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#1. Daemon followed me home after school. Literally. He tailed me in his new Infiniti SUV. My old Camry, with its leaky exhaust and loud muffler, was no match for the speed he wanted to go. I'd brake-checked him several times. He'd blown his horn. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

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#2. Hey! D'you guys hear Dr. Atkins died? Slipped on some ice, hit his head, died on life support. The man who invented the all-meat diet ... died a vegetable. That's a damn good joke. But that joke's like a Toyota Camry - reliable, not inspiring.

Christopher Titus

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#3. Connie drove a silver Camry with rosary beads hanging from her rearview mirror and a Smith& Wesson stuck under the seat. No matter whatwent down, Connie was covered.

Janet Evanovich

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#4. Whenever I'm suffering from insomnia, I just look at a picture of a Toyota Camry and I'm straight off.

Jeremy Clarkson

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#5. The U.S. Constitution is less than a quarter the length of the owner's manual for a 1998 Toyota Camry, and yet it has managed to keep 300 million of the world's most unruly, passionate and
energetic people safe, prosperous and free.

P. J. O'Rourke

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#6. The Constitution is an equally forthright piece of work and quite succinct ... giving the complete operating instructions for a nation of 250 million people. The manual for a Toyota Camry, which only seats five, is four times as long.

P. J. O'Rourke

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#7. If you build a Model T and you can see the Camry, you don't spend time tinkering with the T; you go straight to the next thing. Once you build the Camry, you can see the Ferrari, so you go straight to that.

Graham Hawkes

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#8. I love driving. I still drive a 1993 Toyota Camry. I do want to get an electric car, but it's less of a carbon footprint if you keep your old, fuel-efficient car on the road than if you say 'build me a whole new car.'

Josh Fox

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#9. Today I realize that I'm not marrying the one I thought loved me, I'm just Morgan Lewis, the owner of a bakery, a tiny apartment in downtown Atlanta, and a 2012 Camry. Nothing special, just another person walking through town to start her day.

A.M. Willard

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#10. Before you take anything away, you must have something better to put in its place.

Arthur Schopenhauer

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#11. Sunlight bent around the world, lending fragile color to wildflowers.

David Mitchell

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#12. You may drive out nature with a pitchfork, yet she'll be constantly running back.


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#13. If I wasn't winning you wouldn't care

Nicki Minaj

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#14. In our timidity and our shoddy opportunism we are always stirred when a man appears on the horizon willing to stake his all on a conviction.

Clyde S. Kilby

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#15. Sir Walter, with his 61 years of life, although he never wrote a novel until he was over 40, had, fortunately for the world, a longer working career than most of his brethren.

Arthur Conan Doyle

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#16. If I ordered a general to fly from one flower to another like a butterfly, or to write a tragic drama, or to change himself into a sea bird, and if the general did not carry out the order that he had received, which one of us would be in the wrong?' the king demanded. 'The general, or myself?

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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#17. Now, on the contrary, here he was , plunged into a whiteness so luminous, so total, that it swallowed up rather than absorbed, not just colours, but the very things and beings , thus making them twice as invisible

Jose Saramago

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#18. Avoid triggers. If you're an alcoholic, stay out of bars. If you're a depressed or impulsive shopper, don't go shopping. When you have to, go in with a list, rush in, and rush out. If you watch too much television, don't sit in your favorite chair. In fact, move it (or the TV) to another room.

Richard O'Connor

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#19. The only vampires I've ever seen are the Goths trying to get a glimpse of Anne Rice's house, who drink strawberry sodas and tell each other it's blood.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#20. This nation is like all the others that have been spewed upon the earth
ready to shout for any cause that will tickle its vanity or fill its pocket. What a hell of a heaven it will be when they get all these hypocrites assembled there!
- Letter to J. H. Twichell, 1/29/1901

Mark Twain

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#21. The only slight disconcertance being that in the middle of looking at a paintings [in the Museum of Modern Art] she always found herself desperately needing to take a pee. And grandmother's voice in her ear.
'My dear, if you really have to, only clean, very clean rest rooms will do.

J.P. Donleavy

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