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Top 38 Though She Be But Little Quotes

#1. Even though this is something I know I want, I start to panic a little, until I remember the person I trust more than anyone else in the world. Jase. And I decide he's right. We'll figure it out together. - Author: Huntley Fitzpatrick
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#2. Walking a short way back along the embankment, almost to where the cross stood, Smiley took another look at the bridge, as if to establish whether anything had changed, but clearly it had not, and though the wind appeared a little stronger, the snow was still swirling in all directions. - Author: John Le Carre
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#3. In fact, corporations are the infants of our society - they know very little except how to grow (though they're very good at that), and they howl when you set limits. Socializing them is the work of politics. It's about time we took it up again. - Author: Bill McKibben
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#4. Common men talk bagfuls of religion but do not practise even a grain of it. The wise man speaks a little, even though his whole life is religion expressed in action. - Author: Ramakrishna
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#5. Our new millennium began, and it seemed a little bit possible--though surely if we examined the thought too closely, it would evaporate--that a brighter time might be ahead; we have, after all, the round, clean slate of the new number, the row of zeros after the initial digit in 2000. - Author: Mark Doty
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#6. Life, in her experience, had a kind of velvet luster. You looked at yourself from one perspective and all you saw was weirdness. Move your head a little bit, though, and everything looked reasonably normal. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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#7. take up your little burdens again, for though they seem heavy sometimes, they are good for us, and lighten as we learn to carry them. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#8. It wasn't my mom at all, it was her sister Margaret - they were twins, and when their faces were masked I could barely tell the difference. Margaret's voice was a little lighter, though, a little more ... energetic. I figured it was because she'd never been married. - Author: Dan Wells
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#9. We are all sentenced to capital punishment for the crime of living, and though the condemned cell of our earthly existence is but a narrow and bare dwelling-place, we have adjusted ourselves to it, and made it tolerably comfortable for the little while we are to be confined in it. - Author: Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
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#10. When I started out, even though you had your rhythm section, they were big horn sections, strings, live people laying on every part of the floor in the studio waiting for their chance to get on that one little track. - Author: Betty Wright
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#11. It was a grand old house, the Ayemenem House, but aloof-looking. As though it had little to do with the people who lived in it. Like an old man with rheumy eyes watching children play, seeing only transience in their shrill elation and their whole-hearted commitment to life. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#12. I've moved before I realize I'm going to, and suddenly Stephanie is in my arms and I'm carrying my fake girlfriend through the Upper West Side as she mutters threats in my ear, and even though my delicate little flower is cursing up a storm, I find myself grinning. - Author: Lauren Layne
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#13. He was tongue-tied in the presence of a fourteen-month-old baby. All the things he thought of saying, like 'Who's Daddy's little boy, then?' sounded horribly false, as though he'd got them from a book. There was nothing to say, nor, in this soft pastel room, anything that needed to be said. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#14. After all with me & Marshall, it had never been about words or conversation, where there was too much to be risked or lost. Here, though, in the quiet pressed against each other, this felt familiar to me. And it was nice to let someone get close again, even if it was just for a little while. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#15. I'm not quite that difficult, even though maybe I'm a little bit bossy. But you know, in order to get things done, you do have to be a little bit bossy sometimes or tell people what you really want. Otherwise, things just don't get done, do they? - Author: Heidi Klum
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#16. How would I feel if I woke up and she told me that we had done it while I slept? I'd be fine with it. A little sad that I missed things, but I wouldn't be mad. I'd just ask her if I had a good time. Women are different, though. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#17. And though she be but little, she is fierce- Shakespeare - Author: A. Zavarelli
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#18. Though she be but little, she be fierce. William Shakespeare - Author: L.J. Shen
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#19. I pick up the thin, delicate silver chain that has a flat bar that horizontally connects the chain together. I see that the bar is etched with tiny letters that scribe: And though she be but little, she is fierce - Author: E.K. Blair
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#20. I cry for a little girl's dreams. I cry because the dreams will not die, though I am powerless to make them come true. - Author: Glen Cook
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#21. When Laurent turned to face him, his
eyes were dark. His lips were parted
uncertainly. He had lifted his hand to his
own shoulder, as though chasing a ghost
touch there. He did not look exactly
relaxed, but the movement did look a
little easier. - Author: C.S. Pacat
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#22. How little we knew each other, though for centuries our homes had shared walls. How little we will learn, now that all we share is a border. - Author: Amit Majmudar
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#23. Life was too short though to agonize over the little stuff; sometimes you had to do what was best for you and if your family loved you they would be happy regardless. - Author: L.A. Fiore
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#24. Lord, help me to do great things as though they were little, since I do them with your power; And little things as though they were great, since I do them in your name! - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#25. Though the words Canada East on the map stretch over many rivers and lakes and unexplored wildernesses, the actual Canada, which might be the colored portion of the map, is but a little clearing on the banks of the river, which one of those syllables would more than cover. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#26. Thus will we deal with life, my little help-meet. Will we not, eh? What though it blink at us like an owl that is blinded by the sun, we will yet force it to smile. - Author: Leonid Andreyev
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#27. Though when at home their countenances varied with the seasons, their market faces all the year round were glowing little fires. - Author: Thomas Hardy
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#28. You can't judge a book by its cover, though. People think I'm bad because I got tattoos or snort a little cocaine here and there. They think I'm a killer. But what if I wasn't a killer? Then what? Don't be tripping on me. I pay my damn taxes, OK? Chill. - Author: Gunplay
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#29. Occasionally Rebecca wished her son would not be so very kind to her, as though she was the losing pitcher on a Little League team. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#30. I don't know why we, in the art world, cannot unpack things and sort of make hybrid notions of a practice. We're very rigid. It's funny, though; in music, we have no problem sampling, mixing and remixing. But in the art world, why can't we take little parts of history and mix it together? - Author: Mark Bradford
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#31. Though the outside of human life changes much, the inside changes little. - Author: Edith Hamilton
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#32. I was the breakable one. Women always are. It's not so much a question of one big disappointment, though. It's more like a thousand little disappointments raining down on top of each other. After a while it gets to seem like a flood, and the first thing you know you're drowning. - Author: Carol Shields
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#33. We were all used to Dad's little show-off sessions, and though they were never worthy of excitement, we always tried to humor him. (Last weekend he'd called us out to the lawn to see what a big pile of dandelions he'd weeded.) - Author: Emily Cassel
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#34. I open the door of the cell and go. I am so bowed I only see my feet, if I open my eyes, and between my legs a little trail of black dust. I say to myself that the earth is extinguished, though I never saw it lit. - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#35. In Brooklyn, it was as though you were in your own little bubble. You were all part of one big, but very close family, and the Dodgers were the main topic of everybody's conversations and you could sense the affection people had for you. I don't know that such a thing exists anymore. - Author: Don Drysdale
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#36. Even though it is common knowledge in our field of Neuroscience, I take immense pleasure every time I realize that our perception of the whole universe emerges from the activity of the little specks of jelly inside our skull. - Author: Abhijit Naskar
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#37. I allowed an uncertain smile to cross my face, though it did so with a little reluctance, wary of being run down by some more powerful expression. - Author: Ian Barker
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#38. I love stand-up, but the process of writing is a little more lonely. I want to keep doing both, though. - Author: Jack Whitehall
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