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#1. Anyone who believes in the power of God and the power of Satan can surely not be viewed as a pure monotheist. - Author: Jurgen Moltmann
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#2. What does it mean to love someone with all your heart? It means to love with all your emotional feelings and with all your devotion. Surely when you love your wife with all your heart, you cannot demean her, criticize her, find fault with her, or abuse her by words, sullen behavior, or actions. - Author: Ezra Taft Benson
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#3. The nose is surely one of the most impressionable, if not positively erotic, of all our unruly members. - Author: Katherine Anne Porter
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#4. Christians need to take the lead in educating people that children are gifts, as my autistic grandson most surely is. By going down the path we're currently on, we might one day get rid of genetic diseases, but only at the cost of our own humanity. - Author: Charles Colson
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#5. Some people just think utopians are idiots who are imagining rivers of candy and not really engaging with the world's ills, and sometimes that's surely the case, but I think that imagining the perfected society is a way of expressing your disgust with the current state of affairs. - Author: Christine Jennings
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#6. He surely is most in need of another's patience, who has none of his own. - Author: Johann Kaspar Lavater
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#7. If we constantly focus on the stones in our mortal path, we will almost surely miss the beautiful flower or cool stream provided by a loving Father who outlined our journey. - Author: Jeffrey R. Holland
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#8. Shall we go away whenever life looks like turning in the slightest uncanny, or not quite normal, or even rather painful and mortifying? No, surely not. Rather stay and look matters in the face, brave them out; perhaps precisely in so doing lies a lesson for us to learn. - Author: Thomas Mann
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#9. Hong Kong compatriots will surely display great love for the motherland and for Hong Kong and take it as their utmost honor to maintain long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and safeguard the fundamental interests of the country, - Author: Jiang Zemin
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#10. The unification of worlds is an author's priority, as one of them surely resides forbidden to the public. - Author: P.A. Wunderlich
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#11. Surely there was something taught her by this experience of great need; and she must be learning a secret of human tenderness and long-suffering, that the less erring could hardly know? - Author: George Eliot
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#12. Behind all the falling rain, the sun still hangs in the sky. And if the sun can hang in there through the rain, surely you can, too. - Author: Elsie Hillman-Gordon
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#13. There is something inexpressibly charming in falling in love and, surely, the whole pleasure lies in the fact that love isn't lasting. - Author: Moliere
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#14. Never forget that you are not in the world; the world is in you. When anything happens to you, take the experience inward. Creation is set up to bring you constant hints and clues about your role as co-creator. Your soul is metabolizing experience as surely as your body is metabolizing food - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#15. Modern Art is being used to index me. Surely it was a source but photographers have influenced Modern Art quite as deeply as they have been influenced, maybe more. Anyway painters don't have a copyright on M. A. We were all born in the same upheaval. - Author: Edward Weston
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#16. I think there is no work of art which represents the spirit of a nation more surely than "Die Meister Singer" of Richard Wagner. Here is no plaything with local colour, but the raising to its highest power all that is best in the national consciousness of his country. - Author: Ralph Vaughan Williams
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#17. Another factor that seems to me to be equally important is the great myth and rationale of 'the modern,' that it places dynamite at the foot of old error and levels its shrines and monuments. Contempt for the past surely accounts for a consistent failure to consult it. - Author: Marilynne Robinson
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#18. I do know that when my children are older and telling their own children about their grandmother, they will be able to say that she stood in the storm ... and when the wind did not blow her way - - and it surely has not - - she adjusted her sails. - Author: Elizabeth Edwards
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#19. Waiting for the German verb is surely the ultimate thrill. - Author: Flann O'Brien
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#20. This surely is a good rule: whenever you see a fault in any other man, or any other church, look for it in yourself and in your own church. - Author: Warren W. Wiersbe
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#21. Please enter," Kessell said with false courtesy. "Fear not for my trolls that you injured, they will surely heal!" He threw his head back and laughed. Drizzt felt a fool; to think that all of his caution and stealth had served no better purpose than to amuse the wizard! - Author: R.A. Salvatore
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#22. Levi was not so pious. Surely, it never occurred to Abraham that God was toying with him. - Author: Tam Linsey
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#23. Tess and Clare unconsciously studied each other, ever balanced on the edge of a passion, yet apparently keeping out of it. All the while they were converging, under an irresistible law, as surely as two streams in one vale. - Author: Thomas Hardy
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#24. Tradition can not justify such misery. Surely people can enjoy themselves at a non-animal circus with exciting human acts instead? - Author: Claire McClennan
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#25. Just be focus, and continue on the path way of life. What goes around will surely come around. - Author: Shola Azeez Oyeyinka
Quotes About Surely #17822
#26. Surely, I must at all times attempt to obey the law of the state. But when the will of God and the will of the state conflict, I am compelled to follow the will of God. - Author: Bayard Rustin
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#27. My stuff always starts with interviews. I start interviewing people, and then slowly but surely, a movie insinuates itself. - Author: Errol Morris
Quotes About Surely #18546
#28. Freedom can reside only in a point of view, a way of looking upon the system of necessity.Surely this is the one freedom that we may attain to: not to be released from physical reality, but to understand reality and ourselves as part of it, and so be reconciled to what we are. - Author: Roger Scruton
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#29. But the blots, Turkey," intimated I. "True,-but, with submission, sir, behold these hairs! I am getting old. Surely, sir, a blot or two of a warm afternoon is not to be severely urged against gray hairs. Old age-even if it blot the page-is honorable. With submission, sir, we both are getting old. - Author: Henry James
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#30. Surely human affairs would be far happier if the power in men to be silent were the same as that to speak. But experience more than sufficiently teaches that men govern nothing with more difficulty than their tongues, and can moderate their desires more easily than their words. - Author: Baruch Spinoza
Quotes About Surely #20835
#31. The game has such a hold on golfers because they compete not only against an opponent, but also against the course, against par, and most surely- against themselves. - Author: Arnold Palmer
Quotes About Surely #21326
#32. He was so tender, so infinitely soothing, she longed to stay in his arms forever. With such strong arms about her, surely nothing could harm her. - Author: Margaret Mitchell
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#33. And the maestro surely wielded the chairman's baton with extraordinary skill. His stellar record suggests that the only right answer to the age-old question of whether it is better to be lucky or good may be: both. - Author: Alan Blinder
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#34. I think my life is tremendously interesting, and surely, other people do too. - Author: Coleman Barks
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#35. Oh, I wish so much to live again! Each minute, each instant of life should be blessedness for man ... they should, surely they should! It is man's own duty to arrange it so; it is his law
a hidden but surely existing one ... - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Quotes About Surely #23944
#36. There is nothing frightening about an eternal dreamless sleep. Surely it is better than eternal torment in Hell and eternal boredom in Heaven. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#37. Surely there is a knowing behind it all. There is a teacher, an expresser, a creator, an artist perhaps, a poet certainly that has designed and presented all of the clues that we need to navigate life with some degree of grace, and perhaps with a greater degree of happiness than we now have. - Author: Jeffrey R. Anderson
Quotes About Surely #24699
#38. If the inexpressible cruelties of slavery could not stop us, the opposition we now face will surely fail. We will win our freedom because the sacred heritage of our nation and the eternal will of God are embodied in our echoing demands. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#39. Surely, we are provided with senses as well fitted to penetrate the spaces of the real, the substantial, the eternal, as these outward are to penetrate the material universe. Veias, Menu, Zoroaster, Socrates, Christ, Shakespeare, Swedenborg,
these are some of our astronomers. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#40. This is the law of the Yukon, that only the strong shall thrive; that surely the weak shall perish, and only the fit survive. - Author: Robert W. Service
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#41. He walked for surely it was as if all his life he had been waiting to get up from his chair. - Author: Rachel Joyce
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#42. Surely you've been sent from the heavens to teach us mortals what beauty is. - Author: Sidney Sheldon
Quotes About Surely #29191
#43. We might not be equal in what we know but we are surely equal, in what we do not know. - Author: Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya
Quotes About Surely #29609
#44. He can heal me. I believe He will. I believe I'm going to be an old surely Baptist preacher. And even if He doesn't ... that's the thing: I've read Philippians 1. I know what Paul says. I'm here let's work, if I go home? That's better. I understand that. - Author: Matt Chandler
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#45. We have survived the "Death of God" and the "Death of Man". We will surely survive "the Death of History" ... and the death of post-modernism. - Author: Norman Davies
Quotes About Surely #32082
#46. As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return! - Author: Rudyard Kipling
Quotes About Surely #32437
#47. Nothing-was more degrading than for a woman to have to marry for a home. Love should be the sole reason. Surely those with a brain-to think, eyes to see and a mind-to reason must realise that the capitalist system must cease and a co-operative system prevail in its place. - Author: Vida Goldstein
Quotes About Surely #32885
#48. When you have to walk further, wherever it might be, I beg you, never to go alone anymore. I think that as a lesson for us all. I believe it was a warning. If Dad had been alone, he surely would have died. - Author: Gigi Sedlmayer
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#49. Music is like a mirror in front of you. You're exposing everything, but surely that's better than suppressing ... You have to dig deep and that can be hard for anybody, no matter what profession. I feel that I need to actually push myself to the limit to feel happy with the end result. - Author: Enya
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#50. Business and scholarship pass away with the person, but the soul is forever like new. Fame and fortune change with the generations, but the spirit is always the same. Enlightened people surely should not exchange the lasting for the ephemeral. - Author: Zicheng Hong
Quotes About Surely #33557
#51. The success sometimes may come immediately, but we must be ready to wait patiently even for what may look like an infinite length of time. The student who sets out with such a spirit of perseverance will surely find success and realisation at last. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Quotes About Surely #34564
#52. Let him be wise, or let me be blind; don't let me, she hoped concretely, don't let me know too surely what he thinks of me. - Author: Shirley Jackson
Quotes About Surely #34567
#53. Royce's eyes narrowed in discouragement at the thoght of having to sing to jenny. his deep bariton voice would surely bring every hound for miles to yap and nip at his heels. - Author: Judith McNaught
Quotes About Surely #35068
#54. As you walk in God's divine wisdom, you will surely begin to see a greater measure of victory and good success in your life. - Author: Joseph Prince
Quotes About Surely #35303
#55. How can I adopt a creed which, preferring the mud to the fish, exalts the boorish proletariat above the bourgeois and the intelligentsia who, with whatever faults, are the quality in life and surely carry the seeds of all human advancement? - Author: John Maynard Keynes
Quotes About Surely #35732
#56. Vich Deelish My heart is in the heart of my son And my life is in his life surely A man can be twice young In the life of his sons only. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Quotes About Surely #38481
#57. A true god surely cannot have been born of a girl, nor died on the gibbet, nor be eaten in a piece of dough ... [or inspired] books, filled with contradictions, madness, and horror. - Author: Voltaire
Quotes About Surely #41285
#58. He threw his head back and sang, "'I am a centaur, yes, a centaur is what I am.' It's not like you to wax, Artemis"
"Foaly is singing," said Holly. "Surely that's illegal? - Author: Eoin Colfer
Quotes About Surely #42531
#59. He that becomes protector of sin shall surely become its prisoner. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
Quotes About Surely #43125
#60. As surely as the dark gives meaning to the dawn, so does pain give meaning to pleasure, and sorrow to joy. All that we love, all that we strive for, all that we relish, we know only by contrast. - Author: Terryl Givens
Quotes About Surely #43374
#61. Therefore the victories of good warriors are not noted for cleverness or bravery. Therefore their victories in battle are not flukes. Their victories are not flukes because they position themselves where they will surely win, prevailing over those wh. - Author: Sun Tzu
Quotes About Surely #43434
#62. Surely you don't consider me so inflated with the theater as not even to know that for anyone in his right mind a sensible few are more terrifying than a foolish many. - Author: Plato
Quotes About Surely #43758
#63. Then the bow orchestra began to play an apocalyptically beautiful canon, one of those pieces in which, surely, the composer simply transcribed what was given, and trembled in awe of the hand that was guiding him. - Author: Mark Helprin
Quotes About Surely #43823
#64. Surely a King who loves pleasure is less dangerous than one who loves glory? - Author: Nancy Mitford
Quotes About Surely #44681
#65. Petronius was surely right in saying Fear made the gods. In primitive times fear of the unknown was normal; gratitude to an unknown was impossible. - Author: J.M. Robertson
Quotes About Surely #45280
#66. Eliminate the Diaspora, or the Diaspora will surely eliminate you. - Author: Ze'ev Jabotinsky
Quotes About Surely #45688
#67. Surely it was time someone invented a new plot, or that the author came out from the bushes. - Author: Virginia Woolf
Quotes About Surely #45864
#68. Nothing is unattainable, my Lord, to him who enjoys Your grace. Through Your might, a mere shred of cotton can surely burn a submarine fire (the impossible can be made possible). - Author: Tulsidas
Quotes About Surely #47911
#69. Acting for the Indian audience is surely on my bucket list; it may take some time, though. - Author: Pierce Brosnan
Quotes About Surely #49612
#70. Although surely she realized that space is merely a device to prevent everything from being in the same spot. - Author: Tom Robbins
Quotes About Surely #49825
#71. A method involving apparent obscurity is surely justified when it is the clearest, the simplest, the only method possible of saying in full what the writer has to say - Author: Richard Hughes
Quotes About Surely #50435
#72. Sharing pillow talk with the wrong people can make a hard bed to lie on, and will surely lead to nightmares in your relationship. - Author: Carlos Wallace
Quotes About Surely #51089
#73. If you're always scared of dying," Obispo had said, "you'll surely die. Fear's a poison; and not such a slow poison either. - Author: Aldous Huxley
Quotes About Surely #51237
#74. To consider hypotheses is surely always better than to dogmatize ins blaue hinein - Author: William James
Quotes About Surely #51601
#75. Finally, a principal reason for the lack of attention to "unclean spirits" and Jesus' "acts of power" in the Gospel stories is surely the modern "scientific" frame of mind that developed in the wake of the Enlightenment reduction of reality to what was natural and comprehensible by reason. - Author: Richard A. Horsley
Quotes About Surely #52557
#76. Institutions are imperfect. Governments surely are. People are. - Author: Chuck Hagel
Quotes About Surely #53501
#77. I do not know if hell is hot or cold, or what sort of place hell may be, but this I surely know, that if there is any hell at all it will be badly lit. And it will taste like a train. - Author: H.G.Wells
Quotes About Surely #53579
#78. Perhaps some people really are born unhappy. I surely hope not. Speaking for my sister and myself: We were born with the capacity and determination to be utterly happy all the time. Perhaps even in this we were freaks. Hi ho. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Quotes About Surely #54321
#79. I have shouted to God and the Virgin, but they have not shouted back and I'm not interested in the still small voice. Surely a god can meet passion with passion? - Author: Jeanette Winterson
Quotes About Surely #54396
#80. Hindsight must surely be the most useless function of the human brain, torturing yourself over the unalterable past. - Author: Peter F. Hamilton
Quotes About Surely #55618
#81. It was my duty to have loved the highest; It surely was my profit had I known: It would have been my pleasure had I seen. We needs must love the highest when we see it, Not Lancelot, nor another. - Author: Alfred Lord Tennyson
Quotes About Surely #55859
#82. Campaign may invite a certain skepticism about democracy, but it will surely restore your faith in cinema verite. - Author: A.O. Scott
Quotes About Surely #55963
#83. Language surely does affect our thoughts, rather than just labeling them for the sake of labeling them. Most obviously, language is the conduit through which people share their thoughts and intentions and thereby acquire the knowledge, customs, and values of those around them. - Author: Steven Pinker
Quotes About Surely #56547
#84. stick to truth and we shall succeed, may be slowly, but surely. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Quotes About Surely #57184
#85. Surely not a palm lock, she told herself. A palm lock must be keyed to one individual's hand shape and palm lines. But it looked like a palm lock. And there were ways to open any palm lock - as she had learned at school. - Author: Frank Herbert
Quotes About Surely #57533
#86. Darwin may have been quite correct in his theory that man descended from the apes of the forest, but surely woman rose from the frothy sea, as resplendent as Aphrodite on her scalloped chariot. - Author: Margot Datz
Quotes About Surely #58771
#87. Were women to "unsex" themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen, and disgusting of beings and would surely perish without male protection. - Author: Queen Victoria
Quotes About Surely #59181
#88. And of all its money-making rip-offs, the selling of indulgences must surely rank among the greatest con tricks in history, the medieval equivalent of the Nigerian Internet scam but far more successful. - Author: Richard Dawkins
Quotes About Surely #59835
#89. Mankind is not special by virtue of our address in the universe, or what spins around us, or because life originated here. Slowly, but surely, we've been compelled to renounce the comfort of these beliefs. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
Quotes About Surely #60522
#90. The natural state of this universe is attraction; and that is surely followed by an ultimate disunion. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
Quotes About Surely #60732
#91. They will pass away just as surely as the sun sets in the evening. - Author: Richard Carlson
Quotes About Surely #61406
#92. Everytime you fall down or take the wrong path, it isn't wasted. You will surely develop and grow over time. - Author: Natsuki Takaya
Quotes About Surely #61926
#93. All those who possess in its pure state the love of their neighbour and the acceptance of the order of the world, inclucing affliction-all those, even should they live and die to all appearances atheists, are surely saved. - Author: Simone Weil
Quotes About Surely #62056
#94. One of the reasons, surely, why women have been credited with less perfect veracity than men is that the burden of conventional falsehood falls chiefly on them. - Author: Katharine Elizabeth Fullerton Gerould
Quotes About Surely #63108
#95. I know I shouldn't say this - I know it as surely as I know the earth is round and beats are evil - and yet here it comes: It's not too late to change your mind. - Author: Sara Zarr
Quotes About Surely #63226
#96. Favour will as surely perish as life. - Author: George Herbert
Quotes About Surely #63492
#97. It's times like this I am glad I don't look people in the eye. If I did, surely they would die on the spot from the contempt shooting out of mine. - Author: Jodi Picoult
Quotes About Surely #63713
#98. The saga started out a normal day - don't they all? I mean, surely one morning back there in prehistoric times a dinosaur woke up, yawned, chewed some coffee beans, and thought his day was going to be dead boring, just before a comet slammed into his neighborhood. - Author: Rachel Caine
Quotes About Surely #63756
#99. I had spared the stag's life. The power of that life belonged to me as surely as it belonged to the man who had taken it. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
Quotes About Surely #64230
#100. The little cathedral made with matchsticks is attracted to the earth, so to make a comparison the big cathedral should be attracted to an even bigger earth. Too bad. A bigger earth would attract it even more, and the sticks would break even more surely! - Author: Richard Feynman
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