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#1. I certainly can't speak for all cultures or all societies, but it's clear that in America, poetry serves a very marginal purpose. It's not part of the cultural mainstream. - Author: Mark Strand
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#2. Life makes writing poetry necessary to prove I really was paying attention. - Author: Mark Strand
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#3. We all have reasons for moving. I move to keep things whole. - Author: Mark Strand
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#4. Did I express my personality? I think that's quite unimportant because it's not people's selves but what they have to say about life that's important. - Author: Paul Strand
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#5. Of course when you spend four hours in prosthetic makeup and you really are looking at yourself and you see how revolting you've become in a way, it obviously adds another strand and helps you ... a little bit more. - Author: Gerard Butler
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#6. Maggie had learned a long time ago that each day with a child was filled with two kinds of battles: those that won the war, and those that did not. - Author: Sydney Strand
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#7. But you're disappointed." He brushed a strand of hair from her face. "It's not possible for you to disappoint me. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#8. I haven't met God and I haven't been to heaven, so I'm skeptical, - Author: Mark Strand
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#9. Genes don't mean necessarily that you have got a certain strand of gene that makes you particularly acceptable as a public official. - Author: Kenneth Langone
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#10. I will never stop being pissed. He has now created a 'lifetime of seeking vengeance' scenario. - Author: Jeff Strand
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#11. I would say that American poetry has always been a poetry of personal testimony. - Author: Mark Strand
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#12. The artist's world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep. - Author: Paul Strand
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#13. And what does it matter when light enters the room where a child sleeps and the waking mother, opening her eyes, wishes more than anything to be unwakened by what she cannot name? - Author: Mark Strand
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#14. Whether a watercolor is inferior to an oil [painting], or whether a drawing, an etching, or a photograph is not as important as either, is inconsequent. To have to despise something in order to respect something else is a sign of impotence. - Author: Paul Strand
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#15. If Ansel Adams gets a thousand dollars a print, I want ten thousand. - Author: Paul Strand
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#16. Habits are like a cable. We weave a strand of it every day and soon it cannot be broken. - Author: Stephen R. Covey
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#17. I blew a strand of black hair from my face. "A demon treating another with kindness is something I have yet to see."
"Careful," the demon whispered. "You may have already seen the rough shape and form it takes in this world, and yet you do not recognize it. - Author: Heather Heffner
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#18. It's very hard to write humor. - Author: Mark Strand
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#19. the world is one great web, and a man dare not touch a single strand lest all the others tremble. - Author: George R R Martin
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#20. If the photographer is not a discoverer, then he is not an artist. - Author: Paul Strand
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#21. There is no end to what we can learn. The book out there
Tells us as much, and was never written with us in mind. - Author: Mark Strand
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#22. The decision as to when to photograph, the actual click of the shutter, is partly controlled from the outside, by the flow of life, but it also comes from the mind and the heart of the artist. The photograph is his vision of the world and expresses, however subtly, his values and convictions. - Author: Paul Strand
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#23. With Millais's paintings, it's microscopic; when he does hair, it's extraordinary: you can see every strand. - Author: Samuel Barnett
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#24. Don't go."
"I have to." A regretful sigh. "And it's best if you don't remember any mermen." He tucked a strand of wet hair behind her ear. His voice stroked her skin like velvet. "Forget me."
And she did. - Author: Nicole Luiken
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#25. I love my job. But I like to have fun at work. So I don't get finicky if one strand of hair is standing out in a shot. I don't get finicky about broken nails. I don't let small things affect me. I'm not perfect. Nobody is. There's no fun in being perfect. I enjoy my work; there's no pressure on me. - Author: Sonakshi Sinha
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#26. This is so," Illyrio agreed, "but the world is one great web, and a man dare not touch a single strand lest all the others tremble. More wine? - Author: George R R Martin
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#27. There's a certain point, when you're writing autobiographical stuff, where you don't want to misrepresent yourself. It would be dishonest. - Author: Mark Strand
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#28. A final reminder. Whenever you are in Paris at twilight in the early summer, return to the Seine and watch the evening sky close slowly on a last strand of daylight fading quietly, like a sigh. - Author: Kate Simon
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#29. It is one thing to photograph people. It is another to make others care about them by revealing the core of their humanness. - Author: Paul Strand
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#30. My work is my language and I don't discuss it very easily. It's difficult for me to verbalize my feelings, or to intellectualize my work. In fact, it used to annoy me when Ansel Adams and Paul Strand yak-yak-yakked about what photography meant, and I told them so. - Author: Brett Weston
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#31. All good art is abstract in its structure. - Author: Paul Strand
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#32. We are reading the story of our lives
As though we were in it
As though we had written it. - Author: Mark Strand
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#33. To be a photographer you must have something to say about the world. - Author: Paul Strand
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#34. The beach is a virtual strand-to-sand buffet of hot chicks, and these girls are always ready for a party.. - Author: A.J. Linn
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#35. Photography is only a new road from a different direction, but moving toward the common goal, which is life. - Author: Paul Strand
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#36. David Copperfield has no magic in him. I'm talking about Santa flying around the world in one night kind of magic. Pumpkins transformed into coaches kind of magic. - Author: Sydney Strand
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#37. It came to my house.
It sat on my shoulders.
Your shadow is yours. I told it so. I said it was yours.
I have carried it with me too long. I give it back. - Author: Mark Strand
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#38. When you write, you are telling a story ... to yourself. When you revise, you are telling a story to yourself ... over and over again. - Author: Kai Strand
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#39. The artist is one who makes a concentrated statement about the world in which he lives and that statement tends to become impersonal-it tends to become universal and enduring because it comes out of something very particular. - Author: Paul Strand
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#40. No matter what lens you use, no matter what speed the film, no matter how you develop it, no matter how you print it, you cannot say more than you can see. - Author: Paul Strand
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#41. In a field
I am the absence
of field.
This is
always the case.
Wherever I am
I am what is missing. - Author: Mark Strand
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#42. I look like a down-and-out drunk who has been picked out of the gutter in the Strand. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#43. Even this late it happens:
the coming of love, the coming of light. - Author: Mark Strand
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#44. His touch warmed my whole body. I was longing to throw my arms around him and hold him close, but the magic of this moment was like a single, lovely strand of cobweb, fragile and delicate. One wrong move and it would snap beyond mending. - Author: Juliet Marillier
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#45. Prayers offered in faith and then followed by songs of thanksgiving, praise and worship are an expression of our faith and love for God. Joy results when you have faith in the greatness of God and his power to deliver and save you and others from adverse circumstances and enemies. - Author: James Strand
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#46. In this year 1634, I purchased the moiety of thirteen houses in the Strand for five hundred and thirty pounds. - Author: William Lilly
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#47. The number of people writing poems is vast, and their reasons for doing so are many, that much can be surmised from the stacks of submissions. - Author: Mark Strand
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#48. Tipsy isn't a miracle wonder cat. That was always the deal: you'd get your cat back, but he'd be sort of creepy. We discussed this. - Author: Jeff Strand
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#49. Time was being served behind the walls of Newgate jail, and wasted by philosophers in cafes on the Strand; it was lost by those who wished the past were present, and loathed by those who wished the present past. - Author: Sarah Perry
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#50. The past was a bridge that looked solid and sturdy, but once you were on it, you saw that it extended only far enough to strand you, to suspend you between loss and longing with nowhere to go at all. - Author: Bret Anthony Johnston
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#51. Wind is lord and change is sovereign of the strand. - Author: Algernon Charles Swinburne
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#52. What about the hero of The House on the Strand? What did it mean when he dropped the telephone at the end of the book? I don't really know, but I rather think he was going to be paralysed for life. Don't you? - Author: Daphne Du Maurier
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#53. In point of fact, although he did not recognise it at the time, his own character and prestige had reached an apogee with Elizabeth such that nothing he might or would say could possibly affect her profound affection for him. He - Author: Richard S. Strand
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#54. There was something compelling about a man who refused to wear pants in winter. - Author: Kai Strand
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#55. Teach them a spider does not spin a web. Spiders spin meaning. Cut one strand and the web holds. Cut many, the web falls. With the web's fall, so too falls the spider. Break the web. Break the spider. So breaks the circle of life. - Author: Frederic M. Perrin
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#56. It was as if a strand connected that day with this one and the Maker's pleasure was coursing through it like blood in a vein. - Author: Andrew Peterson
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#57. Hansel and Gretel had breadcrumbs, she had plastic spiders. Worst-case scenario, she could find her way back by following the trail of dead birds that had choked on them. - Author: Jeff Strand
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#58. Usually a life turned into a poem is misrepresented. - Author: Mark Strand
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#59. How about we meet tomorrow at Von's Gym, 6 A.M.?" I'd heard rumors that such an hour of the morning existed, but thus far it had been unconfirmed. - Author: Jeff Strand
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#60. Certain springs are tapped only when we are alone. Women need solitude in order to find again the true essence of themselves; that firm strand which will be the indispensable center of a whole web of human relationships. - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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#61. A bird in The Strand is worth two in Shepherds Bush - Author: Spike Milligan
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#62. This particular strand of feminism is characterized by two tenets: 1. men are jerks, and 2. women should strive by all means to become like them. - Author: Douglas Wilson
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#63. What was he supposed to do besides break the living room window? Stand outside whacking off while she grabbed a cell phone and called for help? - Author: Jeff Strand
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#64. Let's start by checking your pulse," said Dr. Arnzin, wrapping the cuff of the blood pressure monitor around Stanley's arm and inflating it. He glanced at the readout and nodded. "No pulse. Good. - Author: Jeff Strand
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#65. I was changed by Nathan's death, because I had to be. Our life together here was over. It was my life alone that had to go on. The strand had slackened. I had begun the half-a-life you have when you have a whole life that you can only remember. - Author: Wendell Berry
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#66. The throbbing shimmy spread through my hips and thighs. I could have sworn my body started to glow as if light were shooting from my fingertips and each strand of hair. - Author: Kimberley Griffiths Little
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#67. Then a man turned
And said to me: Although I love the past, the dark of it,
The weight of it teaching us nothing, the loss of it, the all
Of it asking for nothing, I will love the twenty-first century more ... - Author: Mark Strand
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#68. I feel that anything is possible in a poem. - Author: Mark Strand
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#69. The Conservative party is at its strongest when it's not the party that says there is no role for government and the state should just get out of the way. That is not a strand of Conservative thinking that, by itself, is enough. - Author: George Osborne
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#70. The Naxalite revolution - an ultra-left Maoist movement - in Bengal, and elsewhere in India, in the late 1960s provides one strand of 'The Lives of Others.' - Author: Neel Mukherjee
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#71. Socially smart people have always mocked the threateningly mobile, and anti-branding is a central strand of high-end status conflict now. - Author: Peter York
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#72. It go at that, I should be obtaining the reader's interest under false pretences. He was really only a sort of detective, a species of sleuth. At Stafford's International Investigation Bureau, in the Strand, where he was employed, they did not require - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#73. The important thing is, you have to have something important to say about the world. - Author: Paul Strand
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#74. When I walk
I part the air
and always
the air moves in
to fill the spaces
where my body's been. - Author: Mark Strand
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#75. We should not for a moment consider even our best-established knowledge of existence as true. It is awareness only of the colors that our own vision paints on the film of one bubble in one strand of foam on the ocean of being. - Author: Olaf Stapledon
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#76. I got your strand of hair, I kiss it day and night. - Author: Muddy Waters
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#77. Hypomania is the common thread that connects these world changers, a thread as invisible, as powerful, and stretching back as far in time as a strand of DNA. - Author: John D. Gartner
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#78. The adult age begins with the blessed single strand of a grey hair. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#79. And yet, in a culture like ours, which is given to material comforts, and addicted to forms of entertainment that offer immediate gratification, it is surprising that so much poetry is written. - Author: Mark Strand
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#80. If every head of state and every government official spent an hour a day reading poetry we'd live in a much more humane and decent world. - Author: Mark Strand
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#81. Another strand of my writing is the importance of the idea. If you think about fiction writing as a spectrum, where at one end of the spectrum in the infrared, are the story tellers, and the people for whom creation of wonderful characters and telling a good story is the most important thing. - Author: Alan Lightman
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#82. If I didn't laugh, I'd rip out my hair, one graying strand at a time. - Author: Elsie Love
Strand Quotes #595217
#83. Is someone in my tree?" I fought panic, and through Herculean effort managed to keep my pants dry. "No," I answered. She wasn't fooled. - Author: Jeff Strand
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#84. My life and his were twisted into a single strand. Cut one, and you cut both. If he were gone, I would not be able to live through that. If I were gone, he wouldn't live through it, either. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#85. What I had not realized then, but now know only too well, is that sparks carry within them the wish to be relieved of the burden of brightness. And that is why I no longer write, and why the dark is is my freedom and my happiness. - Author: Mark Strand
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#86. God is God, but he has various names in different languages, and each strand of monotheistic religion has multiple ways of describing the godhead. - Author: Jay Parini
Strand Quotes #629546
#87. Be confident. Be successful. Be
beautiful. Be intelligent. Be hard working. Be carefree. Be modest.
Be driven. Be forgiving. Be creative. Be relaxed. Be motivated. Be
educated. Be thoughtful. Be kind. Be determined. Be good. Just be
you! - Author: Russell Strand
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#88. Tell me, you people out there, what is poetry anyway?
Can anyone die without even a little? - Author: Mark Strand
Strand Quotes #641182
#89. A strong strand throughout the Bible stresses that you are to GIVE to needs and put LIMITS on sin. Boundaries help you do just that. - Author: Henry Cloud
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#90. Shug Avery sat up in bed a little today. I wash and comb out her hair. She got the nottiest, shortest, kinkiest hair I ever saw, and I loves every strand of it. - Author: Alice Walker
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#91. I used to surf up in Ventura County at Silver Strand; plus, I've played up there many times. - Author: Dick Dale
Strand Quotes #663207
#92. I have read that the finest Persian carpets would have one strand deliberately left astray, to avoid the sin of pride that perfection might bring. - Author: Ivan Doig
Strand Quotes #664235
#93. Like all beings, I will eventually add my energy and matter and light to the fabric of the universe, a single strand in its amazing tapestry. - Author: Julia Butler
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#94. I don't care how you photograph - use the kitchen mop if you must, but if the product is not true to the laws of photography ... you have produced something that is dead. (1923) - Author: Paul Strand
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#95. Why does the thin grey strand
Floating up from the forgotten
Cigarette between my fingers,
Why does it trouble me? - Author: D.H. Lawrence
Strand Quotes #676381
#96. From the shadow of domes in the city of domes,
A snowflake, a blizzard of one, weightless, entered your room
And made its way to the arm of the chair where you, looking up
From your book, saw it the moment it landed. That's all
There was to it. - Author: Mark Strand
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#97. All light is available light. - Author: Paul Strand
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#98. Mostly I was spending time in the Strand, that bastion of titillating erudition. Not so much a bookstore as a collision of 100 different bookstores, with literary wreckage strewn over 18 miles of shelves. - Author: David Levithan
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#99. Unlock a child's imagination through the power of words. - Author: Kai Strand
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#100. He took a strand of hair that had fallen loose from her chignon between his fingers. The gesture shocked her, not because his self-control seemed to have snapped, but the exact opposite - it felt like a deliberate choice on his part. - Author: Sherry Thomas
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