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#1. I realize i will never hear from dena again, and i will never call her. it gives me a chill. it is a strange thing to end a friendship, even if you know it's what you want. it's like a death; all of a sudden your experience of a person become finite. - Author: Melissa Bank
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#2. I have a sixth sense for things I don't want to know and her manner pegged this as top of the scale ignorance-is-bliss material. - Author: J.F. Lewis
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#3. And I want us to be happy again." "You already said that." "Yeah," she said, "but I figure it's worth repeating." "Well, it must be working," he said, tightening his arms around her. "I don't know about you, but I feel about a million times happier already. - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
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#4. Part of me doesn't even know if we're together. I mean, we are-she likes me, and I want to run off to Mexico with her. So yeah, that's together, right?
I guess I don't need a ring or anything. - Author: Travis Thrasher
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#5. I have seen your
darkest nights
and brightest days
and I want you to know
that I will be here
loving you
in dusk. - Author: Atticus Poetry
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#6. She didn't know what to do with it, that rage. It still burned and hunted her, still made her want to rip and roar and rend the world into pieces. She felt it all - too keenly, too sharply. Hated and cared and loved and dreaded, more than other people, she sometimes thought. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#7. I have all these things that I want to say to her, like... Like how I can tell she's a lonely person, even if other people can't. Cause I know what it feels like to be lost and lonely and invisible. - Author: Richard Ayoade
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#8. Yeah, maybe I should make you scream for me," he uttered against her skin. "I want every male in this building to know that you belong to me. Only me. - Author: Lara Adrian
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#9. She did not want to know what charm
he had used to make her love him so deeply. She did not want to know it wasn't real. - Author: Penelope Marzec
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#10. We needn't talk about Tessa if you don't want to, you know."
"It's not Tessa." This was true. Will hadn't been thinking of Tessa. He was getting good at not thinking about her, really; all it took was determination and practice. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#11. It was his fault too," Fredrick said. "He never really asked her why. It was like he didn't want to know. - Author: Matthew J. Kirby
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#12. I'm a killer, Gabrielle." He snarled the words at her. "That's all you need to know. Is that what you want sliding into your bed every night, lass? Touching your body with hands that were soaked in blood minutes before? - Author: Jessica Lee
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#13. I didn't care at all about losing, but I just didn't want Emerson to feel bad, You know, I didn't win, but Felicity won, and when you come to the set next time, you can give her a big congratulations. - Author: Teri Hatcher
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#14. I said I don't want it in the house, is that clear?' She turned and left. Discussion closed. I knew better than to argue. I cast a guilty glance over my shoulder at Aphra. She was grinning at me. What she doesn't know won't hurt her, Reg. - Author: Nancy A. Collins
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#15. I didn't want to rush things. Well, I did want to, but I know when I shouldn't. I wanted to push her up against the door, rip off her panties, and ram myself into her, but I suspected she wouldn't appreciate it as much as I would - Author: C.J. Roberts
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#16. You want me to give her a key?" the guy asked.
"I want you to give her a possibility," she told him, looking at my necklace again. "And that's what a key represents. An open door, a chance. You know? - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#17. She kisses like a sweet devouring, and I don't know where to touch her because I want all of her. - Author: John Green
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#18. I didn't want to, even in my imagination, even for a second, to conflate this sophisticated woman with my mother, a woman so frugal and clueless that she had once given me - to have! to know! to wear! - her stretch black lace underwear that had shrunk in the dryer, though I was only ten. - Author: Lorrie Moore
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#19. Yeah," he said. They stood awkwardly for a while, then Sam said, "I don't want to sound weird, but you know I love you, right?"
"Love you, too, Sam."
Sam made a move as if to hug her, but stopped himself.
She smiled. "Yeah, we're not the huggy type, are we? - Author: Michael Grant
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#20. West didn't want her to get hurt anymore. He wanted her to let go. He wanted her to appreciate her life. To know he loved her. All these things sounded so stupid to him when he imagined saying them and he knew she didn't want to hear them anyway. She wanted to hear one thing. - Author: Francesca Lia Block
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#21. I want to drink you until there's nothing left. I want you to magically rematerialize so I can do it again. I want a phoenix that will rise from the ashes just so I can keep burning her. I thought I knew madness, but I didn't know it before you. - Author: Kitty Thomas
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#22. I don't want to use Amber, I can't. It's not fair to her. I am not looking for someone to fill my heart or my mind or my bed, because when you are lucky enough to know exactly what you want then fuck the rehearsal. No one else will ever compare. - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
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#23. I want this girl I know i'll never have.But in my mind she'll always be my lady.I fell in love with her instantly after seeing her beautiful face online.I always dreamed and fantasized about her ever since then. She's just breathtaking to me. - Author: Jared Padalecki
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#24. In that moment she realised that Archie had never told her anything, never let her see anything, that he didn't want her to know. - Author: Chelsea Cain
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#25. It would let him know we were there, always watching, able to get in whenever we want. Plus I've always kind of wanted to put lipstick on him. He has amazing lips." After she said it, she realized she shouldn't have and dropped her gaze. - Author: Kasie West
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#26. I couldn't sing to save myself. Greg went to John after the audition and said, 'She's cute, but she can't sing very well' and he said, 'I know. We'll teach her. I just want her on the show'. - Author: Dannii Minogue
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#27. I want ... something other than what I know. She is so strange to me, you see? I think that her life must have been very different from mine (...) I want to know what that is like. - Author: Chris Wooding
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#28. I don't know what I need, or even what I want, from her or from anybody. There's no way to tell her the truth, because the truth is that my heart is broken, and I don't think there's any chance of it being sewn back together. This is permanent. It can't be fixed. - Author: Hannah Harrington
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#29. You want to come in?" she asked softly.
He leveled his gaze at her. "You know what's likely going to happen if I go in there, right?"
She didn't blink. "Yeah. That's why I'm asking. - Author: Paige Tyler
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#30. And unless I'm remembering it wrong, mermaids don't sing and sirens don't swim."
"Ariel sang in 'The Little Mermaid'," Corey said.
Sam came over to join us. "Do I even want to know why you remember her name? - Author: Kelley Armstrong
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#31. She thought about Cheryl's contention that this was young love, and about how she'd feel if they were ever to break up and she had to look back on this moment as an episode in a life that was full of people she didn't even know now. The thought made her want to cry. - Author: Beth Harbison
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#32. The fiery tickle of outrage burned up her throat. "How the hell would you know that when you never gave me a chance?"
Something dark and scorching flickered behind his eyes. "Because no other girl has ever made me want to forget all my own rules for them. - Author: Airicka Phoenix
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#33. Answered slowly: I don't know, I don't want to know. And then I admitted that there had been a kind of admiration for her body, maybe that, yes, but I ruled out anything ever happening between us. Too much fear, if we had been seen we would have been beaten to death. - Author: Elena Ferrante
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#34. I don't even know her yet..but if she could see me right now, I'd want her to know that I love her - Author: Eric Ludy
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#35. You know what I want, slut?" I growled. "What do you want, Master?" she moaned desperately. I gripped the hair that lay over her shoulders and yanked her head back. "I want you to be her. - Author: Michelle Hughes
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#36. Manon had never seen her grandmother fight, never trained with her. And some small part of Manon wondered if it was because her grandmother did not want others to know how skilled she was. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#37. It wasn't that I wanted to know her now. I wanted to have already known her. I wanted her fears and her desires to have shaped my life. I know this is not love, of course. What it is is a queer feeling of nostalgia for an impossible future, for what can never be. That's fantasy. Love is different. - Author: John Dufresne
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#38. I just want her to know that she's still beautiful, after all these years, and that I'm here - always, - Author: Laura Miller
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#39. I think I've just lost five pounds in fear sweat." Peabody mopped at her face. "Now I want a cannoli. I don't know why."
With a laugh, Roarke shifted to grin at her. "I'll buy you a dozen, precious."
"Cannolis, for God's sake. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#40. If you want to know how much you love someone, take her or him away forever. Your heart and soul and entire body will tell you. You will acquire an undeniable understanding of the size of that love. - Author: Page Hodel
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#41. I want to know how to make this girl laugh. I want to know what makes her cry. I want to know what it feels like to have her look at me as if I'm her knight in shinning armor. - Author: Simone Elkeles
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#42. I want to kiss her without counting the seconds. I want to hold her so long that I get to know her skin. I want, I want, I want. - Author: David Levithan
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#43. what do you want with her?" As if she didn't already know. "Call her now. Tell her that I am a friend of yours and she'll enjoy herself. It will be better that way." "Better than what?" "My breaking into her house to get to her. Which is what I'll do, if I have - Author: J.R. Ward
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#44. If I saw my friend's boyfriend flirting with someone else, I would definitely talk to him about what I saw. I would want to give him a chance to explain. However, depending on how major the flirting was, I would probably mention it to my friend - just to let her know what's going on. - Author: Laura Marano
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#45. Life Life Life Life; it fascinates me, it intoxicates me, it upsets me and it surprises me. However, I love Life because I know it has a meaning in whatever consequences it puts us in. At the end of the day Life is the most beautiful teacher and I want to Romance her! - Author: Dr. S.U.A.H Syed
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#46. She looked nice, smoking. She inhaled and all,m but she didn't wolf the smoke down, the way most women around her age do. She had a lot of charm. She had quite a lot of sex appeal, too, if you really want to know. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#47. You never so much want to be happy with a woman as when you know that you're ceasing to care for her. - Author: Arthur Schnitzler
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#48. My mom had a huge video camera that I would always play with, and there is home video of me, like, with the camera letting her know, 'I want to do stuff like this when I grow up.' - Author: Rick Gonzalez
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#49. When it's the stupidest, most difficult thing that could happen" - Suzanne looked up, mist glistening in her eyes - "and you still want to do it. Then you know it's really love. - Author: Sheila Athens
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#50. And as much as I'm telling her to stay here, I still want her to choose to come with me. To say fuck sanity and healing and closure. To say that I am the only thing she needs to be well and whole and alive. But we both know that's not true. - Author: Katja Millay
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#51. He who does not know how to encircle a girl so that she loses sight of everything he does not want her to see, he who does not know how to poetize himself into a girl so that it is from her that everything proceeds as he wants it-he is and remains a bungler - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#52. Maybe I am, but I'm not thinking with my dick. I'm thinking with my head and my heart, and I want to - no, I need to know her better. - Author: Sandi Lynn
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#53. You want to know what I'm going to do to you if you consent to playing with me tonight?" His hot breath tickled the shell of her ear. "Anything I want. - Author: Shelly Bell
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#54. She'll be your dance partner, Jordan"
"Her? She's much too good. I'm scared!"
"Remember the feeling. Someday you'll want to write about it, and then it'll be good to know how the fear feels and to go ahead and dance all the same. - Author: Nina George
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#55. Please," her shadow begged.
Laughingstock for sure.
"I can't give you what you want," Cam said. "You know that." She had to know that. - Author: Erin Kellison
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#56. One graduate student told me, "When the Apocalypse comes, you want to know an archaeologist, because we know how to make fire, catch food, and create hill forts," and I promptly added her to my address book. Knows how to make hill forts - who can say when that will come in handy? - Author: Marilyn Johnson
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#57. I know. But I don't want her (Lissa) to get in trouble." (Rose)
He (Christian) snorted. "But you don't mind if I do?"
I shrugged. "Not really."
"You're a piece of work, you know that?"
"Yeah. I do, actually."
(pg 242) - Author: Richelle Mead
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#58. I don't believe him for a second, but I'm not telling Daisy that Dylan lied because I know what it's like to want a girl that much. To get dragged in the dirt behind her hoping you won't lose your grip. - Author: Cath Crowley
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#59. Most cats don't like water, and despite her pretensions of tigerhood, Julie was no different. Yes, tigers have stripes; so do tabbies. If you want to know the difference, try tossing one of each into your swimming pool. Then I would recommend running. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#60. Better not I tell you. You want to know what I do? I say doudou, if you have trouble you are right to come to me. And I kiss her. It's when I kiss her she cry - not before. - Author: Jean Rhys
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#61. Do I want to know why you're so informed about spyware?" she asked.
Nikolaos gave her a charming, dazzling smile. "No, my dear. You do not. - Author: Molly Ringle
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#62. She was truly beautiful, though that was not what drew him to want to know more about her. This woman of wealth and privilege had something else about her - and inner beauty - which he couldn't quite define. - Author: Kathleen Y'Barbo
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#63. The men in the room suddenly realized that they did not want to know her better. She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.
And she held her sword, and she smiled like a knife. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#64. I know it's going to be bad for you, Jacob. I understand that - maybe better than you think. I don't like her, but ... she's your Sam. She's everything you want and everything you can't have. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#65. Then she'll know I'll want to knock her senseless if she so much as looks at me. - Author: Kristin Cashore
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#66. I don't want that boy to fall over for just a bird that forgot that her wings are broken. - Author: Ade Santi
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#67. Do you know what happens when an Arabian woman dances? She does not dance: she protests, she loves, she cries, she makes love, she dreams, she goes away from her reality, to her own world, where love is really meant and she does not want to come back, because that is her reality. - Author: Armand Nassery
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#68. I can't be fixed."
"You're committed to being broken forever?"
"Goddamit, Colton. Why are you doing this? You don't know me."
"I want to." It's the answer to both of her statements. - Author: Jasinda Wilder
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#69. The frightening truth about desire
it's on but
i don't know
whether i want
to be
her, fuck her
or borrow
her clothes. - Author: Daphne Gottlieb
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#70. What do you think about when you close your eyes?" she asked. Alex looked at her, her silky orange eyes catching light from the fire, her hair falling against her cheek, her lips soft and full. "You really want to know?" She nodded. "Yeah." "I think about you, - Author: Lisa McMann
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#71. Does she know how I want to be her courage? - Author: Christina Lauren
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#72. He'd promised her forever, but now that there was another option, would he want to take it? He'd said not, but Bessina had butterflies taking up residence in her stomach at the thought. She had to know for sure. - Author: Inger Iversen
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#73. I'm definitely more talented than most of the guys I know. A lot of guys who just want to have sex will sit with the same woman and try all night. I'm able to look at a woman, have a five-minute conversation with her, and tell if it's a waste of time or not. I figure things out a lot faster. - Author: Tyrese Gibson
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#74. I want to find my way to where you are-you, the Kumiko who wants me to rescue her ... I wanted to let you know that. I'm getting closer to where you are, and I intend to get closer still. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#75. ...She squeezed Niall's hand and bleakly said, "I don't want you hurt."
"Oh, Serena, that's all I have to know." And with that, he kissed her so passionately, she felt as though she had fae transported to the moon and back... - Author: Terry Spear
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#76. It's snowing some today and Marilla says the old woman in the sky is shaking her feather beds. Is the old woman in the sky God's wife, Anne? I want to know. Mrs. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#77. I want to know," he breathed, his tongue moving between her breasts.
"When do we get to be bad again?" She smiled big.
"Baby, I thought you'd never ask. - Author: Stylo Fantome
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#78. Don't pass off your work to the new girl just because you don't like it." Kai winked at me as he moved back to his computer.
... "Stop going easy on the new girl just because you like her."
"Shut up, Will."
"What? You didn't want her to know? You're not hiding it very well." - Kai and Will - Author: H.R. Willaston
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#79. I never Tweet about my daughter. Never. I just want to be respectful of her privacy. My job as a mom is to know when to open my mouth and when not to. - Author: Padma Lakshmi
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#80. I know Sidney thinks I'm a brat, but I don't want to see her get hurt when this air of mystery her new husband carries comes back to bite her on the ass. That's - Author: Nina Ford
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#81. I didn't know how I was supposed to tell her things like love and forever, and it struck me just then that I didn't want to. That sort of truth was something that you had to earn. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#82. Hey, S.T.," Sydney says finally.
I don't budge.
She nudges me with her elbow. "You want to know something?"
I still can't look up. But I nod.
"It's not your fault either." She says this like it's not big deal. Like it's nothing.
But it's everything. - Author: Patricia McCormick
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#83. You know what it's like," said Storm, "when you want to
pour a woman into a glass and
just-drink her
just drink her down, one gulp, body and soul? - Author: Andrew Klavan
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#84. Her hair gives dawn it's fire, her eyes give dusk her soul"
He knew how to use his voice to melt a girl's heart, to make a girl want to believe. I steeled myself against the seductive words. "Excuse me?"
"It's a line of poetry describing a beautiful girl, one who doesn't seem to know it. - Author: Elizabeth Chandler
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#85. Lord, What a terrible shame. You're so attractive!'
I know, I want to tell her. It should have happened to someone really ugly. And then it wouldn't have mattered. - Author: Liz Jensen
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#86. It's not that he's the sort of man who gives up and dies; he doesn't want her to think that. But it's actually wrong, all this. She married him. And now he doesn't quite know how to carry on without the tip of her nose in the pit between his throat and his shoulder. That's all. He - Author: Fredrik Backman
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#87. The thing with Rubik's cubes, sometimes you make them worse when you try to fix them. I didn't want to make her worse, and I also didn't know how to make her better. - Author: K.A. Coleman
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#88. It took me one look to fall in love with her. One look to want to know everything and anything about her. One look to feel protective of her, like my life depended on it. One look to want to kill whoever gave her those scars. - Author: Sarah Brianne
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#89. I'm saying that in four years, I'm going to be free, and I've never been free in my entire life." Her smile grew. "And I want to know what that feels like. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#90. I want to burn a moment of helplessness into him so he can know a fraction of what I felt, what I feel, what's followed me every moment since, so I You cover cover his her mouth mouth. - Author: Courtney Summers
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#91. I'm going to try to pull a Natalie Portman. Natalie went to Harvard while shooting 'Star Wars'. I don't know how she did it. I want to have lunch with her and ask her - that seems like a bunch of stress right there. - Author: Selena Gomez
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#92. I just want to know who you really are," she said. "When I figure that out, I'll let you know," said Lee, pivoting on his heel to meet her gaze. Sadness lingered in his eyes, and she wasn't sure why. "You do the same for me. - Author: Beth Cato
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#93. Oooh, intrigue?' Sylvie said playfully. 'Want to know a secret? I am someone else. Nobody knows the real me.'
Jess opened the door, sick of being toyed with, wanting to get away. Her voice was flat. 'You're a girl. It's the same for all of us. - Author: Kirsty Eagar
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#94. I want to know who killed my father," Peter growled, shrugging off her fingers and pushing himself away from the wall to stand up straight. "If you think you can help me with that, then you are welcome to try. - Author: Deborah Blake
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#95. I do what I want to do. It was a brash statement of(her)girlhood. Now she was an adult, the boast seemed quaint. For rarely do you know what you want. Even after you've done it you can't say clearly if that was what you'd wanted or just something that happened to you, like weather. - Author: Joyce Carol Oates
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#96. People usually asked her if she had a belly button. Of course she had a belly button. She couldn't explain how. She didn't really want to know. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#97. I'm happy when I see a girl on the bus, or on the street, and start wondering about her. Sometimes I see a woman and I ask myself: Who is she? You want to know what her job is. Who she is? You start fantasizing. There's a certain aura, a certain charm that we try to reproduce. - Author: Christophe Lemaitre
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#98. I want her to look at me. I want her to stare me in the eye. I want her to see that I have no fear. I want her to know she stands no chance. I want her to be scared. I want her to know she is going to lose. - Author: Ronda Rousey
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#99. A laugh bubbles from my lips and her smile expands. "You know, I always feel so special whenever I get you to smile. Like I discovered some sort of rare gem."
I want to kiss her right there, eternally seal my lips to hers.
Okay, maybe I'm not cured.
Maybe I can't be cured.
Of anything. - Author: Jessica Sorensen
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#100. A year ago, I was too busy thinkin' about how lucky I was that someone as beautiful and talented as you let me into her bed to be bossy. Now I know you love me, I can be as bossy as I want. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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