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#1. I always look for something that I haven't necessarily done yet because I like to expand my body of work. - Author: Ludacris
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#2. The muse is fickle; ergo, when she knocks, ANSWER! It may take a while, but trust me, she WILL knock. In the meantime, keep your ear pressed firmly to the door. - Author: Quentin R. Bufogle
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#3. If someone says " I love you " it would be foolish to say " I love you too " So you say " I knoe " tht is trulie wht love is. <3 - Author: Melissa De La Cruz
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#4. Damnation. She needed him inside her. All the way. Now. "If you don't take me now I'm going to be forced to rape you." Trulie slid her hand down between them, grabbed his cock and aligned it for immediate entry.
"As you will it," Gray chuckled. - Author: Maeve Greyson
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#5. And who e'er said I wanted such a fiery-tongued woman to wife?"
"I'll wait until the two of you are married to tell Trulie you said that. - Author: Maeve Greyson
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#6. I'd studied dance in Chicago every summer end taught it all winter, and I was well-rounded. I wasn't worried about getting a job on Broadway. In fact, I got one the first week. - Author: Gene Kelly
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#7. To live a positive life, think positive and find beauty in every situation. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#8. The development-minded prime minister is looking for foreign capital and technology to boost India's economy. China's stock of direct investment of $400m in India is derisory - less than that of Belgium. Talk fills the Indian press of a 250-fold increase, to $100 billion in just a few years. - Author: Anonymous
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#9. Always make positive use of every second and minute - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#10. If computers were cars, the Mac would be a Lexus for its reliability and elegance. The PC? An AMC Gremlin. - Author: John Francis Dodge
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#11. When you talk to family and friends, they can't tell you anything from an impartial point of view because they have a vested interest in you. - Author: Brian O'Driscoll
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#12. The universalism of Islam, in its all-embracing creed, is imposed on the believers as a continuous process of warfare, psychological and political, if not strictly military ... The Jihad, accordingly, may be stated as a doctrine of a permanent state of war, not continuous fighting. - Author: Majid Khadduri
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#13. You know that moment when you hug somebody, when your heart feels warm and high in your chest and tingly? When you feel just for a second like a baby in a womb ... that nothing matters? That's how I want you to feel. That's what a girlfriend should do, I think. - Author: Jake Vander Ark
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#14. But paranoids might have real enemies and obsessives might obsess about really important stuff. - Author: Stan Goff
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#15. Sometimes we woke up and feel like a Guitar Master, sometimes we woke up and feel like a complete fool. but that's the fun part of learning guitar - Author: Tommy Emmanuel
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#16. You learn as much from your kids as they learn from you. - Author: Tom Waits
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#17. Tha gaol agam ort," he whispered against her lips.
Trulie smiled against his mouth. "I love you too," she whispered back. - Author: Maeve Greyson
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#18. It was better than floods of misery that a son of her flesh had killed the sons of other mothers. That burned in her heart like the pain which flared in the arthritis of her knees. Pain was a boring conversationalist who never stopped, just found new topics. Bess - Author: Norman Mailer
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