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#1. I am a person. I am Raven Stirling. They are monsters. - Author: Amy Ewing
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#2. Nincompoops. (Quincy, - Author: Raven Pitts
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#3. To be all right implies an impossible phase. We hope for mostly right on the best of our days. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#4. According to an ancient and common tradition in the kingdom of Great Britain, this king did not die, but was transformed into a raven by the art of enchantment and, in the course of time, he shall return to rule again and regain his kingdom and his scepter. - Author: Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
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#5. For cripes sake, have you ever heard of 'Ready or not? Here I come'?"

Retro or not, cheesy is cheesy."

Sometimes what you learned from beer commercials comes in real handy. - Author: Raven Hart
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#6. I'm sorry," he repeats again, too low for Raven and Tack to hear. "I'm sorry for everything. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#7. Use your strength, but always remember that any strength
may become a weakness. - Author: Kateryna Kei
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#8. Being positive at the worst time is the best time. - Author: Raven Moore
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#9. After a while, there had been too much incredible beauty for him to process, and it had become invisible - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#10. what can I say? Can't beat fictional boyfriends. They're the best. *** - Author: Jo Raven
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#11. My perfect guy right now would be a mannequin - one that comes alive only when I need him to! - Author: Raven-Symone
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#12. The Witch can gaze clearly into the dark hidden corners of the human psyche just as the full moon can light up the darkness of night. - Author: Raven Grimassi
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#13. Gansey and Adam are getting Adam's stuff so he can move in," Noah said. "Ronan went to the library."
" Move in! I thought he said ... wait-Ronan went where? - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#14. Today I seen a dove collide into the sunset, on the way to heaven and a ruined raven chewing on death, over the pavement. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#15. The way we function in society - it doesn't make sense sometimes because it's all based on how you look and then how badly you should feel after you eat the food we just advertised. And then when someone in the public eye goes up or down, it's like a major moment. - Author: Raven-Symone
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#16. either way, it sucked donkey balls"
Rainelle Sterling - Author: Raven Moon
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#17. The raven of Edgar Allan Poe has a halo that he extinguishes from time to time

("Spanish Generosity") - Author: Max Jacob
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#18. Despite my funny feeling about her, I regretfully obliged to his interest in pursuing a sexual relationship with her. I knew James only wanted the pussy, but I could see in Raven's eyes that she wanted more. - Author: Jessica N. Watkins
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#19. I put on the first Matrix movie, because it's something light. - Author: Jo Raven
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#20. He trailed through hallways, ducking under arms no longer there, excusing himself as he pressed through conversations long since ended. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#21. You are being self-pitying."
"I'm nearly done. You don't have much more of this to bear."
"I like you better this way."
"Crushed and broken," Gansey said. "Just the way women like 'em. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#22. Do you ever do something, and then think to yourself: That's So Raven? - Author: Zach Galifianakis
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#23. Daring was glaring at Raven as if he could shoot arrows with his eyes. And maybe he could. She'd seen him swordfight holding the sword with his feet. And win. - Author: Shannon Hale
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#24. Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#25. The cry of a young raven is nothing but the natural cry of a creature, but your cry, if it be sincere, is the result of a work of grace in your heart. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#26. Before such calm external beauty the presence of a vague fear is more distinctly felt - like a raven flapping its slow wing across the sunny air. - Author: George Eliot
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#27. Gentlemen can now only behave as such, or be tolerated as such, in circumstances that are manifestly contrived or unreal. - Author: Simon Raven
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#28. HOLLY KING is a symbol of the waning forces of Nature ... The Holly King is depicted as an old man in winter garb. His head bears a wreath of holly and he often carries a staff that is typically a holly branch. Some Santa Claus figures are actually Holly King figures. - Author: Raven Grimassi
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#29. The baloney weighed the raven down, and the shopkeeper almost caught him as he whisked out the delicatessen door. - Author: Peter S. Beagle
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#30. Be in your own skin, as an act of self-loving. - Author: H. Raven Rose
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#31. I was never really a girl, or a woman, or a human being to Raven, Case. Even though he did awful things for me. I was a symbol, an expiation, and when I insisted on becoming a person he did the only thing he could do to keep on serving the symbol and not have to deal with a flesh-and-blood woman. - Author: Glen Cook
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#32. I always love watching those natural actors like Bill Cosby, Raven-Symone and Shia LaBeouf - just effortless actors. - Author: Jacob Latimore
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#33. In a pine tree behind me, an eagle waits out the rain, hunched into himself, brooding. Crows squabble, a murder chasing a raven. Seals cruise the lines of fishing nets bobbing in the water, hoping for an easy meal, the tender bellies of salmon. - Author: Eden Robinson
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#34. Rosalia is dressed in raven clothes forty years too old for her, so that she seems to be in mourning for her life ... - Author: Penelope Gilliatt
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#35. That's what my mother doesn't understand about my lipstick and dark clothes. I don't wear tattoos to freak her out; I wear them because I have to. It's me. - Author: Ellen Schreiber
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#36. Raven jerks and stiffens. For a second, I think she is only surprised: Her mouth goes round, her eyes
Then she begins teetering backward, and I know that she is dead. Falling, falling, falling ... - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#37. If anyone was going to fall prey to a handsome vampire, it was going to be me. - Author: Ellen Schreiber
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#38. Man, he's lucky I couldn't track down his ass or I'd have kicked it so hard that he'd be shitting from his mouth. - Author: Bijou Hunter
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#39. His words burn like acid. - Author: Karen Maitland
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#40. On the road to wisdom, behave like a raven and observe everything carefully! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#41. The dark and the light, they exist side by side,
Sometimes overlapping, one explaining the other.
The darkened path is as illuminated as the lightened,
Only the fear of the dark keeps us from seeing our way. - Author: Raven Davies
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#42. But where would she go, Raven wondered. Where was home now that Drew was her heart? - Author: J.K. Hogan
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#43. So thick with cobwebs it seemed like skeletons had decorated for a party. Raven fought her way through the webs to the far wall and ripped the velvet cloth off the mirror. She saw her own reflection staring back - long black hair with purple highlights, dark eyebrows, - Author: Shannon Hale
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#44. You're looking for a god. Didn't you suspect that there was also a devil? - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#45. My advice: If you every have the chance to change the world, don't hesitate. Leave your great big mark. - Author: Shannon Hale
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#46. I am Raven stirling. They cannot own me. - Author: Amy Ewing
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#47. I'm just like a giant candy cane, the ladies want to lick me all over. - Author: Raven
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#48. Say 'Nevermore,'" said Shadow. "Fuck you," said the raven. It - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#49. Nature is only wild to those who seperate themselves from her. - Author: Raven Grimassi
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#50. Don't worry, Zombies only eat people with brains - Author: Raven Darkwing
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#51. I was a huge movie watcher, but I really loved 'Kenan & Kel,' 'Rugrats,' 'Doug,' & 'Catdog.' I was also into drama films, though, and I really loved 'Poetic Justice' and 'Set it Off.' - Author: Raven Goodwin
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#52. I felt curiously aloof from my own self. No temptations maddened me. The plump, glossy little Eskimo girls with their fish smell, hideous raven hair and guinea pig faces, evoked even less desire in me than Dr. Johnson had. - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#53. We thank you, God, for this boy and his awesome genes. Keep up the good work. - Author: Jo Raven
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#54. I never said I wasn't Black ... I want to make that very clear. I said, I am not African-American. I never expected my personal beliefs and comments to spark such emotion in people. I think it is only positive when we can openly discuss race and being labeled in America. - Author: Raven-Symone
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#55. I hope that I capture something in my work that is about the elusive, the magical and powerful and the transformative. The writing in itself is transformative for me. - Author: H. Raven Rose
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#56. The music, and the banquet, and the wine
The garlands, the rose odors, and the flowers, The sparkling eyes, and flashing ornaments
The white arms and the raven hair
the braids, And bracelets; swan-like bosoms, and the necklace, An India in itself, yet dazzling not. - Author: Lord Byron
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#57. Luck often comes to those who are brave. - Author: Kateryna Kei
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#58. Some of what you see, my child, may make you affraid, revolted even, but you must remember that all life is born of corruption. The reborn can rise only from death and decay. Resurrection springs only from the tomb. - Author: Karen Maitland
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#59. Sometimes I feared I'd turn into a bat myself, stuck up there night and day, scrathing away. [Vincent] - Author: Karen Maitland
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#60. I am a beautiful thing, shaped for fighting. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#61. But some characters in books are really real
Jane Austen's are; and I know those five Bennets at the opening of Pride and Prejudice, simply waiting to raven the young men at Netherfield Park, are not giving one thought to the real facts of marriage. - Author: Dodie Smith
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#62. She rode at the head of a shining line of black limos like the head raven in a convocation of black birds. Her husband had moved people, and, in so moving, had become their Lancelot Satterwhite, too. Something of him lived in them, was not hers, was now theirs. - Author: Lauren Groff
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#63. You have a family," Mikhail said gently. "I am your family. Raven is your family. Our child will be, and of course you have Jacques. Someday you will have children." He sent a slight grin in Gregori's direction. "You can even claim the healer as family. We do, although he dislikes it intensely. - Author: Christine Feehan
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#64. "Even Dwarfs Started Small," Calla replied immediately. "In the original German: Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen."
Maura winced, though Blue couldn't tell if it was at the movie or at Calla's accent. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#65. O serpent heart hid with a flowering face!
Did ever a dragon keep so fair a cave?
Beautiful tyrant, feind angelical, dove feather raven, wolvish-ravening lamb! Despised substance of devinest show, just opposite to what thou justly seemest - A dammed saint, an honourable villain! - Author: William Shakespeare
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#66. It wasn't for nothing that the raven was just now croaking on my left hand. - Author: Plautus
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#67. Well that wasn't too bad," I said, leaning against my car.

"Yeah, maybe for you since I had most of his weight."

"Well, you're a lot stronger than me."

"Oh, whatever, Aislin, you're just as strong as me," she said, rolling her eyes. - Author: Raven Hudgins
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#68. You disappoint me, Arianne.
Said the crow to the raven. You have been disappointing me for years, Father. - Author: George R R Martin
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#69. But what [Gansey] said was, "I'm going to need everyone to be straight with each other from now on. No more games. This isn't just for Blue, either. All of us."
Ronan said, "I'm always straight."
Adam replied, "Oh, man, that's the biggest lie you've ever told."
Blue said, "Okay. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#70. Cat, hmmm? From where I sit you look more like a Kitten."
My head jerked around and I shot him an annoyed look.
Oh, I was going to enjoy this, all right.
"It's Cat," I repeated firmly. "Cat Raven."
"Whatever you say, Kitten Tweedy. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#71. I'll ne'er distrust my God for cloth and bread while lilies flourish and the raven 's fed. - Author: Francis Quarles
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#72. Ronan's smile cut his face, but he looked kinder than Blue had ever seen him, like the raven in his hand was his heart, finally laid bare. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#73. I have a responsibility to not look crazy in public. I don't want to be the person where later in life when I have kids, to say, 'Don't do this' and my kids go, 'But Mom, you did it.' - Author: Raven-Symone
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#74. The two-minute disparity prematurely aged Adam Parrish. He liked it when people knew how to do their jobs.
"Say something," Gansey said.
"That bell."
"Everything is terrible," agreed Gansey. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#75. Do you have a name?" asked Gerta. "I do," said the raven. Gerta waited. The raven fluffed its beard. "I am the Sound of Mouse Bones Crunching Under the Hooves of God." - Author: T. Kingfisher
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#76. Is this thing safe?"
"Safe as life," Gansey replied. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#77. I'm not through with you yet. Are you prepared to accept your punishment?"
I nodded reluctantly. I wasn't sure what a vampire's punishment might be. But I was ready to find out.
"I sentence you to a thousand kisses," he said.
"Can I begin now? - Author: Ellen Schreiber
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#78. Death is inevitable passion is eternal - Author: Allison Van Diepen
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#79. One blast?" On his shoulder, his raven sat fluffed and silent, looking miserable. "One, my lord," Jon agreed. "Brothers returning." Mormont - Author: George R R Martin
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#80. Your wish can't stop inevitability"
"Maybe it can. Maybe if I love you hard enough, the rest of the world with disappear."
"Little Raven, I would not want the world to disappear. You are my world, so stay right where you are. - Author: Dannika Dark
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#81. And suddenly I am blindingly angry at Raven
for her lectures, and her stubbornness, and for thinking that the way that you help people is by driving them against a wall, by beating them down until they fight back. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#82. Gansey's phone buzzed.
"Gansey, man, is this diseased tree cutting into your digital time?" Ronan asked.
The fact was the digital time was cutting into his diseased tree time. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#83. If I were a tree, I would have no reason to love a human. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#84. The crow calls the raven black. - Author: George R R Martin
Quotes About Raven #136409
#85. Listening to him tell the story now, it was clear to Adam that Glendower was more than a historical figure to Gansey. He was everything Gansey wished he could be: wise and brave, sure of his path, touched by the supernatural, respected by all, survived by his legacy. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#86. He's a very funny and very nice man. When you read the script, you want to stick with it. But when you're with Eddie Murphy you've got to improvise. He's always making jokes and making me crack up when the camera's on. - Author: Raven-Symone
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#87. Raven sighed and looked up the tree. "Maybe it's asleep," he murmured.

Myche grinned. "Want me to take a look?"

Raven blinked. "What?"

His friend gave a mock-suffering sigh. "I'm a squirrel. I know trees. - Author: Mari Evers
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#88. You are not one of Pentrigrel's creations. This is not where you belong. He will not keep his word to you. He is concerned only with himself. You cannot condemn yourself to this over Lunette's fate. - Author: T.A. Miles
Quotes About Raven #117777
#89. Hell hath no fury like a queen scorned. ...
... That would be the last time he made a crack about being a flamer to someone with a flamethrower for hands. Though he'd really lost it when Raven sang the lyric to Disco Inferno. - Author: J.T. Bock
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#90. The lion-as proud as the diamond bright, Though the spell may be clouding that radiant light-in the death of the sun what's amiss will then mend, while the raven is dying discloses the end. - Author: Kerstin Gier
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#91. You can't muffle a real good time. - Author: Jo Raven
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#92. Life is not about growing old and dying. Life is about growing and trying. - Author: Raven Moore
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#93. Every time I can't tell where someone's calling me from in a room and every time I accidentally start to put my earbuds in both ears I think about you. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#94. Run." Raven took off, Apple on her heels, screaming as a swarm of flying, crawling, leaping insects chased them. "Aah!" Apple screamed. "Aah! I mean, La la la!" Apple sang desperately. "LA LA LA LA! - Author: Shannon Hale
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#95. I met a girl with raven dark hair and eyes the color of emeralds ... - Author: Jay McLean
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#96. (Raven) "Makes me think of werewolves. Do you think a man can change into an animal?"
(Alexander) "If he's with the right girl. - Author: Ellen Schreiber
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#97. Are you a house-wife, Mrs Silvers?' he asked. 'What would you recommend for getting burger relish out of a white shirt?'

The seething woman cranked the venom-level of her gaze up to eleven, and Raven smiled pleasantly back. - Author: A. Ashley Straker
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#98. I'm not one for a public display of my life. - Author: Raven-Symone
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#99. Ronan, taking in Blue's posture and Gansey below, observed, "If you spit, Blue, it would land right in his eye."
Gansey moved to the opposite side of the bed with surprising swiftness, glancing at Adam and away again as quickly. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#100. The Raven's house is built with reeds, - Sing woe, and alas is me! And the Raven's couch is spread with weeds, High on the hollow tree; And the Raven himself, telling his beads In penance for his past misdeeds, Upon the top I see. - Author: Thomas D
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