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Top 100 Cocktail Quotes

#1. My husband would say my signature dish is pasta with a tin of tuna plonked on top. So, no. Although I make a good bangers and mash. I have been known to stick cocktail umbrellas in it, take a photo and send it to James upstairs with a text saying, 'Your food's ready'. - Author: Joanna Page
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#2. Memorial services are the cocktail parties of the geriatric set. - Author: Harold Macmillan
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#3. I'd like to go out for a cocktail ... or seven. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#4. Our compulsive hunger always to know first, speak first and decide first has only been amplified by the fact that we can now all participate instantly in a virtual version of a national cocktail-party conversation on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. - Author: John Podhoretz
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#5. a cloudy cocktail called Smoke, made by mixing water and fuel alcohol. Smoke joints were tucked into the back of paint stores, drugstores, and markets, among the dry goods and the stacked cans. - Author: Deborah Blum
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#6. Without peanuts, it isn't a cocktail party. - Author: Julia Child
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#7. If you were to ask me if I'd ever had the bad luck to miss my daily cocktail, I'd have to say that I doubt it; where certain things are concerned, I plan ahead. - Author: Luis Bunuel
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#8. Children's books are written to be read, adult books are written to be talked about at cocktail parties - Author: Lloyd Alexander
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#9. I'm the woman who used to think that middle-age spread was a cocktail dip. - Author: Phyllis Diller
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#10. Suspense, murder, revenge, scandal; a delicious cocktail party. - Author: Kat Kaelin
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#11. A cocktail can be made by the bartender. But the cocktail also can be made by the chef. - Author: Jose Andres
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#12. I think people sometimes have a hard time placing me because I don't fit into a box. When they ask what I do at a cocktail party, I either say I'm a Renaissance woman or I'm a high-level madam. Lately I've been more comfortable saying I'm an artist, because that can cover a lot of different things. - Author: Liz Goldwyn
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#13. But I have had to give up certain things in my life. One is shopping. Two is lunch with the girls. Three is cocktail parties, and four is studying my lines. - Author: Joan Collins
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#14. Betrayal is one of the most emotionally painful experiences a person can have, with its potent cocktail of fear, grief and anger; this triggers our primitive fight/flight response," says novelist and psychologist Voula Grand - Author: Voula Grand
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#15. I walked back across the road straight past him, fumbling in my bag for my keys. Why did fingers always turn into cocktail sausages at moments of stress? - Author: Jojo Moyes
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#16. I like it here. I like the girls, and I like the DJ's, and the cocktail waitresses, and the loud rock'n'roll (though I would happily beat everyone in Poison to death with the severed limbs of the members of Warrant). - Author: Craig Machen
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#17. Who doesn't love digging into a plate of crab cakes or going after a chilled cracked crab with crab cracker, cocktail fork and a plastic bib for protection? - Author: Tom Douglas
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#18. Nora: "How do you feel?"
Nick: "Terrible. I must've gone to bed sober. - Author: Dashiell Hammett
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#19. Every athlete at his peak is going to perform with a different mental cocktail. I thrive in the underdog, reserved, it's-not-over-till-it's-over mindset. - Author: Kevin Jorgeson
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#20. My perfect last meal would be: shrimp cocktail, lasagna, steak, creamed spinach, salad with bleu cheese dressing, onion rings, garlic bread, and a dessert of strawberry shortcake. - Author: Joan Rivers
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#21. I think the combination of genius and celebrity, in the case of Bobby Fischer, was a dangerous cocktail. - Author: Liz Garbus
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#22. What we know of other people's only our memory of the moments during which we knew them. - Author: T. S. Eliot
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#23. A cocktail party is a place where you talk with a person you do not know about a subject you have no interest in. - Author: Lin Yutang
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#24. I was working as a cocktail waitress in a heavy metal bar. Then, my manager said I should try some acting, which led to an audition Satisfaction, where I played a musician in an all-girl band. That movie is where I met my future ex-husband Jody Porter. - Author: Britta Phillips
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#25. The truth is I hate cocktail parties when the only person I know is my supposed date, and he abandons me the minute we come in the door. - Author: Mary Higgins Clark
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#26. Perhaps what we should be asking at cocktail parties is not, Where do you go to school? but, Why did you go to school? - Author: Race Bannon
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#27. Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you won't be invited to cocktail parties. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#28. Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don't mean to do harm; but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves. - Author: T. S. Eliot
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#29. That first play I did in New York, Rogelio Martinez's 'When It's Cocktail Time in Cuba,' I played a young Fidel Castro. - Author: Oscar Isaac
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#30. I trust that when I am intuitive, it is a cocktail of all the information I have picked up along the way, which has come to me at the right time. - Author: Malti Bhojwani
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#31. I like everything from Miu Miu. Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dresses are a party essential; they're so flattering. - Author: Harley Viera-Newton
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#32. A grenade launcher will easily take out a tank; a Molotov cocktail placed in its air intake will destroy one as well. - Author: Sebastian Junger
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#33. Meetings ... are rather like cocktail parties. You don't want to go, but you're cross not to be asked. - Author: Jilly Cooper
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#34. Horseradish is one of those perk-me-ups. You can use it in a cocktail sauce, you can bread fish with it - it loses its punch when cooked. It's a 'What is that?' flavor. It adds depth of flavor to things. - Author: Tom Douglas
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#35. How do your poems start out?" "They start as a lump in the throat," she said. "Isn't that normally just a cocktail olive lodged there?" Olivier asked. "Once," Ruth admitted. "Wrote quite a good poem before I coughed it up. - Author: Louise Penny
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#36. If anybody needs anything else at their tables, just speak slowly and clearly into your table numbers. Someone from the NSA will be right over with a cocktail. - Author: Stephen Colbert
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#37. Civilization is a youth with a molotov cocktail in his hand. Culture is the Soviet tank or L.A. cop that guns him down. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#38. If (O.J. Simpson) is acquitted, I will renounce my citizenship. And if I converse with him at a cocktail party, I will say, 'Well, there are so many people here who haven't murdered anyone. I think I'll go talk to them.' I'll also riot. - Author: Dick Cavett
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#39. Any story told in this machine age must be a story of fragments, for fragments are all the world has left: interrupted threads of talk at crowded cocktail parties; snatches of poems heard as a radio dial spins through its arc; incomplete commandments reclaimed from shattered stones. - Author: Dexter Palmer
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#40. I always knew I was going to be successful in some way with films. I don't know why. I had no particular talent, but I always knew I was going to be sitting in a dining room with Lucille Ball and at a cocktail party with Bette Davis. - Author: Robert Osborne
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#41. What reader or dreamer doesn't imagine the romantic life of a writer, who lingers between the desk and the fridge in the morning and in the evening attends cocktail parties thrown by nouveaux riches and the society ladies who hardly ever have the time to read? - Author: Rawi Hage
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#42. Instead, I clear my throat. "Oh yeah? You almost became a dad, Kit. That's a scary life cocktail you're mixing." He's quiet for a long time. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#43. Every country has its cocktail-party question. A simple one-sentence query, the answer to which unlocks a motherlode of information about the person you just met ... In Switzerland it is, Where are you from? That is all you need to know about someone. - Author: Eric Weiner
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#44. The high spot of my day has always been getting home to have my dinner with my family. It still is: to have my dinner with Helen. It's a cocktail and dinner. I know I'm a tired old geezer, but there you are. - Author: Terry Wogan
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#45. Publishers, editors, agents all have one thing in common, aside from their love of cocktail parties. It's an incredible taste and an ability to find and nurture authors. - Author: John Hodgman
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#46. Life may appear to be many things to many people to some its Sweet and Sour to Others Salty and chilly,But Never Forget that Life is a Cocktail of Juices Served at Large and You Are the Master of Your Life now its up-to you to make it Sweet,Chilly,Salty or Sour - Author: Abhishek Sundarraman
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#47. I don't want to think too much about art, you see. I don't want to attend symposia, listen to papers, or discuss it at cocktail parties ... What I want to do is clutch my heart and fall down when I see it. (Mr. Nannuzzi to Edgar) - Author: Stephen King
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#48. I knew immediately that this was not going to work out. Hunter is the kind of guy who dates women who wear high heels and a cocktail dress on a first date. I can't even walk in heels, and I generally believe that someone has to earn the right to see my legs. - Author: Lisa Lutz
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#49. Austin and I proceeded to knock back a couple of Ketel One and grapefruit juices, which happened to be my drink of the moment. Someone told me that grapefruit was a great detoxifier and I decided I wanted to start cleaning out my liver WHILE I was having a cocktail. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#50. In an age when all that was old seems new again, Bernard DeVoto's The Hour couldn't have made a more timely reappearance. This book reminds me of one of the joys of being an adult-cocktail hour! - Author: Graydon Carter
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#51. When I first started working at MIT, back in the '80s, our writing department had a joint cocktail party with the Harvard writing department. It was kind of oil-and-water. - Author: Joe Haldeman
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#52. As for pineapple, it's far more versatile than you might think, and certainly merits wider use than in Hawaiian pizzas and pina coladas and on cheesy cocktail sticks. - Author: Yotam Ottolenghi
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#53. Large cocktail parties are an infamous technique for ridding yourself of social obligations to people you usually don't know well or like much, which is such an unpromising beginning that I've rarely known one that recovered and turned into a great party. - Author: Barbara Walters
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#54. Here is a dirty little secret: Stock-picking is wildly overrated. Sure, it makes for great cocktail party chatter, and what is more fun than delving into a company's new products? But the truth is that individual stocks are riskier than broad indices. - Author: Barry Ritholtz
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#55. A sacred picture of Saint Anthony alone is one vertical, unwavering band of light. If a cockroach were near him, or a cocktail waitress, the picture would be two such bands of light. Our awareness is all that is alive and maybe sacred in any of us. Everything else about us is just dead machinery. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#56. So hire slowly. It's the only way to avoid winding up at a cocktail party of strangers. - Author: Jason Fried
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#57. I don't run with anybody's herd. I don't like crowds. I don't like going to fancy places. I don't like the whole nightclub scene. Cocktail parties drive me mad. So I do my job and I stay away from the rest of it. - Author: Johnny Carson
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#58. A cocktail done right can really show your guests that you care. - Author: Danny Meyer
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#59. Appearing in 'Legally Blonde' has helped me find my inner girl, although at the beginning the director was constantly telling me off for sitting like a boy, with my legs apart, while wearing a cocktail dress and heels! - Author: Sheridan Smith
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#60. I just figured you'd be too proud. Self-conscious and proud. I was a rather nasty cocktail of both those traits, - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#61. The whole world is drunk and we're just the cocktail of the moment. Someday soon, the world will wake up, down two aspirin with a glass of tomato juice, and wonder what the hell all the fuss was about. - Author: Dean Martin
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#62. a cocktail of characteristics that I found addictive, - Author: Gilly Macmillan
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#63. Robert Johnson invented the blues, at midnight, at a crossroads, after selling his soul to the devil. Dorothy Parker invented amusing women, at 2 p.m., in New York's best cocktail bar, after tipping a busboy 50 cents for a martini. It's hard not to draw conclusions as to which is the brighter sex. - Author: Caitlin Moran
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#64. What's a catholic priest's favorite cocktail?

Bloody Mary! - Author: Stephan Attia
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#65. I don't look like someone who leans on a mantelpiece with a cocktail in my hand, you know. - Author: Charles Bronson
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#66. There are those who write because they believe they have something so marvelous that it will make them famous and wealthy, a lauded commodity who will be invited to a lifetime of cocktail parties. - Author: Edward P. Jones
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#67. My character in 'Cocktail' was different from my personality. Homi Adajania took me to London, showed me how girls dress and behave there. I had not seen that kind of lifestyle before. - Author: Deepika Padukone
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#68. I quite often don't have breakfast, and I never have lunch. I find it helps not to wake my stomach up because if I had a good big breakfast, I would be ready for a snack at 11 and then a three-course lunch, then I'd be ready for tea, then a cocktail and then an enormous dinner. - Author: Joanna Lumley
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#69. I don't write books for people to be friends with the characters. If you want to find friends, go to a cocktail party. - Author: Zoe Heller
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#70. I'm suspicious that what's behind the academic call for doing away with athletic scholarships is a nostalgia for the good old days, which leaves out everyone but white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, ... world's biggest cocktail party. - Author: Scott MacDonald
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#71. I love how I can see [on Twitter] some of the thoughts and ideas of my favorite cultural figures and still also chatter with my friends and family. It's a cocktail party with a fraction of the awkwardness of an actual cocktail party. - Author: Roxane Gay
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#72. One revolution is like one cocktail, it just gets you organized for the next. - Author: Will Rogers
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#73. Sweetly, albeit hoarsely and with a burr, the girl started singing something scarcely comprehensible, but, judging by the women's faces in the stalls, very seductive:
Guerlain, Chanel no 5, Mitsuko, Narcissus noir, evening dresses, cocktail dresses.. - Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
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#74. Writing a novel is not method acting and I find it easy to step out of it at cocktail hour. - Author: Bret Easton Ellis
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#75. When it comes to Project Runway, for me the most memorable look ever presented goes back to season one, episode one, when Austin Scarlett created a ravishing cocktail dress out of cornhusks. It was really amazing. - Author: Tim Gunn
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#76. I wasn't political enough to write articles about myself or go to cocktail parties, meaning that not only has my art been pirated and my intellectual property rights stolen, but my work has been misrepresented. - Author: Michael Heizer
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#77. Time, tide and cocktail hour wait, as it were, for no man. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#78. The simplest way to prepare Dungeness crabs is to boil them in the shell and set them in front of your guests with crab crackers or crab hammers, cocktail forks, and plenty of napkins. - Author: Tom Douglas
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#79. Cocktail parties ... are usually not parties at all but mass ceremonials designed to clear up at one great stroke a wealth of obligations ... - Author: Phyllis McGinley
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#80. Kate lowered her nose to Emily's head and breathed in Johnson's baby shampoo, a hormonal cocktail that among women who have children not long out of diapers drew the Pavlovian, ANOTHER. - Author: Nichole Bernier
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#81. We move through a course on Dostoevsky or Poe as we move through a mildly good cocktail party ... Art ... is less like a cocktail party thank a tank of shark. - Author: John Gardner
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#82. I hated giving out free legal advice at parties, but at that moment, I would have drafted her will in crayon on a cocktail napkin ... - Author: N.M. Silber
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#83. Cocktail party: A gathering held to enable forty people to talk about themselves at the same time. The man who remains after the liquor is gone is the host. - Author: Fred Allen
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#84. We had cocktail parties and I'd stay up until 5 in the morning. - Author: Dorothy Malone
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#85. We're out of cocktail olives, it's a tragedy of historic proportions, but we're coping because we're Americans. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#86. Apparently President Obama's favorite cocktail is a martini. When asked how he likes it, he said, 'On the beach, in Hawaii, in 2017.' - Author: Jimmy Fallon
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#87. Something about glamour interested me. All my schoolbooks had drawings of women on terraces with a cocktail and a cigarette. - Author: Bill Blass
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#88. The effective object of worship is the bottle and the sole religious experience is that state of uninhibited and belligerent euphoria which follows the ingestion of the third cocktail. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#89. I slunk
off in the direction of the cocktail table - the only place in
the garden where a single man could linger without looking
purposeless and alone. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#90. This book is a tribute to the men and women who dared. Who, to this day, endure ignorance, closed minds, righteousness, and prudery. Their lives are not easy. But their cocktail parties are the best. p - Author: Mary Roach
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#91. Palestinian ideology has become a lethal cocktail of radical nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism. - Author: Jack Schwartz
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#92. While There may be power in forgiveness, there is even more power in lobbing a Molotov cocktail through someone's dining room window. - Author: Jim Norton
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#93. If I scribbled a few words on a cocktail napkin and showed it to my family, they'd proclaim it astonishing and more culturally relevant than the Bible. - Author: Marisha Pessl
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#94. Few places are more charming than a quiet cocktail lounge in the middle of the day with the ice tinkling in the glasses and the starched look of a bartender's white shirt and the clarity of the beer in the glass with the bubbles drifting up. - Author: Robert B. Parker
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#95. My dad never blew anything up, but he probably had friends who did. He and my mom have always preached that the pen is mightier than a Molotov cocktail. - Author: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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#96. I didn't work for Jimmy Carter all those years to go to cocktail parties. I was there as a political adviser, a short-order cook, to work on topical matters. - Author: Hamilton Jordan
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#97. My mother's favorite photograph was one of herself at twenty-four years old, unbearably beautiful, utterly glamorous, in a black-straw cartwheel hat, dark-red lipstick, and a smart black suit, her notepad on a cocktail table. I know nothing about that woman. - Author: Amy Bloom
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#98. Before the Internet, we were in a different sort of dark age. We had to wait to hear news on TV at night or in print the next day. We had to go to record stores to find new music. Cocktail party debates couldn't be settled on the spot. - Author: Marvin Ammori
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#99. I think Luc was right," he added when they were out of earshot. "I can hardly take you out anymore." "I just took out a vamp twice my weight while wearing a cocktail dress and three-inch heels. I think I deserve some credit for that. - Author: Chloe Neill
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#100. When life hands you lemons, grab the nearest bottle of vodka and make yourself a cocktail. - Author: Brandi Glanville
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