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#1. For nearly twenty years I have been a published author ... But I have never yet seen a book of mine offered for sale in a shop window.

George Bernard Shaw

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#2. Your most important sale in life is to sell yourself to yourself.

Maxwell Maltz

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#3. Whenever I see an autobiography for sale in the book store i just flip to the about the author section. I'm like, "Done, next!"

Demetri Martin

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#4. I've never made a dime from a record sale in the history of my record deal. I've been very happy with my sales, and certainly my audience has been very supportive. I make a living going out and playing shows.

Lyle Lovett

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#5. I think another thing is that we don't really want exclusivity. We accept that it is in the artist's interest to be on sale in every place where they sell music.

Peter Gabriel

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#6. You can see that a city is prosperous by the wealth of goods for sale in the market. Land too we call prosperous if it bears rich fruit. And so also the soul may be counted prosperous if it is full of good works of every kind.

Saint Basil

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#7. The labour-power is a commodity , not capital, in the hands of the labourer, and it constitutes for him a revenue so long as he can continuously repeat its sale; it functions as capital after its sale, in the hands of the capitalist, during the process of production itself.

Karl Marx

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#8. Everything is for sale in Hollywood; the fairy tale, the costume, the pumpkin, the footman and the mice.

Amanda Eliasch

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#9. In the twelve months immediately preceding the outbreak; of war, the quantity of spirits, both domestic and imported released for sale in Canada, amounted to over three and a half million proof gallons.

William Lyon Mackenzie King

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#10. The mistake so many marketers make is that they conjoin the urgency of making another sale with the timing to earn the right to make that sale. In other words, you must build trust before you need it. Building trust right when you want to make a sale is just too late.

Seth Godin

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#11. I think I made my first short fiction sale in 2005. I had been writing unsuccessfully before that.

Ann Leckie

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#12. The key to a sale in an interview, and the key to an interview is a disturbing question.

Ben Feldman

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#13. Everything we have is everything we love - it's basically like we picked for our homes and then just put it for sale in a store.

Helena Christensen

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#14. As Stephanie and Lula were going after the bad guys, Lula was making preparations from the trunk of her Firebird. Stephanie looked inside and stopped breathing for a beat. "That's a rocket launcher!" "Yep," Lula said. "It's a big boy. I got it at a yard sale in the projects.

Janet Evanovich

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#15. I think when you get interested in antiques, the most frustrating thing is that books don't have enough photos. When you go to a flea market or garage sale, you see lots of things you've never seen before and you have no idea what the price is going to be or should be.

Judith Miller

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#16. After a fashion, they did, mingling the sale of perfumes with anti-Nazi propaganda. In the event, my tirelessly publicised determination to wrest back control of the business neutralised most of the adverse repercussions on me from an unwilling association with their propaganda.

Coco Chanel

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#17. We have seen the evil of the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors in our midst; let us try prohibition and see what this will do for us.

Thomas Jordan Jarvis

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#18. Fleury had succeeded (but only with difficulty) in overcoming certain qualms as to whether selling one's life as dearly as possible, or even putting it up for sale at all, was, in fact, the wisest course

J.G. Farrell

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#19. In theory, everybody buys the best and cheapest commodities offered to him on the market. In practice, if every one went around pricing, and chemically testing before purchasing, the dozens of soaps or fabrics or brands of bread which are for sale, economic life would become hopelessly jammed.

Edward Bernays

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#20. Creativity is not just for artists. It's for businesspeople looking for a new way to close a sale; it's for engineers trying to solve a problem; it's for parents who want their children to see the world in more than one way.

Twyla Tharp

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#21. You're never quite sure how you feel about a neighbor until a 'For Sale' sign suddenly appears in front of his house.

Orlando Aloysius Battista

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#22. The kind of corruption the media talk about, the kind the Supreme Court was concerned about, involves the putative sale of votes in exchange for campaign contributions.

James L. Buckley

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#23. I've never had a yard sale, ever, in my life. I don't know if I ever thought about stuff I would get rid of.

Will Ferrell

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#24. Because of piracy there has been a massive downturn in people buying music, which makes it more difficult for artists to make money from the sale of records.

Lily Allen

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#25. In our day, computer technology and the proliferation of books on CD-ROM have not affected - as far as statistics show - the production and sale of books in their old-fashioned codex form.

Alberto Manguel

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#26. Meanwhile, what about the workers in those state monopolies that are being put up for sale? I am reminded of a technique for employee ownership that has worked well for many U.S. companies. It goes by various names, but the best known is "Employee Stock Ownership Program," or ESOP.

Ronald Reagan

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#27. Mom says good health is like buying an appliance at a garage sale. You do the best you can to make sure it's in good shape and then leave the rest to God.

Dandi Daley Mackall

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#28. I'm nearsighted in my right eye, have glaucoma in my left, and the nerves in my hands are on Medicare. Basically, I'm on the wrong end of a short sale.

Gary McCord

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#29. In Morocco, before you even get to the matter of the sale, you have to coax the owner to sell.

Tahir Shah

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#30. Your lawyer is your true mercenary. Under his code honor consists in making the best possible fight in exchange for the biggest possible fee. He is frankly for sale to the highest bidder.

David Graham Phillips

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#31. In business, one of the challenges is making sure that your product is the easiest to experience and complete a sale.

Mark Cuban

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#32. I always accepted the libertarian position of minimum regulation in the sale and use of firearms because I placed guns under the beneficial rubric of minimal restrictions on individuals.

Michael Shermer

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#33. No drug or drink can match the high/kick that a Sale gives you! Though the feeling can never be expressed in words but I feel like I am the king and on top of this world!


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#34. What philosophers say about actuality [Virkelighed] is often just as disappointing as it is when one reads on a sign in a secondhand shop: Pressing Done Here. If a person were to bring his clothes to be pressed, he would be duped, for the sign is merely for sale.

Soren Kierkegaard

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#35. If you live in a yard sale kind of neighborhood - in good weather, most neighborhoods are crawling with them on weekends - do a sweep to see what the competition is charging. No one is going to buy your $7 book if they can get it down the block for $1.

Jean Chatzky

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#36. Companies from which I have purchased items are more than welcome to call me with a sale or discount. If I request information on your Web site, please call me. If I don't want your wares, calling me 15 times in a week will not change that.

Julie Ann Dawson

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#37. It had to be the most surreal, embarrassing, awkward moment of his life, standing petrified in his mother's backyard in front of a broken lawn mower, sporting a woody and discussing sex for sale with the landlady.

Linda Kage

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#38. Politicians in this country have always been for sale. That is nothing new.

Peter Schuyler

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#39. I was that kid with the glasses and the hungry expression who haunted every library book sale and used bookstore in town: the one who always has a book in one hand and is reaching for the next book with the other. There's one in every town.

Seanan McGuire

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#40. No matter how many indigested actions a female appears to exhibit to the male psyche, she is still a woman. She's the specialty of the house. However she doesn't come at a sale price. Considering her value, a woman is one of the best deals life has to offer.

Will Leamon

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#41. Ask for the sale when the mood is right. The worst possible place is in the prospects' office. Best place is a business breakfast, lunch or dinner. Next best is your office. Next best is a trade show. Ask early, and ask often.

Jeffrey Gitomer

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#42. Sadly, schools deal in the sale and exchange of knowledge, not wisdom."

~ "The Hole

Guy Burt

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#43. If you're in business, all the content in the world will do you no good unless it leads to a sale.

Richie Norton

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#44. I was born and raised in Pawnee City, Nebraska. I lived right next to the sale barn and I raised pigs. My dad was a guidance counselor at Wymore High School. He was also a preacher and did farming as well. We leased out our crop land but had cattle and horses.

Larry The Cable Guy

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#45. Something new seems to be at work in the contemporary world - a process that is eating away the very heart of social life, not merely by putting salesmanship in place of moral virtue, but by putting everything - virtue included - on sale.

Roger Scruton

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#46. Harlem was the main chance for the east end of New York, for eastsiders, as that real estate boom that took place in the 1890s - and it was a preposterous one where people bought and sold, and everything appreciated with each sale - and eventually, of course, the house of cards would crumble.

David Levering Lewis

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#47. A 'For Sale' sign in your yard during the holidays is like a 'kick me' sign. You are telling buyers you are a distressed seller.

Ray Brown

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#48. When the headlines get black and foreboding, the sale of alcohol and barbiturates rises in the country, as millions try to escape from the grim realities of [such] dangers.

Billy Graham

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#49. A new report shows that, in Virginia, gun violence has fallen as the sale of firearms has soared to a new record. In other news, a recent study shows that most criminals don't like getting shot at.

Fred Thompson

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#50. Fear and greed are probably the worst emotions to have in connection with the purchase and sale of stocks.

Walter Schloss

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#51. So, in effect, my first sale was actually two books.

George Stephen

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#52. There is no myth relative to the manners and customs of the English that in my experience is more tenaciously held by the ordinary Frenchman than that the sale of a wife in the market-place is an habitual and an accepted fact in English life.

Sabine Baring-Gould

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#53. All the best, greatest, purest and worthiest things in life are beyond all market-value and that the gifts of the gods are not for sale.

Marie Corelli

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#54. Gave up Nutella in December 2011. A few years later I thought I would be able to handle the Nutella once more so I bought two jars on sale. I ate 4,000 calories of Nutella over 36 hours.

Gretchen Rubin

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#55. What happened was I saw this ad for a yogurt plant for sale. It was in my junk mail pile, and I threw it into the garbage can. And then about half an hour later, with the dirt on it, I picked it up from the garbage can, and I called out of curiosity.

Hamdi Ulukaya

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#56. I stand in support of this common sense legislation to license everyone who wishes to purchase a gun ... I also believe that every new handgun sale or transfer should be registered in a national registry

Hillary Clinton

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#57. I use the term bar-room to represent every means for the sale and traffic in liquor, and I earnestly appeal to the people to put an end to the traffic, no matter under what name or guise it may be carried on.

Thomas Jordan Jarvis

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#58. The legal bother, indeed, lasted for years. It was quite a long time before Mr. Baggins was in fact admitted to be alive again. The people who had got specially good bargains at the Sale took a deal of convincing; and

J.R.R. Tolkien

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#59. This is where I liked to be when I was hangover or coming down off a cocaine binge, here in the dust with all these dusty people, all this liveliness and clutter and color, things for sale to cheer me up, and greasy food that would slip down by throat.

Anne Lamott

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#60. I am mortified to be told that, in the United States of America, the sale of a book can become a subject of inquiry, and of criminal inquiry too.

Thomas Jefferson

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#61. In 2001, Texaco was bought by Chevron, and during deliberations concerning that sale, an 800 page document listing the problems and liabilities connected to Texaco was brought forward at their stockholder meeting by Amazon Watch, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the Amazon.

Peter Coyote

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#62. People get caught up in wonderful, eye-catching pitches, but they don't do enough to close the deal. It's no good if you don't make the sale. Even if your foot is in the door or you bring someone into a conference room, you don't win the deal unless you actually get them to sign on the dotted line.

Donald Trump

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#63. Unlike the sale of a commodity, the giving of a gift tends to establish a relationship between the parties involved. When gifts circulate within a group, their commerce leaves a series of interconnected relationships in its wake, and a kind of decentralized cohesiveness emerges.

Lewis Hyde

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#64. Originally marriage meant the sale of a woman by one man to another; now most women sell themselves though they have no intention of delivering the goods listed in the bill of sale.

Robert Graves

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#65. Capitaine Etienne Relais was known to be incorruptible in an ambience in which vice was the norm, honor for sale, and laws made to be broken, and men operated on the assumption that he who did not abuse power did not deserve to have it.

Isabel Allende

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#66. The sale of sex in modern societies is not about spreading genes. Sex has been taken over by the memes.

Susan Blackmore

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#67. What the philosophers have to say about reality is often as disappointing as a sign you see in a shop window, which reads Pressing Done Here. If you brought your clothes in to be pressed, you would be fooled: for the sign is only for sale.

Soren Kierkegaard

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#68. They sell courage of a sort in the taverns. And another sort, though not for sale, a man can find in the confessional. Try the alehouses and the churches, Hugh. In either a man can be quiet and think.

Ellis Peters

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#69. I can get any retail buyer on the phone with you and get them to verify that not a single retail location in America where there's a PlayStation 3 on the shelf for sale. They've all been sold in a matter of minutes.

Jack Tretton

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#70. If you make a sale, you can make a living. If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.

Jim Rohn

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#71. You may be a redneck if ... you think you are an entrepreneur because of the "Dirt for Sale" sign in the front yard.

Jeff Foxworthy

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#72. I think there's a bargain in every garage sale - not as much as there used to be, but they're still there.

Judith Miller

Sale In Quotes #652927
#73. He had to do it in secret. He didn't want people to think he was buying forgiveness or understanding. Those two things should not be for sale, at any price.

Barry Lyga

Sale In Quotes #653792
#74. One is that you should never take no for an answer. There is always some way to make a sale if you have confidence in your merchandise. Just because a customer says no doesn't mean he isn't buying. You just have to sift your way through all the rhetoric and get to the heart of the deal. The

Thomas L. Friedman

Sale In Quotes #678618
#75. I don't go to the sale rack. But I wouldn't say I am decadent in my spending. I am careful.

Madonna Ciccone

Sale In Quotes #679486
#76. In this state, dig it, you get twenty years for sale of dope to a minor. You only get five to ten for manslaughter. So like, the thing is, if you're selling to a kid and cops come, shoot the kid real quick!

Abbie Hoffman

Sale In Quotes #681940
#77. When was the last time you bought an American-made radio or television? If you're Gen X or younger, the answer is 'never.' Does the label on that shirt or skirt you're wearing say 'Made in the U.S.A.'? If so, you probably got it at Goodwill, or maybe at a Smithsonian garage sale.

Seth Shostak

Sale In Quotes #700011
#78. No one is doing something in your business - getting a sale, having a key customer, working on an R&D project - doing anything that's more important than something you say is going to change the company.

Jack Welch

Sale In Quotes #713072
#79. But it is not everything in life that has its ticket, so much. There are things that are not for sale.

Agatha Christie

Sale In Quotes #715378
#80. I have an antique console stand-up radio that I bought in a yard sale, that I've always half-believed has magical properties. It's in my office, and it has watched over each of the fifteen books I've written. It also helped me find my wife.

Ben Mezrich

Sale In Quotes #716154
#81. During 2007 "Not for Sale" was born from a problem I saw in Thailand. We established a basic level of care to the community there. Over the years our effective means of response has changed to help provide people with choices for the future.

David Batstone

Sale In Quotes #716966
#82. I'm a sucker for a sale. I don't understand why anyone wants to pay full price for anything because everything goes on sale. I love sale websites. In fact - this is almost kind of embarrassing - I'm coming from an Isabel Marant sample sale.

Busy Philipps

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#83. Bottom line: There is probably no better way to close a sale or get hired for a job than to pull a book out of your briefcase and let the person across the table know you are the expert in the industry.

Jim F. Kukral

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#84. More great Americans were failures than they were successes. They mostly spent their lives in not having a buyer for what they had for sale.

Gertrude Stein

Sale In Quotes #726247
#85. I'm very happy for whatever plaudits might come the way of my work, but I never ever sit down to write x with y in view - whether it's a reader, a prize or a sale.

Will Self

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#86. In front of the cave there was a sign saying it was for sale, and the orphans could not imagine who would want to buy such a phantasmagorical - the word 'phantasmagorical' here mean 'all the creepy, scary words you can think of putting together' - place.

Lemony Snicket

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#87. Neither ancients nor moderns who were good men have done such ,a deed that, after promising ,a daughter to one man, they have her to another, Nor, indeed, have we heard, even in former creations, of such ,a thing as the covert sale of a daughter for a fixed price, called a nuptial fee.

Guru Nanak

Sale In Quotes #741538
#88. Everything is selling. Nothing happens in this world, nothing comes into this world, until somebody makes a sale.

Richard Yates

Sale In Quotes #751631
#89. In order to be a successful Investor you have to think positive, believe in yourself, and never give up!

Monica Breckenridge

Sale In Quotes #757030
#90. The Lord's Prayer is 66 words, the Gettysburg Address is 286 words, and there are 1,322 words in the Declaration of Independence. Yet, government regulations on the sale of cabbage total 26,911 words.

David McIntosh

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#91. Did any love ever feel as sweet as first love? Were we all just damaged goods now, battered cans in the grocery store sale bin, day old bread, marked down at the registered, hoping that someone would look past the obvious flaws and love us enough to take us home?

Jennifer Weiner

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#92. Earlier today, the jury at the Martha Stewart trial reached a verdict. Martha was found guilty on all charges. In a related story, there's a huge sale at K-Mart.

Conan O'Brien

Sale In Quotes #818107
#93. The truth of anything at all doesn't lie in someone's account of it. It lies in all the small facts of the time. An advertisement in a paper, the sale of a house, the price of a ring.

Josephine Tey

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#94. People buy their necessities in shops and have to pay dearly for them because they have to assist in paying for what is also on sale there but only rarely finds purchasers: the luxury and amusement goods. So it is that luxury continually imposes a tax on the simple people who have to do without it.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#95. Economic and social misery increases in direct proportion to the size and power of the central government of a nation or state.

Kirkpatrick Sale

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#96. But the fact that the word "chattel" has survived as the inclusive legal term for all movable goods, points, not merely to the great importance of cattle in primitive times, but to the importance of the notion of sale or barter in generating the institution of property.

Edward Jenks

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#97. The world is a great mart, my Holly, where all things are for sale to whom who bids the highest in the currency of our desires.

H. Rider Haggard

Sale In Quotes #844878
#98. It used to be that you would go in to see a CEO, and you would ask them, 'Is your company for sale?' and if they said 'No, we have no interest in selling,' that was sort of the end of the conversation.

Henry Kravis

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#99. Our loss was very heavy, especially in the officers. Capt. Sale, of Co. E, Duke's regt, was among the killed, making the third Capt. that has been killed in that company.

John Hunt Morgan

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#100. This and many others only confirmed me in the opinion, planted when I saw the sale of Martha Ann, and growing steadily thereafter, that slavery was an accursed business, and that the sooner my people were relieved of it, the better.

John Sergeant Wise

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