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#1. 'Urban Renewal' was sweet because I've been - unfairly, I would say - plonked in the middle of the road because of a handful of songs. It came at a good time for me, because you do take a bit of a browbeating and, as you get older, you become better at accepting it and realizing why it happens.

Phil Collins

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#2. Public employee unions, in their defense, say politicians have unfairly made them into simplistic bogeymen, responsible for problems that have myriad causes. Not all government workers receive generous pensions, they note.

Charles Duhigg

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#3. If you know how it's to be treated unfairly, you will be gentle with others.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#4. You are judging demons and beasts unfairly. The only animal capable of such cruelty walks on two legs and arrogantly thinks that he was created in image of God.

Juraj Cervenak

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#5. As premiums continue to skyrocket, we must ensure that health insurers are not engaging in anticompetitive behavior and unfairly driving up health care costs.

Diana DeGette

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#6. Challenging unfairly subsidized products, fighting counterfeit goods and intellectual property theft and holding countries accountable for an unfair currency regime will help American companies remain competitive.

Virginia Foxx

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#7. You don't usually get treated unfairly. You usually get what you deserve.

Dale Murphy

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#8. Very unfairly, there's a negative image of the kid, which really stems from the greed and selfishness of the NBA and NCAA. They're forcing these kids to go to school.

Sonny Vaccaro

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#9. To believe in personal responsibility would be to destroy the whole special role of the anointed, whose vision casts them in the role of rescuers of people treated unfairly by "society".

Thomas Sowell

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#10. Most people had an acquired kind of beauty, they became better looking the longer you knew them and the better you loved them, but Cole had unfairly skipped to the end of the game, all jaggedly handsome and Hollywood-looking. Not needing any love to get there.

Maggie Stiefvater

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#11. If you can manipulate news, a judge can manipulate the law. A smart lawyer can keep a killer out of jail, a smart accountant can keep a thief from paying taxes, a smart reporter could ruin your reputation- unfairly.

Mario Cuomo

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#12. When we retreat to the country, we are hiding not from people, but from our pride, which, in the city and among people, operates unfairly and immoderately.

Anton Chekhov

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#13. I had the idea to become really emotionally detached, and a lot of the time I've treated people that I've cared about a lot really unfairly.

George Clarke

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#14. As an ability, love is always there as a potential, ready to flourish and
help our lives flourish. As we go up and down in life, as we acquire or
lose, as we are showered with praise or unfairly blamed, always within
there is the ability of love, recognized or not, given life or not.

Sharon Salzberg

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#15. I believe that in New York, we must have one set of rules for everyone - and that means women cannot be unfairly denied health coverage.

Eric Schneiderman

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#16. Let's not forget, it was the government, Department of Finance and Central Bank that decided to unfairly land the taxpayers of this country with unmitigated losses of Anglo and massive legacy issues that would have been expected when nationalising a fraudulent bank.

Sean Quinn

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#17. I judged you unfairly when I met you."
"But you still wanted to kiss me?"
He shrugged, a smirk turning up the right corner of his mouth. "I'm a guy.

Katrina Abbott

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#18. He was like a sheep being led to be killed. He was quiet, as a lamb is quiet while its wool is being cut; he never opened his mouth. He was shamed and was treated unfairly. He died without children to continue his family. His life on earth has ended.

Davis Bunn

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#19. I never ever felt that I was unfairly treated.

Wayne Dyer

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#20. While the larger white society lives in terror of liberated Blackness, of the "demons" unleashed coming after them, we know many of our spirits haunt us out of love, out of a desire for all that was unfairly stolen from them.

Walidah Imarisha

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#21. Automotive franchise laws were put in place decades ago to prevent a manufacturer from unfairly opening stores in direct competition with an existing franchise dealer that had already invested time, money and effort to open and promote their business.

Elon Musk

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#22. I've long loved emerging markets airlines because they usually sell at bargain prices. The troubled history of developed market airlines unfairly taints these stocks. In the emerging world, they're growth stocks.

Kenneth Fisher

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#23. Unfairly but truthfully, our party has been tagged as being against things. Anti-immigrant, for example. And were not a party of anti-immigrants. Quite the opposite. Were a party that welcomes people.

George W. Bush

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#24. The government's drug laws were at best proven ineffectual every day and at worst were misguidedly focused on supply rather than demand, randomly conceived and unevenly and unfairly enforced based on race and class, and thus intellectually and morally bankrupt. And those things all were true.

Piper Kerman

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#25. I've never known a man to be beaten fairly, nor one to be elected, unfairly.

Anne Ellis

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#26. The lack of energy struck unfairly keen when Mo bounced into the stables. Just had to come by before I headed off to the hell of school.

Nora Roberts

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#27. I'd want to have a fair moderator. I thought that Mitt Romney was treated very unfairly in the third debate [in 2012].

Donald Trump

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#28. I stand up for other people, I'm very protective of people around me. If I feel like somebody is getting a bad rap or being unfairly picked on, I will stand up for them, absolutely.

Christina Ricci

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#29. I can say with great confidence that I was much more critical of the people I knew than of the people I didn't. Just because I know what they're capable of, so the bar is set so much higher for them - unfairly, frankly.

Chris Lowell

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#30. For those who unfairly lump Social Security in with Bernie Madoff, in all fairness, you should point out the difference. No one was ever legally required to pay money to Madoff.

Addison Wiggin

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#31. The point I'm trying to make is that we as a family have bent over backward not to take advantage of Wal-Mart, not to press our ownership position unfairly, and everybody in the company knows it. Alice

Sam Walton

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#32. Boys get unfairly labeled as morally defective, hyperactive, undisciplined, or 'problem children,' when quite often the problem is not with the boys but with the families, extended families, or social environments, which do not understand their specific needs as human beings and as boys

Michael Gurian

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#33. One of our major flaws, and causes of unhappiness, is that we find it hard to take note of appreciate and be grateful for what is always around us. We suffer because we lose sight of the value of what is before us and yearn, often unfairly, for the imagined attraction elsewhere.

Alain De Botton

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#34. I'm certainly not suggesting legalization of polyamory. But it's also unfairly judgmental of you to compare such relationships to the criminal acts of bestiality or child sexual abuse.

Emily Yoffe

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#35. It's a fine line between commenting on social events and exploiting them in a commercial endeavor. This is the tension with which the fashion industry struggles - unfairly.

Robin Givhan

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#36. Let me say the good are often punished unfairly.

Ann Rinaldi

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#37. Roger Ailes said, we learned from a secret back channel that the ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president.

Michel Martin

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#38. I am proud of my achievements, my work ethic, and the way I live my life. The PGA Tour not only treated me unfairly, but displayed a lack of professionalism that should concern every professional golfer and fan of the game.

Vijay Singh

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#39. I just didn't like the way we were, in my opinion, being unfairly attacked. I just decided to do what was right for our family.

Robert Kraft

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#40. Kings play at war unfairly with republics; they can only lose some earth, and some creatures they value as little, while republics lose in every soldier a part of themselves.

Walter Savage Landor

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#41. Satire's nature is to be one-sided, contemptuous of ambiguity, and so unfairly selective as to find in the purity of ridicule an inarguable moral truth.

E.L. Doctorow

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#42. Any time I saw people treated unfairly because of race, creed, whatever - it struck a nerve.

Robert Redford

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#43. Over 17 years, I took on banks, landlords, real estate firms, local governments, anybody who treated anybody unfairly.

Tim Kaine

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#44. Far from rejecting outright any hierarchy of success or failure, philosophy instead reconfigures the judging process, lending legitimacy to theidea that themainstream value system may unfairly consign some people to disgrace and others to respectability.

Alain De Botton

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#45. Forgiveness is taking seriously the awfulness of what has happened when you are treated unfairly. Forgiveness is not pretending that things are other than the way they are.

Desmond Tutu

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#46. Each of us has a finite reservoir of energy in any given day. Whatever amount of energy we spend obsessing about missteps we have made, decisions that do not go our way or the belief we have been treated unfairly is energy no longer available to add value in the world.

Tony Schwartz

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#47. Judge him by his actions and not your suspicions," he says. "Because if the only measure of a man's worth is what he does to make money, a lot of good men would be judged unfairly.

J.M. Darhower

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#48. You can be absolutely certain that when you feel you are being most unfairly tested, you are being prepared for great achievement.

Napoleon Hill

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#49. Never again mistrust me. Don't turn your anger unfairly towards me. Trust isn't something I bestow easily. It's something precious. You have it or you don't. Like faith, like love. It's blind. It has to be. If I trust, if I love, I'll always believe you; no matter the circumstances.

Cristiane Serruya

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#50. When I get attacked, I always attack back, if I am attacked unfairly. I've been attacked many times and I don't do it back because they happen to be right. I mean, people happen to be right.

Donald Trump

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#51. Sometimes when you're treated unfairly it makes you stronger and more determined. I admire that kind of strength. People who have it take a stand and put their blood and soul into what they believe.

Michael Jackson

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#52. Scientists tend to resist interdisciplinary inquiries into their own territory. In many instances, such parochialism is founded on the fear that intrusion from other disciplines would compete unfairly for limited financial resources and thus diminish their own opportunity for research.

Hannes Alfven

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#53. Now that I am past picking the knife to stab one, the reward of stabbing a few more comes at an unfairly lower risk!

Pawan Mishra

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#54. I'm not a single-issue person, but I spend so much time on Israel because it is so unfairly condemned around the world.

Alan Dershowitz

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#55. I know I am judged unfairly by my physical characteristics and ostracized because of that so I say, "Yes, I'm a black man."

Chuck D

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#56. Joe DiMaggio batting sometimes gave the impression, the suggestion that the old rules and dimensions of baseball no longer applied to him, and that the game had at last grown unfairly easy.

Donald Hall

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#57. Instead of unfairly demonizing teachers, we should be working with them to find solutions to the problems in our schools and make sure every child gets an outstanding public education.

Albio Sires

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#58. Certainly not the way someone will have told you the same thing yesterday, made you feel alternately - simultaneously - angry and guilty, guilty because complicit because flattered, therefore unfairly angry.

Jennifer Clarvoe

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#59. The claim that American women are downtrodden and unfairly treated is the fraud of the century.

Phyllis Schlafly

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#60. I often think about what I want my sons to fully comprehend in regards to how sport industry unfairly operates.

Eddie George

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#61. I define myself by helping others. This is what I do.
Those people who want me to abandon my husband are asking me to put myself first and to judge him. The poor man has been judged unfairly by others. Why would I abandon him in his greatest need?

Deirdre-Elizabeth Parker

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#62. If you can cheat, so can I. I won't let you beat me unfairly - I'll beat you unfairly first.

Orson Scott Card

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#63. So many Indian novels, quite unfairly, do not get the prominence they should because they have been written in a language other than English.

Vikram Seth

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#64. What's awesome about the Internet is how it breaks up monopolistic markets where middlemen unfairly gobble up outsized fees, leaving us little choice but to keep paying them.

Sarah Lacy

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#65. When we have been hurt, slighted, or wounded unfairly, we are not left alone to bear it. We can get on our knees and ask for the Lord's help to forgive.

Virginia H. Pearce

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#66. Congress did not pass last year's 2006 budget proposals. The 2007 budget proposals are very similar, and once again unfairly target agriculture. I expect Congress to reject them again.

Saxby Chambliss

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#67. I do think women are unfairly judged by their physical appearance, but I don't think it had anything to do with being mixed-race. In my opinion, mixed-race people are the most beautiful.

Zoe Kravitz

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#68. I don't care if I pass your test, I don't care if I follow your rules. If you can cheat, so can I. I won't let you beat me unfairly - I'll beat you unfairly first.
- Ender

Orson Scott Card

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#69. Being out of a job can erode people's confidence and their sense of possibility; and employers, often unfairly, tend to take long-term unemployment as a signal that something is wrong.

James Surowiecki

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#70. There are certain people that are marked for death. I have my little list of those that treated me unfairly.

Jennifer Lopez

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#71. I am blessed to live and work in [France,] a country where women filmmakers are by and large not unfairly treated. So I wouldn't have much to contribute regarding issues faced as a female director.

Anne Fontaine

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#72. And in reading, I discovered that the burden of living is the uneven and unlimited allotment of pain. Tragedy is conferred randomly and unfairly. Any promise of easy times to come is a false one.

Nina Sankovitch

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#73. Generosity is not a free pass for people to take advantage of us, treat us unfairly, or be purposefully disrespectful and mean.

Brene Brown

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#74. We all deal with being unfairly judged.

Vin Diesel

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#75. To say that 'wealth in America is so unfairly distributed in America,' as Ronald Dworkin does, is grossly misleading when most wealth in the United States is not distributed: at all. People create it, earn it, save it, and spend it.

Thomas Sowell

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#76. Beware of the temptation to see yourself as unfairly treated.

Wayne Dyer

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#77. The role of women has always been undervalued in the spy world, always undermined in terms of recognition. Unfairly so. It's a world that needs women.

Helen Mirren

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#78. People feel repressed by their own governments; they feel unfairly treated by the outside world; they wake up in the morning, and who do they see - they see people being shot and killed: all Muslims from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Darfur.

Mohamed ElBaradei

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#79. Where did we ever get the crazy idea that in order to make children do better, first we have to make them feel worse? Think of the last time you felt humiliated or treated unfairly. Did you feel like cooperating or doing better?

Jane Nelsen

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#80. A word on 'Kingdom of Heaven:' if you get the four-disc set, which is 3 hr. 8 min., you'll see why it's such a good movie. It was a real passion project, and it's the film I'm most proud of. I think it was treated incredibly unfairly.

Ridley Scott

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#81. I often think how unfairly life's good fortune is sometimes distributed.

Leo Tolstoy

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#82. Yet our small business owners across the country are unfairly losing potential interest income on a daily basis until the Business Checking Freedom Act becomes law.

Sue Kelly

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#83. I'm being unfairly targeted by a bunch of hacks and haters.

Rand Paul

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#84. It's ideal really. They will come up with a plan. No one will like it. Everyone will feel they have been treated unfairly, but will be happy that their neighbors feel the same. And that is the nature of compromise. Now let's go eat an awful lot.

Suzanne Collins

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#85. President Clinton not only benefits by gay and lesbian votes, but he benefits by showing the nation that he is a strong leader who implements his beliefs, who stands firm by those who he believes are being treated unfairly, and I think people respect that kind of leadership in the country.

David Mixner

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#86. Great writers are indecent people they live unfairly saving the best part for paper. good human beings save the world so that bastards like me can keep creating art, become immortal. if you read this after I am dead it means I made it.

Charles Bukowski

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#87. I wish I had said 'some athletes here are competing unfairly.' It was my opinion, never an accusation.

Bob Costas

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#88. If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that sometimes our assumptions and preconceived notions are wrong, and therefore, our interpretation of events is incorrect. This causes us to overreact, to take things personally, or to judge people unfairly.

Elizabeth Thornton

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#89. I'm convinced I will be cleared of all these charges that were unfairly leveled against me.

Joseph Estrada

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#90. I doubt if there is any occupation which is more consistently and unfairly demeaned, degraded, denounced, and deplored than banking.

William Proxmire

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#91. From an economic perspective, women are treated unfairly: they perform 66 percent of the world's work and produce 50 percent of the food but they only earn 10 percent of the income and own 1 percent of the property.

Zainab Salbi

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#92. While Congress can't overturn the Supreme Court, we can provide carrots and sticks to prevent local governments from unfairly taking property from landowners.

Stephanie Herseth

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#93. I think that it's important for judges to understand that if a woman is out there trying to raise a family, trying to support her family, and is being treated unfairly, then the court has to stand up, if nobody else will. And that's the kind of judge that I want.

Barack Obama

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#94. Switching over to a hybrid car is one of those right things, but, unfairly or not, it still has a reputation among car enthusiasts as something you have to pedal really fast when you're on the ramp merging into traffic on the 401.

Linwood Barclay

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