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#1. I believe that 'love' and 'wrong' are two deeply unrelated words that should never be thrown into the same sentence together. Like 'dessert' and 'broccoli.

Cat Winters

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#2. firmly believe in the concept of Happily Ever After. For everyone. No matter how or who or when they fell in love. Because that love existed, they felt it, and that is worth everything. Love

Emma Scott

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#3. I knew that now - that love wasn't something you could do away with, no matter how hard you tried.

Jenny Han

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#4. Moss is selected to be the emblem of maternal love, because, like that love, it glads the heart when the winter of adversity overtakes us, and when summer friends have deserted us.

Henrietta Dumont

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#5. When God puts love and compassion in your heart toward someone, He's offering you an opportunity to make a difference in that person's life. You must learn to follow that love. Don't ignore it. Act on it. Somebody needs what you have.

Joel Osteen

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#6. Jude remembered this pain. Every woman had felt some version of it: the end of first love. It was when you learned, for good and always, that love could be impermanent.

Kristin Hannah

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#7. It is true that love is a feeling one places, whenever one feels the need of placing it, on the first object that happens along

Benjamin Constant

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#8. I believe that love that is true and real creates a respite from death. All cowardice comes from not loving, or not loving well, which is the same thing.

Corey Stoll

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#9. But too much love is poison, especially when that love is not returned.

Rick Riordan

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#10. People say that love is easy, but love spares nothing and no-one.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

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#11. Love, which insists that love shall mutual be.

Dante Alighieri

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#12. She would defend herself, saying that love, no matter what else it might be, was a natural talent. She would say: You are either born knowing how, or you never know.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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#13. You must understand that love never keeps a man from pursuing his Personal Legend. If he abandons that pursuit, it's because it wasn't a true love.. the love that speaks the language of the world.

Paulo Coelho

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#14. In his forty-third year William Stoner learned what others, much younger, had learned before him: that the person one loves at first is not the person one loves at last, and that love is not an end but a process through which one person attempts to know another.

John Edward Williams

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#15. Indeed, there seems to be some evidence not only that all love is based on illusion - but that love positively requires illusion in order to endure.

Margaret Heffernan

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#16. I searched for years I found no love. I'm sure that love will never be a product of plasticity.

Frank Zappa

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#17. I detest the idea that love between two persons can lead to salvation. All my life I have fought against this oppressive type of relationship. Instead, I believe in searching for a kind of love that somehow involves all of humanity.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder

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#18. He would find his Susie,inside his young son. Give that love to the living.

Alice Sebold

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#19. Is that love? It seems like a pale word, too easily tossed about by people who don't know the meaning of it, who twist it for their own ends. I'm afraid of it now, right up there with clowns, close spaces, and open flames.

Ann Aguirre

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#20. We may sooner be brought to love them that hate us, than them that love us more than we would have them do.

Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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#21. Whoever said that love is blind, it was wrong; vanity is more certain to be blind.

Mathias Aires

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#22. All he'd learned was that love was a jewel with too many facets to count. Strength and weakness running side by side through it. And that no one could give or take it with any less than an open hand.

Nora Roberts

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#23. Right away we were very good at it, and you like what you are good at, and being better than other people at something is fun. Is that love?

Meg Howrey

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#24. Everyone says that love requires the utmost honesty, but that's not entirely true. Once I knew that my father was suffering for my sake - really suffering - I learned that love, especially the parental kind, requires the heartwarming sacrifice that can only accompany fake enthusiasm.

Sarah Vowell

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#25. What's Valentine's Day about except the desperate search to find someone to spend Valentine's Day with? It just shows that love has become a marketing campaign, like everything else. You buy into it and lose everything.

David Levithan

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#26. Love for one's country is great but why should that love stop at that border?

Pablo Casals

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#27. When you're twenty-three and you fall in love, you tend to think that love will supersede any problems. But no matter how much you love somebody, no matter how desperately you want a relationship to work, life can act as an oxidizer and corrode it to pieces.

Tiffanie DeBartolo

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#28. No one who has ever brought up a child can doubt for a moment that love is literally the life-giving fluid of human existence

Smiley Blanton

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#29. We knew from our reading of great literature that Love involved Suffering, and would happily have got in some practice at Suffering if there was an implicit, perhaps even logical, promise that Love might be on its way.

Julian Barnes

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#30. You went out with a girl at first because the sheer sight of her made you weak in the knees. You fell in love and were desperate not to let her get away. And yet the more you thought about her, the less you knew who she was. The hope was that love transcended all differences. That was the hope.

Jeffrey Eugenides

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#31. rose symbolizes balance - the flower is the beauty and the contrasting thorns are a reminder that love can be painful.

Mia Sheridan

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#32. And in the end, we were all just humans.. drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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#33. It means that there's only one love for everyone who exists. And when you meet that love, you know them. You know you were meant to be together, and nothing can keep you apart.


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#34. We often do not yield ourselves to God in obedience to His commandment to love our fellow men with Christ's love. What if that love should flow out to all around, even to those who hate us? This would require much grace and cost us time and trouble and serious prayer.

Andrew Murray

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#35. I don't know how it works, the science and math of it all, but I know that love given is courage gained.

Annie F. Downs

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#36. It is for homely features to keep home,- They had their name thence; coarse complexions And cheeks of sorry grain will serve to ply The sampler and to tease the huswife's wool. What need a vermeil-tinctur'd lip for that, Love-darting eyes, or tresses like the morn?

John Milton

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#37. I ran the Boston Marathon out of love. I believe that love is the basis of all meaningful human endeavor. Yet it was a love that was incomplete until it was shared with others.

Bobbi Gibb

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#38. Jesus invites us to abide in his love. That means to dwell with all that I am in him. It is an invitation to a total belonging, to full intimacy, to an unlimited being-with. The light of the Spirit reveals to us that love conquers all fear.

Henri Nouwen

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#39. I love you more than my own skin and even though you don't love me the same way, you love me anyways, don't you? And if you don't, I'll always have the hope that you do, and i'm satisfied with that. Love me a little. I adore you.

Frida Kahlo

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#40. I cannot repay my fans for what they have done for me, they have given me so much love and that love has taken me to the number 1 position where I am today, the only thing I can do for my fans is to never stop working

Shahrukh Khan

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#41. It's a real gift to have a husband and wife in the company that love each other and that work together. They check on each other emotionally and physically. That's beautiful to me.

Judith Jamison

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#42. It was fortunate that love did not need words; or else it would be full of misunderstanding and foolishness.

Hermann Hesse

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#43. It seems to me, that love could be labeled poison and we'd drink it anyways.

Harper Lee

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#44. Don't let anyone convince you that love doesn't matter.

Katherine Center

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#45. Musicians have always had a better understanding of love than the rest of us. Over the years they have told us that love: is like a rock, is here to stay, is all you need, will find a way, will keep us together, will tear us apart, sucks.

Cuthbert Soup

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#46. Every time we receive, we are given a glimpse of divine love, whoever that love happens to be acting through at that moment.

Deepak Chopra

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#47. I open my heart, knowing that love guides my every decision. All is well.

Louise Hay

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#48. What he needs now is to love and have that love returned.

Cassandra Clare

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#49. Being in love is the best feeling on the planet. I really believe that love makes the world go round.

Sonam Kapoor

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#50. A deep man believes that the evil eye can whither, the heart's blessing can heal, and that love can overcome all odds ...

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#51. Is it possible that love should of a sudden take such a hold?

William Shakespeare

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#52. So it is with the drug of praise upon which these children are trained to depend: the praise that is the sign of parental love, for the achievement that is the condition of that love. Every A is a fix that temporarily quells the anxiety of failure, the terror of falling short.

William Deresiewicz

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#53. I will remember, Your Grace, said Sansa, though she had always heard that love was a surer route to the people's loyalty than fear. If I am ever a queen, I'll make them love me.

George R R Martin

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#54. I understand that love and tragedy go hand in hand, for there can't be one without the other, but nonetheless I find myself wondering whether the trade-off is fair.

Nicholas Sparks

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#55. Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything, Ray said once, in an interview.

Neil Gaiman

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#56. There are people that are vegetarians that love bacon.

Jim Gaffigan

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#57. We'd been twelve years old together. We'd shared the convictions that only twelve year olds can share, that love is simple and powerful and easy and inevitable.

Emily Horner

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#58. I didn't want someone who would have to force himself to love me or for me to pretend that I loved him back. I had always hoped that love would be mutually instinctual and natural- as easy as breathing

Tina Reber

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#59. Because I loved him so and am in the habit of loving him and that love must take the form of fussing and worry and doing. Only

George Saunders

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#60. I believe, for instance, that love is an infection best contracted and got over when one is young, like the smallpox; and then one may rest secure from it and get on with life

Jude Morgan

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#61. I have always been impressed by those indivilduals that love another so hard. Now I know, it is not how hard you love, but how. "True You Love Until The End".

Ronald Gray

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#62. Where they come in the perpetual spirit of giving - the house that love built.

T.F. Hodge

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#63. I know miracles do come true, the moment I lay my eyes on you.
So beautiful, that love as shown us in a special way...

Rina Suryakusuma

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#64. Spirit. And it will be that love,

Francine Rivers

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#65. Could fulfillment ever be felt as deeply as loss? Romantically she decided that love must surely reside in the gap between desire and fulfillment, in the lack, not the contentment. Love was the ache, the anticipation, the retreat, everything around it but the emotion itself.

Kiran Desai

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#66. Don't rely on the money to drive you. Allow the passion to drive you and allow people to come into your life that love you the most and (who want to) enjoy that journey with you.

Drew Waters

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#67. Within a few hours of meeting him, I realized that "love at first sight" just means feeling immediately and extremely calm with someone.

Pamela Druckerman

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#68. It's one thing to fall in love. It's another to feel someone else fall in love with you, and to feel a responsibility toward that love.

David Levithan

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#69. When the mind is silent, you can listen to your heart and remember that everything is Love and that you are that Love.

Human Angels

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#70. Grace is the face that love wears when it meets imperfection.

Joseph R. Cooke

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#71. It's on the path of simplicity that love prefers to walk.

Sean Patrick Brennan

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#72. He shall appear suddenly and blissfully to all that love Him.

Julian Of Norwich

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#73. I have a very eclectic group of fans. I have fans that love me for me and who have never even seen my adult work. They just like my music, or they just like me.

Sasha Grey

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#74. Perhaps it's true that love is eternal. But it's appearance changes all the time.

Peter Hoeg

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#75. [B]ecause the second time I ever saw you I learned what I had read in books but I never had actually believed: that love and suffering are the same thing and that the value of love is the sum of what you have to pay for it and anytime you get it cheap you have cheated yourself.

William Faulkner

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#76. It doesn't matter if a child comes to you or through you. That love is still the same. You are still a mother.

Kym Whitley

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#77. To be loved because of one's merit, because one deserves it, always leaves doubt; maybe I did not please the person whom I want to love me, maybe this, or that - there is always a fear that love could disappear.

Erich Fromm

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#78. I couldn't love fashion more, like I don't think it's possible to love fashion more. I will say, since I've had my son ... he has surpassed that love

Rachel Zoe

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#79. Mama always used to say that love is never lost, even if it's not returned in the way you hope or expect. "Put it on out there," she said. "Lay your heart on the line, and don't be afraid of getting it broken. Broken hearts heal. Guarded hearts just turn to stone.

Penelope J. Stokes

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#80. For the first time I realized adults could back themselves into corners so remote that love, or its memory, could no longer reach them.

Kirby Wright

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#81. I wanted to teach my daughter the same things I had to unlearn after years spent as a corporate lawyer: that soul is more important than money, that love means more than material things. (James Griffioen)

Heather B. Armstrong

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#82. It would be nice to believe that love should be dished out in a fair way so that everyone got some. But that wasn't how it was going to be for me.

Margaret Atwood

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#83. Marius and Cosette did not ask where this would lead them. They looked at themselves as arrived. It is a strange pretension for men to ask that love should lead them somewhere.

Victor Hugo

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#84. Know that love is yours, you will not go bankrupt by sharing it.

E'yen A. Gardner

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#85. It's not a switch you can just flip off", Dr. Marshall had told me once. "If you didn't love him, this never would have happened. But you did. And accepting that love-and everything that followed is part of letting it go.

Sarah Dessen

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#86. You can love somebody and it can change your life but it doesn't mean that you're necessarily right to be together forever, but that love will change your life forever. And that's okay.

Rashida Jones

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#87. If you are not loved as a child by the ones who should love you, you will search your entire life for that love. And never find it.

Sandra Joyce

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#88. You must appreciate that love is the last reason for which a man marries.

Tobsha Learner

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#89. The universe is one of continual creation, so therefore we too are continually creating. The form of our creativity is not as important the loving essence within a given form, because that love is the foundation of our creative expression itself, eternal and indestructible.

Joseph Curiale

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#90. You listen to people that love you and you listen to people that you trust. Most of all, you listen to yourself.

Eric Taylor

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#91. I kept arguing that 'love is the most important force, love is the most important force.' So I wanted to show him loving. Sometimes it's dramatic: it means you lay down your life. But sometimes it means making sure someone's trunk is packed and hoping they'll be O.K. at school.

J.K. Rowling

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#92. My job isn't to go around judging people. Priests are meant to teach love and forgiveness. That to me is the essence of being a Christian. And trying to find that love and forgiveness in ourselves and others every day should be a challenge that we want to achieve.

Rosamund Lupton

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#93. He was Love,& yet did not know what love was.And indeed it had taken a long time for him to find out that Love was also Hate,since Love could turn into Hate,& vice versa.And between Love & Hate, was Chaos[Confusion].

Nicholas Chong

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#94. Love is my gift to the world. I fill myself with love, and I send that love out into the world.

Wayne W. Dyer

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#95. If it weren't for music, I would think that love is mortal.

Mark Helprin

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#96. You get that love from the people. It lets me know that all the madness I go through, all the stuff that the business has to offer with all its madness; it makes it worthwhile.

Whitney Houston

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#97. There is a love so fierce it cannot be measured. A heart so strong it will never slow. There is a promise so sure it can never lie. And we promise that love forever. Forever and always

Jay McLean

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#98. Need we say it was not love, Now that love is perished?

Edna St. Vincent Millay

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#99. A child who believed in fairy tales. Not the silly Disney ones your mother read to you, but the ones with blood and thorns, with girls who knew that love could kill you just as often as it could set you free.

Jodi Picoult

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#100. The libertarian thinks that this world is chiefly a stage for the swaggering ego; the conservative finds himself instead a pilgrim in a realm of mystery and wonder, where duty, discipline, and sacrifice are required-and where the reward is that love which passeth all understanding.

Russell Kirk

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