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#1. People ask me if my shoes were too small when I was a kid and I say it wouldn't matter how fight my shoes were, I just liked that feeling of them being in there. That's how I started tapping my toes. - Author: Nomar Garciaparra
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#2. your shoes are carrying your most valuable possession - your life. Do not delay. Everything else can be replaced, - Author: Ruta Sepetys
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#3. Andy [Warhol] was on the scene, but he wasn't an artist at first; he was more an illustrator. He was always surrounded by about ten people who worshipped him. He'd go to a party and they would all come along. But he was drawing shoes and that sort of thing. - Author: Claes Oldenburg
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#4. Nineteen eighty is almost here, thank God. the hippies are getting old, they blew their brains on acid and now they're begging on street corners all over San Francisco. Their hair is tangled and their bare feet are thick and gray as shoes. We're sick of them. - Author: Jennifer Egan
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#5. I'm a very un-excitable person. I always take things with a grain of salt, I'm always very even-keeled, and I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. - Author: Mike Colter
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#6. If you want to give the devil a message, write it on the bottom of your shoes. - Author: Andrew Wommack
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#7. Always put yourself in others' shoes. If you feel that it hurts you, it probably hurts the other person, too. - Author: Rachel Grady
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#8. But the ground of a man's culture lies in his nature, not in his calling. His powers are to be unfolded on account of their inherent dignity, not their outward direction. He is to be educated, because he is a man, not because he is to make shoes, nail, or pins. - Author: William Ellery Channing
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#9. You can teach a bubbly person to repair shoes, but you can't put the personality into a grumpy cobbler.
John Timpson - Author: David Shindler
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#10. The preaching that this world needs most is the sermons in shoes that are walking with Jesus Christ. - Author: Dwight L. Moody
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#11. Casual Italian loafers. One enterprising soul actually wore field-hockey shoes. - Author: Barbara Bretton
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#12. How does one conquer fear, Don B.?" "One takes a frog and sews it to one's shoe," he said. "The left or the right?" Don B. gave me a pitying look. "Well, you'd look mighty funny going down the street with only one frog sewed to your shoes, wouldn't you?" he said. "One frog on each shoe. - Author: Donald Barthelme
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#13. Putting on my legs is like putting on my shoes. I understand that's how some people might think differently, but I hope that in London, their perceptions open up. - Author: Oscar Pistorius
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#14. I'm not trying to overcome my father or fill his shoes or reach any kind of level that he did. We're talking about a Mozart of rock music. - Author: Sean Lennon
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#15. You should step in my shoes
Walk for a while
and maybe you will see how hard it is
to hold back the tears and fake a smile - Author: Elizabeth Panos
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#16. Performers are the neediest people in the world. Unless you've been in that goldfish bowl - nobody can judge unless they've worn those shoes. - Author: Olivia Hussey
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#17. I suggest somewhere that anyone who wishes to write and has no aptitude for it would be better off making shoes for ladies and boots for men. - Author: Marquis De Sade
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#18. Psychopathy's no disorder in those shoes, eh? Just a survival strategy. - Author: Peter Watts
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#19. I have an unending shoe closet. In fact, I don't even know how many shoes I have. - Author: Sonam Kapoor
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#20. I ask myself more questions than Hamlet as I ponder which shoes to wear - Author: Eva Gabor
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#21. It's your money or you'll be wearing cement shoes - Peppermint Patty - Author: Charles M. Schulz
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#22. I winced. "I shouldn't have said that." "You once put goose droppings in my shoes, Alina. A bad mood I can handle." He glanced at me and said, "We all know the burden you're carrying. You don't have to bear it alone." I - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#23. The wrap party for the 'Lorna Doone' TV series was pretty special. We went to about four clubs, then four people's houses, and I got home at midday the next day. I'd been wearing ridiculous green shoes all night, and the dye had smudged all over my legs. - Author: Amelia Warner
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#24. In your country the munitions makers ride in their limousines and prepare their wars, while the workers cannot afford new shoes. - Author: Gregory Benford
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#25. Don't waste your life by living in another person's shoes - Author: Kishore Bansal
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#26. The Witch was too much afraid of the dark to dare go in Dorothy's room at night to take the shoes, and her dread of water was greater than her fear of the dark. - Author: L. Frank Baum
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#27. I know the community mostly for its art and culture ... and of course its food, I eat at their restaurants." "They make you feel like taking off your shoes ... it feels like home. - Author: Erykah Badu
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#28. My biggest dream is that my words will inspire heart, hope and personal responsibility in people around the globe long after my feet in these shoes aren't walking the planet. - Author: Mary Anne Radmacher
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#29. I have an incredible talent for tripping everywhere. And I find that rather boring. Tripping and walking out of my shoes; I do it all the time when I am out at work. I'm a bit clumsy. - Author: Mette-Marit, Crown Princess Of Norway
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#30. Take charge of hidden, sneaky sources of chronic inflammation that can trigger illness and disease by wearing comfortable shoes daily, getting an annual flu vaccine, and asking your doctor why you're not on a statin and baby aspirin if you're over the age of forty. - Author: David Agus
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#31. I buy shoes sometimes and use them as bookends. They're too beautiful to wear. - Author: Catherine Zeta-Jones
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#32. If you can't be proud of what you do, go and sell shoes. Do something else. - Author: Simon Baker
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#33. Expensive clothes with inappropriate or inexpensive shoes may send an unflattering message. - Author: Mireille Guiliano
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#34. Courage is just dreams with shoes on. - Author: Reba Riley
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#35. My wife had only been dead for a few months, and already random ass women were trying to fill her shoes. - Author: Jessica N. Watkins
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#36. My life is like my shoes, worn out by service. - Author: Spencer W. Kimball
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#37. I do not understand how you humans can walk in shoes that are that tall."
"Its my motto," said Isabelle, with a sultry smile. "Nothing less than seven inches. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#38. Where is the real low thing? Where are the jelly shoes that you find that are sick because they're so great ... Everything has air quotes around it now. - Author: Isaac Mizrahi
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#39. I thought, enough of this, I'm not an abstract painter, what the hell am I going to do? Should I get a job in a shoe store, sell real estate, or what? I was really depressed by the whole thing, because I felt like a painter, yet I couldn't make paintings. - Author: Ralph Goings
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#40. Because the human history is the history of shoes. The history of places where we ever tread and stand. - Author: Stebby Julionatan
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#41. Imagine yourself in Harriet Tubman's shoes. Fighting to be freed from deplorable conditions. Placing one foot in front of the other, putting slavery behind you. If a petite, abused slave can rise up, fight for freedom, secure the freedom of others, and change her world, so can I. And so can you. - Author: Susie Larson
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#42. You can either buy shoes or paint. - Author: Janice Tanton
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#43. This all came of a conversation I had with [John] Steinbeck once when we were standing in a men's room somewhere. Steinbeck asked me why I didn't play the banjo any more and I told him that went out with the high-button shoes. - Author: Eddie Condon
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#44. Women's fashion is a subtle form of bondage. It's men's way of binding them. We put them in these tight, high-heeled shoes, we make them wear these tight clothes and we say they look sexy. But they're actually tied up. - Author: David Duchovny
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#45. When the personal soul life is burnt to ashes, a woman loses the vital treasure and begins to get dry boned as Death. In her unconscious, the desire for the red shoes, a wild joy, not only continues, it swells and floods, and eventually staggers to its feet and takes over, ferocious and famished. - Author: Clarissa Pinkola Estes
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#46. I had always wanted to go to the Navy. As a young kid, I was intrigued by a Naval Officer with the beautiful brown shoes and sharp gold wings. - Author: Wally Schirra
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#47. Walking a mile in someone else's shoes isn't as much about the walk or the shoes; it's to be able to think like they think, feel what they feel, and understand why they are who and where they are. Every step is about empathy. - Author: Toni Sorenson
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#48. My dad says that when I was two or three I used to go out dressed as a different character every day. I remember thinking it was perfectly normal to wear different coloured shoes and carry a pink umbrella. But now I've got a goddaughter of that age; I realise it's not normal at all. - Author: Alice Eve
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#49. I could design an $800 shoe line; it's easy. You use the best materials and you can make beautiful shoes. It's easier than making great shoes for $90. - Author: Steve Madden
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#50. I've been ripped for being too sensitive, but I do think people need to walk in another person's shoes before they accuse them of being too sensitive. - Author: Hank Haney
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#51. Fair enough" I gave him. "But you've got really nice shoes."
He blinked, then cast a dubious glance at his boots. "They were in my closet." I snorted and plucked at the sleeves of his jacket.
"Please you've been planning this outfit for a week. - Author: Chloe Neill
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#52. I empathize with women in their high heels so I'll be there in my kilt and T-shirt and I'll walk around all day just to prove that if I can wear the shoes for 36 hours then certainly our customer can wear them. - Author: Marc Jacobs
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#53. I rarely wear tennis shoes. I'm 5' 8', I hate being short. - Author: Elton John
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#54. When it comes to dress, we are supposedly free to wear whatever we want - but if this is the case, why do we wear such similar clothes? Why are we choosing to wear shoes that are almost perfectly designed to make walking as difficult as possible? - Author: Caroline Criado-Perez
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#55. I think when it comes to women who write or who fancy ourselves 'hip downtown literati', there is a certain contempt for being overly sexual or really looking for boyfriends. We tend to be marginalized as some 'Sex & The City' Carrie Bradshaw chick-lit dummies who just want shoes and a ring. - Author: Julie Klausner
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#56. In sci-fi convention, life-forms that hadn't developed space travel were mere prehistory
horse-shoe crabs of the cosmic scene
and something of the humiliation of being stuck on a provincial planet in a galactic backwater has stayed with me ever since. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
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#57. She watched his gaze flicker over her suit, her gleaming shoes, and realized he was performing the same reconciliations she was, adjusting a mental image of a long-ago spouse to match the changed person sitting before him. - Author: Emily St. John Mandel
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#58. We all play God every day. When a woman buys a new pair of expensive shoes, she could have spent that same money feeding someone who was starving. In a sense, those shoes mean more to her than a life. We all kill to make our lives more comfortable. We don't put it in those terms. But we do. - Author: Harlan Coben
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#59. I fell into the water with a large splash and sunk like a stone. My feet guided the way as I drifted further into the murky depths.
Down. - Author: Brynn Myers
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#60. Barack Obama was not born into wealth or privilege, yet today his is president of these United States of America. Barack Obama has lived the American Dream. He has walked in our shoes. - Author: Ken Salazar
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#61. I definitely would say, by sixth grade, I was a professional shoplifter - and not because I wanted to. I'm not going out to shoplift earrings or clothes or shoes like the average teenager. I was shoplifting frozen dinners at a grocery store. - Author: Lolo Jones
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#62. We don't sell a watch to give time. We sell a piece of art. We sell an object that represents something to you, you know. It's like you have a nice shirt or a nice jacket. It's like a luxury accessories that can be considered like shoes or like handbags for ladies. - Author: Ricardo Guadalupe
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#63. He slipped off my shoes and began massaging the soles of my feet with his skilled hands. If it's one thing a guitarist knows, it's how to use his fingers. - Author: Dannika Dark
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#64. The right pair of shoes can change the feel of an outfit, and even change how a woman feels about herself - Author: Fergie
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#65. The deft white-stockinged dance in thick-soled
shoes! Denmark's sanctuaried Jews! - Author: Marianne Moore
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#66. Reporters have to use their imagination, really put themselves in the shoes of the person they want to interview. - Author: Nick Davies
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#67. I feel for all the parents whose babies just keep waking up for years. My heart and back go out to you guys! You are my heroes, and I am not fit to walk in your shoes! - Author: Constance Marie
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#68. I plead that it's very difficult when you deal with ISIS and organizations like that whose behavior is so barbaric and so vicious that it doesn't seem to have any purpose other than lust for killing and power and that's very difficult to put ourselves in the other shoe. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#69. A nation that still needs to distinguish between stealing an election, and stealing a new pair of shoes, is not completely civilized yet. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#70. One Oxford poet confessed to me that I had been scary because I talked American and wore tennis shoes. - Author: Donald Hall
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#71. Some days it just feels like I'm here for the shoes and the eternal hope that I shall be issued minions. - Author: Matt Fraction
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#72. And I suppose I was, in my mindless way, looking for something, a version of myself, a heroine I could slip inside as one might a pair of favorite old shoes. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#73. There's one good thing about tight shoes; they make you forget your other troubles. - Author: Josh Billings
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#74. My father ran London Films. He made films like 'The Red Shoes,' 'The Third Man.' And he had had a long career in the film business, which was bifurcated with a career in intelligence. He had to deal with gangsters, and sometimes he would take me with him. Also, I went to school with their children. - Author: Mark Helprin
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#75. It's more important for a photographer to have very good shoes, than to have a very good camera - Author: Sebastiao Salgado
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#76. The boys and girls are one tonight.
They unbutton blouses. They unzip flies.
They take off shoes. They turn off the light.
The glimmering creatures are full of lies.
They are eating each other. They are overfed.
At night, alone, I marry the bed. - Author: Anne Sexton
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#77. No one around me was obsessed with Fred Astaire except for me. It just snowballed, really. I started with tap lessons. When I didn't have tap shoes, I taped nickels on the bottom of my penny loafers. - Author: David Hallberg
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#78. It's helpful to have a handbag that's a bit crazy, or shoes that have kiwis on them or something, because it distracts. - Author: Maisie Williams
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#79. You men out there probably think you already know how to dress for success. You know, for example, that you should not wear leisure suits or white plastic belts and shoes, unless you are going to a costume party disguised as a pig farmer vacationing at Disney World. - Author: Dave Barry
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#80. I love books; my suitcases are always full of them. Books and shoes. I read when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am nervous. My favourite British author is Jane Austen, and my favourite American one is John O'Hara. - Author: Carolina Herrera
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#81. I don't know how, but the dormitory smells like sleep - like laundry and shoes and night sweats and morning coffee. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#82. I had no shoes, and I felt sorry for myself until I met a man who had no feet. I took his shoes. Now I feel better. - Author: George Carlin
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#83. I didn't die, and that's the point. Doesn't matter how close you come if you walk away whole. - Author: Courtney Schafer
Quotes About Shoes #74411
#84. I've always been melancholic. At a party, everyone would be looking at the glittering chandeliers and I'd be looking at the waitress's cracked shoes. - Author: Marian Keyes
Quotes About Shoes #75071
#85. Ramirez walked ahead with a torch he'd fashioned from a stick and some rags and by that queer and reddish light, devils, or the shadows of devils hooked to the shoes of the men and capered across the stony earth. - Author: Laird Barron
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#86. I love wearing flat shoes, but I am not one of those girls who walks around in sweat pants and sneakers. - Author: Claudia Schiffer
Quotes About Shoes #76893
#87. Not only would I never want to belong to any club that would have me for a member
if elected I would wear street shoes onto the squash court and set fire to the ballroom curtains. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#88. I was tired of playing the goodie-two-shoes. - Author: Donna Mills
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#89. God bless the boys from Memphis, blue suede shoes, and Elvis. - Author: George Jones
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#90. I followed someone who had very large shoes. He had very large shoes. Mr. J. R. D. Tata. He was a legend in the Indian business community. He had been at the helm of the Tata organization for 50 years. You were almost starting to think he was going to be there forever. - Author: Ratan Tata
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#91. 'Presence of God' is really that understanding that sometimes when you step out of your own shoes and just open your ears and listen to what's going on around you, you get answers to the questions you were asking. - Author: Dave Gahan
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#92. Try walking a mile in your enemy's shoes. You'll be a mile away and you'll have his shoes. - Author: Sergio Aragones
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#93. Learn to sell. In business you're always selling: to your prospects, investors and employees. To be the best salesperson put yourself in the shoes of the person to whom you're selling. Don't sell your product. Solve their problems. - Author: Mark Cuban
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#94. He that finds out he's changed his lot for worse, Let him betimes the untoward choice reverse: For still, when all is said, the rule stands fast, That each man's shoe be made on his own last. - Author: Horace
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#95. 1974 meant big cuffs, bell-bottoms, platform shoes with two-tone colors, and body-conscious shirts. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
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#96. Alice was standing in the gloom, with just the toes of her pointy shoes poking out into the sunlight. - Author: Joseph Delaney
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#97. Smartass Disciple: Master, I feel really really confused about the truth.
Master of Stupidity: Only confused? Walk in my shoes then you tell me. - Author: Toba Beta
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#98. I love fashion. I love couture. I'm going to erect a shelf in my bedroom with an art light to be the spot for the shoes of the month. I want them to serve another purpose. - Author: Sandra Bullock
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#99. Mother didn't say anything about our money, and she won't wish us to give up everything. Let's each buy what we want, and have a little fun; I'm sure we work hard enough to earn it, cried Jo, examining the heels of her shoes in a gentlemanly manner. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#100. You are not defined by the clothes on your body, the shoes on your feet, or the money in your pocket. You are defined by the choices you make, the character that you choose to have, and the respect you show yourself and to those around you. - Author: Quinn Loftis
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