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#1. The next day Mrs Honeyfoot told her husband that John Segundus was exactly what a gentleman should be, but she feared he would never profit by it for it was not the fashion to be modest and quiet and kind-hearted. - Author: Susanna Clarke
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#2. Cherish every relationship in your life. There are certain things in life that can't be fixed if broken! - Author: Avijeet Das
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#3. Like ageism and sexism, lookism was everywhere, resulting in the good-looking getting the best jobs, winning all the plaudits, being let off the most parking tickets by soft-hearted traffic wardens; being generally favoured. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#4. In life and in business, you need to be good-hearted and trustworthy, and to have integrity. This is the way to build long-term relationships. It is also important to be optimistic and to look at challenges as opportunities. - Author: Henry Sy
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#5. Be kind to her when she comes back. Her love is not only for children but for humanity. She will be a good-hearted and magnificent zealot one day. As her mother is now.
Goodbye, Kate. And below he had signed as he rarely did, with his Christian name. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
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#6. Hurting a softhearted caring person would please you but loss is yours; you would have friends less one. - Author: Vikrmn
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#7. You are pure-hearted and lovely, and you have never done a moment's wrong. But you are a living creature, born to make a real life, however it cracks your heart. - Author: Margo Lanagan
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#8. Sentimentality is the respect the cold-hearted pay to feeling. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#9. I throw back my head, and, feeling free as the wind, breathe in the fresh mountain air. Although I am heavy-hearted, my spirits are rising. To walk in nature is always good medicine. - Author: Jean Craighead George
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#10. I'm not sure I know what 'simple-hearted' means," I said haughtily. "When there's no deceit or malice in your heart. Most of us have some; it protects us. People without it are rare. - Author: Gail Godwin
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#11. The magnanimity and sensibility of a lady who faints when she sees a calf being killed, she is so kind hearted that she can't look at the blood, but enjoys serving the calf up with sauce - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#12. Love is not for the faint hearted. - Author: Gabriel Iqbal
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#13. Nor are those empty-hearted whose low sound reverbs no hollowness. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#14. I think our capacity for wholeheartedness can never be greater than our willingness to be broken-hearted. It means engaging with the world from a place of vulnerability and worthiness. - Author: Brene Brown
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#15. The Devonian and Cornishman will be found by the visitor to be courteous and hospitable. There is no roughness of manner where unspoiled by periodic influx of strangers; he is kindly, tender-hearted, and somewhat suspicious. - Author: Sabine Baring-Gould
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#16. That was Chas. Furious and black-hearted one minute, ready to crack a wry joke the next. - Author: Colleen Gleason
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#17. Lion-hearted; her tremors braced with virtue, Philippa trotted on. - Author: Dorothy Dunnett
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#18. On the way to work good-hearted young girls sometimes offer me their seats, which I accept and bless them in return, a transaction satisfying to all concerned. - Author: Lionel Blue
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#19. People think SEALs are cold-blooded, heartless, wound-up, brainwashed killers. They imagine you can just point a SEAL in a direction and say, 'Go kill.' The truth is you're talking about a bunch of kind-hearted, jovial guys. The only thing that separates them is mental toughness. - Author: Howard E. Wasdin
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#20. When mannequins have nipples, it's a cold-hearted world. - Author: Roy Blount Jr.
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#21. It is debatable which is causing us more harm - hot-headed ignorance or cold-hearted intellectualism. - Author: Vance Havner
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#22. Sometimes a broken heart can mend something else's brokenness - Author: Munia Khan
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#23. Believing prayer will lead to whole-hearted action. - Author: Hudson Taylor
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#24. She's a big-hearted girl with hips to match. - Author: Henny Youngman
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#25. Politics is a rough and tumble business. It's not for the faint-hearted. I've got bruises and cuts from being in the political arena. But by and large, I understand how to navigate the process. - Author: Donna Brazile
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#26. It was a grand old house, the Ayemenem House, but aloof-looking. As though it had little to do with the people who lived in it. Like an old man with rheumy eyes watching children play, seeing only transience in their shrill elation and their whole-hearted commitment to life. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#27. Milton calls the university A stony-hearted step-mother. - Author: Augustine Birrell
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#28. I could forgive you even your cruelty if it were not for your calm. - Author: G.K. Chesterton
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#29. Chance was to work in the garden, where he would care for plants and grasses and trees which grew there peacefully. He would be as one on them: quiet, open hearted in the sunshine and heavy when it rained. - Author: Jerzy Kosinski
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#30. Duty itself is supreme delight when love is the inducement and labor. By such a principle the ignorant are enlightened, the hard-hearted softened, the disobedient reformed, and the faithful encouraged. - Author: Hosea Ballou
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#31. In one swift motion she's out of his arms twirling about. Startled and then ecstatic, she feels lighter than air, laughing in spite of herself. Light hearted, she keeps spinning feeling the stress and pain strip away from her. She was surprised by how confident she felt. How alive. - Author: Solange Nicole
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#32. One solitary God-centered, God-intoxicated man can do more to keep God's love alive and His presence felt in the world than a thousand half-hearted, talkative busy men living frightened, fragmented lives of quiet desperation. - Author: Robert McNamara
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#33. Cold-hearted Elinor! Oh! Worse than cold-hearted! Ashamed of being otherwise.
Marianne Dashwood - Author: Jane Austen
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#34. I felt a familiar squeezing in what I thought must be my heart. I had heard of being "heartbroken" or "heavy-hearted" but I had never known it was an actual sensation one felt when the whole world abandons you. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#35. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#36. Don't try to follow trends. Create them. - Author: Simon Zingerman
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#37. All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted. Not so boldly charted, it's really just a question of your honesty. - Author: Neil Peart
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#38. A broken heart is just the growing pains necessary so that you can love more completely when the real thing comes along. - Author: J.S.B. Morse
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#39. As for the largest-hearted of us, what is the word we write most often in our cheque-books? Self. - Author: Eden Phillpotts
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#40. It is not possible to know how far the influence of any amiable, honest-hearted duty-doing man flies out into the world, but it is very possible to know how it has touched one's self in going by. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#41. Loving for the second time isn't sweet; it's bitter, and hurt more than the first. - Author: Jessica E. Larsen
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#42. We are the Dragon-Hearted. - Author: Rachel L. Schade
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#43. Africa is not for the weak-hearted: infrastructure issues are there. The middle class is absent in most of the countries. We have to cater to the low end of the market to grow. - Author: Sunil Mittal
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#44. Why should one not enjoy in a light-hearted sort of way stories of ladies and gentlemen who fall in love and express their feelings for each other, often in most elegant phrases? - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
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#45. In some respects woman is superior to man. She is more tender-hearted, more receptive, her intuition is more intense. - Author: Abdu'l- Baha
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#46. The men of pure-hearted and open-minded
feel no worry about running out of new ideas. - Author: Toba Beta
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#47. A serpent is a serpent, and none the less a viper, because it is nestled in the bosom of an honest-hearted man. - Author: Martin Delany
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#48. No frozen-hearted woman ever I laid eyes on but has made duty her religion. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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#49. True love is not for the faint-hearted. - Author: Jack Kornfield
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#50. Your love is a kind place, and I don't deserve to stay. - Author: J. Limbu
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#51. In fact, for all of us it is this open-hearted affirmation that my life is the same as yours that moves us forward much faster than when we believe that others' lives are orderly and peaceful and only ours is chaotic and full of bumps. - Author: Virginia H. Pearce
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#52. Nowadays rap artists coming half-hearted,
Commercial like pop, or underground like black markets.
Where were you the day hip-hop died?
Is it too early to mourn? Is it too late to ride? - Author: Talib Kweli
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#53. It was no half-hearted spring, this: the whole island vibrated with it as though a great, ringing chord had been struck. Everyone and everything heard it and responded. - Author: Gerald Durrell
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#54. But I see now that whether I show up for work or not, the evil forces are going to beat me. They're going to come 100 percent, so if I dont be 100 percent pure-hearted, I'm going to lose. And thats why I'm losing. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#55. Mom ... In my next life I have to be your son again. Then, I will definitely be a kind-hearted son that you love I love you, mom. I love you, mom. There has never been a moment that thoughts of you left my mind. Mom. That you gave birth to me. Thank you. - Author: Kang Min-hyuk
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#56. It takes great effort to follow the rules of a pull system ... thus a half-hearted introduction of a pull system brings a hundred harms and not a single gain. - Author: Taiichi Ohno
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#57. Be bold: Venus herself aids the stout-hearted. - Author: Tibullus
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#58. Speaking the truth is the main attribute of a pure hearted person. - Author: Eraldo Banovac
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#59. I have always wanted to go to Trieste because it sounds like tristesse, which is a light-hearted word, even though in French it means sadness. In Spanish it is tristeza, which is heavier than French sadness, more of a groan than a whisper. - Author: Deborah Levy
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#60. Samantha turned on a coy smile and the wily charm of a coquettish girl. A little shiver went through me. The one thing she wasn't was coy or coquettish. More like a cold hearted killer who only smiled at the thought of violence. - Author: Kaden Brown
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#61. Where some saw a cold-hearted calculating slut, there was actually a girl who had done a lot of growing up to realise she should only get something of equal or greater value for everything she gave. - Author: Alice Walsh
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#62. I traded being heartbroken over one guys for being completely heartbroken over another. And I didn't even get to have any fun in between. No relationship, no sex, not even a good makeout session. - Author: Lauren Barnholdt
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#63. Was that hard-hearted? Well, so what if it was. She'd been through enough to harden anyone. It was none of her choosing; all she'd done was clung on to her life like a spar from a shipwreck. Better to be hardened than crushed to nothing. - Author: Emma Donoghue
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#64. One who has a deaden conscience can never live within the confinements of the law. - Author: Drexel Deal
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#65. They the royal-hearted women are
Who nobly love the noblest, yet have grace
For needy suffering lives in lowliest place,
Carrying a choicer sunlight in their smile,
The heavenliest ray that pitieth the vile. - Author: George Eliot
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#66. Esteem him! Like him! Cold-hearted Elinor! Oh! worse than cold-hearted! Ashamed of being otherwise. Use those words again, and I will leave the room this moment. - Author: Jane Austen
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#67. What are the things we should pray for? First, our personal troubles ... The greatest trouble we can ever know is thinking that we have no trouble for we can become hard-hearted and insensible to what is inside of us. - Author: Martin Luther
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#68. God cannot remove the burdens of your heart, but he will prompt you where to go, what to say and what to do, in order to free yourself from your chains. - Author: Shannon L. Alder
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#69. And honesty is the hardest part
yeah honesty is the highest art
and honestly i myself just started
and eureka i'm less broken-hearted - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#70. No matter how many thousands friends you've had, or even more likes you've got, but if you do not enjoy being yourself, then you just keep lying to yourself and unto others as well. - Author: Toba Beta
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#71. it is a hard-hearted monkey indeed that remains unmoved during a good slathering of bacitracin, and - Author: Hope Jahren
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#72. Overall, I'm happy how 'Original Sin' has come together. It's an amalgam of all I've done at Marvel, mixing the gritty, violent 'Punisher Max' stuff with the zany, light-hearted 'Wolverine & The X-Men' work. - Author: Jason Aaron
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#73. But the thing about my granddad is ... it's kind of hard to convince him people won't just do the right thing. You hate to say anything that sounds hostile or untrusting or small-hearted around him. You feel like he'd be disappointed in you. - Author: Joe Hill
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#74. I am tough minded, but not hard hearted. - Author: Ronnie Apteker
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#75. So the story goes, so I'm told
The people he knew were
Less than golden hearted
Gamblers and robbers
Drinkers and jokers, all soul searchers
Like you and me - Author: Dave Matthews
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#76. All my brothers, my brothers-in-law, they're always telling me what a good-hearted guy I am. You don't get to be good-hearted by accident. You get kicked around long enough, you get to be a real professor of pain. - Author: Paddy Chayefsky
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#77. Muftis and bishops should be like ripe camembert cheeses - a bit on the nose and not for the faint-hearted, but memorable! - Author: Michael Leunig
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#78. If we are devoted to the cause of humanity, we shall soon be crushed and broken-hearted, for we shall often meet with more ingratitude from men than we would from a dog; but if our motive is love to God, no ingratitude can hinder us from serving our fellow men. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#79. History remembers the velvet hearted. - Author: Elizabeth McCracken
Quotes About Hearted #253270
#80. My heart is broken and I grieve, for I have known love. Your heart is broken and you grieve, for you have not. - Author: Jesikah Sundin
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#81. As a general rule, people, even the wicked, are much more naive and simple-hearted than we supposed. And we ourselves are, too. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#82. Perhaps this is what the stories meant when they called somebody heartsick. Your heart and your stomach and your whole insides felt empty and hollow and aching. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#83. Suddenly she was standing at Tara again with the world about her ears, desolate with the knowledge that she could not face life without the terrible strength of the weak, the gentle, the tender-hearted. - Author: Margaret Mitchell
Quotes About Hearted #267170
#84. A quiet-hearted person awakes with a smile on his lips and an eagerness in his heart for the day ahead. - Author: Wu Wei
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#85. Now goblins are cruel, wicked, and bad-hearted. They make no beautiful things, but they make many clever ones. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#86. You will learn soon how not to be faint-hearted. A man has got to learn everything
and that's what so many of them youngsters don't understand. - Author: Joseph Conrad
Quotes About Hearted #293806
#87. Mentorship is an eye that's not judgemental, soft hearted that boosts the mentee's confidence and encourages him/her to believe in herself/himself. - Author: Euginia Herlihy
Quotes About Hearted #294777
#88. Whole-hearted listening is the greatest spiritual gift you can give to the other person. - Author: Harriet Lerner
Quotes About Hearted #301898
#89. Adults envy the open-hearted and open-minded explorations of children; seeing their joy and curiosity, we pine for our own capacity for wide-eyed wonder. - Author: Gabor Mate
Quotes About Hearted #307839
#90. Christ did not die to make good works merely possible or to produce a half-hearted pursuit. He died to produce in us a passion for good deeds. Christian purity is not the mere avoidance of evil, but the pursuit of good. - Author: John Piper
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#91. Damn. Sometimes I really could be a cold-hearted, insensitive bitch. - Author: Jennifer Estep
Quotes About Hearted #312514
#92. When a milestone is conquered, the subtle erosion called entitlement begins its consuming grind. The team regards its greatness as a trait and a right. Half hearted effort becomes habit and saps a champion. - Author: Pat Riley
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#93. The real essence of your distinctive footprints may least be felt in your presence and much more in your absence - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#94. And only well-informed, warm-hearted people can teach others things they'll always remember and love. Computers and TV don't do that. A computer teaches a child what a computer can become. An educated human being teaches a child what a child can become. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#95. Thy heart is good, Esther, good as thy mother's was; and I pray
it have not the fate of most good hearts
to be trampled upon
by the unmerciful and blind. - Author: Lew Wallace
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#96. Hosts loved to detain the dry lawyer, when the light-hearted and loose-tongued had already their foot on the threshold; they liked to sit awhile in his unobtrusive company, practicing for solitude, sobering their minds in the man's rich silence after the expense and strain of gaiety. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Quotes About Hearted #329571
#97. I am a cold hearted, ruthless bastard who sees what he wants and takes it. Is that not so?" He stepped closer to her, too close. His voice, no longer tender, was like the growl of a hungry wolf. "You think I don't want you." He ran his fingers over the pulse beat of her throat..."But I do. - Author: Paula Quinn
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#98. Bleeding for a decade
For a decade,
We bleed like there is no hell but the earth
We bleed like we were born to dare
We bleed like there is nothing alive inside.
We find a clue
After a decade
Bleeding is just to breath
Simply keeps us alive. - Author: Arzum Uzun
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#99. May the broken hearted be healed. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Quotes About Hearted #337947
#100. Love is where unseen and unsaid things
merge with each other
where silence is thirsty of happenings - Author: Seema Gupta
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