Top 100 Selfless Quotes

#1. Firefighters are some of the most selfless public servants you will ever encounter.

Denis Leary

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#2. Selfless giving is measured by how good you feel. Self giving should be obvious.

Frederick Lenz

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#3. Ahimsa must express itself through acts of selfless service of the masses.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#4. We should be involved in quiet acts of selfless service.

Spencer W. Kimball

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#5. Forgiveness requires a sacrifice of pride. A humbling of the spirit. An increase of selfless love. A time when you allow others' feelings to be more important than your own.

Ann H. Gabhart

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#6. Selfless and bravery aren't that different

Veronica Roth

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#7. Love is selfless! Love is "you before me" decision making. Need it shorter? Love = Ub4me! There it is.

James MacDonald

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#8. Agape love is selfless love ... the love God wants us to have isn't just an emotion but a conscious act of the will - a deliberate decision on our part to put others ahead of ourselves. This is the kind of love God has for us.

Billy Graham

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#9. Can you live with that? Can you be so fucking selfless to take me at my worst, my best, my messed-up self and stand by me even when I break?

Pepper Winters

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#10. [On setting all clocks at varying times in advance...]
A selfless gesture on my part which ensures I am never late, but really only means that I spend time waiting not only for people who are late but also for people who are on time.

Jon Richardson

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#11. There is the path of karma, selfless action, the path of love and devotion, the path of training the mind and the path of Yoga, mantra and tantra this is what the various saints advocated.

Mata Amritanandamayi

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#12. Selfless acts are a source of profound meaning for your self and your life.

Ron Kaufman

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#13. I practice selfless giving not because I'm remarkable but just because I find that its terrifically fun!

Frederick Lenz

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#14. When we are in constant pain, we cannot empathize with others, nor can we help them. It is only when we allow ourselves to open up to our own nourishment that we are free to feed the rest of the world. And thus, to attend to one's own suffering is the most selfless act.

Vironika Tugaleva

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#15. An editor has to be selfless, and yet has also to be strong-minded.

Robert Gottlieb

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#16. She was the archetypal selfless mother: living only for her children, sheltering them from the consequences of their actions - and in the end doing them irreparable harm.

Marcia Muller

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#17. A selfless act out of even the purest desire to do for others, will be selfish in the satisfaction and happiness it brings to one doing it.

Ashly Lorenzana

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#18. The yoga of selfless giving is easy for anyone to practice. The key is detachment. The spirit is unattachment to results.

Frederick Lenz

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#19. Trees are selfless, so all species thrive. If they were like humans, the world wouldn't survive.

Vinita Kinra

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#20. Swadeshism is not a cult of hatred. It is a doctrine of selfless service that has its roots in the purest ahimsa, i.e. love.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#21. A democrat must be utterly selfless. He must think and dream not in terms of self or of party, but only of democracy.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#22. Sometimes you have to be selfish to be selfless.

Edward Albert

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#23. Jeffrey Makala, the friendly and astute rare-books and special collections librarian who will be my guide, confirms my opinion that librarians, along with independent-bookstore owners and dedicated middle- and high-school teachers, are the most selfless guardians of literature on earth.

Maureen Corrigan

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#24. John teaches us that the strongest relationship with Christ may not necessarily be a complicated one. He teaches us that the greatest webs of loyalty are spun, not with airtight theologies or foolproof philosophies, but with friendships: stubborn, selfless, joyful friendships.

Max Lucado

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#25. Suicide to them is an act of selfishness. Someone who is truly selfless does not think of himself often enough to desire death.

Veronica Roth

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#26. Fine, I'll touch you, briefly, but only because you sound like you need the praise that your body's hot, and I'm totally selfless like that.

Kyle Adams

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#27. I don't know why I told him that. Maybe just because it's true, and tonight of all nights, is the time for honesty. Tonight I will be honest, and selfless, and brave.

Veronica Roth

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#28. I'm always interested in working with people who are good team players - that are selfless that way in their interests and dedication to the project.

Diane Paulus

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#29. You are bright and fun and delightfully unexpected. You are brave and compassionate and selfless. And you are lovely beyond measure. I want you, all of you, just the way you are." He drew in a breath. "If you will have me.

Julianne Donaldson

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#30. Meditation without selfless giving is not enough. You may go into very high states of consciousness but the rough edges will still be there - there may be lots of selfish motives lurking within the self - that you don't see.

Frederick Lenz

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#31. Rhiannon finds me like that, in the selfless reading space that the mind loans out.

David Levithan

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#32. Being selfless is the biggest wiring mistake in us.


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#33. With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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#34. Selfless giving presupposes something - that there is a lumunious reality.

Frederick Lenz

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#35. Art is an expression of joy and awe. It is not an attempt to share one's virtues and accomplishments with the audience, but an act of selfless spirit.

David Mamet

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#36. Four: I don't want to be just one thing. I can't be. I want to be brave, and I want to be selfless, intelligent, and honest and kind. Well, I'm still working on kind.

Veronica Roth

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#37. It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky it happens once in a lifetime.

Michael Eisner

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#38. If your heart, mind, and actions are selfish, they will ultimately divide you, others, or entire [establishments]. When motivation is pure and selfless, it will result in helping bring others together.

A.J. Darkholme

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#39. It is better to journey than to arrive, as long as we journey in firm faith and for selfless ends.

Margaret Atwood

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#40. Above all, always see Jesus in every person, and consequently treat each one not only as an equal and as a brother or sister, but also with great humility, respect and selfless generosity.

Charles De Foucauld

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#41. There were some things I needed to learn." "How to be brave?" my father says quietly. "How to be selfless," I say. "Often they're the same thing.

Veronica Roth

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#42. To be selfless, you would give charity anonymously, walj softly on the earth, and look out for others-even total strangers-before you look out for yourself. For the Arab mind, the self is an obstacle, an impediment, in humanity's quest foe real progress.

Tahir Shah

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#43. Through selfless service, you will always be fruitful and find the fulfillment of your desires

Bhagavad Gita

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#44. My dad has this beautiful spirit of being able to create no matter where he is. He's always been so selfless with our family. It's hard to put words to it. He's an incredible man.

Matt Lauria

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#45. A way of spreading the dharma is just telling people, sharing with them your experiences. Never push it, never be a missionary. Be completely selfless; realize you're only an instrument of eternity.

Frederick Lenz

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#46. AND HE was just so amazing," I said as I braided Gary's hair. "Like so selfless and awesome and he smelled like leaves and I think his eyebrows should be declared a treasure of the Kingdom.

T.J. Klune

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#47. A man can't talk of true happiness if he has never known true love - the trusting, selfless and unconditional love that I took for granted.

Janvier Chouteu-Chando

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#48. A selfless devotion. High-impact people don't care about who gets the credit, and they never complain about the role they fill.

Charles R. Swindoll

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#49. I'm quite a neurotic thinker, quite an adrenalized person. But after meditation, I felt this beautiful serenity and selfless connection.

Russell Brand

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#50. Yet, Jesus is selfless in the way He gives His life away for you. So if your gaze is on Him, you will treat others as He is treating you.

Louie Giglio

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#51. That we are selfish gives us the opportunity to gain the power so that, in time, we might be selfless. To give back what we have learned. To teach what we know, and shorten the journey for those who will come after us.

Margaret Cho

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#52. One of the greatest purposes a man/woman can ever be indulged in is the positive evolution of self for the selfless service to humanity.

Ufuoma Apoki

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#53. We've all started to put down the virtues of the other factions in the process of bolstering our own. I don't want to do that. I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest." He clears his throat. "I continually struggle with kindness.

Veronica Roth

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#54. Selfless giving changes our concept of our identity. When we give to others our unselfishness removes the spot of "self" that stained our awareness.

Frederick Lenz

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#55. Babies just change everything. You have to become super selfless and super tired and super amenable to change. They just change all the time.

Neil Patrick Harris

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#56. Real talent harnesses what it has and unlocks what it doesn't. There is natural ability, there is the discipline that develops natural ability, there is the unending study of one's craft, and there is the exponential lifting of performance by the selfless combination of efforts.

Ken Goldstein

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#57. The Istiqlal was powerful, which did not at all coincide with his conception of it, nor with the picture the organization painted of itself: a purely defensive group of selfless martyrs who were willing to brave the brutality of the French in order to bring hope to their suffering countrymen.

Paul Bowles

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#58. I must not be selfless: develop a sense of self. A solidness that can't be attacked.

Sylvia Plath

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#59. Selfless love is the elevator that leads you up the great heights of sacrifice to prove your depth of sincerity.

Shubha Vilas

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#60. I feel strongly that it is the selfish person who needs to change, not the selfless person. (Zhang)

Derald Wing Sue

Selfless Quotes #1240297
#61. Through selfless work, love of God grows in heart.


Selfless Quotes #1240651
#62. When leaders die to pushing their own agendas and realize that leadership is the act of dying to self, those around them are profoundly transformed. Selfless leadership opens a space for God to flow into.

Mark Sayers

Selfless Quotes #1241461
#63. That's not entirely true." He smiles at me. "That girl who let someone throw knives at her to spare a friend, who hit my dad with
a belt to protect me - that selfless girl, that's not you?

Veronica Roth

Selfless Quotes #1242715
#64. Hawk was a fucking selfless savior, practically a saint. Where were his wings?

V. Theia

Selfless Quotes #1247064
#65. Do some selfless service for people who are in need. Consider the whole picture, not just our little selves.

Nina Hagen

Selfless Quotes #1257554
#66. My stand is clear; produce to distribute, feed before you eat, give before you take, think of others before you think of yourself. Only a selfless society based on sharing can be stable and happy. This is the only practical solution. If you do not want it, then - fight.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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#67. One who rules assumes irrevocable responsibility for the ruled. You are a husbandman. This demands, at times, a selfless act of love which may only be amusing to those you rule.

Frank Herbert

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#68. My parents' selfless affection and dedication nourished and prepared me to receive the love of my guru or spiritual father, Swami Prabhupada. My parents prepared the soil in which my guru sowed the seeds of his compassion.

Radhanath Swami

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#69. I grew up with the word "volunteer" as a very powerful word in my family. I was inspired by my mother and by how selfless our family was toward others who didn't have enough.

Eva Longoria

Selfless Quotes #1270918
#70. The creators were not selfless. It is the whole secret of their power - that it was self-sufficient, self-motivated, self-generated. A first cause, a fount of energy, a life force, a Prime Mover. The creator served nothing and no one. He lived for himself.

Ayn Rand

Selfless Quotes #1272044
#71. But there is a beauty even in loving without response because that kind of love is truly selfless. When we love with no expectation or promise of reciprocity, we know what it means to sacrifice and deny ourselves in ways we wouldn't otherwise.

Matt Chandler

Selfless Quotes #1275620
#72. Thank you for that selfless act of research on my behalf.

Sarina Bowen

Selfless Quotes #1280785
#73. Real love is selfless.

Yvonne Woon

Selfless Quotes #1283896
#74. When pursued with a pure heart, acting is an entirely selfless profession.

Masiela Lusha

Selfless Quotes #1287502
#75. Selfless giving is the art of living.

Frederick Lenz

Selfless Quotes #1288053
#76. It does not merely indicate something about her behavior, but about her desires. She is not reward motivated. Yet she is extremely good at directing her thoughts and actions toward her goals. This explains both her tendency toward harmful-but-selfless behavior

Veronica Roth

Selfless Quotes #1295036
#77. Being a singer is all about me. About ego. Being a mom is all about being selfless - two different worlds.

Gwen Stefani

Selfless Quotes #1299903
#78. He promised you a lot and he promised it to someone who needed it to be true. There was a disconnect in your relationship - I don't know where it stems from or why, but he did know that for once in your life you needed to not be let down. He wasn't selfless enough to do that." Oh

Tarryn Fisher

Selfless Quotes #1307192
#79. Ryoji: It's either that she doesn't know how to lean on someone or she's simply that selfless. She won't give me a space to worry about her. Beyond that, she'll protect others instinctively.

Bisco Hatori

Selfless Quotes #1310071
#80. The one thing about being a parent is the ability to be selfless: To give up the things you want and need for the benefit of someone else.

Danny McBride

Selfless Quotes #1312433
#81. For a genius to be a genius, he must have a selfless slave between himself and the world.

Dawn Powell

Selfless Quotes #1314352
#82. Selfless giving involves time. It takes a bit of time to care and share yourself with the universe.

Frederick Lenz

Selfless Quotes #1316099
#83. But I want to pay tribute to Anna Lee Woodruff, an extraordinary, selfless woman and beautiful grandmother who in her quiet determined way was a role model for her two daughters, and who left a lasting impression on so many who knew her.

Judy Woodruff

Selfless Quotes #1320248
#84. If you burn yourself out in two years of intense selfless giving, what good is that if you could have given 20 years? Set yourself up well. Get the things you want - God exists in the material and in the spiritual.

Frederick Lenz

Selfless Quotes #1341942
#85. Our Nation owes a lasting debt of gratitude to all those selfless members of our Armed Forces who have risked their own freedom and safety to defend the the lives and liberty of others.

William J. Clinton

Selfless Quotes #1346081
#86. Courtesy should be apparent in all our actions and words and in all aspects of daily life. But be courtesy, I do not mean rigid, cold formality. Courtesy in the truest sense is selfless concern for the welfare and physical and mental comfort of the other person.

Mas Oyama

Selfless Quotes #1362307
#87. I've changed for the better. I'm much more selfless and humble and you're reminded about what life's really about. You love your kid so much that you just want to be a brilliant role model for them. It cleans up your act a bit.

Curtis Stone

Selfless Quotes #1368202
#88. It's always said that when one is a soldier who dies in battle, you go to a very high world. There's a great and good karma for the soldier who dies in battle because it's an extended selfless giving.

Frederick Lenz

Selfless Quotes #1377066
#89. He would change my life and behave with selfless cruelty as he prepared to set out on a journey with no hope of return.

Ian McEwan

Selfless Quotes #1379650
#90. Desire is the root of selfishness; clear your heart of desire and be selfless. Selflessness is the key to inner peace.

Christofer Drew

Selfless Quotes #1392990
#91. Mortals have become spoiled and ungracious, and fail to appreciate the things right around them. They forget that Christmas is about love, and God's perfect, selfless gift.

Cameo Renae

Selfless Quotes #1393424
#92. Selfless actions create a higher karma, which brings you into higher states of mind. When you are in higher states of mind you will see things that you never saw before.

Frederick Lenz

Selfless Quotes #1395175
#93. A heart given freely is the most vulnerable and selfless thing one can offer another human being. It can be as fragile and needy as a newly born infant, or as solid and self-supporting as a granite pillar, yet it is the hands of the recipient that determines its ultimate fate.

Mark W. Boyer

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#94. They believe one becomes selfless in love because one desires the advantage of another human being, often against one's own advantage. But in return for that they want to possess the other person.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Selfless Quotes #1402092
#95. Forgiving someone who has wronged you is actually a selfish act rather than a selfless one.

Robin S. Sharma

Selfless Quotes #1409073
#96. Ever since its founding in 1913, the Fed has described itself as an "independent" agency operated by selfless public servants striving to "fine-tune" the economy through monetary policy. In reality, however, a non-political governmental institution is as likely as a barking cat.

Thomas DiLorenzo

Selfless Quotes #1414970
#97. Let me leave you with a positive thought. William Shakespeare once wrote: "The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite." They call this the Hidden Economy and it is not based on greed or love of money, but on unconditional, selfless, boundless and unstinting Love.

Etienne De L'Amour

Selfless Quotes #1713156
#98. We live on a planet that is amazing, beautiful, and full of wonder but not protected from powerful destructive forces of nature. We are capable of doing wonderful and selfless things but also self-absorbed and harmful things. This is the world we live in.

Adam Hamilton

Selfless Quotes #1715029
#99. Selfish love hurts, selfless love heals.

Rob Liano

Selfless Quotes #1713231
#100. Selfless giving is a guaranteed way to increase feelings of love.

Jude Bijou

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