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Top 31 Quotes About Shape Shifting

#1. It's all just so fraught when you're writing and then going through the editorial process. It feels like this shape-shifting thing. When it's done, and you can't change a single word, it's a totally different thing. I was surprised by what that thing was.

Danielle Dutton

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#2. My creative process isn't a long one, so I could have started a song 10 years ago and then finish it 10 years later. It's all just about pushing around words and melodies, for me. The material is kind of shape-shifting.

Antony Hegarty

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#3. Yes, she doesn't really look like either of us, does she? Perhaps she's a girl who's fallen madly in love with me and persists in following me wherever I go."
"My talent is shape-shifting, Will, not acting," said Tessa, and at that Jem laughed out loud.

Cassandra Clare

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#4. They are a brilliant device for shape-shifting as we can slip into the skin of authors from other times, other cultural backgrounds, brilliant minds who give us a new perspective on life and the world - something we all need from time to time. - Cornelia Funke

Jen Campbell

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#5. The Watch is a powerful tale, courageous both in concept and creation: an ancient tale made modern, passed through different narrators in extraordinary shape-shifting prose that makes this not just an important novel, but a remarkable read.

Aminatta Forna

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#6. What do I want from a book? Something protean, something always on-the-move-or-make - shape-shifting, semantically-and-syntactically-shifting.

Joshua Cohen

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#7. HOUSE RULES [at the Praetor Lupus Headquarters]
No shape-shifting in the hallways.
No howling.
No silver.
Clothing must be worn at all times. ALL TIMES.
No fighting. No biting.
Mark all your food before you put it in the communal refrigerator.

Cassandra Clare

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#8. She was stuck. Stuck in this weird shape-shifting dragon world where she still didn't know all the rules. And half the rules she did know were total crap.

Chris Cannon

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#9. You're telling me a shape-shifting demon just walked out onto Fifth Avenue and blended in with the crowd?" I asked. "Hailed a fucking cab after tearing everyone to pieces down here?

Nicholas Kaufmann

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#10. My talent is shape-shifting, Will, not acting, said Tessa, and at that, Jem laughed out loud. Will glared at him.

Cassandra Clare

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#11. Unhappiness slowly creeps up on you, like a shape-shifting monster waiting in the darkness of your hallway, his bulging eyes watching your every move. The breath on his slimy tongue makes the hairs on your neck stand up.

Kate Rockland

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#12. Life is always moving, changing, shifting into its next shape. The movement is natural. It is how we evolve. Let the shifts happen. Take responsibility for yourself each step of the way. Trust the new shape and form of your world

Melody Beattie

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#13. You're thinking that if the North Pole has little elves and shape-shifting reindeer that maybe werewolves aren't quite so farfetched. Am I right? Well, you're wrong. There's no such thing as werewolves. That would just be crazy.

Candi Kay

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#14. Your soul is a seeker, lover and artist; shape-shifting through archetypal energy, between your darkness and fields of light, your body and spirit, your heaven and hell, until you land in the moment of sweet surrender; when you, as a dancer, disappear into the dance.

Gabrielle Roth

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#15. Former US president, drug baron and pedophile, George Herbert Walker Bush, incidentally, is mentioned more than any other person in my experience in relation to shape-shifting.

David Icke

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#16. I love this idea of shape-shifting and changing when you put on clothes, and turn into somebody else.

Marc Almond

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#17. Shamanism is about shape shifting. Shamanism is about doing phenomenology with a tool kit that works.

Terence McKenna

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#18. On the one hand, Porto Monenegro is shape-shifting - it replaced a naval shipyard with a new marina - but it's also mind-shifting, opening up an array of other small business opportunities. And this shape-shifting and mind-shifting, it is exactly what we're trying to do in Montenegro.

Igor Luksic

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#19. I look upon youth in admiration and admire them for their curiosity about the world, their shape shifting, their ideas about the future.

Polixeni Papapetrou

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#20. Transformation can come in the mysterious guise of shape-shifting, or through a simple change of mind

C.R. Strahan

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#21. Telling our personal story reveals the shape shifting landscape of our mind.

Kilroy J. Oldster

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#22. The point is the 'me' that you see before you is not the 'me' in my private little space, shape-shifting into the writing role, nor is it the 'me' that works with the actors. Here, at the end of the film doing interviews, I feel like I'm in disguise.

Julia Leigh

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#23. If there is a subject that is my own, my dear Ellen, as a writer I mean, it is the persistent shape-shifting life of things long-dead but not vanished.

A.S. Byatt

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#24. I do try hard to pick roles that differ. I love that about the job. I think the variety that's out there is to be taken advantage of and I enjoy that element of shape shifting with everything.

Emily Blunt

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#25. The physical reinvention of the world is endless, relentless, fascinating, exhaustive; nothing that seems solid is. If you could stand at just a little distance in time, how fluid and shape-shifting physical reality would be, everything hurrying into some other form, even concrete, even stone.

Mark Doty

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#26. On moonless nights in haunted hollow
The tongues of beasts, men's blood do swallow
Shape shifting shadows that soon will fade
Leaving lifeless husks in that mountain glade
Swift now close thy sleepy eyes
Hope that your dreams hold no surprise.

Neil Leckman

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#27. That's easy; shape shifting ability." His blue eyes twinkled

Brenda Pandos

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#28. She smiled and affectionately stepped away, shifting her armor uncomfortably. The leather was still so new, it cut into her flesh. In time, it would mould to her shape and seem a second skin. But that hadn't happened yet.

Kate Danley

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#29. Colors do not exist separately and independently within nature; they are constantly shifting in response to subtle gradations of light. It is language that, magnificently, gives them clear shape.

Kenya Hara

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#30. Technology, society, media: these are mutable forms, shape-shifting, forever re-purposing themselves. They sit within the wild, weird and wonderful frame of change. But there is a frame.

Simon Pont

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#31. I believe that history has shape, order, and meaning; that exceptional men, as much as economic forces, produce change; and that passe abstractions like beauty, nobility, and greatness have a shifting but continuing validity.

Camille Paglia

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