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#1. What do you want from me?" Tears fell down her cheeks as she pleaded for an answer.
"I need to be close to you," I admitted, feeling my lips tremble too. "Please let me be close to you." I was twisting my fingers together, begging pathetically for something I didn't deserve.

Elizabeth Finn

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#2. Americans should tremble before suggesting that any fellow citizen lacks patriotism.

Barack Obama

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#3. What man I dare, I dare. Approach thou like the rugged Russian bear, the armed rhinoceros, or th' Hyrcan tiger; Take any shape but that, and my firm nerves shall never tremble.

William Shakespeare

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#4. Friends? Ha! Who was she kidding? Friends didn't tremble just because

Milly Taiden

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#5. As she welcomed him silently to the human race, the stab of discovery made her tremble a little.

Harper Lee

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#6. Educated men - "civilized," as Fourier used to say with disdain - tremble at the idea that society might some day be without judges, police, or gaolers.

Peter Kropotkin

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#7. Tremble: your whole life is a rehearsal for the moment you are in now.

Judith Malina

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#8. Someone who claims to write with emotion recollected in tranquility, is a fool and a liar. To understand is to tremble. To recollect is to re-enter and riven ... I admire the authority of being on one's knees in front of an event.

Harold Brodkey

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#9. On an impulse, I reached for the telephone, and then paused with the receiver in my hand. I stared down at the phone for long seconds, rehearsing the words I would say in my mind. I felt a tremble in my fingers, and my breathing became short as if I had been running.

Jason Luke

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#10. I am not cute. I am a ferocious killing machine. Paranormals everywhere tremble before me." "My teddy bear.

Alanea Alder

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#11. She stepped aside to let him pass. She followed him to the car and watched him get laboriously into the front seat. As she welcomed him silently to the human race, the stab of discovery made her tremble a little. Somebody walked over my grave, she thought, probably Jem on some idiotic errand.

Harper Lee

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#12. Hercules King of Rome and of Annemark, three times one surnamed de Gaulle will lead, Italy and the one of St. Mark to tremble, first monarch, renowned above all.


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#13. in a whisper so quiet I barely hear it, so loud it makes the earth tremble at my feet.

Dahlia Adler

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#14. When you start lower, you have to fight for every scrap of space you occupy in the world... Even starting from nothing, I had more luck than you. If you had been born a boy, the whole world would tremble before you.

Kiersten White

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#15. As I watched the pulsing fire among the trees and heard the beat of the drum merge and tremble with the voices, forming an intricate pattern of sound, I knew that someday I would have to return or be haunted forever by the beauty and mystery that is Africa.

Gerald Durrell

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#16. Again the blackbirds sings; the streams Wake, laughing, from their winter dreams, And tremble in the April showers The tassels of the maple flowers.

John Greenleaf Whittier

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#17. Not hardly." Reese lowered his pistol, letting the dread work through him in a tremble. "That was
just a battle cry.

Willowy Whisper

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#18. On the verge of a decision we all tremble: hope pauses with fluttering wings.

George Eliot

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#19. I can also tell in whose hands I am. Do these hands tremble? There can be no doubt: these are the hands of a military officer. Is it a firm pulse? I say without vacillating: these are the hands of a liberator.

Ricardo Flores Magon

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#20. Patience perforce with willful choler meeting/Makes my flesh tremble in their different greeting./I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall,/Now seeming sweet, convert to bitt'rest gall.

William Shakespeare

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#21. He loved the soothing hour, when the last tints of light die away; when the stars, one by one, tremble through aether, and are reflected on the dark mirror of the waters; that hour, which, of all others, inspires the mind with pensive tenderness, and often elevates it to sublime contemplation.

Ann Radcliffe

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#22. My brother comes now," Alia said. "Even an Emperor may tremble before Muad'Dib, for he has the strength of righteousness and heaven smiles upon him.

Frank Herbert

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#23. Should five slaves dictate to a king? If five baboons bark, must the black-maned lion tremble?

Wilbur Smith

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#24. Back in my rummy days, I would tremble and shake for hours upon arising. It was the only exercise I got.

W.C. Fields

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#25. The way the leaves on the trees tremble in the passing air is the way love reaches you, from all directions at once, mysterious, overwhelming, indescribable. To be in love is to find something you didn't know was missing.

Chloe Thurlow

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#26. Aunt Clara doesn't take her eyes off her toast. Her delicate jet earrings tremble as her knife scratches at the toast like a cat's paw, buttering every inch. Strange how even the most mundane habits of dislikable people can strike such harsh chords. I even hate the way Aunt butters.

Adele Griffin

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#27. Surely a man must be in a parlours state to excite pity, extremely weak to inspire sympathy, or very evil-looking to make a soul tremble in a den like this, where pain must hold its tongue, poverty remain cheerful, and despair retain its self respect.

Honore De Balzac

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#28. The people generally get accustomed to the established order of things and begin to tremble at the very idea of a change. It is this lethargical spirit that needs be replaced by the revolutionary spirit.

Bhagat Singh

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#29. When we are overcome by some evil will, should we not tremble before the presence of the choirs of angels that surround us?

Hilary Of Poitiers

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#30. For though consciences are as unlike as foreheads, every intelligence, not including the Scriptural devils who "believe and tremble" has one.

Herman Melville

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#31. She is coming, my own, my sweet;
Were it ever so airy a tread,
My heart would hear her and beat,
Were it earth in an earthly bed;
My dust would hear her and beat,
Had I lain for a century dead;
Would start and tremble under her feet,
And blossom in purple and red.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

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#32. She hated that will had this effect on her. Hated it. She knew better. She knew what he thought of her. That she was worth nothing. And still a look from him could make her tremble with mingled hatred and longing. It was like poison in her blood, to which Jem was the only antidote.

Cassandra Clare

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#33. Though we tremble before uncertain futures
may we meet illness, death and adversity with strength
may we dance in the face of our fears.

Gloria E. Anzaldua

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#34. When the wind likes a path, the weeds around that path will tremble all day long!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#35. All beings tremble before danger, all fear death. When a man considers this, he does not kill or cause to kill.


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#36. When I first got the news, I was devastated," Annie said. And then her chin tilted in a defiant gesture, as if daring him to begrudge her her fear. "Actually, I was scared out of my wits." Gabe heard the tremble in her voice, but he gave her no evidence

Sharon Sala

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#37. All tremble at violence; all fear death. Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill nor cause another to kill.

Gautama Buddha

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#38. Raffe's legs tremble violently and he's losing consciousness, but he stays up out of sheer stubbornness and fury.

Susan Ee

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#39. There are big bad wolves all over the world who tremble at the sound of his name, yet a little puny coyote girl peanut-buttered the seat of Bran Cornick's car because he told her that she should wear a dress to perform for the pack.

Patricia Briggs

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#40. If a person is open to a new world view, it can often mean that he is not firmly rooted in the reality of the old world view; as a lunatic or alienated artist, his own neurotic traits can become magnified as they tremble with the new energy pouring in from the universal source.

William Irwin Thompson

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#41. In art, one idea is as good as another. If one takes the idea of trembling, for instance, all of a sudden most art starts to tremble. Michelangelo starts to tremble. El Greco starts to tremble. All the Impressionists start to tremble.

Willem De Kooning

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#42. I perceive all this, and believe that you were born under my star. Yes, you were born under my star! Tremble! for where that is the case with mortals, the threads of their destinies are difficult to disentangle; knottings and catchings occur - sudden breaks leave damage in the web.

Charlotte Bronte

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#43. Steiner's skin went grey at that, a tremble

T.J. McFadden

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#44. The first light on the roof outside; very early morning. The leaves on all the trees tremble with a soft awakening to any breeze the dawn may offer.

Ray Bradbury

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#45. You are different." She lifted a hand to delicately trace his hairline.
He closed his eyes, feeling her fingers tremble against his skin.
"For whatever reason," she said softly, "when you are with me, you are
simply Isaac and I am Coral.

Elizabeth Hoyt

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#46. As the landscape changed from brown to green, the army awakened, and began to tremble with eagerness at the noise of rumors.

Stephen Crane

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#47. I believe in some blending of hope and sunshine sweetening the worst lots. I believe that this life is not all; neither the beginning nor the end. I believe while I tremble; I trust while I weep.

Charlotte Bronte

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#48. Today we love what tomorrow we hate,
today we seek what tomorrow we shun,
today we desire what tomorrow we fear,
nay, even tremble at the apprehensions of.

Daniel Defoe

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#49. And though the shadow of a sigh
May tremble through the story,
For "happy summer days" gone by,
And vanish'd summer glory
It shall not touch with breath of bale,
The pleasance of our fairy-tale.

Lewis Carroll

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#50. Against snow, a tall Beautiful Being. Whistlings of death and circles of muffled music make this adored body rise, swell and tremble like a ghost; scarlet and black wounds open in the magnificent flesh.

Arthur Rimbaud

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#51. The sky is like a black sieve pierced by silver drops that tremble, ready to burst through.

Ayn Rand

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#52. Is it possible to want something so badly that you yearn for it and let it dominate your every thought, but at the same time it terrifies you and makes you tremble with fear at the very idea of it?

Cindy Vine

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#53. Was it this image of the woman she once was that made her fingers tremble? Or did she feel for this man in her bed who'd quietly started weeping for reasons she didn't understand?

Adam Johnson

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#54. Every story begins with a tremble of anticipation. At the start we may have an idea of our point of arrival, but what lies before us and makes us shudder is the journey, for that is all discovery.

M.J. Rose

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#55. There now ensued a series of incidents which transported me to the opposite extremes of ecstasy and horror; incidents which I tremble to recall and dare not seek to interpret.

H.P. Lovecraft

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#56. I would not have a slave to till my ground, To carry me, to fan me while I sleep, And tremble when I wake, for all the wealth That sinews bought and sold have ever earn'd.

William Cowper

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#57. To know the laws that govern the winds, and to know that you know them, will give you an easy mind on your voyage round the world; otherwise you may tremble at the appearance of every cloud.

Joshua Slocum

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#58. Most things, even the greatest moments on earth, have their beginnings in something small. An earthquake that shatters a city might begin with a tremor, a tremble, a breath. Music begins with a vibration.

Lauren Oliver

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#59. If you have the capacity to tremble with indignation every time that an injustice is committed in the world, then we are comrades.

Che Guevara

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#60. The most terrifying moment in my life was October 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I did not know all the facts - we have learned only recently how close we were to war - but I knew enough to make me tremble.

Joseph Rotblat

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#61. There are only four points of warmth and brightness, in the whole world, that burn fiercely enough for me to feel something like the person I was. Your mother, your father, Lucie, and you. You love, and tremble, and burn.

Cassandra Clare

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#62. The sacred is discovered in what moves and touches us, in what makes us tremble.

Sam Keen

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#63. We do not tremble except for ourselves, or for those whom we love.

Marcel Proust

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#64. I tremble for my country when I hear of confidence expressed in me. I know too well my weakness, that our only hope is in God.

Robert E.Lee

Tremble Quotes #1399830
#65. I, for one, find writing excruciating. Some mornings, as I'm on my way to my desk, my hands actually tremble with fear. The fear, of course, is that I'll sit down at the desk and discover that what I've written is claptrap. Fear inevitably leads to procrastination.

Rosemary Mahoney

Tremble Quotes #1403711
#66. I have a name," I grumped, my stomach pinching me harder.
"Yes, but it has no pizzazz. Ra-a-a-a-chel. Rach-e-e-e-eel," he said, trying it out in different ways. "No one will tremble in terror at that. Oh my God!" he said in a high falsetto. "It's Rachel! Run! Hide!

Kim Harrison

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#67. I wanna slide my hands up those thighs, Sloane. I wanna tear your clothes from your body and make you tremble. I want to dig my fingers and my teeth into your skin and make you scream my name. You want that, too, huh?" he says.

Callie Hart

Tremble Quotes #1418952
#68. The Bible is an inexhaustible fountain of all truths. The existence of the Bible is the greatest blessing which humanity ever experienced. Few tremble at the Word of God, Few, in reading it, hear the voice of Jehovah, which is full of majesty.

Robert Murray M'Cheyne

Tremble Quotes #1422227
#69. Every time I open my Bible I will read it as the Word of 'God, that cannot lie;' and when I get a promise or a threatening, I will either rejoice or tremble because I know that these stand fast.

Charles Spurgeon

Tremble Quotes #1424726
#70. The night sky in Egypt is a swirling mass of stars so bright and numerous the sky seems to tremble with the ice-blue weight of them.

Rosemary Mahoney

Tremble Quotes #1425265
#71. Tremble, all ye oppressors of the world!

Richard Price

Tremble Quotes #1430720
#72. Therefore tremble, O man, at any power thou hast, except thou usest it for God. Art thou strong in body; who hath thy strength? God, or thy lusts?

William Gurnall

Tremble Quotes #1785522
#73. 'Tis hard preaching a stone into tears, or making a rock to tremble.

Richard Baxter

Tremble Quotes #1713981
#74. ...experience has proved the distinction of active and passive courage. The fanatic who endures without a groan the torture of the rack or the state would tremble and fly before the face of an armed enemy.

Edward Gibbon

Tremble Quotes #1714883
#75. Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!
-after the split between Anarchists and Marxists in 1872

Otto Von Bismarck

Tremble Quotes #1721296
#76. But sometimes, when confronted by something of unfathomable beauty, the bars of the cage around us begin to tremble. So I ran away to protect myself and remained a prisoner.

Simon Van Booy

Tremble Quotes #1726018
#77. Infatuation is the fun part of falling in love. Infatuation triggers a chemical in the brain called PEA, your heart races, and you get breathless and dizzy, you tremble, and you can't think. It's what most people think of when they think of falling in love, and everybody goes through it.

Jennifer Crusie

Tremble Quotes #1726763
#78. God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. 2 So we will not fear when earthquakes come and the mountains crumble into the sea. 3 Let the oceans roar and foam. Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge!


Tremble Quotes #1726774
#79. Man should tremble, the world should vibrate, all heaven should be deeply moved when the Son of God appears on the altar in the hands of the priest.

Francis Of Assisi

Tremble Quotes #1735860
#80. Let them tremble in fear at what they had awoken.

Sarah J. Maas

Tremble Quotes #1744167
#81. The only book that is worth writing is the one we don't have the courage or strength to write. The book that hurts us (we who are writing), that makes us tremble, redden, bleed

Helene Cixous

Tremble Quotes #1746627
#82. It makes the heart to tremble when you open an undiscovered tomb.

Zahi Hawass

Tremble Quotes #1746934
#83. I realized

June had never been
just a month

never just a tremble
on my lips

warmth was never
merely a blanket.

Sanober Khan

Tremble Quotes #1750596
#84. Her lids tremble and her eyeballs look like they might disappear into her head.

Rebecca Stead

Tremble Quotes #1751405
#85. Shall we all be saved? Shall we go to Heaven? Alas, my children, we do not know at all! But I tremble when I see so many souls lost these days. See, they fall into Hell as leaves fall from the trees at the approach of winter.

John Vianney

Tremble Quotes #1755710
#86. Let men tremble to win the hand of woman, unless they win along with it the utmost passion of her heart!

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Tremble Quotes #1764786
#87. Very near Auch, Lectoure, and Mirande, great fire will fall from the sky for three nights. A most stupendous and astonishing event will occur. Very soon afterwards, the earth will tremble.


Tremble Quotes #1765114
#88. I know, although when looks meet
I tremble to the bone,
The more I leave the door unlatched
The sooner love is gone ...

William Butler Yeats

Tremble Quotes #1772142
#89. I ate a vendor's hot dog with sauerkraut (a combination whose tastiness still makes me tremble), walking fast in order to save as much of the twenty minutes of my lunch hour I had left for reading.

Nicholson Baker

Tremble Quotes #1777955
#90. Most of the time we settle for half and i like it better, even as i know how wrong he was and his death useless, i tremble for i confess that something peversley pure calls to me from his memory

Arthur Miller

Tremble Quotes #1833486
#91. Have you got a brook in your little heart, Where bashful flowers blow, And blushing birds go down to drink, And shadows tremble so?

Emily Dickinson

Tremble Quotes #1875852
#92. I am nothing to you. You say I am wilderness. I am. Is that a tremble on your mouth, in your eye? Are you afraid? You should be.

Toni Morrison

Tremble Quotes #1870206
#93. Tremble not before the free man, but before the slave who has chains to break.

Margaret Fuller

Tremble Quotes #1862376
#94. I will not doubt, though sorrows fall like rain, And troubles swarm like bees about a hive; I shall believe the heights for which I strive Are only reached by anguish and by pain; And though I groan and tremble with my crosses, I yet shall see, through my severest losses, The greater gain.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Tremble Quotes #1857333
#95. When you look at the stars, you should tremble - only dullards have become callous to this frisson ...

John Geddes

Tremble Quotes #1851122
#96. The beauty that lies hidden, makes my soul tremble with awe.

Patricia Robin Woodruff

Tremble Quotes #1848871
#97. My lamp seemed to be of little effect in the brilliant moonlight, but I was glad to have it with me, for there was a dread loneliness in the place which chilled my heart and made my nerves tremble.

Bram Stoker

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#98. On me the tempest falls. It does not make me tremble. O holy Mother Earth, O air and sun, behold me. I am wronged.


Tremble Quotes #1834962
#99. Once upon a time, there was a man as great as the gods ...
But even the great can tremble with fear.
Even the great can fall

Mary E. Pearson

Tremble Quotes #1797301
#100. The Holocaust is a sacred subject. One should take off one's shoes when entering its domain, one should tremble each time one pronounces the word.

Elie Wiesel

Tremble Quotes #1809673

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