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#1. The thing about magic is everyone wants to own some, most so badly they're willing to beg and borrow and steal it from whomever they can. But the truth is unless you own your own magic you'll be destroyed by it; whether you lend its power to others or use what isn't yours doesn't matter.

Tiffany FitzHenry

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#2. There was tremendous affection in Billy's eyes, or at least they held a tremendous offer of affection, a tremendous willingness to find whomever he was talking to bright and witty and better than most

Alice McDermott

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#3. his one overarching truth was always that his family was whomever he claimed.

C.D. Reiss

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#4. In my humble opinion, preserving racial purity isn't a worthwhile goal. You should be able to date whomever, whenever, wherever without the threat of a backlash.

Candace Kita

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#5. Good-byes breed a sort of distaste for whomever you say good-bye to; this hurts, you feel, this must not happen again.

Elizabeth Bowen

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#6. Whomever you're going to interview, you have to be interested in what it is you want to know from them. You have to be interested in the subject.

Kurt Loder

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#7. Once a man worries, he clings to anything out of desperation; and once he clings he is bound to get exhausted or to exhaust whomever or whatever he is clinging to. A warrior-hunter, on the other hand, knows he will lure game into his traps over and over again, so he doesn't worry.

Carlos Castaneda

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#8. The difference between a retiring man and a used condom is that the condom isn't given a golden watch to inspire the illusion that it still matters to whomever that has just used it.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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#9. Why, the man killed over two hundred demons with this sword. They say it is charmed such that whomever wields it cannot be killed by a demon." "How did he die?" "Knifed by an exotic dancer.

Robert Asprin

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#10. God will save whomever He chooses to save. The Christian should proselytize not because he thinks he can change everybody; he should proselytize because the Gospel being shared is the ultimate act of love: because he thinks he can love everybody.

Criss Jami

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#11. Among the liberties of citizens that are guaranteed are ... the right to believe what one chooses, the right to differ from his neighbor, the right to pick and choose the political philosophy he likes best, the right to associate with whomever he chooses, the right to join groups he prefers ...

William O. Douglas

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#12. I started out with almost entirely black fans except for a little handful of people in the horror writers' community, and those people really liked horror, you know. They will go to any lengths and read whomever they can find because they like that feeling of being scared.

Tananarive Due

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#13. Imagine if someone like John Lennon or Bob Marley, Sid Vicious, Picasso, whomever, were doing their work, and some corporation, some CEO, some branding entity was saying to you, 'Well, you can do that, but you've got to remove this aspect of your work.' There would no longer be that purity anymore.

Madonna Ciccone

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#14. Wherever you go, go with inspiration and aspiration.
Whatever you do, do with love and concern.
Whomever you see, see with purity's beauty
And responsibility's glory.

Sri Chinmoy

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#15. This prevented Elaine from making up any stories about whomever I was seeing at the time, man or woman. Therefore, no one was falsely accused of shitting in the bed.

John Irving

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#16. Tempus wanders eternally, bringing death to whomever loves him and being spurned by whomsoever he shall love.

Janet Morris

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#17. I demand the independence of woman, her right to support herself; to live for herself; to love whomever she pleases, or as many as she pleases. I demand freedom for both sexes, freedom of action, freedom in love and freedom in motherhood.

Emma Goldman

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#18. I think romance basically starts with respect. And new romance always starts with respect. Like the song 'Love the One You're With'; there is something to that. It's not just make love to whomever you're with, it's just love whomever you're with.

Bill Murray

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#19. And last but not least, go for it. Go wherever you can afford to go with whomever you can get to go with you.

Chelsea Handler

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#20. People get absorbed in chitchats with whomever they meet. They simply have to meet someone. Infinite energies are wasted in such chitchatting.

Dada Bhagwan

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#21. And it's here and it's ready and we can really revolutionize the way we educate our children with tablet computers, and I'm committed to doing whatever I can to speaking to whomever I can to send this signal - to pound this message home. Now is the time.

LeVar Burton

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#22. When you're the presidential nominee you get to pick whomever you choose to be on the ticket, and that person gets to say yes or no because, obviously, it's a very important decision.

Hillary Clinton

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#23. The lonely one offers his hand too quickly to whomever he encounters.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#24. Happiness is happiness wherever and whomever you find it with.

Kateri Young

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#25. An average man is too concerned with liking people or with being liked himself. A warrior likes, that's all. He likes whatever or whomever he wants, for the hell of it.

Carlos Castaneda

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#26. When I read books, I actually really love imagining whomever I want to in the character's role. I get such vivid pictures on my own that that is a big part of the experience for me.

Kristin Gore

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#27. The time for blithely asserting that sleeping with whomever you want however you want is going to jam its machinery is long past.

Maggie Nelson

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#28. Love is you. Love is calling you. Life is awaiting you. Go forth and live fully. Be whomever you are. Define you.

Sereda Aleta Dailey

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#29. Betsy liked to talk. Her father always said she got it from her mother, and her mother always said she got it from her father. But whomever she got it from she was certainly a talker.

Maud Hart Lovelace

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#30. I love a long bath. I love anything creative. I love decorating. I even love just flipping through magazines and vegging out for a while. But I'm also one of those people who loves to work, so I'll sing, dance, work on my next performance, or write whomever it may be about a new idea.

Jennifer Lopez

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#31. I was Chairman Mao's dog. I bit whomever he asked me to bite,

Jiang Qing

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#32. Personal technology has given us the freedom of being able to do whatever we want - and in the case of celebrities and athletes, whomever they want. But it can also serve as a humiliation jetpack.

Sloane Crosley

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#33. She had believed that love was something she could bestow upon whomever she liked, and that her main responsibility was to choose cleverly.

Ken Follett

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#34. Tell your idea to whomever will listen, and you'll get valuable market feedback before writing a single line of code.

Aaron Patzer

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#35. A dream has more than one owner. It belongs to everyone it may choose to touch. Whomever it concerns.

Catherine Ryan Hyde

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#36. He was at the very beginning of his love life and I had watched mine wither and die. He was free to date whomever he wanted and I had buried the greatest love of my life.

Rachel Higginson

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#37. Utah is changing. There are good people in Utah. More people want to change the discriminatory laws than want to keep them. People should be able to marry whomever they love.

Robert Redford

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#38. Whomever you truly are ... honor that person. No dream was ever realized by disappearing into the shadows of self-deceit and doubt.

Jaeda DeWalt

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#39. I want to use my connections with coaches, players, celebrities, whomever, and if I can take that friendship and use it to help someone else, I'm going to take advantage of that. I'm not going to apologize for that.

Tim Tebow

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#40. Anything you assume ownership of, it will strike back at you. Ultimately, even at the time of death, whomever you've had excessive intent of ownership, it will all become painful.

Dada Bhagwan

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#41. Growing up outside your own country makes you feel that you don't belong when you return, so you feel free to make friends with whomever you like.

Claire Denis

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#42. From the time I was a kid, I'd never joined groups. I hated high school groups. I hung out with hippies, musical people. I hung out with whomever I found compelling and interesting and smart. And I continued to do that throughout my life.

Sandra Bernhard

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#43. I've learnt that love isn't about our place at the centre of it, but about finding the generosity to allow those we care about to discover happiness wherever they so choose, with whomever they so desire , even if - for whatever reason - that isn't with us.

Hannah Beckerman

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#44. When an artist, or whomever, moves from their scene to the bigger pond, it starts getting crazy, because all of a sudden people don't respect you, and you have to start being a lot more aggressive than you would normally be.


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#45. Violence begets violence by whomever used. War is a dirty business and entails the use of degrading means, whoever wages it.

A.J. Muste

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#46. The strongest influences in my life and my work are always whomever I love. Whomever I love and am with most of the time, or whomever I remember most vividly. I think that's true of everyone, don't you?

Tennessee Williams

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#47. I believe in equality for everyone. I believe everyone should have the right to love and commit to whomever they want. [ ... ] All I know is that in God's eyes we are all the same. I just wish we could see through the eyes of God more often.

LeAnn Rimes

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#48. Whomever compares him or herself to another, always loses.

Mark Victor Hansen

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#49. If you think someone committed a crime, you should turn them in to whomever you perceive authority to be.

Marcia Gay Harden

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#50. You can be a follower of Muhammad or Jesus or Buddha or whomever. Always, they said that the most essential factor is to love your neighbor. And to love you.

Leo Buscaglia

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#51. Sometimes you can just feel when someone has been praying for you. Whomever it is Thank you!!

Amanda Penland

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#52. It isn't love (or is it?), but that doesn't matter. My love belongs to me and I'm free to offer it to whomever I choose, even if it's unrequited. Of course, it would be great if it were requited, but if not, who cares.

Paulo Coelho

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#53. Whomever the Lord has adopted and deemed worthy of His fellowship ought to prepare themselves for a hard, toilsome, and unquiet life, crammed with very many and various kinds of evil.

John Calvin

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#54. Just because you're of the same sex, what difference does it make? Get married to whomever you want.

Famke Janssen

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#55. Another way of saying "put it in the Book" would be that each poem we write pops up in the city of poetry, where anyone can visit it. Just as we visit the poems written before us. Go to Dickinson's house, or Li Po's or whomever we think has something to say to us that might help or be beautiful.

Gregory Orr

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#56. I thought it would feel empowering to just sleep with whomever I wanted to, but I wasn't built that way. I just wasn't honest enough with myself to know that at the time.

Teresa Lo

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#57. All cats talk however they want. To whomever they want. But only a rude human speaks out of turn. Be quiet.

Robin Hobb

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#58. I'm not allowed to talk to your teammates?"
"Talk all you want. But flirting ain't allowed, honey."
Seriously? "I'll flirt with whomever I want," I shoot back.
"Aw, you really think that?" He smiles. "That's so sweet.

Sarina Bowen

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#59. Fuck the world. Do what you feel is right, and you have every right to love whomever you want.

S. Walden

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#60. It's that he persists in the bizarre, adolescent belief that getting to have sex with whomever one wants whenever one wants to is a cure for human despair.

David Foster Wallace

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#61. Ask whomever you will but you'll never find out where I'm lodging

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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#62. In general, I get nervous when I do print interviews because I know that whatever I say is going to be shown through the lens of whomever I'm talking to.

Emma Stone

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#63. Guys, you can date whomever you want, but marry a girl who can back up a trailer.

Michael Martin Murphey

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#64. Ah! my friend, for whomever is alone, without a god and without a master, the weight of time is terrible. One must then choose a master, God being out of style.

Albert Camus

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#65. Traditional morality ... does not teach us how to let the other follow his or her own path, meet with whomever he or she desires, go where he or she wants.

Luce Irigaray

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#66. She could be anybody and she could pretend to be whomever she wants to be. With social media and internet communications, everything is virtual. Social media is full of fake and sick people deceiving each other and fantasizing to be something they are not.

Stevan V. Nikolic

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#67. Whomever speaks first gives up some power.

Lisa Gardner

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#68. Secrecy doesn't attach to particular parties; it attaches to power. All of the bull work is in place for whomever succeeds. That's my concern.

Ted Gup

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#69. I have this almost obsessive desire to whomever is close to me: I want to have a very intense, close, intimate relationship with them.

Susanne Bier

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#70. Go be whomever you want to be, then. Do whatever you want to do. Pursue whatever fascinates you and brings you to life.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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#71. The only way to move forward is to be able to trust whomever you're with 100 percent.

Melissa McBride

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#72. When it comes to letting people marry whomever they love, Mitt Romney says, 'No.'

Julian Castro

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#73. You (must) do plenty of 'pratikraman'. Do the 'pratikraman' for an hour every day of everyone who is living around you, whomever you have harassed.

Dada Bhagwan

Whomever Quotes #1016378
#74. Another friend tells you you have to learn not to absorb the world. She says sometimes she can hear her own voice saying silently to whomever - you are saying this thing and I am not going to accept it. Your friend refuses to carry what doesn't belong to her.

Claudia Rankine

Whomever Quotes #1033603
#75. Think of your girlfriend or boyfriend or whomever you want to.

Eugene Ormandy

Whomever Quotes #1070098
#76. For want of a Pilate of their own, some Christians would accept a Constantine or whomever might be the current incarnation of Caesar.

Wendell Berry

Whomever Quotes #1071746
#77. I am a grown woman
and I can guzzle champagne with whomever I choose.

Annie Barrows

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#78. To whomever gives a kiss or a blow
Render a kiss or blow
But to whomever gives when you are unable to return
Offer all the hatred in your heart
For you were slaves and he enslaves you

Jean-Paul Sartre

Whomever Quotes #1101922
#79. None of this seems to affect the leadership, that people don't go out to vote, that they don't feel the need to go vote, that they already feel disenfranchised. It's not just Obama's fault or Clinton's or whomever's, it's all of them, the whole collection of clowns I've had to sit through.

Lewis Black

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#80. First, everyone's going to die. Second, love is stupid. It has nothing to do with reason. You love whomever you love. Against all reason I loved my father. Did you love yours?

Kristin Cashore

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#81. Who you love is an illustration of you ... but whomever loves you back is you ... in HD.

Ingrid Weir

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#82. Be wise like water and adapt, adjust, and appreciate whomever you are with and wherever you are.

Debasish Mridha

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#83. In that sense, when a Bush or a Gore, or whomever, goes on David Letterman, that's the news, too.

Frank Rich

Whomever Quotes #1146676
#84. The calamity of war, wherever, whenever and upon whomever it descends, is a tragedy for the whole of humanity.

Raisa Gorbacheva

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#85. Wherever you go and whomever you meet, you will find your own love waiting for you.

Louise Hay

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#86. The LPGA is basically corporate America's dinner party, and they can invite whomever they want. They're not ready for people getting up and making declarations. The bottom line is corporate America is pretty homophobic.

Hollis Stacy

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#87. More than ever I'm proud to be an American, to live in a country that respects the rights of all to marry whomever they love. The Supreme Court decision gives new meaning to the freedoms we cherish.

Ralph Lauren

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#88. And regardless of whomever I'm with for whatever amount of time, I'll be with myself the whole time and I want to be good to her. I want her to have a heart like an ocean: endlessly vast, full of wonder, and navigable only by the brave.

Kelton Wright

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#89. One can never ever forget the one who they loved in their past and that to their First Love!!
'Whenever and whomever it was, your experience with your first love is etched into your memory forever..


Whomever Quotes #1283286
#90. The love
that saves us
is not a love that might come to us in the future,
but rather the love we can give
to whomever is around us
right now.

Marianne Williamson

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#91. To act upon something so basic as love is not selfish. Everybody has the right to love whomever he happens to love.

Scylar Tyberius

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#92. And then, despite the fact that A. J. does not believe in God, he closes his eyes and thanks whomever, the higher power, with all his porcupine heart.

Gabrielle Zevin

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#93. The victorious ones have said
That emptiness is the relinquishing of all views.
For whomever emptiness is a view,
That one has achieved nothing.


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#94. And no you're not that important that you must always dismiss your current company to answer whomever is on the phone. Seriously, you're not.

Jayce O'Neal

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#95. we are always the slaves to whomever or whatever we look to for peace.

Andy Wood

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#96. The vital thing for me is to integrate the history from above with the history from below because only in that way can you show the true consequences of the decisions of Hitler or Stalin or whomever on the ordinary civilians caught up in the battle.

Antony Beevor

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#97. While I listened to the words of homage to Mao, I remembered Mao's awesome power, like a blanket over China threatening to smother whomever he chose. Pg. 218

Nien Cheng

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#98. See, if you hate, you don't just hate one group. If you hate Jews, you probably also hate blacks, Gypsies, whomever. The problem is you, not them. You're the one with the hate.

Anatol Chari

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#99. The prince exults whomever he selects as his consort, but the queen, rather than elevating the subject of her choice, humiliates him as a man. By all that is right, a man is not intended to be the husband of his wife, but a woman is to be her husband's wife.

Franz Grillparzer

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#100. The ideas get under your skin. I am honored and deeply excited by the thought that the next generation of writers, or whomever, are influenced by these books.

Robert Greene

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