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#1. The unattended garden will soon be overrun with weeds; the heart that fails to cultivate truth and root out error will shortly be a theological wilderness. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#2. Shortly after Senator Eugene J. McCarthy died in 2005 the age of 89, I became an honorary member of the committee starting a fellowship in McCarthy's name at his alma mater, Saint John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota. - Author: Kitty Kelley
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#3. It was a matter of survival for the local people, but it was the most violent scene I have ever witnessed. The people in my group, feeling helpless, were all spellbound and aghast at the same time. I became a vegetarian shortly after that. - Author: Wendie Malick
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#4. Hers was an evil-sounding chuckle that Anna loved. The sort of chortle Dorothy might have heard shortly before all hell broke loose in the land of Oz - Author: Nevada Barr
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#5. Shortly afterwards my father told me that he might be going into the Eastern Zone of Germany. At that time my own mind was closer to his than it had ever been before, because he also believed that they are at least trying to build a new world. - Author: Klaus Fuchs
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#6. In the end things must be as they are and have always been
the great things remain for the great, the abysses for the profound, the delicacies and thrills for the refined, and, to sum up shortly, everything rare for the rare. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#7. My entire life has really revolved around music that was written about the time that I was born, 1908, to just before the First World War and shortly after it. This music I've always known, and it is that music that's most important to me. - Author: Elliott Carter
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#8. No," said Hermione shortly. "Have either of you seen my copy of Numerology and Gramatica?"
"Oh, yeah, I borrowed it for a bit of bedtime reading," said Ron, but very quietly. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#9. For those few minutes I experienced a feeling of complete mastery, a perfect, unstable equilibrium. The kind of perfection that belongs only to things that are temporary, destined to end shortly. - Author: Gianrico Carofiglio
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#10. He is dressed in a long, white robe and in his hand is a white cap. I draw up as he passes down the hall; he does not see me. Shortly I hear a horse leaving. There is much I do not know about him, but tonight I know one of his secrets. He is a midnight rider. - Author: Nancy B. Brewer
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#11. 'Shortly Thereafter' chronicles all the aspects of an Afghanistan deployment, from the terrors of the unknown that await before leaving, to the perverse thrills and adrenaline rushes found in combat, to the return home to a land and a people now more foreign than the war itself was. - Author: Matt Gallagher
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#12. Double-digit inflation is a terrible thing - and it got up to 14 or 15 percent on a monthly basis for a while, shortly after I became chairman of the Fed. - Author: Paul A. Volcker
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#13. The covetous man never has money. The prodigal will have none shortly. - Author: Ben Jonson
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#14. My father was a professor of political science and also a young politician fighting for democracy in Kenya, and when things got ugly, he went into political exile in Mexico. Then I moved back to Kenya shortly after I turned one, and I grew up in Kenya. - Author: Lupita Nyong'o
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#15. Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They'll only be able to parrot the information they've been given on the previous night's news. - Author: Zbigniew Brzezinski
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#16. I think that 'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' was mentally taxing, if only because I had to go to a Christmas party shortly after I had wrapped photography in Romania at two in the morning as the Ghost Rider. The invitation had a Christmas ornament on it with Ghost Rider's face on it as a tree. - Author: Nicolas Cage
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#17. We ought frequently to remind ourselves that we must love the things of this life as we would what is shortly to leave us, or indeed in the very act of leaving us. - Author: Seneca.
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#18. Reading and writing, like everything else, improve with practice. And, of course, if there are no young readers and writers, there will shortly be no older ones. Literacy will be dead, and democracy - which many believe goes hand in hand with it - will be dead as well. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#19. Tony Benn and I were very close, very close friends for 30, 40 years. We talked to each other a great deal, and we were great friends. And I was with him shortly before he died, talking about prospects of the world and prospects for peace. And I'm very sad that he's gone. - Author: Jeremy Corbyn
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#20. Brought before HCUA, Miller was chastised for the suggestion that Congressional investigations might have something in common with witch trials; he replied, "The comparison is inevitable, sir." Thomas was shortly afterwards thrown in jail for fraud. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#21. Your master will bestow that experience shortly. Your body is not tuned just yet. As a small lamp cannot withstand excessive electrical voltage, so your nerves are unready for the cosmic current. If I gave you the infinite ecstasy right now, you would burn as if every cell were on fire. - Author: Yogananda Paramhansa
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#22. I'm trying to let winning the world championships settle in right now before I begin training again shortly. During the skating season, we skate on average 20 kilometres a day. On top of that, we're riding a lot and lifting a lot of weights. - Author: Clara Hughes
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#23. My first failure was to be born a child not wanted by his father or mother, as they parted shortly after I was born. - Author: Jeremy Lloyd
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#24. Telephone message on his manager's answering machine shortly before dying of heroin overdose: I need help bad, man. - Author: Jimi Hendrix
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#25. Running twenty-six miles is no fun.
I think it was possibly an American who came up with the adage 'if it ain't hurting, it ain't working'. It would be nice to think that shortly after he uttered those words someone smacked him in the mouth by way of demonstrating how well it was working for him. - Author: Tony Hawks
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#26. Nigel gave the lamp a cautious buff and small smoking red letters appeared in the air. "Hi," Nigel read aloud, "Do not put down the lamp because your custom is important to us. Please leave a wish after the tone and, very shortly, it will be our command. In the meantime, have a nice eternity." - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#27. I was surprised when shortly after New Year's Day of 1983, the Governor of Texas summoned me to his office, because I hadn't been aware that he knew I was in town. - Author: James A. Michener
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#28. Shortly after her feeding tube is removed, Terri Schiavo receives the Catholic ceremony of last rites. Michael Schiavo stays in a room down the hall. He remains at his wife's side throughout the day, except when her immediate family comes to see Terri. - Author: Mark Fuhrman
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#29. I put everything in God's hands, asking him to give me strength and understanding. I asked him to help me to be strong for my family and that he would continue to take care of us. One day, shortly after that, I woke up really inspired. - Author: Aaron Watson
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#30. A study of the history of wages back through the years indicates clearly that when the cost-of-living rises appreciably wages have shortly been adjusted upward also. - Author: Charles E. Wilson
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#31. I ran out of the apartment in a rage. Mahmud followed me, and we walked home, not speaking. Shortly before we reached the door to the house, he grabbed hold of me. "You're my friend, even if you've hurt me," he said.
I embraced him and asked his forgiveness. - Author: Rafik Schami
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#32. Looking at the mother, you might hope that the daughter would become like her, which is a prospective advantage equal to a dowry - the mother too often standing behind the daughter like a malignant prophecy - Such as I am, she will shortly be. - Author: George Eliot
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#33. I come now to tell you for what I am brought here to die, and to give you an account of my faith, which I shall do as in the sight of the living God before whom I am shortly to stand. - Author: Donald Cargill
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#34. Shortly after taking office in 1993, President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore called for a shift in American technology policy toward an expansion of public investments in partnerships with private industry. - Author: Lewis M. Branscomb
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#35. And shortly after that, when I try to get access to those soldiers, to ask them what in the world was going on, I was told that they did not work for me and I had no right to have access to any one of them. - Author: Janis Karpinski
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#36. My first agent told me to change my name or I'd only play Jewish parts or Indians. Of course I refused to change it. Shortly thereafter she came up to me and told me I had to keep it, because her numerologist said it was very, very good. - Author: Malachi Throne
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#37. The next morning, shortly after sunrise, the Reb was awakened for a sponge bath. It was quiet and early. The nurse bathed him gently, and he was singing and humming to her, alive with the day. Then his head slumped and his music stopped forever. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#38. In a way, the Nobel Prize has been something of a pain in the neck, though there was at least one time that I got some fun out of it, Shortly after I won the Prize, Gweneth and I received an invitation from the Brazilian government to be the guests of honor at the Carnaval celebrations in Rio. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
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#39. Another thing they taught was that nobody was ridiculous or bad or disgusting. Shortly before my father died, he said to me, You know - you never wrote a story with a villain in it. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#40. ROM16.20 And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. - Author: Anonymous
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#41. The Suitors Ball is fast approaching and it's a nasty reminder that my suitor will be chosen shortly. I feel sorry for the poor unfortunate guy, whichever one of them it happens to be. - Author: Siobhan Davis
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#42. Potatoes came to Europe from the New World in the early sixteenth century. Sir Francis Drake is thought to have introduced the potato to England, and shortly afterward Sir Walter Raleigh tried planting them on his Irish estates. When - Author: Ryan Hackney
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#43. I think every film I make that puts characters in jeopardy is me purging my own fears, sadly only to re-engage with them shortly after the release of the picture. I'll never make enough films to purge them all. - Author: Steven Spielberg
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#44. Since the rise of Homo sapiens, human beings have been the smartest minds around. But very shortly - on a historical scale, that is - we can expect technology to break the upper bound on intelligence that has held for the last few tens of thousands of years. - Author: Eliezer Yudkowsky
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#45. In the hope to meet
Shortly again, and make our absence sweet. - Author: Ben Jonson
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#46. Kyle Busch is going to get his ass whipped shortly I hope. He better sit his ass in his motor home or I'm going to come find him and he's going to have to hold my watch because I'm going to whip his ass. He's the biggest whining little piece of [expletive] I've ever seen in my whole life. - Author: Kevin Harvick
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#47. Are you . . . a policeman?"
"No. They'll be along shortly, I expect. Public suicide's a felony."
". . . I'm sorry. - Author: James Tiptree Jr.
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#48. Shortly after, the aqueous symphony of dawn began. The last day of the Walk came up wet and overcast. The wind howled down the almost-empty alley of the road like a lost dog being whipped through a strange and terrible place. - Author: Stephen King
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#49. Minerva, kindly go to Hagrid's house, where you will find a large black dog sitting in the pumpkin patch. Take the dog to my office, tell him I will be with him shortly, then come back here. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#50. Please wait for me, I'll be home shortly. Feel free to save Robert's life if you're bored. - Author: Kelly Zekas
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#51. We think it will be shortly afterwards, but it seems a terrible thing to gamble with such big stakes in diplomacy without having your master card in your hand. - Author: Henry L. Stimson
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#52. Are you really an orphan?
Yes, I am, said Portia a shade shortly. Are you?
No, not at present, but I suppose it's a thing one is bound to be. - Author: Elizabeth Bowen
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#53. There's a plane to everywhere leaving shortly - Author: John Green
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#54. Many instances exist of small children who seem to remember and describe their previous life in another body, another place, and with other people. These memories emerge usually shortly after these children begin to talk. - Author: Stanislav Grof
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#55. According to her watch it was shortly after three o'clock, and according to everything else it was night-time. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#56. Shortly after my Ph.D., Alfred Kastler urged me to accept a teaching position at the University of Paris. I followed his advice and started to teach at the undergraduate level. - Author: Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
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#57. I had a dream about you last night ... shortly after I woke up screaming in terror. - Author: Amy Summers
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#58. We knew shortly after the war that our troops were becoming ill. - Author: Christopher Shays
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#59. There will be a time very shortly that I just might not be in front of the camera at all, and I might just be behind the scenes. I love doing television, though. I don't necessarily love being in front of the camera. - Author: Brody Jenner
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#60. Shortly after I turned 50, both Ted Turner and the AARP came into my life. The only difference? With AARP, there were benefits. - Author: Jane Fonda
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#61. In case you're short on definitions, here's one. Insanity: 'Destroying the very things that sustain us.' And if we're so short-sighted so as to make such preposterous choices, then it's not all that preposterous to believe that shortly our end will be in sight. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#62. In the end, they pardoned me and packed me off to a home for the shell-shocked. Shortly before the end of the war, I was discharged a second time, once again with the observation that I was subject to recall at any time. - Author: George Grosz
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#63. I think it is very important that I should have a talk with you as soon as possible on a highly secret matter. I mentioned it to you shortly after you took office but have not urged it since on account of the pressure you have been under. - Author: Henry L. Stimson
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#64. Shortly after I turned 13, Child Welfare took me into care. I was sent to a residential centre where girls with behavioural problems were 'evaluated'. My time there comes back to me now only in flashes of smells, images and sounds. - Author: Liz Murray
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#65. If you want, I can carry you - "
"I'm fine," she said shortly. "Let's go."
He'd said that wrong. He should have said, "I want to carry you. - Author: Suzanne Brockmann
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#66. That was Embassy Pictures, they went bankrupt shortly after This is Spinal Tap came out. - Author: Harry Shearer
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#67. I haven't written an awful lot recently, but I think I probably will start again very shortly. Being so much on the road, when you have a couple of weeks off, you're likely to avoid sitting at the piano, and taping, and giving yourself more work to do. - Author: George Shearing
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#68. He's got a box with a demon in it that draws pictures," said Rincewind shortly. "Do what the madman says and he will give you gold. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#69. I left Beijing in 1987, shortly before my books were banned there, but have returned continually. - Author: Ma Jian
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#70. Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our Language or Customs, any more than they can acquire our Complexion ... - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#71. Had a nice conversation with Tim Cook today. Discussed my opinion that a larger buyback should be done now. We plan to speak again shortly. - Author: Carl Icahn
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#72. We will shortly become like Germany, France, the United Kingdom, or Sweden - a socialist democracy in which the government dominates the economy, determines private-sector priorities and offers a vastly expanded range of services to many more people at much higher taxes. - Author: Dick Morris
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#73. In 1856, shortly before his death, Lord Ellesmere gave the painting to the new National Portrait Gallery in London as its founding work. As the gallery's first acquisition, it has a certain sentimental prestige, but almost at once its authenticity was doubted. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#74. I swore never to use the emoticon ever ... until one day, offhandedly and without much thought, I used my first and, shortly thereafter, in spite of my initial resistance, became a regular staple of my daily correspondence - Author: Joshua Ferris
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#75. Bonnie and Annette for friendship. It had become clear shortly after her marriage to - Author: Sam Giancana
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#76. I predict that very shortly the old-fashioned incandescent lamp, having a filament heated to brightness by the passage of electric current through it, will entirely disappear. - Author: Nikola Tesla
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#77. She said it had been hijacked shortly after takeoff. By this time, the plane had been in the air - again, I'm presuming that it took off on time - for over an hour. - Author: Ted Olson
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#78. I came to NYU to study experimental theater. Shortly thereafter, I was featured in a 'Newsweek' article about the emerging downtown club scene, and, well, that was it for NYU. I was off and running. - Author: James St. James
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#79. The last days before graduation are bad enough, God knows
out of the womb you go, ready or not. The halls rang with the laughter of the girls who were going to be brides in the next week (and widows shortly after) ... - Author: Elizabeth Savage
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#80. Well, I'll repent, and that suddenly, while I am in some liking; I shall be out of heart shortly, and then I shall have no strength to repent. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#81. My mother died of metastatic colorectal cancer shortly before three P.M. on Christmas Day of 2008. I don't know the exact time of her death, because none of us thought to look at a clock for a while after she stopped breathing. - Author: Meghan O'Rourke
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#82. Of course when you are a kid you listen to what your parents had around. A lot of gospel, jazz. Now when I started to listen to music on my own it was around the time of the birth of rock and roll. Shortly thereafter I started to get into more blues and more traditional rootsy American music. - Author: Jorma Kaukonen
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#83. Stop fussing over me, woman. I will be whole again shortly, and then you can resume ogling me and desiring my body. - Author: Katie MacAlister
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#84. Now I lay me down to sleep upon my pillow fluffed up so deep my dreams will take me far away to the land all children play when I wake with that new yawn shortly after the new dawn I'll try to have the best day I can until I return to my dream land - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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#85. The eloquent voice of our century uttered, shortly before leaving the world, a warning cry against the Anglo- Saxon contagion. - Author: Matthew Arnold
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#86. When I got traded to the California Angels, I really wasn't that excited about going to the Angels because it meant changing leagues and also a whole new set of teammates. But shortly after I got there I realized that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. - Author: Nolan Ryan
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#87. It can be hard to feel like you have to start from scratch when you have invested so much time with a person, but shortly after my break up I realized something: I wasn't losing the chance to have love
I was getting the opportunity to do it all over again. - Author: Lauren Conrad
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#88. I do not wish to lose my temper because very shortly I will lose my head. Nevertheless, upon leaving this spark of earthly existence, I have this to say: I shall see you all very soon ... very soon. - Author: Charlie Chaplin
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#89. The East India Company established a monopoly over the production of opium, shortly after taking over Bengal. - Author: Robert Trout
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#90. A gentleman would have announced himself!" I told him, pressing against the side of the tub.
"And a scoundrel would have joined you."
Kit Marlowe to the witch Gillian (shortly before joining her in the tub!) - Author: Karen Chance
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#91. I was a war correspondent and journalist for a long time, and I was very near the towers on 9/11 and very shortly after in Afghanistan. - Author: Peter Landesman
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#92. Let's get my part of this over with," Vlad said shortly. "And if the name 'Buffy' comes out of my mouth, it will be the last word you ever hear. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#93. he almost never spoke about himself, in my hearing at least: though once, shortly after his marriage, when he brought his wife to lunch with me, he said...looking at her across the grassy quadrangle, 'I never expected to have, in my sixties, the happiness that passed me by in my twenties. - Author: Jocelyn Gibb
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#94. As me old granny used to say before they carried her home to glory, there's three parts to a good sermon. First The Hook, then lay on The Guilt, then you deliver The Sting. I'll be sending the collection plate round shortly. - Author: Andre The BFG
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#95. Shortly thereafter, some friends encouraged me to try out for the Miss South Carolina World beauty pageant. To my surprise, I won - and was sent to New York City to compete nationally. - Author: Donna Rice
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#96. A brave world, sir, full of religion, knavery, and change: we shall shortly see better days. - Author: Aphra Behn
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#97. Kjell Gunnar Beraas/Doctors Without Borders Doctors Without Borders workers at an Ebola treatment center in Guinea in April, shortly after the virus was recognized. By DENISE GRADY and SHERI FINK Patient Zero in the Ebola outbreak, researchers - Author: Anonymous
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#98. If Christ does not appear to meet his 144,000 faithful shortly after midnight on February 6th or 7th, it means that my calculations, based on the Bible, must be revised. - Author: Margaret Davis Bowen
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#99. Rosalind: "So you don't want me either?" Rosalind flung up her hands. "Good! Because I am tiered of dealing with men. I really don't need any of you!"
Rhys: "That's the spirit, my lady. Keep that up and we'll all be wishing you to the devil very shortly. - Author: Kate Pearce
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#100. Shortly afterwards, I did a third one to repair the robotic arm of the station. This arm plays a very important role in the ongoing expansion of the station as well as in the deployment of solar panels. - Author: Philippe Perrin
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