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#1. And yes, my plan will continue to reduce the carbon pollution that is heating our planet - because climate change is not a hoax. More droughts and floods and wildfires are not a joke. They're a threat to our children's future. And in this election, you can do something about it. - Author: Barack Obama
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#2. You are my future, Kacie. You're my present and my future and if I could figure out a way to invent a damn time machine, you'd be my past. - Author: Beth Ehemann
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#3. I have a mantra that kind of explains my feelings on this subject, which is, "The past is the present is the future." When you're recording something, you're making something that will exist in the future. - Author: Will Oldham
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#4. Sometimes I wish I could just press a button and be through school and starting my real life,' I told him.
'This is your real life, Al,' he said, 'Don't start living in the future. That's like gulping down a piece of fudge cake and then asking yourself, 'Where'd it go?' You're missing the moment. - Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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#5. The waiter arrived and took their orders. When he was gone, Macy added, Besides, my life coach says it's inefficient to spend time with people you're hoping will change, that it's a surefire way to derail your future. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#6. Where is my language? You're a kind soul and deserve everything of the best for all of your future tomorrows. - Author: Abigail George
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#7. Turning 60 had an impact on my heart and soul, I must say, because you're dealing with time: past, present, and future. You suddenly realize you've come down the road quite a ways. - Author: Pierce Brosnan
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#8. I love you, Skye. You're in my heart, in my head, under my skin. You're my present and my future. - Author: Stephanie Witter
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#9. It must be around forty, when you're "over the hill." I don't even know what that means and why it's a bad thing. When I go hiking and I get over the hill, that means I'm past the hard part and there's a snack in my future. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. - Author: Ellen DeGeneres
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#10. I think of an old sermon my grandfather quoted from time to time - something about not looking back when you're plowing a field, but instead finding a mark in the distance and focusing on that. Otherwise, the rows won't come out straight. - Author: Lisa Wingate
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#11. My die-hard fans who came out - I call them my die-hard fans because any time a fan pays to see you, they have to love what you're doing, respect the craft. - Author: Future
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#12. When modeling agencies were saying that I was too big and gaining weight, my mom said, 'OK, we're going to discuss what they're saying over pizza, and we're going to plan the future of your career which doesn't involve you having to be skinny.' - Author: Tyra Banks
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#13. You broke up with me. You gave up on us - on our entire future together. You basically reached in and ripped my heart out and now you're asking me if I'm okay? How the hell am I supposed to be okay, Juliette? What kind of question is that? - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#14. You're the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing when I go to sleep. You're my sun and moon and stars, my past and present-and I hope you'll be my future. - Author: A.G. Henley
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#15. I'm living my future as long as you're living in the present and realize how beautiful life is. - Author: Dhani Jones
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#16. I know you don't want to be me. But I'd hate for you to ever feel like you're in my shadow. You're not and you never will be. You are awesome, and there is some kind of amazing future waiting for you. - Author: Gwenda Bond
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#17. You're getting to be a big boy,' I said desperately, 'it's time you started thinking about your future.'
'I'm thinking about my future,' said Sonny, grimly. 'I think about it all the time. - Author: James Baldwin
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#18. You're not the only one in this relationship who loves a
challenge," he says. "And just so you know for the future, I like my double-chocolate chip
cookies warm and soft in the middle ... and without magnets glued to them. - Author: Simone Elkeles
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#19. You're it. My present, my future, my everything. - Author: Kristen Callihan
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#20. I'm the lucky one. I didn't think that I would ever want someone to have the kind of power over me that you hold. I know my future is going to be amazing because you're going to be by my side; and with you, everything is better. - Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds
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#21. You give me hope. The future, no matter how scary or complicated it becomes, will be okay, because you'll be with me. I can do anything, be anyone, as long as you're at my side. - Author: Sui Lynn
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#22. You're so beautiful," he says, dragging his hands through my hair. When our mouths meet, it's less desperate, less frantic than before, because we know we have all the time in the world in front of us. No more roadblocks, no more missed opportunities, our future starts now, together. - Author: Heather Leigh
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#23. I've asked you fifty questions and still have no sense of your life, your family, what you care about. They want to know about you, Katniss."
"But I don't want them to! They're already taking my future! They can't have the things that mattered to time in the past!" I say. - Author: Suzanne Collins
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#24. I think of the future all the time. All my life I've chased dreams of what could be. For the first time in my life, I've actually caught one. I'll give you one day at a time, Claire. But remember, I'm thousands of days ahead already. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
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#25. You left me.
Not realizing until I've said my final good-bye and closed the door behind me, that he's not referring to the past.
He's prophesying our future. - Author: Alyson Noel
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#26. In the future . . . if by some miracle you ever find yourself in the position to fall in love again . . . fall in love with me." He presses his lips against my forehead. "You're still my favorite person, Lily. Always will be. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#27. You anchor me without holding me down. You frighten me without threatening my future. You're unflinchingly devoted. I love you. - Author: Courtney Milan
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#28. I'm a hypochondriac. Before I go all the way, I send the girl to the doctor and check them for everything. My doctor has a test to tell if you're going to catch something in the future even. - Author: Brett Ratner
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#29. How much are you worth?
I have no idea. How much do you want?
Naw.I just want to know what you're worth. Over ten million?
Oh, my, yes.
Why are you doing it? How much better can you eat? What can you buy that you can't already afford?
The future, Mr. Gittes! The future! - Author: Robert Towne
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#30. If you're planning on dropping out of high school, prepare yourself for the future by repeating aloud each day: I'm looking forward to low-paying jobs for the rest of my life. - Author: Sean Covey
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#31. I wouldn't even have to think about it, Neal. I'd choose you. I'd choose you again and again and again. Seth is my best friend-I think he'll always be my best friend-but you're my future. You're my whole life. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#32. Yes, it feels great to plan your life when you believe everything can turn out fine. But what about when you're shown, again and again, how little control you have over anything? No matter what I do to try to fix my future, it doesn't work. - Author: Jay Asher
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#33. I don't live in either my past or my future. I'm interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you'll be a happy man. Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we're living now. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#34. I don't want to think about the future, or why we're wrong for each other. I just want to claim this moment and kiss you in the moonlight, because you're so fucking beautiful my heart hurts. - Author: Jennifer Probst
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#35. If I wasted my time trying to be like everybody else when I was 10 and 11, I wouldn't be me today. So if you are gonna be the future rockstars, the future somebody, whatever you wanna be then you're wasting your time trying to be somebody else, because you'll never get to you. - Author: Pink
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#36. You're my hope for the future and my call to be a better man and I do hope one day you'll be my wife. - Author: Noelle Adams
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#37. You're my present and my future Sadie, I will use whatever power I have to make you happy. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#38. Oh God, you're one of those pimps that takes girls off the streets and gets them addicted to drugs and turns them into prostitutes, aren't you?! My future suddenly maps out in front of me. I can see myself all greasy hair, short skirts and ripped tights, getting into stranger's cars. - Author: Samantha Towle
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#39. It is unwise, my child, to look too long behind you, else you will miss the future that lies before you. - Author: Regan Walker
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#40. You would never be past but you're my present, future & forever - Author: Subhasis Das
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#41. If you're talking 100 years, there's no doubt in my mind that all jobs will be gone, including creative ones. And 100 years is not far in the future - some of our children will be alive in 100 years. - Author: Hod Lipson
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#42. You're my past, my present, and my future. You're my life, Anna. I love you. - Author: Samantha Chase
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#43. You're a hero and a gentleman, you're kind and honest, but more than that, you're the first man I ever truly loved. And no matter what the future brings, you always will be, and I know that my life is better for it. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#44. You are my destiny. My path less taken. You are my future. My home. You are my life.

My words are written on my skin, my heart. They're in ink and memories. Love me and let me love you. Be with me until we turn our final page. - Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
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#45. You know, you're setting a pretty damn high bar for my future husband to live up to. He's going to have to be a rock star in the sack to even come close to this. - Author: Katee Robert
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#46. I keep wishing, reflexively, for a glimpse of the future, so I'll know what to do. But I don't kid myself. I have to feel my way forward blindly. I try not to be afraid. Even if you know what's coming, you're never prepared for how it feels. - Author: Natalie Standiford
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#47. I just want to let you know that when I look into my future, I see nothing but you." That's what Chaz had whispered in my ear at some point during the wedding last night.
Then he'd whispered. "And you're not even wearing Spanx. - Author: Meg Cabot
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#48. I love my family," she says, placing her fingertips to her temples. "But you're my future. So if it's a choice, I choose you. - Author: Siobhan Davis
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#49. Listen," he said gently and stepped closer. "No one can predict the future, but right now you're the most important thing to me. I would regret it for the rest of my life if we didn't give this a chance. - Author: Angie Stanton
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#50. I'm not giving up my future for a man."
"Even a man you're in love with?"
"Even a man I'm in love with. - Author: Leah Raeder
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#51. You could give me the past," he said a little sadly. "But Alec is my future. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#52. No one can soothe my inner being like you. No one can make me look to the future with such excitement like you did. No one can understand me, fulfill me, fit me like you did." ~Emma Ranstein - Author: Lindsay Detwiler
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#53. No one thought of anything but themselves. My happiness, my future was the only thing you heard. Real love is to offer your life at the feet of another, and that's what people today are incapable of. - Author: John Ajvide Lindqvist
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#54. I am in awe of the things you've been put through and the fact you can still light up a room when you walk in. When I look at you I see life. I see joy. I see my future. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#55. Pardon me for not being willing to commit my entire future to you based on two kisses and a blueberry muffin. - Author: Laura Lee Guhrke
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#56. In my view, you can't go to the future if you haven't come from the past. - Author: Iris Apfel
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#57. When I'm doing my best is when I'm completely focused ... You completely wipe off any thoughts of the future, there's nothing going on in the past, you're just completely locked in on the moment, and there's no thinking, you're zoned in on this moment in time. - Author: Frank Mir
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#58. I knew the things happening in my life would eventually define my future, and I guess I hoped no matter what occurred those things wouldn't ultimately define me. - Author: S.R. Grey
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#59. I look at my future and all I see is you. - Author: Mari Carr
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#60. I could not turn away from anyone
Like you, a stranger, or refuse to help him.
I know well, being mortal, that my claim
Upon the future is no more than yours. - Author: Sophocles
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#61. Blake, your past is my past, your present is my present, and your future is my future. I bear the weight of everything that happens in your life. How can you not see that? - Author: Claire Contreras
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#62. On my way to the parking lot, in quick succession, I saw students wearing t-shirts which read, "Save the whales. Collect the whole set," "Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now," and "Half the people you know are below average." Typical for the Eastern student body. - Author: Neil S. Plakcy
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#63. Yes, you made me want my future again. The only problem is, he was my future first." ~ Jay - Author: Nicole Reed
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#64. Treatments and therapies have never been better in the face of this disease. You have every reason to be optimistic, determined, and focused on the future. My only other advice is to cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey, as I have done this summer. - Author: Jack Layton
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#65. It's hard to be happy in the now when you can't stop worrying about the future. What I want is to trust that everything will work out. To believe with all my heart that I'll end up where I belong. - Author: Lisa Schroeder
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#66. Indeed, life is full of tests. You don't know what they are, so you must treat everything in life with the same care you would bring to a test on which your future rests. I realize that the most important test of all, in my quest, and in every bird's quest, is the test to be the master of fate. - Author: Nancy Yi Fan
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#67. You didn't," she said in a resolute voice. "And you won't in the future, because with each purging of your soul, your anger will subside until the only release you'll need will be in my arms. - Author: Monica Burns
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#68. I ask, in future, my tigress, that if you intend to be a warrior, you think like a warrior and that would mean, before you bare your claws or unsheathe your steel, you ... actually ... think. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#69. I'm going to fight for you. I'll bring down the Counts, and Chloe, and every Sector in the universe that gets in my way without think twice. I'm not interested in what the future has planned. I want to share everything with you, Skyla. I'm in love with you. - Author: Addison Moore
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#70. My idea in terms of managing a narrative, or in thinking in my creative life, is that you could easily argue that the past, the present and the future all occur simultaneously, and if you can postulate that, then you're not strictly bound to a linear narrative. - Author: Tommy Lee Jones
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#71. Loving you is and will always be my greatest honor. You've done the impossible; you've opened me,
Gabriella. And despite what the future may hold for us, I will carry that with me forever. My heart will
always be yours, in life and in death. - Author: S.L. Jennings
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#72. When I'm feeling sad, or lonely, and I don't know what I'm doing and I don't know where I'm going, I imagine the Cool Awesome Future Version of Myself just telling my present self, "It's okay. You just gotta grab that giraffe by the ears and ride it on out." - Author: Jenna Marbles
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#73. You know that I can make hits. You know I can do all these rap records. So, I'm going to start opening up and letting you know my struggles. - Author: Future
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#74. God, You direct my steps. Although the path may lead me through dark valleys or appear to take unnecessary detours, I believe that one day I will look back and discover that your way was perfect. I put my future in your hands. - Author: Amy E. Mason
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#75. Freedom! you askin me about freedom. I'll be honest with you. I know a whole more about what freedom isn't than about what it is, 'cause I've never been free. I can only share my vision with you of the future, about what freedom is. - Author: Assata Shakur
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#76. Hey, why this person blocked me?", "WTF, this guy I know him!", "WTF this guy I don't know but he has send me request???", "Oh,oh That's the famous singer from the TV!! I know that person, I know him?!, I know him!?"... This is called the future - so my question is are you prepared for this? - Author: Deyth Banger
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#77. Though I hope to have a few more seasons still in senior football, I am studying to be a physiotherapist and masseur when my playing days are over. We married men have to look to the future, you know. - Author: Bob Paisley
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#78. I think people in the future will come up to me and say, "Everything that you are and everything that you have is because of that butler [film]." Of course, that's Oprah's line from the movie, but I think it will resonate with my legacy with the movie. - Author: Lee Daniels
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#79. I don't want my past to determine my future - and my future is you, Josh. - Author: Jay McLean
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#80. What this is about is hopefully an opportunity for me to help pave the way for my future in terms of getting financially choosier. You have to plan the windfall as if it'll be your only one. - Author: Jim Parsons
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#81. Hey, Max," I whispered. "I love you, too."
The smile that lit up his face was brighter than the neon lights radiating from the London Eye. But mine felt even brighter.
Like my future. - Author: Cassidy Calloway
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#82. I'm Kakashi Hatake. Things I like and things I hate ... I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future ... never really thought about it. As for my hobbies ... I have lots of hobbies. - Author: Masashi Kishimoto
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#83. Calls ignored, texts unanswered, short replies, excuses made. All I can say is don't be surprised when you're not in my future. - Author: Behdad Sami
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#84. Let the spirits witness: for theirs is the knowledge of the future - both what it would be, and what I will: You are the Queen of the Damned, that's what you are! Evil is your only destiny. But at your greatest hour, it is I who will defeat you. Look well on my face. It is I who will bring you down. - Author: Anne Rice
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#85. Don't waste your time lookin' over your shoulder; those loves from the past ain't getting' no closer. When I look in my future, you're all I can see, so honey, don't go lovin' on nobody but me. - Author: Blake Shelton
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#86. You can expect to find these four priorities - education, economic vitality, efficiency in government and the protection of families - woven into my decisions as Governor. They will serve as my compass as I work with you to chart a future course for our state. - Author: Dave Heineman
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#87. Could there be a cowgirl in my future? You know, I never know what character is going to come and tap me on the shoulder and say, 'Hey, tell my story.' So maybe the next one will have boots. - Author: Susan Isaacs
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#88. You were reserved for my future - Author: Henry James
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#89. You know, I like to think my life is kind of like the books I read, only I'm the author. I can write the story I want. The future can be anything I want it to be." He moved his head side to side, considering my words. "That works, as long as your story has a blond stud that fucks like an animal. - Author: Adriana Locke
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#90. What about the other guy?" My eyes half closed as I felt the heel of his hand brush the side of my breast. "He's the past," I managed to say. "You're the future." "Damn right I am. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#91. You'll forgive me for saying so, my dear, but I perceive very little aura around you. Very little receptivity to the resonances of the future. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#92. Come in here and take notes for me." Solara didn't move.
A rustling of blankets sounded from the other room, followed by a heavy sigh. "Stay there," he grumbled. "I'll get dressed and come to you. But for future reference, anyone who stinks like a toolshed is safe from my advances. - Author: Melissa Landers
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#93. You who call yourselves liberals must understand that it is your way of life that is under threat. Withdraw my right to speak freely, and you jeopardize your own in the future. Ally yourselves with the Islamists at your peril. Tolerate their intolerance at your peril. - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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#94. Can you lose your inborn talents? Can the gifts you come into this world with be taken away without your even noticing? Maybe it's my fault for wanting always to stem the fires within me? Perhaps there are some fires that should be allowed to rage on? - Author: Jinat Rehana Begum
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#95. Youth, health, wealth and beauty are meant to be fuel, to be burned in pursuit of pleasure, and not fruit to be pickled in anticipation of some future famine. (Hang on a minute and I'll get my sequins out and give you a quick rendition of 'My Way') - Author: Julie Burchill
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#96. I am not my past. I am my present. I am my future. The past can chase you if you let it.You can spend your life trying to outrun it or you can stop running, turn around and look it inthe face. i've stared down my past, and now i'm moving on.I am more than my past.I am my future and it belings to me. - Author: Lauren Blakely
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#97. I think my view is that whenever you project into the future you're never likely to be accurate in the details, or the paraphernalia and style. It's in the spirit of it. - Author: Stephen Fry
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#98. I am treating you as my friend, asking you to share my present minuses in the hope that I can ask you to share my future plusses. - Author: Katherine Mansfield
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#99. My brain goes in just one direction. The Future. I don't worry about the present. By the time you talk about the present, it's gone. - Author: Stefano Pessina
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#100. Sometimes people ask me why am I so excited about what I do. My reply mostly is, You see one celebrity and get excited. I see several hundred thousand future celebrities, change makers, and world movers, everyday. - Author: Sharad Vivek Sagar
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