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Top 28 Royal Navy Sayings

#1. That this, right here, right now, is our life. It is not our parents' or our children's, not our husbands' or our wives'. It is not made more or less valuable by our job or how much we have in the bank. Our life is ours. It is the only one we will ever have. And we should love it. - Author: Rob Lowe
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#2. The Royal Navy had not built its magnificent reputation over the centuries by avoiding battle. - Author: Arthur Nicholson
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#3. Then it hits me ...
And it hits me with the force of a blow. I am maybe fifteen years old. I am a girl. I am also acting lieutenant in the Royal Navy, and, by the Naval Rules and Regulations as regards the chain of command, I am in command of His Majesty's Ship Wolverine. - Author: L.A. Meyer
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#4. I am an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy, Sir - " Venizelos felt an undeniable rush of adrenaline and pleasure as he faced the burly captain squarely " - and the Royal Manticoran Navy does not 'bluff. - Author: David Weber
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#5. You're so obvious. Why didn't you just roll in dog shit to make your outfit complete? - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#6. All things considered, Her Grace's plan may not have been the single rashest, most foolhardy, do-or-die, all-or-nothing throw of the dice in the history of the Royal Manticoran - or Grayson - Navy. If it wasn't, however, I have so far failed to find the plan that was. - Author: David Weber
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#7. Pray state, this day, on one side of a sheet of paper, how the Royal navy is being adapted to meet the conditions of modern warfare. - Author: Michael Paterson
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#8. The only traditions of the Royal Navy are rum, sodomy and the lash. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#9. The apprentice's name was Wolf, because sometimes the universe is an unsubtle place. - Author: Anne Ursu
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#10. Greta: At one point, you practically stalked poor Dante.
Jamie: Stalked? No, I just watched him. At night. From behind a bush. Using night-vision googles. - Author: Suzanne Wrightt
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#11. Paradoxically, the few eras of peace were times when men of war had high influence. The Pax Romana was enforced by Caesar's Legions. The Pax Brittanica was enforced by the Royal Navy and His Majesty's Forces. - Author: Jerry Pournelle
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#12. Calling home a close finish - And the judge has called for a photo, appropriately for the Bonusprint Sirenia Stakes. - Author: Graham Goode
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#13. An effective executive builds on strengths - their own strengths, the strengths of superiors, colleagues, subordinates, and on the strength of the situation. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#14. I'm an officer in her Majesty's Royal New Zealand Navy. I'm a public relations officer in the Royal New Zealand Navy. Sounds good, doesn't it? - Author: Mark Hadlow
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#15. My favorite holiday spot has to be New York, on the St. Lawrence River. Without a doubt that area there is perfect for me. Very, very spacious. It's nice. - Author: Tom Felton
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#16. The dangers of the sea should always take precedence
over the violence of the enemy'
Rear-Admiral Ben Bryant CB, DSO and two bars, DSC - Author: Ben Bryant
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#17. Maybe it's like becoming one with the cigar. You lose yourself in it; everything fades away: your worries, your problems, your thoughts. They fade into the smoke, and the cigar and you are at peace. - Author: Raul Julia
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#18. be raised only by the Royal Navy and replenishment, for Lowe's guns had - Author: Tom Pocock
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#19. I just did not discuss my personal life, my sexuality with the media. That was my policy. - Author: Greg Louganis
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#20. Contract for Services Rendered, Alt Coulumb Kos Everburning to Royal Iskari Navy," she translated. "Since the common names are all the same, each contract needs a unique reference so we can tell which one we're talking about. - Author: Max Gladstone
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#21. A large and ridiculous gunner told me that I looked like an out-of-work chorus boy. He was very startled when I told him that was exactly what I was, but that I found it easier to get work as a naval officer, a job requiring considerably less talent. - Author: William Donaldson
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#22. Why don't we all just get a long-neck? - Author: Hank Williams Jr.
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#23. I'm obsessed with the Victorian era and the British Royal Navy ... I'd love to play a troubled sailor or captain or a boatman on a three masted ship. - Author: Nick Offerman
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#24. On Elizabeth Gaskell's 'Sylvia's Lovers'.
'Philip Hepuburn worships Sylvia Robson, and finds dishonour' Sylvia Robson worships Charley Kinraid, and finds disillusionment. Charley Kinraid worships himself, and finds a career in the Royal Navy and an heiress who agrees with him. - Author: Lucinda Elliot
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#25. Nothing is worth anything to dead men. - Author: Arya
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#26. My dad had a small suitcase stuffed with photos, mementoes from wherever he'd traveled as a Royal Navy gunner. Not that he gunned very much, as it turned out. I'd haul it out and go through it time and time again. - Author: Honeysuckle Weeks
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#27. The Royal Navy of England hath ever been its greatest defense and ornament; it is its ancient and natural strength; the floating bulwark of the island. - Author: William Blackstone
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#28. There comes a moment as a parent when you realize you will no longer be the center of your child's universe. - Author: Carre Otis
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