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#1. It would be spiteful to put a Jellyfish in a trifle.

Karl Pilkington

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#2. It is the nature of the unfortunate to be spiteful, and to envy those who are well to do.


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#3. Fate has this weird way of making your wish come true by supplementing it with ten other spiteful things.

Pawan Mishra

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#4. I had spent my childhood and the better part of my early adulthood trying to understand my mother. She had been an extraordinarily difficult person, spiteful and full of rage, with a temper that could flare, seemingly out of nowhere, scorching everything and everyone who got in its way. [pp. 40-41]

Dani Shapiro

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#5. Her attitude? You mean Efron enjoys spiteful bitchiness ...

Andrea Cremer

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#6. There is something spiteful and yet open-hearted about you

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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#7. People is, I think, it's their nature - some people's nature, in a way, to be angry or jealous or just spiteful about somebody else's blessings.

Jill Scott

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#8. when you hate a girl because she gets to kiss the boy you like, any little imperfection can become a spiteful nickname

Wendy Brant

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#9. The British press have written some nasty and spiteful things about the way I look which used to affect me quite badly when it was new to me but luckily, I've learned to ignore the comments. why do they even care about how I look?

Melanie Chisholm

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#10. Outwardly I was all confidence and openness; inwardly I was spiteful and lonely and unaware of how to relate to the world. I wanted so much to be good but only knew how to appear that way by being bad.

M.E. Thomas

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#11. 124 WAS SPITEFUL. Full of a baby's venom. The women in the house knew it and so did the children. For

Toni Morrison

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#12. Horses aren't lazy and they're not greedy and they're not jealous and they're not spiteful, they're not hateful. They're not that way. But the human can sometimes only describe a horse in the way that they view other human beings.

Buck Brannaman

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#13. I don't really know what Americans are like. I've no idea. I know a few things about them. In my imagination, they have warm peachy hearts, whereas the English have horrible spiteful withered hearts - success in England inspires envy - in America, it inspires hope.

Sebastian Horsley

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#14. But every spiteful word she ever wrote him was effortless love clenched in her fists. Her heart screaming for stability in this fiery game of desire.

Coco J. Ginger

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#15. Raising Hellfire, I aim her at my final target, and then slowly pull the trigger. Hellfire discharges, sinking into the spiteful Arvy, bullet lodged right between its eyes. A trail of blood oozes down its pale face, before it drops backwards into the sea of bodies, lifeless.

Cameo Renae

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#16. The Sunday school trip: While us girls were alone, a nasty piece of work called Louise, aged about eleven, decided that it would be a 'fun' idea to hang someone over the cliff ... me!

Eskay Teel

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#17. It's in the homes of spiteful old widows that one finds such cleanliness.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

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#18. No blade can puncture the human heart like the well-chosen words of a spiteful son.

Abraham Verghese

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#19. The kind of solace that arises from having company in misery is spiteful.

Seneca The Younger

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#20. For God's sake, all of you, say spiteful things about me, then I shall know I mean something to you. Don't say surgaries, or I'm done.

D.H. Lawrence

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#21. Before you take that first curious, coerced, spiteful, or vengeful step forward, remember this: it's a thousand times easier to slip into a muddy pit than it is to climb out of one.

Richelle E. Goodrich

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#22. Human intelligence was more trouble than it was worth. It was more destructive than creative, more confusing than revealing, more discouraging than satisfying, more spiteful than charitable.

Michael Crichton

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#23. Every persisting marriage is based on fear', said Peregrine. 'Fear is fundamental, you dig down in human nature and what's at the bottom? Mean spiteful cruel self-regarding fear, whether it makes you to put the foot in it or whether it makes you to cower ...

Iris Murdoch

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#24. I like to write when I feel spiteful. It is like having a good sneeze.
(Letter to Cynthia Asquith, November 1913)

D.H. Lawrence

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#25. Why, the whole point, the real sting of it lay in the fact that continually, even in the moment of the acutest spleen, I was inwardly conscious with shame that I was not only not a spiteful but not even an embittered man, that I was simply scaring sparrows at random

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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#26. I am inclined to think a Christian would be wise to avoid, where he decently can, any meeting with people who are bullies, lascivious, cruel, dishonest, spiteful and so forth.

C.S. Lewis

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#27. College is an amazing experience, but it's up to you to ignore the drama and focus on the good. Avoid silly boys, ignore spiteful girls, and don't be afraid to have fun.

Kandi Steiner

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#28. she was trying to be "nice" Tatum. Not vengeful, angry, spiteful Tatum. Not punch-a-mother-fucker-in-the-head Tatum.

Stylo Fantome

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#29. Please my niggas be mindful of the women you fuck over. They can be some spiteful, ungrateful ass bitches.

Mz. Lady P

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#30. You can't live the rest of your days feeling bitter and spiteful," David continued. "It'll eat you up inside and keep you from enjoying the good things that will come your way later on. And there will be good things, I promise you that.

Julianne MacLean

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#31. Children are born as individuals. If we fail to see that, if we see them as clay to be molded in any shape we like, the tougher ones will fight back and end up spiteful and wild, while the less strong will lose that uniqueness they were born with.

Melvin Konner

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#32. The world is not always kind to a clever woman even when she is visibly known to be earning her own living. There are always spiteful tongues wagging in the secret corners and byways, ready to assert that her work is not her own and and that some man is in the background, helping to keep her!

Marie Corelli

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#33. Many people say that time heals all wounds, but that simply is not true. People can become more bitter, arrogant and spiteful with age.

Gudjon Bergmann

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#34. What's the point? To harbor spiteful feelings against ordinary people for not being heroes is possible only for a narrow-minded or embittered man.

Anton Chekhov

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#35. When female minds are embittered by age or solitude, their malignity is generally exerted in a rigorous and spiteful superintendence of domestic trifles.

Samuel Johnson

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#36. Ah, there you are," said Scarsbury. "George Lovelace was beside himself. He wanted to assemble a search party for you." Simon regretted his spiteful thoughts about George's horsemanship. "Let me guess," said Simon. "Everyone else said 'Nah, being left for dead builds character.

Cassandra Clare

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#37. Is it rational to believe in a bad God? Anyway, in a God so bad as all that? The Cosmic Sadist, the spiteful imbecile?

C.S. Lewis

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#38. At the demonstration of sixty feminists against the Miss America Pageant in 1968, when the women filled a trash can with bras, girdles, curlers and spike-heeled shoes, the bra-burning myth was launched by the media and, in spite of its inaccuracy and spiteful intent, put radical feminism on the map.

Hilda Scott

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#39. I have sometimes done cartoons that are hurtful to people - immature, spiteful stuff. Some are so self-indulgent, and some have just failed. I look back and sometimes cringe. But one regret as I get older is that I haven't been radical and wild enough.

Michael Leunig

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#40. Never ruffle the feathers of a spiteful woman because she will not only want to hurt you, but she will want to draw your blood. Yikes,

Mia Asher

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#41. I reckon if you care for someone and you can't have their love, you can either be a spiteful bastard about it or you can try your damnedest to make sure they're going to find some happiness in the world.

Lindsay Buroker

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#42. Depending on what you believe as a person, there's always redeeming qualities to every character or individual, as spiteful as they might be.

David Boreanaz

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#43. Poetry criticism at its worst today is mean in spirit and spiteful in intent, as if determined to inflict the wound that will spur the artist to new heights if it does not cripple him or her.

David Lehman

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#44. The plants that produce visions can function- for those of us who have inherited the New World Order of barren materialism, cut off from our spiritual heritage by a spiteful culture that gives us nothing but ashes- as the talismans of recognition that awaken our minds to reality.

Daniel Pinchbeck

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#45. For little boys are rancorous
When robbed of any myth,
And spiteful and cantankerous
To all their kin and kith.
But little girls can draw conclusions
And profit from their lost illusions.

Phyllis McGinley

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#46. Whatever spiteful fools may say, Each jealous ranting yelper, No woman ever went astray, Without a man to help her

Abraham Lincoln

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#47. Only elves and trolls had survived the coming of Man to the discworld: the elves because they were altogether too clever by half, and the trolley folk because they were at least as good as humans at being nasty, spiteful and greedy.

Terry Pratchett

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#48. The psychologist Elizabeth Loftus has shown great courage, in the face of spiteful vested interests, in demonstrating how easy it is for people to concoct memories that are entirely false but which seem, to the victim, every bit as real as true memories.

Richard Dawkins

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#49. I am not making spiteful assertions now but merely stating the facts-that, for instance, among Hungarian generals there is such a considerable percentage of men of German origin, who of course had, in most cases, to alter their names if they wanted to get anywhere.

Heinrich Himmler

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#50. Takes a lot of spunk to spin gold from heartache, Mrs. Osgood. A lot of drive. Most of us can't do it. It's a mean world, Mrs. Osgood, mean and spiteful.

Lynn Cullen

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#51. And I'd let him- not because I weakened and wanted sex, but because it would have been spiteful, beyond redemption, not to allow us this hope.

Amy Tan

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#52. I'm not sure it pays to do anything remotely public in Britain. It's such a spiteful society. People seem to enjoy making your life hard for the sake of it.

Andrew Eldritch

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#53. Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.

C.S. Lewis

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#54. You're sarcastic twelve hours a day, but you're almost never spiteful. You have a good heart under all the glitter.

Cassandra Clare

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#55. The world is ruthless, heartless, hurtful, spiteful, selfish and much more, but that is no reason for you to be the same. That will ensure there is no difference between you and them.
Be different - Be YOU


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#56. Friends with spiteful hearts and thousand eyes of evil, mock not my slumbering glory. I just might be the next in line to gain access to the secret fount of good riches.

Darmie Orem

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#57. 124 was spiteful. Full of baby's venom

Toni Morrison

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#58. Great ladies are no more spiteful than the average rich woman; but one acquires in their society a greater susceptibility, and feels more profoundly andmore irremediably, their unpleasant remarks.


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#59. I loved playing the headmistress in 'The Falling' - she was so spiteful. She certainly fancied herself quite a lot.

Monica Dolan

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#60. Formality is sufficiently revenged upon the world for being so unreasonably laughed at; it is destroyed, it is true, but it hath the spiteful satisfaction of seeing everything destroyed with it.

E. F. L. Wood, 1st Earl Of Halifax

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#61. Marianne had sharp, cold eyes and she was spiteful but her father loved her.

Angela Carter

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#62. Lucifer also has died with God, and from his ashes has arisen a spiteful demon who does not even understand the object of his venture.

Albert Camus

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