to open our eyes and hearts, to behold the pain and exploitation our culture obscures, to arouse deadened emotions, and to rise above our egos.

Joanne Stepaniak

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#21. As her lungs pumped and her head cleared, she wondered if all the effort she'd put into blotting out the pain had deadened her ability to feel pleasure, too. What a shame. What a loss.

Susan Donovan

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#22. I do not think I will ever become deadened, because I live in other people's lives, I must admit there are times when it weighs medown because I can't do some of the things I want.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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#23. Grenouille's mother, however, perceived the odor neither of the fish nor of the corpses, for her sense of smell had been utterly dulled, besides which her belly hurt, and the pain deadened all susceptibility of sensate impressions.

Patrick Suskind

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#24. Do you love me?"

His voice rang flat in his own ears, deadened and weighted with the recognition there was only one chance, and a fool's chance at that

G.S. Jennsen

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#25. Anytime you feel love for anything, be it stone, tree, lover, or child, you are touched by the Goddess's magick ...

Cate Tiernan

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#26. There's nothing like being called a feminine hygiene product to keep you from crying.

Brent Crawford

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#27. I'm 26 years old, and I've spent my whole life waiting for something else to start. Now I realize that this is all there is, and I'm going to try to live my life like that.

Zach Braff

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#28. Sand lines my soul which is filled with the breath of the ocean.

A.D. Posey

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#29. The things we do without the fear of failure and the desire for success are the purest acts we'll ever do

Alan Moore

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#30. To God be humble, to thy friend be kind, and with thy neighbors gladly lend and borrow; His chance tonight, it maybe thine tomorrow.

William Dunbar

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#31. Phil has the classic, mature beard. Jase's is kind of red - it's weird, like him! Jep grooms his the most: He's got all these special lotions and perfumes that he puts on.

Willie Robertson

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#32. My dream has come true, now that I have passed it on.

Mandy Patinkin

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#33. I was keen on sports-that's how my nose got this way. It's not actually broken; the nose was just pushed up a little bit and moved over. It's an aquiline nose, quite Irish.

John Hurt

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#34. There's an excitement to officiating a well-played game. A lot of discretion, a lot of judgment comes into play.

Pat Meehan

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#35. information about the action. Then, over the command

James F. Christ

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#36. Not to have knowledge of what happened before you were born is to be condemned to live as a child.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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#37. You might be a redneck if in an effort to watch your cholesterol, you eat Spam Lite.

Jeff Foxworthy

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