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#1. This is what I say to the most conservative person that's so terrified of gay marriage becoming legal. Just because the state says it's legal, it's not like God's going to let them into Heaven. So you can still sleep sound every night knowing that goal line defense is up at the pearly gates.

Daniel Tosh

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#2. Dress loose,take a great deal of exercise ,and be particular about your diet and sleep sound enough,the body has a great effect on the mind.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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#3. Half an hour of exercise in the morning makes for better interactions all day. Then a sound night of sleep gives me energy to tackle the next day. I am a more active parent, a better spouse, and more engaged in my work when I eat, move, and sleep well.

Tom Rath

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#4. The nature of my compulsion was such that I danced in my sleep. The entire household was sometimes awakened by loud thumping sounds coming from my room.

Gelsey Kirkland

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#5. In every sound, the hidden silence sleeps.

Dejan Stojanovic

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#6. In her sleep?" I couldn't believe it. "How did she say it? I mean, did she sound angry?"
He frowned. "I don't know how she said it."
"Come on try to remember. Was it sad like this ... Owen? Or was it kind of sweet like this ... Ownen? Or was it-

Suzanne Selfors

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#7. Somebody said my name, asked if I was okay. I didn't answer, the sound of the commotion dying around me as the heavy monkey of sleep rested its warm, hairy ass on my eyelids.

David Wong

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#8. What I think about is what people spend their time on this planet doing. So No.1 is sleep, No.2 is work, and No.3 is sight, sound, and motion video consumption. Basically, four to five hours a day is what Americans spend consuming video.

Jason Kilar

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#9. I don't sleep all that much, but when I do, it's sound.

Gene Simmons

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#10. Then star nor sun shall waken, Nor any change of light: Nor sound of waters shaken, Nor any sound or sight: Nor wintry leaves nor vernal; Nor days nor things diurnal; Only the sleep eternal In an eternal night.

Algernon Charles Swinburne

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#11. He who sleeps without offering the night prayer, may he never enjoy a sound sleep.


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#12. At day's end I'm ready for sound sleep, For you, GOD, have put my life back together.

Eugene H. Peterson

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#13. When I prayed for success, I forgot to ask for sound sleep and good digestion.

Mason Cooley

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#14. I used to be someone that needed nine hours of sleep; otherwise, I didn't think I was going to sound good when I sang, and I was very disciplined and anal about my preparation. When you become a parent, there just isn't that time, you know?

Idina Menzel

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#15. If you lose your temper, your sound sleep will go, and you will have to use a tranquilizer or sleeping pills? Then gradually, more white hair, wrinkles.

Dalai Lama

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#16. Nina could defend arranged marriages in her sleep, she had been asked about them so often. To her horror, she had even begun to sound like her mother.

Manju Kapur

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#17. Now
I bring full-flavoured wine out of a barrel found
Where seven Ephesian topers slept and never knew
When Alexander's empire passed, they slept so sound.

William Butler Yeats

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#18. There are persons who can speak no more, whose very names have vanished. Yet a name excised from the verge where it once lived still casts its sound on all who sleep there and enters their throats.

Erin Moure

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#19. Thou hast no figures nor no fantasies Which busy care draws in the brains of men; Therefore thou sleep'st so sound.

William Shakespeare

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#20. One of the worst ways of being aroused from sound sleep, is by the noise of a dragon and a unicorn playing tag.

Robert Asprin

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#21. I keep my phone on the floor in my bedroom, and I turn the sound off when I sleep, but I never really turn my phone off.

Meryl Davis

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#22. Good organization," said Magnus. "I knew the man who founded it, back in the 1800s. Woolsey Scot. Respectable old werewolf family."
Alec made an ugly sound in the back of his throat. "Did you sleep with him, too?"
Magnus's cat eyes widened. "Alexander!

Cassandra Clare

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#23. You sound like a tree. You are perfectly healthy. Also, you don't need to sleep. You're a tree, a very very smart tree. Are you listening to the radio? Is a human assisting you? What plan do you have for our weak species? Please, tree, I beg of you to spare me. Please, tree. Spare me.

Joseph Fink

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#24. Rock rock. Back and forth. Lull. Push. Release. Swing back. The stars, the leaves, even the sound of the creek throbbing back and forth. Of a boat. Of a hammock. Of a child's swing. Of a womb. Back and forth. Rock rock. Smell of cold current, of stone, manure, blossom. Sleep.

Peter Heller

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#25. I fall asleep with the sound of her voice echoing in my head, and a feeling in my chest like someone is scooping my heart out with a spoon.

Melissa Keil

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#26. There is no sound more peaceful than rain on the roof, if you're safe asleep in someone else's house.

Anne Tyler

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#27. Today begins my walk with you. Where you go, I go. Where you stay, I stay. When you sleep, I will sleep. When you rise, I will rise. I will pass my days within the sound of your voice, and my nights within the reach of your hand. And none shall come between us. - Manth Vow

William Nicholson

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#28. As he slept, his heartbeat returned to slow and steady, lulling her. Before she joined him, she decided that she never wanted to sleep without that sound again.

Kresley Cole

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#29. I honor health as the first muse, and sleep as the condition of health. Sleep benefits mainly by the sound health it produces; incidentally also by dreams, into whose farrago a divine lesson is sometimes slipped.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#30. Vain empty words / Of honour, glory and immortal fame, / Can these recall the spirit from its place, / Or re-inspire the breathless clay with life? / What tho' your fame with all its thousand trumpets, / Sound o'er the sepulchres, will that awake / The sleeping dead.

George Sewell

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#31. We want our sound to go into the soul of the audience, and see if it can awaken some little thing in their minds ... 'Cause there are so many sleeping people.

Jimi Hendrix

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#32. We won't be able to sleep without the sound of her self-loathing orgasms crying out into the night." - Bats 2015

Fred Barnett

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#33. The half-moon westers low, my love,
And the wind brings up the rain;
And wide apart lie we, my love,
And seas between the twain.
I know not if it rains, my love,
In the land where you do lie;
And oh, so sound you sleep, my love,
You know no more than I.

A.E. Housman

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#34. Not to have been born is undoubtedly best, but sound sleep is second best.

Iris Murdoch

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#35. You can't find the sound if you just love sleep.

Dennis Brown

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#36. Should I tell her that I can't sleep, I can't eat and I miss talkin' to her? Or just sittin' with her? That I miss the secret way she smiles at me? That I constantly think about the way she smells, the taste of her mouth, the feel of her skin, and the sound of her laughter?

Lorelei James

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#37. She was sleeping a sleep that wasn't her own and the gadgets to which she was connected didn't make a sound.

Paolo Giordano

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#38. Of all the various unpleasant ways to be aroused from a sound sleep, one of the worst is the noise of a dragon and a unicorn playing tag. Myth Conceptions by Robert Asprin

Robert Asprin

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#39. Saying my story makes me want to change it, make it sound pretty the way I do with the stories I tell the workers. I'd like it to have a beginning as grand as a ball and an ending in a whisper, like a mother tucking in a child for sleep.

Shannon Hale

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#40. This sleep is sound indeed; this is a sleep
That from this golden rigol hath divorc'd
So many English kings.

William Shakespeare

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#41. The sound of his sleep, the snores and sighs and small noices, is company.

Jackie Kay

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#42. I know only one thing. when i sleep, i know no fear, no, trouble no bliss. blessing on him who invented sleep. the common coin that purchases all things, the balance that levels shepherd and king, fool and wise man. there is only one bad thing about sound sleep. they say it closely resembles death.

Andrei Tarkovsky

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#43. That sound of settling into the sheets and the covers has to be one of the best things in the world. Sleep is a mercy. You can feel it coming on, like being swept up in something.

Marilynne Robinson

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#44. The sound of dogs howling from the next homestead over. But the space between our houses grows while I sleep. The forest around me deepens. The trees fall in love and multiply. The snow an intoxicant. I pray the pines don't get bolder, that they don't grow organs and hands.

Stuart Dybek

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#45. A man can stand almost any hardship by day, and be none the worse for it, provided he gets a comfortable nights rest; but without sound sleep he will soon go to pieces, no matter how gritty he may be.

Horace Kephart

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#46. And if I went
back to sleep and slept for forty years and woke up without any teeth to the sound of Melody Radio in
an old people's home, I wouldn't worry that much, because the worst of life, i.e., the rest of it, would
be over. And I wouldn't even have had to kill myself.

Nick Hornby

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#47. Servants ran to wake the young king, Tamar, already awake and watching from his balcony. Curious, naturally. Not altogether pleased. No more than anyone would be, jolted out of a sound sleep by unexpected elephants.

Lloyd Alexander

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#48. Before it is science and career, before it is livelihood, before even it is family or love, freedom is sound sleep and safety to notice the play of morning sun.

Richard Rhodes

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#49. Happiness depends on sound sleep, orderly bowels and regular meals.

Matthew Fort

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#50. In troubled times, one wishes for a sound sleep more than usual, but on the contrary, realizing its amplified importance, sleep smugly impedes all attempts to woo it.

Pawan Mishra

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#51. I'm not asking for anything beyond your company in sleep. Just let me rest with the sound of your heartbeat beside mine.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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#52. Love surprises us in unexpected ways, in ways that are beyond our comprehension. It's never the sweet words or the mushy gifts that matter. What matters more are little things like caring about someone and not being able to sleep till you're sure that the one you love is safe and sound.

Sudeep Nagarkar

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#53. Sadness clings to you like a cat unwilling to release its claws, so you embrace it and stroke it until it is content to sleep in your heart, until awakened by a sound, a smell, or a memory...but it never leaves you.

D.S. Mixell

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#54. How can such deep-imprinted images sleep in us at times, till a word, a sound, awake them?

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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#55. Father's snoring grows to sound increasingly like a vacuum cleaner in heat.

Margaret Halsey

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#56. His whole mind and body seemed to be afflicted with an unbearable sensitivity, a sort of transparency, which made every movement, every sound, every contact, every word that he had to speak or listen to, an agony. Even in sleep he could not altogether escape form her image.

George Orwell

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#57. What is indispensable to inspiration? ... sound sleep and the provocation of a good book or a companion.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#58. I fell into a sound sleep and dreamed that I was at a banquet back in Gion, talking with an elderly man who was explaining to me that his wife, whom he'd cared for deeply, wasn't really dead because the pleasure of their time together lived on inside him.

Arthur Golden

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#59. We are apt to imagine that this hubbub of Philosophy, Literature, and Religion, which is heard in pulpits, lyceums, and parlors, vibrates through the universe, and is as catholic a sound as the creaking of the earth's axle. But if a man sleeps soundly, he will forget it all between sunset and dawn.

Henry David Thoreau

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#60. You're the icing on the cake on the table at my wake, You're the extra ton of cash on my sinking life raft, You're the loud sound of fun when I'm trying to sleep, You're the flowers in my house when my allergies come out.

Modest Mouse

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#61. If you allow mosquitoes to disturb your sound sleep, you shall never be able to wake up healthy and sound enough to kill an Elephant

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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#62. The sound of the motor lulls him to sleep. (Joe)
Great. I always wanted to fly with a narcoleptic pilot. (Steele)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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