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#1. A scholar who loves comfort is not fit to be called a scholar. - Author: Confucius
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#2. Think like a scholar.
Speak like a sage.
Live like a saint. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#3. The prison-industrial complex and the military-industrial complex are here with us and are multi-billion dollar enterprises. We can make more money off the kid in Compton if he's a criminal instead of a scholar. It's business. - Author: Henry Rollins
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#4. Christian scholarship will be a poor and paltry thing, worth little attention, until the Christian scholar, under the control of his authentic commitment, devises theories that lead to promising, interesting, fruitful, challenging lines of research. - Author: Craig G. Bartholomew
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#5. In my teens, I developed a passionate idolatry for a teacher of English literature. I wanted to do something that he would approve of more, so I thought I should be some sort of a scholar. - Author: Trevor Nunn
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#6. A scholar has to know a little of everything. - Author: Jules Verne
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#7. As the distance of migration increases," wrote the migration scholar Everett Lee, "the migrants become an increasingly superior group. - Author: Isabel Wilkerson
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#8. The determined scholar and the man of virtue will not seek to live at the expense of injuring their virtue. They will even sacrifice their lives to preserve their virtue complete. - Author: Confucius
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#9. As a scholar I am interested in the philosophy of language, semiotics, call it what you want, and one of the main features of the human language is the possibility of lying. - Author: Umberto Eco
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#10. False Narrative: The Kingdom of God is Future No serious biblical scholar would deny that Jesus' proclaimed the kingdom of God. However, many scholars conclude that Jesus was not talking about our present world but rather an epoch in history that has not yet begun. - Author: James Bryan Smith
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#11. Intellectual beauty is sufficient unto itself, and only for it rather than for the future good of humanity does the scholar condemn himself to arduous and painful labors. - Author: Santiago Ramon Y Cajal
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#12. In the modern languages there was not, six hundred years ago, a single volume which is now read. The library of our profound scholar must have consisted entirely of Latin books. - Author: Thomas B. Macaulay
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#13. To be young is about action. To be a scholar is about informed action. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#14. A scholar's heart is a dark well in which are buried many aborted feelings that rise to the surface as arguments. - Author: Natalie Clifford Barney
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#15. When I was young I used to practice a martial art that was a mixture of karate, kung fu, Jujitsu, Yawara Kubotan, Aikido, Okinawan kobudo, Newaza, etc.; now I am just a theoretical samurai or a bushido scholar if you prefer. - Author: William C. Brown
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#16. A scholar is a candle which the love and desire of all men will light. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#17. An extraordinary and controversial interpretation of Shakespeare's origins, which certainly provokes much thought. A radical analysis of Shakespeare's text, leading to a conclusion which is bound to amaze the reader and the scholar. Who was Shakespeare? - Author: Steven Berkoff
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#18. You loved to teach. In time, you tried the rabbinate. And you failed. But a great Jewish scholar said two words you would later invoke many times with many of us: "try again." And you did. Thank God you did. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#19. Ram Mohan Roy would have been a greater reformer and Lokmanya Tilak a greater scholar if they had not to start with the handicap of having to think in English and transmit their thoughts chiefly in English. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#20. To spend too much time in them [studying] is sloth, to use them too much for ornament is affectation, to make judgment wholly by their rules is the humor* of a scholar ... . - Author: Francis Bacon
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#21. To be a scholar of mathematics you must be born with talent, insight, concentration, taste, luck, drive and the ability to visualize and guess. - Author: Paul Halmos
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#22. And everywhere, everywhere, there were books. Not the tidy stacks of an intellectual attempting to impress, but the slumping piles of a scholar obsessed. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#23. One scholar used sales figures from the French company Hennessy to estimate that Kim's annual cognac budget before the sanctions could have been as high as $800,000 a year. - Author: Anonymous
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#24. When I'm writing for Esquire, my conscious thought is, I'm not writing for American Scholar. - Author: Denis Johnson
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#25. He who teaches the Bible is never a scholar; he is always a student. - Author: Elizabeth George
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#26. Girl3 "You don't have to be a jerk"
SlingBlade "Quite the contrary, my sloppy penile scholar.Order me another drink and be quick about it. - Author: Tucker Max
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#27. Man is priest, and scholar, and statesman, and producer, and soldier. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#28. Over the years my mom has become a self-taught Biblical scholar. - Author: Kathie Lee Gifford
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#29. I am an old scholar, better-looking now than when I was young. That's what sitting on your ass does to your face. - Author: Leonard Cohen
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#30. We value virtue but do not discuss it. The honest bookkeeper, the faithful wife, the earnest scholar get little of our attention compared to the embezzler, the tramp, the cheat. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#31. The solitary knows the essence of the thought, the scholar in society only its fair face. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#32. I am a great scholar.
I am a great scientist. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#33. In the entire first Christian century Jesus is not mentioned by a single Greek or Roman historian, religion scholar, politician, philosopher or poet. His name never occurs in a single inscription, and it is never found in a single piece of private correspondence. Zero! Zip references! - Author: Bart D. Ehrman
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#34. I could have been a Rhodes Scholar, except for my grades. - Author: Duffy Daugherty
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#35. The true test of any scholar's work is not what his contemporaries say, but what happens to his work in the next twenty-five or fifty years. And the thing that I will really be proud of is if some of the work I have done is still cited in the text books long after I am gone. - Author: Milton Friedman
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#36. The role of the scholar is to destroy chimeras, that of the statesman is to make use of them. - Author: Gustave Le Bon
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#37. A warrior becomes experienced by being defeated; a scholar by making mistakes. Defeat and mistakes we have left in the past, he said. - Author: Elaine Marolakos Edelson
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#38. In your temporary failure there is no evidence that you may not yet be a better scholar, and a more successful man in the great struggle of life, than many others, who have entered college more easily. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#39. I tend to integrate poet and scholar is by ironizing the scholarship. My hope is to disturb that space between the two so they can coexist in a kind of mutual uncertainty. - Author: Gregory Pardlo
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#40. Stephen D'Evelyn, a scholar working primarily on Hildegard's Symphonia, was a teaching assistant in my 2005 course on "Hildegard and the Gospels" and a valuable discussion partner for the translations we looked at in class. - Author: Beverly Mayne Kienzle
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#41. A linguist deaf to the poetic functions of language and a literary scholar indifferent to linguistics are equally flagrant anachronisms. - Author: Roman Jakobson
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#42. The scholar does not consider gold and jade to be precious treasures, but loyalty and good faith. - Author: Confucius
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#43. In the words of Jewish liturgical scholar Lawrence Hoffman, 'Jews do offer freely composed prayers ... But overall, it is the fixed order and content of Jewish prayer that gives it its distinctiveness and that demands the personal commitment to prayer as a discipline. - Author: Lauren F. Winner
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#44. The high-ceilinged rooms, the little balconies, alcoves, nooks and angles all suggest sanctuary, escape, creature comfort. The reader, the scholar, the browser, the borrower is king. - Author: David McCord
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#45. Free should be the scholar - free and brave. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#46. The scholar is that man who must take up into himself all the ability of the time, all the contributions of the past, all the hopes of the future. He must be an university of knowledges. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#47. What is more important to a library than anything else
than everything else
is the fact that it exists.
[The Premise Of Meaning, American Scholar; Washington, DC, June 5, 1972] - Author: Archibald MacLeish
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#48. An illuminating read for every classical scholar engaged with the current quest for the subject's roots, and the excavation of the way that it has evolved over the past century and a half. - Author: Edith Hall
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#49. There is not one kind of food for all men. You must and you will feed those faculties which you exercise. The laborer whose body is weary does not require the same food with the scholar whose brain is weary. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#50. I suppose every old scholar has had the experience of reading something in a book which was significant to him, but which he could never find again. Sure he is that he read it there, but no one else ever read it, nor can he find it again, though he buy the book and ransack every page. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#51. I would rather see a school produce a happy street cleaner than a neurotic scholar. - Author: A.S. Neill
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#52. Since the time of St. Jerome, it was mandatory for any kind of scholar or thinker to spend time out in the desert in solitude. It's no coincidence that the desert has been a major part of the visionary or mystical experience from the beginning of time. - Author: Bill Viola
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#53. I felt like the Islamic scholar Muhammad Abduh (1849-1905), who said on his return from a trip to Europe to his homeland Egypt 'I saw no Muslims in Europe but I saw a lot of Islam,' and of his homeland 'There are a lot of Muslims here but no Islam. - Author: Imran Khan
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#54. Learn,learn and relearn: become a great scholar. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#55. Perhaps love and attention are really the same thing. One can't exist without the other. The British scholar Avner Offer calls attention "the universal currency of well-being." Attentive people, in other words, are happy people. - Author: Eric Weiner
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#56. The most precise and thoughtful scholar is limited in what he knows and wrong in some things that he affirms; the most devoted saint is stained with sin and full of error; the bravest heart among us will fail and break; but Christ is altogether lovely, holy, and unfailing. - Author: Paul Washer
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#57. Seek knowledge and teach it to people. Learn dignity and tranquillity, and be humble towards those from whom you learn knowledge and be humble towards those to whom you teach it, and do not be tyrannical scholar otherwise your knowledge cannot be established because of your tyranny. - Author: Umar
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#58. The scholar without good breeding is a pedant; the philosopher, a cynic. - Author: Lord Chesterfield
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#59. The mind of the scholar, if you would have it large and liberal, should come in contact with other minds. It is better that his armor should be somewhat bruised by rude encounters even, than hang forever rusting on the wall. - Author: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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#60. Do people know which risks lead to many deaths and which risks lead to few?" the legal scholar Cass Sunstein asks. "They do not. In fact, they make huge blunders." Sunstein draws this observation from the work of Paul Slovic, author of The Perception of Risk. - Author: Eula Biss
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#61. Every morning like a scholar at his first class I prepare a blank mind for the day to write upon. - Author: Bruce Lee
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#62. His locked, lettered, braw brass collar, Shewed him the gentleman and scholar. - Author: Robert Burns
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#63. I feel that I am a scholar who only with the left hand writes novels. - Author: Umberto Eco
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#64. Personally I discovered that you could go through the academy as a young scholar, come out, and almost immediately have an impact on the academic environment. - Author: Bernice Johnson Reagon
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#65. I like a puzzle, as you know. So does every scholar worth his salt. It's the reward of the business, to look history in the eye and say, 'I know who you are. You can't fool me'. - Author: Elizabeth Kostova
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#66. I have a scholar's love of silence and solitude. To sit and pass hour after hour in idle chatter with a roomful of strangers is to me the worst sort of torment. - Author: Susanna Clarke
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#67. The American biblical scholar Bart Ehrman, in a book whose subtitle is The Story Behind Who Changed the New Testament and Why, unfolds the huge uncertainty befogging the New Testament texts. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#68. Both the poet and scholar are trying to learn something. The poem for me is a pursuit. Some of the answers are within. Some of the answers are without. - Author: Gregory Pardlo
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#69. To the rest of us the supreme vindication of the scholar's view lies in their invincible allegiance to the Jewish heritage - a steadfastness that has been matched only by that of their rescuers. - Author: Henrietta Szold
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#70. Karl stood up and pointed at the large portraits on the wall. He swept the room from George Washington to Ben Franklin to John Adams to Thomas Jefferson. "Soldier, Printer, Lawyer, Scholar. You become a politician because the people make you one, not because you desire to be one. - Author: Jeff Ferry
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#71. It is a scholar's task to find patterns in nature or cycles in history. Initially, it's no different from finding portraits of animals and heroes in the stars. The question is, Have you discovered a preexisting truth? Or have you imposed an arbitrary meaning on whatever it is you're considering? - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#72. To be a head boy, you have to be very clever, you have to be a scholar, and I was never a scholar in any shape or form. - Author: Hugh Laurie
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#73. Anyone who wants to know the human psyche will learn next to nothing from experimental psychology. He would be better advised to abandon exact science, put away his scholar's gown, bid farewell to his study, and wander with human heart through the world. - Author: Carl Jung
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#75. Footnoting references, signalling quotations, and so on were no part of a 13th-century scholar's duty. He could recycle his own and his predecessor's work without a qualm. He knew nothing of copyright and plagiarism, which are 17th-century inventions. - Author: Fergus Kerr
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#76. They waged war for decades, never realizing that they were fighting for the same cause.
-Campaigns East and West Tamoura, 1152-1180 by Scholar Tennan - Author: Marie Lu
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#77. almost every scholar who has grappled with the question of what reading does to one's habits of mind has concluded that the process encourages rationality; that the sequential, propositional character of the written word fosters what Walter Ong calls the "analytic management of knowledge. - Author: Neil Postman
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#78. Iron sharpens iron; scholar, the scholar. - Author: William Drummond
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#79. The society of the energetic class, in their friendly and festive meetings, is full of courage, and of attempts, which intimidatethe pale scholar. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#80. Teaching was never a vocation for me. Certainly I never aspired to teach people how to live. I was what used to be called a scholar. I wrote books about dead people. That was where my heart was. I taught only to make a living. - Author: J.M. Coetzee
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#81. A scholar who cherishes the love of comfort is not fit to be deemed a scholar. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#82. The real scholar learns how to evolve the unknown from the known, and draws near the master. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#83. Many would have disliked to live, if possessed of the peculiar features of Arthur Jermyn, but he had been a poet and a scholar and had not minded. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#84. Gregg Braden is a rare blend of a scientist, visionary, and scholar, with the ability to speak to our minds, while touching the wisdom of our hearts. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#85. Robert Glennon is a leading-edge legal scholar and passionate water advocate whose thinking is central to an intense debate on the path forward to a water-secure world. I heartily recommend his provocative, information-packed, and highly readable new book Unquenchable. - Author: Maude Barlow
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#86. A scholar's weapon is his pen;
a sage's weapon, his deeds. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#87. My mother, whose family was heavily rabbinic, said she wanted me to continue the family tradition in the rabbinate. My father said he wanted me to be a scholar of the Talmud, but he wanted me to make my living in science. - Author: Norman Lamm
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#88. The learner always begins by finding fault, but the scholar sees the positive merit in everything. - Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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#89. A combination of the qualities of the scholar, the master cook, the painter, the gastronomer, the sportsman and the pantologist, assisted by the skill of the bookmaker and etcher, will be required to compose the cookbook par excellence. - Author: George Ellwanger
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#90. A scholar like myself who is not a Sinologist and yet ventures the proposition that Chinese languages should be rewritten in the Greek alphabet (or "Romanized", to use the current term) is treading on uncharted territory (for him) and does so at his peril. - Author: Eric A. Havelock
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#91. Ideas were found by the freethinker,
expressed by poet with the new words,
formulated by scholar into knowledge. - Author: Toba Beta
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#92. Everything that's prose isn't verse and everything that isn't verse is prose. Now you see what it is to be a scholar! - Author: Moliere
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#93. Shall I tell you the secret of the true scholar? It is this: every man I meet is my master in some point, and in that I learn of him. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#94. I talk of love, a scholar's parrot may talk greek, but, self-imprisoned, always end where I begin. - Author: Phil Keaggy
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#95. The life of a scholar seldom abounds with adventure. - Author: Oliver Goldsmith
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#96. A preacher should have the mind of a scholar, the heart of a child, and the hide of a rhinoceros. His problem is how to toughen his hide without hardening his heart. - Author: Vance Havner
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#97. Every man of sound brain whom you meet knows something worth knowing better than yourself. A man, on the whole, is a better preceptor than a book. But what scholar does not allow that the dullest book can suggest to him a new and a sound idea? - Author: Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
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#98. Our people are slow to learn the wisdom of sending character instead of talent to Congress. Again and again they have sent a man of great acuteness, a fine scholar, a fine forensic orator, and some master of the brawls has crunched him up in his hands like a bit of paper. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#99. Listen like a student.
Learn like a scholar.
Live like a sage.
Love like a saint. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#100. The scholar may be sure that he writes the tougher truth for the calluses on his palms. They give firmness to the sentence. Indeed, the mind never makes a great and successful effort, without a corresponding energy of the body. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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