Top 100 Accept Me Sayings

#1. I love to say "please" and you have to accept me that way. If you don't, it's your problem.

Rajashree Choudhury

Accept Me Sayings #2420
#2. Donovan Caine wanted me, but he wasn't strong enough to accept me. Not my past, not my strength, not the woman I was. Bitter disappointment filled me, replacing my rage, but I forced myself to ask the final question I wanted an answer to ...

Jennifer Estep

Accept Me Sayings #20904
#3. Accept me for who iam or leave me the way iam, for a true image of God needs no Photoshop and the core of who i really am has no settings

Morgan Chabane

Accept Me Sayings #21398
#4. You - you strange - you almost unearthly thing! - I love as my own flesh. You - poor and obscure, and small and plain as you are - I entreat to accept me as a husband.

Charlotte Bronte

Accept Me Sayings #25587
#5. Every candle that gets lit in the dark room must feel a little rejection from the darkness around it, but the last thing I want from those who hold a different world view to me is to accept me.

Kirk Cameron

Accept Me Sayings #25823
#6. Do you really love me? means, Will you accept me in process? Will you embrace what is different about me and applaud my efforts to become? Can I just be human
strong an vibrant some days, weak and frail on others? ... Will you love me even when I disappoint you? ...

Angela Thomas

Accept Me Sayings #44880
#7. Reject me and I don't know how to give up. Accept me and I will still continue.

Santosh Kalwar

Accept Me Sayings #47522
#8. In the hip-hop community, it's about how real are you, or how strong can you be, and really my music just reflects me. If you can accept me, then you can accept my music.

Nick Cannon

Accept Me Sayings #47569
#9. I'm NOT used to it! But ... I'm not as scared as I was before. Getting rejected is painful, but there are also people who accept me. We aren't alone, you know. And that's why we have nothing to be afraid of.

Sakura Tsukuba

Accept Me Sayings #48941
#10. If you know that I am genius
Then know that you made me genius
Everyone don't accept me as genius
Because they aren't genius to belief me as genius

Hasil Paudyal

Accept Me Sayings #58219
#11. Rap is from the streets and I'm from the streets. That's why a lot of people accept me.

Vanilla Ice

Accept Me Sayings #66747
#12. "Dark Fantasy" was my long, backhanded apology. You know how people give a backhanded compliment? It was a backhanded apology. It was like, all these raps, all these sonic acrobatics. I was like: "Let me show you guys what I can do, and please accept me back. You want to have me on your shelves."

Kanye West

Accept Me Sayings #74872
#13. I eat anything, and I'm not preoccupied with my figure. The most important [thing] is that the people accept me for my music, not for physical appearances.


Accept Me Sayings #112563
#14. As the universe accepted our show, more people began to accept me.

Jai Rodriguez

Accept Me Sayings #139959
#15. Sometimes I worry more about losing weight than gaining weight, because this is how people know and accept me.

America Ferrera

Accept Me Sayings #144924
#16. The beauty of Broadway is that if I'm 60 or 70 years old, if they'll accept me back, I can go back. So I think for right now I'm going to focus on the music
it's the new baby
and see how it's going to work out, and then maybe in a few years maybe I'll go back.

Heather Headley

Accept Me Sayings #145879
#17. When I accept myself, I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me.

Steve Maraboli

Accept Me Sayings #157309
#18. It's easier to say (I'm going to be myself and if anyone wants to be with me, then she/he has to accept me as I am ... flaws and all) than it is for us to work at reducing our flaws and making ourselves more acceptable.

Darrell Roberts

Accept Me Sayings #221121
#19. No matter how much I try to be plain, people don't accept me, so I might as well be fabulous.

Austin Scarlett

Accept Me Sayings #306063
#20. I love who you are. Because you accept me for who I am. You make me laugh, sometimes even at myself. And you make me happy.

Tara Kelly

Accept Me Sayings #307166
#21. I have hidden my race for 22 books. I have hidden behind my married name, which is very Caucasian, because I didn't feel safe coming out with it. I didn't feel that the market would really accept me. I think I felt it's time to start bringing in an Asian-American point of view.

Tess Gerritsen

Accept Me Sayings #324684
#22. I'm very blessed that I get to dabble in both music and movies, and as long as people are willing to accept me in both roles, I'll be there.

Mandy Moore

Accept Me Sayings #340543
#23. My fear is if i lower my mask will people accept me?

Tina J. Richardson

Accept Me Sayings #369503
#24. Have you ever courted anyone, Cousin West?" Pandora asked. "Only if I was certain the lady was too intelligent ever to accept me.

Lisa Kleypas

Accept Me Sayings #371473
#25. I like my body. I don't want to have to change it for anything - even if that means I have to take a step down as a dancer. I don't think I'm ever going to sacrifice my figure for anyone else to accept me.

Sarah Hay

Accept Me Sayings #379847
#26. It would be nice if I did have a good relationship with my family, and yes, part of me longs to have a mum and dad who love and accept me for who I am. But if they never do, it's OK.

Heather Graham

Accept Me Sayings #392023
#27. If I ask you to plunge into the Ganga or to jump from the roof of a house, meaning it all for your good, could you do even that without any hesitations Just think of it even now; otherwise don't rush forward on the spur of the moment to accept me as your Guru.

Swami Vivekananda

Accept Me Sayings #396024
#28. Can you see me? See the man that I am? Accept me, Regin, because I'm holding onto nothing but you.

Kresley Cole

Accept Me Sayings #412112
#29. I'm for the Wall Street Occupiers. But will they accept me when they find out I sell packaged mortgage default instruments to children?

Steve Martin

Accept Me Sayings #419356
#30. How Religion Works: If I obey, then God will love and accept me. The Gospel: I'm loved and accepted, therefore I wish to obey.

Timothy Keller

Accept Me Sayings #421344
#31. I've learned not to put energy into people who don't accept me the way I am.

Tim Rymel

Accept Me Sayings #433869
#32. Aidan from the past: He took her hands in his bloodied, callused ones. "Accept me?" His eyes glowed, his lashes spiked from rain.
Declan in the present: He gripped her nape. "I fuckin love you, Regin!" Rain spiked his lashes as he gazed down at her, commanding her, "Love me back!

Kresley Cole

Accept Me Sayings #435133
#33. Accept me for what I am, completely unacceptable.

Ashleigh Brilliant

Accept Me Sayings #459774
#34. I thought if I wanted people to take me seriously, I needed to act serious and not reveal too much of my private life so people could seriously accept me in different things.

John Corbett

Accept Me Sayings #477888
#35. But I also knew this wasn't about performance, or about getting it right before God would accept me. I was already accepted in Christ. And that changes everything!

Ted Roberts

Accept Me Sayings #482718
#36. Beautiful look at me. If you accept me as your man, you will not be an object nor will I take you for granted. I will endeavour to love you whole-heartedly with no hesitation, keeping you safe at all times.


Accept Me Sayings #532602
#37. Accept me for who I am.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Accept Me Sayings #609493
#38. I imagine there are a lot of people who will never be able to accept me because they feel I've let them down, but I am a different person, and most people have welcomed me back in that spirit.

Natalie Cole

Accept Me Sayings #614489
#39. My peers accept me and respect me, and that's enough.

Neil Diamond

Accept Me Sayings #681829
#40. I don't doll myself up for TV because I want people to accept me for who I am.

John Cena

Accept Me Sayings #700496
#41. When a sinful person meets the holy God in Christ, what he hears is Yes. God, do you love me? Yes. Will you forgive me? Yes. Will you accept me? Yes. Will you help me change? Yes. Will you give me power to serve you? Yes. Will you keep me? Yes. Will you show me your glory? Yes.

John Piper

Accept Me Sayings #764038
#42. Just accept me for what I am. Dont expect me to remain within your boundaries all the time!!. I cant do that.

Nelson Jack

Accept Me Sayings #777252
#43. There are too many people who love me, and accept me, and never try and change me, and who don't condemn me in the slightest, for me to waste even one moment of my life anymore worrying about what other people will think.

Dan Pearce

Accept Me Sayings #778991
#44. Angels dance only with You, Beloved
and only before You do I bow in adoration.
You may accept me or not but I will be at your feet forever.


Accept Me Sayings #784559
#45. It's very important to me that people accept me as a transgendered female. But it's ridiculous to a lot of people and I understand that.

Alexis Arquette

Accept Me Sayings #785353
#46. Winning means some kind of approval of the Establishment which means people will more readily accept me, may be less frightened of me and other people who speak out

Jane Fonda

Accept Me Sayings #792773
#47. Can you accept me, can you love me? Without conditions ? Can you nurture me, can you respect me? Without conditions ? Will you embrace me as my own unique autistic self?

Tina J. Richardson

Accept Me Sayings #897809
#48. Yet I also recognize this: Even if everyone in the world were to accept me and my illness and validate my pain, unless I can abide myself and be compassionate toward my own distress, I will probably always feel alone and neglected by others.

Kiera Van Gelder

Accept Me Sayings #966008
#49. Melissa Miller, sixteen and a self-injurer, looked upon the embodiment of her rage. "I accept you," Missy said, opening her arms wide. "I accept me.

Jackie Morse Kessler

Accept Me Sayings #995724
#50. love you for your smart-ass mouth, and your purity, and your kindness, and your rambling, and your love of family, and for the way you care about those you love. But most of all, I love you because you're you, and you accept me for who I am.

Nina Levine

Accept Me Sayings #1003659
#51. The churches weren't going to accept me looking like a street person with long hair and faded jeans. They did not like the music I was recording. And I had no desire to preach the gospel to the converted.

Larry Norman

Accept Me Sayings #1041573
#52. Because they saved me from myself, they rescued me from my loneliness. They were the first to accept me for who I am. They're my friends.
-Naruto Uzumaki

Masashi Kishimoto

Accept Me Sayings #1045874
#53. I went to Performing Arts because that was the only school that would accept me. My scholastic level was not very high.

Al Pacino

Accept Me Sayings #1067411
#54. Jane accept me quickly. Say, Edward - give me my name - Edward - I will marry you.

Charlotte Bronte

Accept Me Sayings #1068063
#55. You are my life now. this"_he waved a hand dismissively around him at the club-"the fey, everything, it all falls into place once you accept me"

Melissa Marr

Accept Me Sayings #1068698
#56. I realized that I had demanded that my parents accept me but had resisted accepting them.

Andrew Solomon

Accept Me Sayings #1086246
#57. When you start to realize: you are something that is precious to me, "Debug" me as you like; and when you have understand "addressing byte" and "memory mapping" of my heart, then i'm implore, accept me as I am ...


Accept Me Sayings #1102657
#58. What I'm trying to get you to understand is that I get it that you think of women as fitting into two categories
whores and the Madonna. But I'm neither. I'm just Jessica, somewhere in between, and I love you and want you to accept me.

Erin McCarthy

Accept Me Sayings #1134826
#59. I'll consider myself lucky, my elusive girl, once you consider yourself taken. Every man has a weakness; you are mine. I've accepted that. Now you must accept me.

Kresley Cole

Accept Me Sayings #1160315
#60. Thank God for television. I've been able to consistently work in television even when people say, 'Oh my God, I haven't seen you since this film or that project.' At least I'm working. It's very difficult to get that next movie role. I'm grateful to have the television world accept me.

Rochelle Aytes

Accept Me Sayings #1173691
#61. My big advantage was to have my father accept me as first-generation.

Mukesh Ambani

Accept Me Sayings #1200679
#62. Accept me or kill me MacKayla. But choose. Fucking Choose.

Karen Marie Moning

Accept Me Sayings #1239552
#63. I been trying to clean up my act with my children for a long time. And I pretty much got them all talking to me now. And they accept me as a humanoid again.

Dr. John

Accept Me Sayings #1248001
#64. I wanted her to want to know everything about me. It was unnerving how desperately I yearned to bare my soul to her, expose my flaws and have her accept me anyway.

L. H. Cosway

Accept Me Sayings #1253788
#65. I was talking to Jesus, and I said, Jesus, I feel like no one will ever accept me. And Jesus looked at me and said, You know what my theory is? Accept me or go to hell.

Gilbert Gottfried

Accept Me Sayings #1269597
#66. I am not asking you to understand, Papa. I'm asking for you to accept."
"Accept what?"
Me. Accept me, Papa. "My decision to live my own life as I see fit."
It is so quiet that I suddenly wish I could take it back. Sorry, it was only a terrible joke. I should like a new dress, please.

Libba Bray

Accept Me Sayings #1275178
#67. Will you accept me? (Fury)
No, I'm here naked with you because all my clothes fell off by accident and I can't find them. (Angelia)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Accept Me Sayings #1283019
#68. Accept me for who iam or leave me the the way iam, for a true image of God needs no Photoshop and the core of who i real am has no settings

Morgan Chabane

Accept Me Sayings #1288936
#69. If Germany, my beloved fatherland, of whom you know I am proud, will not accept me, then must I, in the name of God, again make France or England richer by one capable German - and to the shame of the German nation.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Accept Me Sayings #1345952
#70. And it dawned on me that I had not designed the questionnaire to find a woman I could accept, but to find someone who might accept me.

Graeme Simsion

Accept Me Sayings #1379359
#71. I have never, I think, wanted to 'belong' to a group whose interests were not mine, nor have I resented exclusion. Why should thet accept me? All I have ever asked is that others should go their way and let me go mine.

W. H. Auden

Accept Me Sayings #1423667
#72. I was always in places where I was widely accepted, approved and loved and I was finally in a place where people did not approve of me, did not accept me and did not love me. It was killing me.

Tullian Tchividjian

Accept Me Sayings #1466488
#73. You don't put pressure on me to be something I'm incapable of being. You accept me exactly how I am.

Colleen Hoover

Accept Me Sayings #1479500
#74. Some things are strange to me, and some things are odd. But I don't condemn. If you can accept me, I can accept you.

Dolly Parton

Accept Me Sayings #1491311
#75. Most people live their life as if their justification depends on their sanctification: if I do and become all that I must do and become, God will love me and accept me.

Tullian Tchividjian

Accept Me Sayings #1556150
#76. You will take me," he said resolutely. "You will accept me into your body.

Aja James

Accept Me Sayings #1595062
#77. I'd love for people to accept me just as me, but I know that I generate a strong response; I always have - my name, my looks, my size.

Cheyenne Jackson

Accept Me Sayings #1607814
#78. God does not accept me conditionally, on the basis of my performance, but bestows his love and forgiveness freely, despite my innumerable failures.

Philip Yancey

Accept Me Sayings #1625928
#79. I don't want to be tolerated. Either accept me or don't. Don't "tolerate" me.

Darnell Lamont Walker

Accept Me Sayings #1637609
#80. They didn't accept me theory - not a theory, but just a thought I had about this character. I noticed that this man only exists when the boy comes into the grocery.

Omar Sharif

Accept Me Sayings #1652602

Groucho Marx

Accept Me Sayings #1656043
#82. Why should Bollywood accept me? I should accept Bollywood. I don't care if Bollywood has accepted me. I don't seek acceptance. I don't need to live up to anybody's expectations.

Kangana Ranaut

Accept Me Sayings #1709734
#83. Actors were the first people to accept me.

Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Accept Me Sayings #1714821
#84. MWA and The Author's Guild refused to accept me as a member.

M.J. Rose

Accept Me Sayings #1718635
#85. Since I'm allergic to various things, the army wouldn't accept me during the war, and I got into the Office of War Information, which sent music to Europe.

Elliott Carter

Accept Me Sayings #1725238
#86. I am thankful for the kind treatment during my captivity and I ask God to accept me with mercy.

Hans Frank

Accept Me Sayings #1736897
#87. I have a lot of girlfriends, but there's something that's so easy for me about hanging out with guys. It's fun, because I feel like they accept me right back, which is really nice.

Rashida Jones

Accept Me Sayings #1772923
#88. My fans are my critics, and I respect their feedback and constructive criticism, but they should not try to own me. Don't they experiment with their looks, too? If they are my real fans, then they will accept me how I am.

Sonu Nigam

Accept Me Sayings #1781981
#89. Don't tolerate me as different. Accept me as part of the spectrum of normalcy.

Ann Northrop

Accept Me Sayings #1816984
#90. Very few things hurt my young ego more than an Asian female openly shaming me for my Asian-ness. If she could not accept me, who could? If even Asian women saw the men of their own blood as less than other men, what was the use in arguing otherwise?

Alex Tizon

Accept Me Sayings #1821869
#91. He should accept me as I am! says the woman who is too nice.
Accept you? Oh no, sister. Slap yourself. He should want you
madly. Acceptance has nothing to do with it. He accepts a
doormat. But he desires his dreamgirl.

Sherry Argov

Accept Me Sayings #1855491
#92. Simply making myself aware of others has remarkably improved my social life. People accept me much faster now that I ignore them less.

John Elder Robison

Accept Me Sayings #1879432
#93. Algeria is what allowed me to accept myself.

Pierre Bourdieu

Accept Me Sayings #4152
#94. I am not God. Nor am I Phantom. I am ready to accept any criticism. I have been in politics for decades. Each and every day, in several media, there is criticism of me.

Mamata Banerjee

Accept Me Sayings #4278
#95. My best idea was to not accept my wife's negative reaction when I asked her to marry me.

Michael Eisner

Accept Me Sayings #6049
#96. All too often I try to skate away from the things I'm afraid of and things I don't like and am unwilling to accept. I'm selfish and difficult to handle. I give my men cause for concern. I worry them, but they haven't given up on me yet and I love them all the more for it.

Gillibran Brown

Accept Me Sayings #8525
#97. It's important to avoid mirrors if one is unprepared to accept their daily news, and I think, in something as insignificantly devastating as appearance, denial is more socially constructive than despondency. Not that there's anything especially wrong with me
just the usual.

Rivka Galchen

Accept Me Sayings #17215
#98. I am safe and secure. I exhale any anxiety and inhale calm. As my world expands so do my heart and mind. I am willing to stay open and accept all the miracles and abundance the universe has to offer me.

Kris Carr

Accept Me Sayings #19636
#99. I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it's up to me.

Brad Pitt

Accept Me Sayings #20245
#100. I need COFFEE to help me change the things I can ... and WINE to help me accept the things I can't!

Tanya Masse

Accept Me Sayings #23974

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