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#1. My Akri says that tragedy and adversity are the stones we sharpen our swords against ao that we can fight new battles.- Simi - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#2. The outbreath is like a whetstone, and the mind is like the knife or sword that is being sharpened on that stone. When you sharpen a knife, you draw the blade of the knife across the sharpening stone. Following your outbreath is like drawing the blade of mind across the breath. Then - Author: Chogyam Trungpa
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#3. I also knew that I was number one on the Yankees Cap hit parade. That settled me down. There's nothing like immident death to sharpen a guy's outlook. - Author: Jim Stewart
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#4. We are built to walk. Not to SoulCycle and jog and hike. Walking is mental. You sharpen your thoughts and process your emotions. - Author: Caroline Kepnes
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#5. mama, you taught me to look pretty but i can't anymore, and i am learning that's okay. i am learning to sharpen my teeth and rule kingdoms, instead. - Author: Arlen C.
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#6. You're learning. So why don't we stop pretending? It's so much easier when you give up all those illusions and realize that the only justice you'll get in this life is the justice you dish out. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, mate. You need to sharpen your teeth. Don't get angry. Get even. - Author: Barry Jonsberg
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#7. The devil is but a whetstone to sharpen the faith and patience of the saints.- - Author: Samuel Rutherford
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#8. It's interesting to note that the most kind and courageous souls you meet in life tend to be those who've faced the most cruelty and conflict. This vicious world might sharpen us like a blade, but whether we use that power to protect people or cause them pain is always our choice. - Author: Beau Taplin
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#9. In human affairs every solution serves only to sharpen the problem, to show us more clearly what we are up against. There are no final solutions. - Author: Eric Hoffer
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#10. God has been faithful time and again to surround me with people that sharpen me and that make me better. - Author: TobyMac
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#11. High in the North in a land called Svithjod there is a mountain. It is a hundred miles long and a hundred miles high and once every thousand years a little bird comes to this mountain to sharpen its beak. When the mountain has thus been worn away a single day of eternity will have passed. - Author: Hendrik Willem Van Loon
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#12. Well, I got to admit I still like a fight," Augustus said. "They sharpen the wits. The only other thing that does that is talking to women, which is usually more dangerous. - Author: Larry McMurtry
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#13. Because you can't chart a course around anything you're afraid of. You can't run from any part of yourself, and it's better that you can't. Sometimes I've thought it's only our challenges that sharpen us, and change us, too - a - Author: Paula McLain
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#14. Tragedy and adversary are the stones we sharpen our swords against so we can fight new battles. - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#15. By developing a habit of telling ourselves stories about what's going on around us, we learn to sharpen where our attention goes. These - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#16. Sharpen your interest in two major subjects: life and people. You will only gather information from a source if you are interested in it. - Author: Jim Rohn
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#17. It's iron that can sharpen iron; wood cannot do that. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#18. About the use of language: it is impossible to sharpen a pencil with a blunt axe. It is equally vain to try to do it with ten blunt axes instead. - Author: Edsger Dijkstra
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#19. Who would sharpen a point aginst the darkness of the world? - Author: William Golding
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#20. Writing is another powerful way to sharpen the mental saw. Keeping a journal of our thoughts, experiences, insights, and learnings promotes mental clarity, exactness, and context. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#21. If you want good roses, sharpen your knife and harden your heart. - Author: Patience Strong
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#22. What do you want to do with the [Communist] Party? A racing stable? What good is it to sharpen a knife every day if you never useit for slicing? A party is never more than a means. There is only one objective: power. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#23. Rather than pointing fingers or assigning blame, let's use this occasion to expand our moral imaginations, to listen to each other more carefully, to sharpen our instincts for empathy and remind ourselves of all the ways that our hopes and dreams are bound together. - Author: Barack Obama
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#24. Sharpen your Claws against wrong doing, against human suffering. Have Ears like Owls, HEAR what your child isn't telling you. Have Eyes like a Hawk, so that you might SEE all that passes before you. Be Brave like a Bear and have the Courage of a Mother Lion to SAVE our young. - Author: Theresa L. Flores
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#25. It's income tax time again, Americans: time to gather up those receipts, get out those tax forms, sharpen up that pencil, and stab yourself in the aorta - Author: Dave Barry
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#26. Disgust with injustice may sharpen the desire for justice. Readers who don't see this connection merely wish to be entertained, and I have neither skill nor desire to turn the agony of a people into entertainment. - Author: Ayi Kwei Armah
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#27. I am only a little pencil in the hand of our Lord. He may cut or sharpen the pencil. He may write or draw whatever and whenever he wants. If the writing or drawing is good, we do not honor the pencil or the material that is used, but rather the one who used it. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#28. Even a brilliant mind sometimes needs a dull stone to sharpen itself. - Author: Ken Liu
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#29. One's own troubles sharpen one's eyes sometimes. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#30. The novelist's
any writer's
object is to whittle down his meaning to the exactest and finest possible point. What, of course, isfatal is when he does not know what he does mean: he has no point to sharpen. - Author: Elizabeth Bowen
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#31. Their detectors, like everything else about them and their small, shrinking world, were always looking for the wrong weapons, Sem thought as he began to sharpen his pencil. - Author: Jason Heller
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#32. As we get older, our fears, in some way, sharpen and become more personal, because we can no longer - let's say take a book like "It" or maybe "Christine," and say these are make-believe fears. - Author: Stephen King
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#33. Want to accomplish something, any-damn-thing? Sharpen your political skills! - Author: Tom Peters
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#34. From music and dance to painting and sculpting, the arts allow us to explore new worlds and to view life from another perspective. They also encourage individuals to sharpen their skills and to nurture their imagination and intellect. - Author: George W. Bush
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#35. Oil the saw, sharpen axes,
Learn the names of all the peaks you see and which is highest-
there are hundreds-
Learn by heart the drainages between
Go find a shallow pool of snowmelt on a good day, bathe in the lukewarm water. - Author: Gary Snyder
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Potholes on the road of life sharpen our maneuverability skills
Kamil Ali - Author: Kamil Ali
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#37. Sharpen your life always; even though it will come to an end like a pencil, we have to keep on writing - Author: Munia Khan
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#38. We watch our bodies and our brains slow down as younger bodies and brains zip past us, and we just accept it, not realizing there is a whole world offering to sharpen and improve us. We simply need to look for it. - Author: Barbara Bradley Hagerty
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#39. Misfortunes often sharpen the genius. - Author: Ovid
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#40. Early in this century a group of passionate artists in Russia claimed that the essence of art was to make the familiar seem strange. Perhaps this is also one of the roles of the exotic, to alter and sharpen our perceptions. - Author: SueEllen Campbell
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#41. I mean if I don't get started soon, how will I get the chance to sharpen my wits? It takes alot of training. - Author: Elaine Dundy
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#42. Brands are useful ways of short-handing practically anything - look at the way Tom Wolfe first used brand name lists to sharpen up a character and a situation. Look at the most brand-referenced novel, Bret Easton Ellis's 'Glamorama.' - Author: Peter York
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#43. I'm about to sharpen up the engine a little. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
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#44. The best way to sharpen a knife is not to whet one side of it only. And neither can you solve a riddle by considering only one end of it. - Author: Ama Ata Aidoo
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#45. Great habits sharpen our thoughts and make us great. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#46. Perhaps teachers should be instructed in a program where they lie to their students on a regular basis to sharpen up their skills at detecting lies. - Author: Keith Henson
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#47. The writer of Proverbs observed that sharp people sharpen one another, just as iron sharpens iron. If you want to be a sharp thinker, be around sharp people. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#48. If you get the dirty end of the stick, sharpen it and turn it into a useful tool. - Author: Colin Powell
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#49. When a public quarrel is envenomed by private injuries, a blow that is not mortal or decisive can be productive only of a short truce, which allows the unsuccessful combatant to sharpen his arms for a new encounter. - Author: Edward Gibbon
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#50. My luck's no greater than yours or any man's. You need only sharpen your eyes to see your luck when it comes, and sharpen your wits to use what falls into your hands. - Author: Lloyd Alexander
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#51. What a martyr craves more than anything is a sword to fall on, so you sharpen the blade and hold it at just the right angle. - Author: Kevin Spacey
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#52. The liberals have not softened their view of actuality to make themselves live closer to the dream, but instead sharpen their perceptions and fight to make the dream actuality ... - Author: Margaret Mead
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#53. Within each individual young person you meet, you have the same fields to plow. The trick is just to wake thmem up, to sharpen their ears for what's already there in the music. - Author: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
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#54. Half of me (pathetically) wanted to let him know I'd kept the faith; half of me wanted to get in the toolshed and sharpen me some stakes. - Author: Charlaine Harris
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#55. It would be amazing to tell my grandchildren, like, 'Yeah, I was paid to sharpen 1,000 pencils.' - Author: David Rees
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#56. Rough spots sharpen our performance. And more often than not, obstacles can be turned into advantages. You just can't let your disappointment get in the way. - Author: Harvey MacKay
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#57. Heat and animosity, contest and conflict, may sharpen the wits, although they rarely do; they never strengthen the understanding, clear the perspicacity, guide the judgment, or improve the heart. - Author: Walter Savage Landor
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#58. Sharpen your sword daily , and let it serve your true master: YOU. You and the Master are one - Author: Vernon Kitabu Turner
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#59. The thing a drama school can't give you is instinct. It can sharpen instinct but that can't be taught, and you have to have intuition. It's an essential ingredient. - Author: Gary Oldman
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#60. Fitness if like the blade of a knife; you want to sharpen it without ruining the blade. - Author: Sally Jenkins
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#61. When the boy asked him if this knowledge were a special knowledge only to the blind the blind man said that it was not. He said that most men were in their lives like the carpenter whose work went so slowly for the dullness of his tools that he had no time to sharpen them. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
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#62. Digging deep inside you as a writer will damn near kill you at times. But in the end, your words will be true and undeniable for the reader, and that is all that ever really matters in writing. - Author: Jason E. Hodges
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#63. Anxiety is essential to the human condition. The confrontation with anxiety can relieve us from boredom, sharpen the sensitivity and assure the presence of tension that is necessary to preserve human existence. - Author: Rollo May
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#64. Some want to be writers when life permits it. There is no part-time in being a writer. It's an all-in way of living your life through words and feelings scratched out with a pen. - Author: Jason E. Hodges
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#65. Every canvas that can awaken us more exquisitely and accurately to the infinite and various surface of our experience does that much to sharpen life, and thereby render it more alive. - Author: Alton Tobey
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#66. I am a little pencil in God's hands. He does the thinking. He does the writing. He does everything and sometimes it is really hard because it is a broken pencil and He has to sharpen it a little more. - Author: Mother Teresa
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#67. There is something about raising a child that helps to sharpen one's sense of what is real. - Author: Dan Simmons
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#68. To the leaders of the cinema still to come, I can offer only a few words drawn from my modest experience. You must ceaselessly formulate and sharpen your critical views, both of others and of yourselves. - Author: Nagisa Oshima
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#69. Hard things don't always make life harder. It takes something hard to sharpen steel. - Author: Richard Paul Evans
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#70. How can children bombarded from birth by noise, frenetic schedules, and the helter-skelter caretaking of a fast-paced adult world learn to analyze, reflect, ponder? How can they use quiet inner conversation to build personal realities, sharpen and extend their visual reasoning? - Author: Jane M. Healy
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#71. Nerves can be useful, as they sharpen you up, make you determined to try your hardest and do your best. - Author: Stephen Cole
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#72. Recreation is intended to the mind as whetting is to the scythe, to sharpen the edge of it, which otherwise would grow dull and blunt,
as good no scythe as no edge. - Author: Joseph Hall
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#73. I have always been afraid ... Always been pretending to follow you closely, alwyas been pretending to sharpen my teeth, when the truth is, I am ... scared to death just treading on your shadow. - Author: Tite Kubo
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#74. Now, the edges of these memories sharpen.
I see the cracks in the studio floor beneath her feet,
The lack of turnout in her fifth position. - Author: Stasia Ward Kehoe
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#75. Some people think God puts difficult people in our lives for a reason, to make us better people as we sharpen ourselves on the knife of their shortcomings. - Author: Ilsa Madden-Mills
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#76. The young need old men. They need men who are not ashamed of age, not pathetic imitations of themselves ... Parents are the bones on which children sharpen their teeth. - Author: Peter Ustinov
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#77. When writers stop to sharpen pencils or get up and make coffee to procrastinate, they still stay in their heads with their characters. But when you zip over to read email or check your Facebook page, you get zapped out of the fictive dream. It's brutal on my writing. - Author: M.J. Rose
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#78. Take a pencil to write with on aeroplanes. Pens leak. But if the pencil breaks, you can't sharpen it on the plane, because you can't take knives with you. Therefore: take two pencils. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#79. Great leaders don't blame the tools they are given. Great leaders work to sharpen them. - Author: Simon Sinek
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#80. A grindstone that had not grit in it, how long would it take to sharpen an ax? And affairs that had not grit in them, how long would they take to make a man? - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#81. (A writer's working space, Montaigne also believed, ought to have a good view of the cemetery; it tended to sharpen one's thinking.) - Author: Oliver Burkeman
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#82. Yes, when you are sharpened with the true information, you will be motivated to make impacts. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#83. Like a butcher sharpening knife on knife
I sharpen heart on heart inside me. - Author: Yehuda Amichai
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#84. Every wise workman takes his tools away from the work from time to time that they may be ground and sharpened; so does the only-wise Jehovah take his ministers oftentimes away into darkness and loneliness and trouble, that he may sharpen and prepare them for harder work in his service. - Author: Robert Murray M'Cheyne
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#85. Ask today as you consider the many choices in your view - what is the highest and best use of your talents, skills and abilities? When you answer that, seize the opportunity to sharpen those qualities even more sharply by applying your focused effort. - Author: Mary Anne Radmacher
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#86. You can only sharpen a blade so far", Kaz said as he joined them at the front of the church. "In the end, it comes down to the quality of the metal. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#87. Successful people use failures to sharpen their intuition by acknowledging mistakes for what they truly are - feedback. - Author: Gordana Biernat
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#88. It's just that I know the world is so wide and full of people and exciting things that I just go crazy every day stuck in these institutions. I mean if I don't get started soon, how will I get the chance to sharpen my wits? It takes lots of training. You have to start very young. - Author: Elaine Dundy
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#89. We need to sharpen our focus & live to the point just like a pencil. - Author: Robin S. Sharma
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#90. It is not the foes who curse you to your face that you must fear, but those who smile when you are looking and sharpen their knives when you turn your back. - Author: George R R Martin
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#91. Bard eyed him like he was manure on her shoes at the same time she did things, like sharpen a wooden stake, something she knew didn't work on him, but that was not her point, even if she was making one. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#92. During the time of Atlantis, members of the Mystery Schools discovered and developed specific concentration exercises that they found would radically increase and sharpen their innate psychic abilities. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#93. Miracles surround us at every turn, if we but sharpen our perceptions to them. - Author: Willa Cather
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#94. You can only sharpen a blade so far. In the end, it comes down to the quality of metal. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#95. Each of us carries a sleeping tiger inside, and we can't predict when that cat will wake, stretch, and sharpen its claws. - Author: Holly Robinson
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#96. Sometimes I've thought it's only our challenges that sharpen us, and change us, too - a mile-long runway and nineteen hundred pounds - Author: Paula McLain
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#97. Intuition is the key to everything, in painting, filmmaking, business - everything. I think you could have an intellectual ability, but if you can sharpen your intuition, which they say is emotion and intellect joining together, then a knowingness occurs. - Author: David Lynch
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#98. Necessity can sharpen the wits even of children. - Author: Timothy Dwight V
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#99. With sharpen'd sight pale Antiquaries pore, Th' inscription value, but the rust adore. This the blue varnish, that the green endears; The sacred rust of twice ten hundred years. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#100. Sharpen your mind with the beauty of knowledge and the tears of experience to be wise. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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