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#1. We need to keep investing in economic and homeland security. We need to bank on the right kind of economic development. We need to embrace opportunities, but with the right kind of safeguards. - Author: John Baldacci
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#2. Those who drink whiskey with the owls at night, cannot soar with the eagles the next day. - Author: Brian D. Ratty
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#3. Miss Tarabotti felt such rules did not entirely apply to her, as she was a spinster. Had been a spinster for as long as she could remember. In her more acerbic moments, she felt she had been born a spinster. - Author: Gail Carriger
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#4. Enthusiasm and misplaced belief can take you a long way. - Author: John Otway
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#5. I suppose you just feel on an instinctive level if something is honest. - Author: Ray Stevenson
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#6. Just to be difficult, I kept on my tee and my panties (which thank God, were mocha-colored satin hipsters with a load of beige lace and not ratty old ones that sagged at the ass) - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#7. Something happened to you, they discovered, when you were given the unconditional love and trust of a child.
You wanted to try to deserve it. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#8. Receive compliments gracefully instead of countering with a disclaimer such as, "Oh, this ratty old thing?" Try this instead: "Thank you." Period. Take - Author: Jen Sincero
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#9. If you're gonna make connections which are innovative ... you have to not have the same bag of experiences as everyone else does. - Author: Steve Jobs
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#10. I can only feel the 'I.'
I can know who I am not.
I can know what I am not.
But, who I am,
I cannot express;
I cannot describe it in words. - Author: Santosh Lamichhane
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#11. I don't understand some of the music I hear on MTV or the radio, because they don't mention the times we live in. They have nothing to do with nothing. - Author: Daron Malakian
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#12. My sister, with her ratty red-highlighted hair and her linen pajamas and her combat boots - how could she possibly worry about being possessed by a goddess? What goddess would want her, except the goddess of chewing gum? - Author: Rick Riordan
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#13. When Allah created the horse, he said to the wind, I will that a creature proceed from thee. Condense thyself.And the wind condensed itself, and the result was the horse. - Author: Marguerite Henry
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#14. I don't like rats any more than the next bloke, but they ain't wicked and cruel like people can be. They're just ratty in their habits. - Author: Philip Pullman
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#15. I began to swim, an armless silver mermaid, using only my hips to generate motion, until finally my ass scraped against the lake's mucky bottom. I turned then and used my hips and waist to roll three times, until I came ashore near a ratty green towel. They'd left me a towel. How thoughtful. - Author: John Green
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#16. She was only a prostitute, but she had the nicest face I ever came across. - Author: George Carlin
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#17. So, when you see a kid with ratty jeans on, wearing sneakers that aren't clean, you know they're in a certain place economically. I was interested in that experience. - Author: Jim McKay
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#18. Still,I knew when I was being lied to. And I was never taking the trash out for that ratty gnome again. - Author: Kiersten White
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#19. I've never really done this. Now I know what scared is. - Author: Reba McEntire
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#20. I love those shorts."
A crinkled formed between her brows. "They're old and ratty." ...
"I like them, but if you don't, I'd be happy to take them off for you." He cocked one brow ... - Author: Cat Johnson
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#21. I used to sleep in the T-shirt I wore during the day and whatever ratty old gym shorts I could find on the floor. But one year for Christmas, someone gave me a very chic, comfortable pair of pajamas from Brooks Brothers, and I realized the error of my ways. - Author: Derek Blasberg
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#22. I write slowly by hand. Publishing is effectively bankrupt for you unless you are Danielle Steele. It takes a year to write book and advances are going down or disappearing. - Author: Erica Jong
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#23. Ah Ratty, what good times we'll have," said Mad Jack. "Just you and me, Ratty. We'll go cuttin' them reeds together, and if you're good we'll go to the circus when it comes to town and see the clowns. I love them clowns, Ratty. We'll have a good life together. Yes we will. Oh yes. - Author: Angie Sage
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#24. If he is weak enough to grow smaller to fit himself to his covering, then it becomes a process of gradual suicide by shrinkage of the soul. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#25. Leaders are dealers in hope. - Author: Mark Miller
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#26. The toes of our ratty black sneakers touched. - Author: Kami Garcia
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