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#1. Whatever emotional state you're in while you're parenting conveys more to your child than the content of what you're doing with them, no matter how perfect your intervention looks "on paper." In other words, to paraphrase Marshall McLuhan, "your emotional state is the message. - Author: Michael Y. Simon
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#2. Many people do not like the idea that time has a beginning, probably because it smacks of divine intervention. (The Catholic Church, on the other hand, seized on the big bang model and in 1951 officially pronounced it to be in accordance with the Bible. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#3. Most often the earlier a cult member is approached through an intervention the more likely they are to be responsive. - Author: Rick Ross
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#4. Maybe that's why Heaven is silent and God doesn't speak to man anymore. Heavenly intervention would blow the point spread. - Author: Richard Kadrey
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#5. Conception is a blessed event.
Fertilization is divine intervention.
The development of embryo is a miraculous encounter.
The birth of a child is supernatural spiritual event. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#6. Even in the heyday of frozen concentrate, the popularity of orange juice rested largely on its image as the ultimate natural beverage, fresh squeezed from a primordial fruit. But the reality is that human intervention has modified the orange for millenniums, as it has almost everything people eat. - Author: Deborah Blum
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#7. I'm glad nothing requires my intervention, because I'm trying hard to maintain my composure. This is the first time I've ever seen a woman naked and I don't think I'll ever be the same. - Author: Sara Gruen
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#8. The best motivating factor of all, however, is divine intervention, or what I like to call The Magic of Grace. - Author: Cheryl Richardson
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#9. Your
intervention, shall we say, has simplified things in the palace enormously. We no longer have to worry about Salmissra's whims and peculiar appetites. We rule by committee, and we hardly ever find it necessary to poison each other anymore. No one's tried to poison me for months. - Author: David Eddings
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#10. Every coercive monopoly was created by government intervention into the economy: by special privileges, such as franchises or subsidies, which closed the entry of competitors into a given field, by legislative action. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#11. Non-intervention is a metaphysical idea, indistinguishable in practice from intervention. - Author: Charles Maurice De Talleyrand-Perigord
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#12. Should I really tell her how that made me feel? How I thought for sure Les had something to do with it or that it was divine intervention or a freaking miracle? Because I honestly feel like it was too perfect to be chalked up to coincidence. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#13. I'm not a pacifist. I was very much for the war against Hitler and I also supported the intervention in Korea, but in this war we went in there to steal Vietnam. - Author: Benjamin Spock
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#14. Will capitalist economies operate at full employment in the absence of routine intervention? Certainly not. Do policy makers have the knowledge and ability to improve macroeconomic outcomes rather than make matters worse? Yes. - Author: Janet Yellen
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#15. There is no medicine or other intervention that appears to be nearly as effective as exercise in maintaining or even bumping up a person's cognitive abilities. - Author: Gretchen Reynolds
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#16. Everyone has a natural slant towards seeking themselves. This gets in the way of seeking God unless God intervenes. - Author: Criss Jami
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#17. Thanksgiving is the day you don't know if you're invited for dinner or an intervention either way is going to be an ambush. - Author: Felipe Esparza
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#18. You can go to the trenches and be blown to bits; nothing will create that spark of passion if there isn't the intervention of a human hand. Somebody has to put his hand into the machine and let it be wrenched off if the cogs are to mesh again. - Author: Henry Miller
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#19. As a Korean War Veteran, I know too well the troubling nature of war. This is why I will always support a diplomatic answer before military intervention. - Author: Charles B. Rangel
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#20. One can imagine a kind of hormonal arms race or genetic arms race, whether it's to do with height or IQ, conceivably, in the future. So it's limitless, and that's another of the features that sets it apart from medical intervention. - Author: Michael Sandel
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#21. Throughout American history many of our social gains and much of our progress toward democracy were made possible by the active intervention of the federal government. - Author: Harold Washington
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#22. I say it must have been great to grow up when men were men. He says men have always been what the are now, namely incapable of coping with life without the intervention of God the Almighty. Then in the oven behind him my pizza starts smoking and he says case in point. - Author: George Saunders
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#23. The essence of the problem is about consumption, recognizing that a society that consumes one-third of the world's resources is unsustainable. This level of consumption requires constant intervention into other people's lands. That's what's going on. - Author: Winona LaDuke
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#24. Experience has taught us, that men will not adopt and carry into execution measures best calculated for their own good, without the intervention of a coercive power. - Author: George Washington
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#25. I tell you, we would be hard put to determine what is more evil
religion or the pure idea. The intervention of the supernatural or the elegant abstract solution! Both have bathed this earth in suffering; both have brought the human race literally and figuratively to its knees. - Author: Anne Rice
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#26. On the market, all is harmony. But as soon as intervention appears and is established, conflict is created, for each may participate in a scramble to be a net gainer rather than a net loser - to be part of the invading team instead of one of the victims. - Author: Murray Rothbard
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#27. Everything's explained by the constant intervention of Allah. And whatever happens had to happen, and was decreed at the beginning of time, and there's no way of even imagining how anything could have been different from what it is. - Author: Paul Bowles
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#28. Whereas banking education anesthetizes and inhibits creative power, problem-posing education involves a constant unveiling of reality. The former attempts to maintain the submersion of consciousness; the latter strives for the emergence of consciousness and critical intervention in reality. - Author: Paulo Freire
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#29. The breath of life is divine grace of God. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#30. My first intervention is to say, when your baby is born, just don't jump on your kid at night," Cohen says, "Give your baby a chance to self-soothe, don't automatically respond, even from birth. - Author: Pamela Druckerman
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#31. In order for something to qualify as a miracle, it must be more than statistically unlikely; it must be physically impossible without some sort of supernatural intervention. - Author: Armin Navabi
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#32. I feel Man would be wise to work at correcting his own mistakes instead of waiting for intervention from on high, and should replace faith in an unknowable divine plan with a well-thought-out scheme of his own. - Author: Mark Hodder
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#33. I closed my eyes and prayed for divine intervention.
I waited a beat and nothing happened.
Guess God was busy with war and famine and the like. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#34. It cannot be denied that Fascism and similar movements aiming at the establishment of dictatorships are full of the best intentions and that their intervention has, for the moment, saved European civilization. The merit that Fascism has thereby won for itself will live on eternally in history. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
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#35. Investments in immunization yield a rate of return on a par with educating our children - and higher than nearly any other development intervention. - Author: Seth Berkley
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#36. The highest truth needs no communicating, for it is by its very nature self-propelling. It radiates its influence silently as the rose its fragrance without the intervention of a medium. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#37. The question shouldn't be what we ought to do, but what we can do. - Author: Rory Stewart
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#38. When we find out an Idea, by whose Intervention we discover the Connexion of two others, this is a Revelation from God to us, by the voice of Reason. - Author: John Locke
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#39. Intervention giving is emotional and the results are measurable. - Author: Andy Stanley
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#40. Sweet Jesus! Sweet, sweet Jesus!" Mom called to the Savior, caught up in the divine intervention that was Hank and me.
I narrowed my eyes at her. "Stop cal ing Jesus, Mom. Hank's gonna think you're weird," I snapped.
"She is weird," Dad said.
"I'm not weird," Mom returned. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#41. We know that government intervention in the free market, and Argentine history has shown this, absolutely ends in a boomerang. - Author: Daniel Morgan
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#42. For the postwar peace, he preferred to minimize direct government intervention and manipulate the economy through fiscal and other incentives. - Author: Tony Judt
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#43. The 'boom-bust' cycle is generated by monetary intervention in the market, specifically bank credit expansion to business. - Author: Murray Rothbard
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#44. [The Soviet State Security Service] is more than a secret police organization, more than an intelligence and counter-intelligence organization. It is an instrument for subversion, manipulation and violence, for secret intervention in the affairs of other countries. - Author: Allen W. Dulles
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#45. The insistence that the commercialisation of the body is a fit subject for political discussion and intervention is well overdue. - Author: Susie Orbach
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#46. I find the growing intervention by the football authorities in strictly footballing matters a rather worrying trend. - Author: Kenny Cunningham
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#47. When the culture of police departments is sometimes infused with bias or preconceived ideas against certain groups, there needs to be reform and retraining throughout. And unfortunately, we cannot rely on local departments to police themselves; we need intervention from the top. - Author: Al Sharpton
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#48. If someone had asked who could stage the best intervention with a crazy woman who had formerly been an undead monster, Sydney Sage would have been my last guess. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#49. I have said that one of the distinguishing characteristics of a great man is that his active intervention makes what seemed highly improbable in fact happen. - Author: Isaiah Berlin
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#50. Of course, there were huge disagreements in the arguments of military intervention, .. There is no point at the moment on focusing on those disagreements. - Author: Chris Patten
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#51. The Gospels: God's perfection consists in non-intervention. - Author: Simone Weil
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#52. We need God's great-grace in all spheres of life. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#53. I paraphrase Aristotle: If you want to be comical, write about people to whom the audience can feel superior; if you want to be tragical, write about at least one person to whom the audience is bound to feel inferior, and no fair having human problems solved by dumb luck or heavenly intervention. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#54. When government takes away options, it is bound to make some people worse off, even with intrinsicallly good intentions behind that government intervention. - Author: Thomas Sowell
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#55. An excessive preponderance of an idealistic mood is harmful to society: it creates daydreaming, political Don Quixotism, hope for heavenly intervention. This is an undeniable truth
but it is also true that every extreme is harmful. - Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz
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#56. If Only
but it has been my unfortunate experience that you can't rely on divine intervention and that fate favors the bad as often as the good. - Author: Terry Hayes
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#57. No diplomatic intervention will ever be made by any government that I lead in support of any individual terrorist's life. We have only indicated in the past, and will maintain a policy in the future, of intervening diplomatically in support of Australian nationals who face capital sentences abroad. - Author: Kevin Rudd
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#58. Without intervention today, the cost of care for adults with autism will be significantly greater and the burden will no longer lie with the parents, but on our entire society. - Author: Jenny McCarthy
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#59. Older people are not going to evaporate from the face of the Earth for two years. They're going to have medical need and they're going to have to be attended to. And the earlier intervention for it, the less the cost will be and the better the quality of life. - Author: Nancy Pelosi
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#60. Mexico will never accept U.S. military intervention. Mexicans always remember 1848. - Author: Jorge Ramos
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#61. While admirers of capitalism, we also to a certain extent believe it has limitations that require government intervention in markets to make them work. - Author: Janet Yellen
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#62. [Socialistic] economic planning, regulation, and intervention pave the way to totalitarianism by building a power structure that will inevitably be seized by the most power-hungry and unscrupulous. - Author: Friedrich August Von Hayek
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#63. If you decide on having an alcoholic at your party, make sure it's a large gathering. This way, until the alcoholic begins removing their clothes or dangling the cat out the window, they can sort of blend in. An alcoholic at a small gathering is called an intervention. - Author: Amy Sedaris
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#64. The Pentagon also wants a system capable of launching speed-of-light strikes and counterstrikes using preprogrammed scenarios so that human intervention won't be necessary. - Author: Anonymous
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#65. , I believe in some type of free market system. I just don't think you'll find an example of one completely free from government intervention. - Author: Kenneth Eade
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#66. Don't be a witness. Be an activist. - Author: DaShanne Stokes
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#67. Nothing rectifies out-of-control market failures like a healthy dose of
government intervention and mountains of bureaucracy. - Author: George Carlin
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#68. The human birthright includes the possibility of an easy death at extreme old age if we are healthy. Alternatively, we may experience a lot of disease, but with medical intervention probably live almost as long, suffering from suboptimum health all the way through. It's our choice. - Author: Steve Solomon
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#69. All you have is the now to live the life you imagine! - Author: Tambre Bryant - Strategic Intervention Life Business Coach
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#70. Capitalism cannot cause a financial crisis because capitalism is about markets constantly correcting errors. It is government intervention that can and often does cause crises, - Author: John Tamny
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#71. After puberty the personality develops impetuously and all extraneous intervention becomes odious ... Now it so happens that parents feel the responsibility towards their children precisely during this second period, when it is too late. - Author: Antonio Gramsci
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#72. Aside from an intervention, which I don't think is on anybody's mind, Iraq is going to have defend for itself. - Author: Doug Collins
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#73. The overriding problems are brought on by the existence of the ego, a maladaptive behavioral complex in the psyche that gets going like a tumor. If it's not treated - if there's not pharmacological intervention - it becomes the dominant constellation of the personality.. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#74. Technology works best when it facilitates human hope, activism, engagement & intervention. - Author: Mal Fletcher
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#75. Eternity, sacred time. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#76. When God leads you to it, He will give it to you. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#77. When you think about it, caring for patients is 99 percent information and 1 percent intervention, so it's clear that with or without genomics, the paradigm is shifting. Bioinformatics brings a cutting edge capacity to healthcare. - Author: Christopher G. Chute
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#78. Ambassador Mulford has made wide-ranging intervention in the internal affairs of India. To say the least, it is very unfortunate. It confirms our earlier apprehension that he is directly interfering in India's internal affairs. - Author: Bill Vaughan
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#79. The light is shinning in every dark place. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#80. Rationale still remains the greatest impediment to encountering God's mysteries. - Author: Christian Hunt
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#81. Ritically intervene in a way that challenges and changes. - Author: Bell Hooks
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#82. If the world is the product of nothing but natural forces and natural law, divine intervention is impossible. - Author: Titus Lucretius Carus
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#83. O Lord grant us the grace for sacred rest - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#84. In 1979, we thought it would be easier to take power. The intervention of the United States has changed the circumstances. - Author: Mario Lopez
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#85. You're not who he expected you to be; that doesn't mean you aren't somebody. Nor are you perfect. Stop using every mistake you make as an excuse to fail completely. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#86. My level of intervention in the press, trying to control stories, is zero. Subzero. - Author: Benjamin Netanyahu
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#87. My view of foreign policy is that we need to be careful and circumspect about United States intervention in any foreign nation. - Author: Michele Bachmann
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#88. Intervention only works when the people concerned seem to be keen for peace. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#89. Most of us discover early on that it's safer to hide behind prayers that can't be measured, petitions so nebulous they don't require intervention from God. - Author: Margaret Feinberg
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#90. The Big Bang, which today we hold to be the origin of the world, does not contradict the intervention of the divine creator but, rather, requires it. - Author: Pope Francis
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#91. Whether the are splashed with gold or white, striped with chartreuse or cream, or margined in light tones, they are nature's weaklings, and nature is still a matter of survival of the fittest. The survival of variegated plants depends on human intervention. - Author: Allen Lacy
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#92. To critique sexist images without offering alternatives is an incomplete intervention. Critique in and of itself does not lead to change. - Author: Bell Hooks
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#93. Using medicine in the service of cosmesis is generally bad for patients, bad for doctors, and bad for democracy. The only exceptions are when we know the intervention will actually reduce suffering, as with a primary cleft lip repair. - Author: Alice Dreger
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#94. they are simple psychological phenomena, isolated, without intervention of the idea of personality. - Author: Anonymous
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#95. The original sense of the word 'influence' is 'to flow into.' For the most part, these writers that I admire ... their style flows into me without my intervention, which is what explains the broad range of writers who I've been compared with; it reflects my reading. - Author: Teju Cole
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#96. If you want government to intervene domestically, you're a liberal. If you want government to intervene overseas, you're a conservative. If you want government to intervene everywhere, you're a moderate. If you don't want government to intervene anywhere, you're an extremist. - Author: Joseph Sobran
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#97. I will hold my babies in my hand at sacred-time. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#98. The prospect of living without interference, living in a world where windfalls and misfortunes were never by design, held no terror for him. - Author: Ted Chiang
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#99. Mistakes from our collective past are like any other: they require intervention--a remedy--to correct. They don't erase themselves over time. - Author: Jonathan R. Miller
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#100. Each time it happens we're tempted to infer the direct intervention of a Maker. - Author: Carl Sagan
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