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#1. Beauty Lures the Stranger More Easily into Danger
-Septimus Heap - Author: Angie Sage
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#2. Suddenly your whole life is like a car crash, no brakes, gaining momentum, piling up behind you. Your mistakes, missed opportunities, all the time you've wasted, a twisted, rusting heap of scrap metal that can't be salvaged. Overwhelming you. Crushing you. - Author: Debbie Howells
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#3. I do not want to heap coals of fire on anyone's head, but I would like to advise those who keep the living thought of the dead hidden away in cardboard boxes, to pass on as quickly as possibly such explosive material, whose only legitimate heir is the whole world, that is to say, my neighbor. - Author: Pierre Schaeffer
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#4. I'm very lazy when it comes to making the original sound. I don't go through amplifiers and different compressors and signal parts. I just grab something, whether its an old guitar or a children's toy that happens to be lying around, and record it straight into the computer. - Author: Imogen Heap
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#5. I sat in a spluttering, bleeding heap protesting that I was fine and all I needed was a quiet corner to go and die in and everything would be all right. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#6. 'Grand Theft Auto', in its deification of antisocial behavior, is where I heap the most of my scorn. - Author: Nolan Bushnell
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#7. If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
And never breathe a word about your loss ... - Author: Rudyard Kipling
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#8. Everything stems from real experiences but I do also have a very vivid imagination. A song lyric gets easily carried away with itself and can end up somewhere I'd never have predicted. - Author: Imogen Heap
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#9. A heap of bricks is not yet a house. - Author: I.L. Peretz
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#10. Unfurl your muscles. Slip off your skin. Drop your guts in a heap on the floor."
I felt my airway constrict. Damn, this was profound. I continued. "Nuzzle inside the hollow of my bones. Let our breaths mingle as one. Turn liquid for me. Only for me. Bury your essence inside of my soul. - Author: Christina Lee
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#11. You will find very exquisite flowers sometime even on a dust-heap, as well as where humanity grows thickest and rankest. - Author: Hume Nisbet
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#12. So many venues are owned by these various different ticketing and promoting people, and they're all in bed with one another. It's no secret over here. - Author: Imogen Heap
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#13. No one can ever heap enough insults upon me to suit my taste. I think we all really thrive on hostility, because it's the most intense kind of massage the ego can undergo. Other people's indifference is the only horror. - Author: Paul Bowles
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#14. We get richer and richer in filthier and filthier communities until we reach a final state of affluent misery - crocus on a garbage heap. - Author: John W. Gardner
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#15. Silence, that inspired dealer, takes the day's deck, the life, all in a crazy heap, lays it out, and plays its flawless hand of solitaire, every card in place. Scoops them up, and does it all over again. - Author: Patricia Hampl
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#16. a confused heap of mingle-mangle"). - Author: James Gleick
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#17. There is in every artist's studio a scrap heap of discarded works in which the artist's discipline prevailed against his imagination. - Author: Robert Breault
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#18. From a thread of sky
to the warp and weft of your being
You're beautiful, graceful,
like no other;
You're pretty damn good as you are. - Author: Imogen Heap
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#19. For the most part, what we think of as 'I' is nothing more than a whole heap of conditioning. - Author: Etienne De L'Amour
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#20. She wasn't going to heap judgment on him; she was going to root around until she found even a single seed of faith still sprouting inside him. - Author: Stacy Henrie
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#21. LEIA [to Han:] Hast thou come here in that ungainly heap? Thou art, perhaps, then braver than I thought. - Author: Ian Doescher
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#22. It's exactly the thing that I'm reduced to doing for myself. It seems to rescue a little, you see, from the wreck of hopes and ambitions, the refuse-heap of disappointments and failures, my one presentable little scrap of an identity. - Author: Henry James
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#23. Do you see the irony at all, Tristan?'
I stare at him and shake my head. He seems determined not to speak again until I do. 'What irony?' I ask eventually, the words tumbling out in a hurried heap. 'That I am to be shot as a coward while you get to live as one. - Author: John Boyne
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#24. I've found what I was looking for, Child: what people call love between a man and a woman is a season. And if, at its flowering, this season is a feast of greenery, at its waning, it's only a heap of rotting leaves. - Author: Oriana Fallaci
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#25. There is a wavering expression in hereyes, like she is a heap of leaves aboutto be scattered by the wind - Author: Veronica Roth
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#26. We ought not to heap reproaches on old age, seeing that we all hope to reach it. - Author: Wilfred Bion
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#27. Triste lay in a heap, her dress hitched up around her thighs, whimpering and shuddering until Gwenna shifted to kick her ungently in the head. - Author: Brian Staveley
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#28. It takes a heap of sense to write good nonsense - Author: Mark Twain
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#29. I don't think about becoming a head coach. I really don't. I'm not oblivious of people who mention it. When you are in any business, people expect to aspire to the top. I guess everyone is supposed to aspire to being the man at the top of the heap. But I never have. - Author: Joe Greene
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#30. My mother was very strong. Once, she picked up a coconut and smashed it against my father's head. It taught me about women defending themselves and not collapsing in a heap. - Author: Alice Walker
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#31. A man's own addition to what he learns is cement to bind an otherwise loose heap of stones into a structure of unity, strength, and use. - Author: George Iles
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#32. The Scientist must set in order. Science is built up with facts, as a house is with stones. But a collection of facts is no more a science than a heap of stones is a house. - Author: Henri Poincare
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#33. And if I was to die, I was not going to go out in a gibbering heap of terror. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#34. A conglomerate heap of trash, that's what I am. But it burns with a high flame. - Author: Ray Bradbury
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#35. In the 1950s, when I was hanging around Sullivan's Gym and the Gramercy Gym, there were fixed fights. Mob guys like Frankie Carbo and Blinky Palermo had taken over the sport; one lightweight champion loaned his title to others at least twice; the welterweight division was a slag heap. - Author: Pete Hamill
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#36. If at great things thou would'st arrive, Get riches first, get wealth, and treasure heap, Not difficult, if thou hearken to me; Riches are mine, fortune is in my hand, They whom I favor thrive in wealth amain, While virtue, valor, wisdom, sit in want. - Author: John Milton
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#37. On YouTube you can tell what countries are watching and I've definitely noted a strong Australian following. You can plan your tours around where the love is on Twitter and YouTube - before, you couldn't tell. - Author: Imogen Heap
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#38. You know, many of you kids can't relate to what it takes to get to the top rung, the top of the heap, to have success. We're looking for things that come in a minute. It just doesn't happen. - Author: Dave Winfield
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#39. As usual I am suffering much from doubt as to the worth of what I am doing and fear lest I may not be able to complete it so as to make it a contribution to literature and not a mere addition to the heap of books. - Author: George Eliot
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#40. O Solitude! If I must with thee dwell, Let it not be among the jumbled heap of murky buildings - Author: John Keats
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#41. Heap on more wood! - the wind is chill; But let it whistle as it will, We'll keep our Christmas merry still. - Author: Walter Scott
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#42. Let go of a need for personal recognition. Heap kudos on others and they'll perform even better next time. Leaders are only as good as those who follow them and followers are at their best when leaders are quick to give credit for successes. - Author: Steve Goodier
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#43. Old soldiers never die - they're just thrown on the scrap heap! - Author: Pat Mills
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#44. Steinbeck wasn't the thirties and Dickens wasn't the eighteen-hundreds. They were of their times but for the ages. Their writings are not products marketed for a brief time until they're out of vogue and discarded on the scrap heap. - Author: Elliot Perlman
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#45. I do not believe that anything really worthwhile will come out of the exploration of the slag heap that constitutes the surface of the moon ... Nobody should imagine that the enormous financial budget of NASA implies that astronomy is now well supported. - Author: Fred Hoyle
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#46. Our movements through time and space seem somehow trivial compared to a heap of boiled meat in broth, the smell of saffron, garlic, fishbones and Pernod. - Author: Anthony Bourdain
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#47. Captain Nemo pointed to this prodigious heap of shellfish, and I saw that these mines were genuinely inexhaustible, since nature's creative powers are greater than man's destructive instincts. - Author: Jules Verne
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#48. Even though the popularity and the fanbase is much much greater, and more people have heard about me through things like the Grammys and the Ivors and touring and word of mouth, it doesn't reflect in the sales of the record and doesn't go into my pocket. - Author: Imogen Heap
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#49. This is a theater," Bertie, annoyed by the inquisition, dropped him onto stage. Several feet of slack cable landed atop the fairy in a slithering heap.
"Oh!" Peaseblossom said. "You've buried him alive! - Author: Lisa Mantchev
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#50. This is the true joy of life-the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one, the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown to the scrap-heap; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish clod of ailments and grievances. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#51. Here I am at the end of the road and at the top of the heap. - Author: Pope John XXIII
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#52. The grower of trees, the gardener, the man born to farming, whose hands reach into the ground and sprout, to him the soil is a divine drug. He enters into death yearly, and comes back rejoicing. He has seen the light lie down in the dung heap, and rise again in the corn. - Author: Wendell Berry
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#53. The problems with lies is they start to pile up, one on top of another, until it's hard to find your way out from under the heap. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#54. Don't let my soul be riddled / by deceit: kill it or, / like fog, it will seep through / a heap of white chaff. - Author: Boris Pasternak
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#55. History is a great dust heap. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#56. I never had any social life, just played the piano and studied, studied, studied. - Author: Imogen Heap
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#57. You can't expect a man in a dung heap to smell sweet. - Author: Aravind Adiga
Quotes About Heap #84680
#58. It takes a heap of loafing to write a book. - Author: Gertrude Stein
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#59. Some people think electronic music is cold, but I think that has more to do with the people listening than the actual music itself. - Author: Imogen Heap
Quotes About Heap #66627
#60. I do really silly dancing. I love dancing, but I'm not cool when I dance. It's not about my moves, it's not about how cool I am, it's not about how slick I look on the dance floor, it's about having a great time. - Author: Imogen Heap
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#61. It's all a compost heap. You just put down a layer of humus that helps other stuff grow. Your work will all be forgotten, but it will help stuff grow. - Author: Murray Edelman
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#62. Civilization - a heap of rubble scavenged by scrawny English Lit. vultures. - Author: Malcolm Muggeridge
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#63. Without 'tis autumn, the wind beats on the pane
With heavy drops, the leaves high upwards sweep.
You take old letters from a crumpled heap,
And in one hour have lived your life again.
- Author: Mihai Eminescu
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#64. It's been so amazing. I've always struggled with this barrier that I felt like I'd had up until blogging came along. Just one comment from somebody really sparks something in me. It doesn't need to be this huge war between me and the listeners anymore. I really thrive on that. - Author: Imogen Heap
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#65. There's this idea of a star, and this person is very aloof and writes all the music, and they don't talk to anyone unless they go through the record label. And I always felt very uncomfortable about that. - Author: Imogen Heap
Quotes About Heap #48093
#66. I guess this is how love is when it comes undone. No matter how tight you knit the stitches, a sharp tug on a loose thread will transform your warm sweater into a mangled heap of yarn that you can't reuse or repair. - Author: Tayari Jones
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#67. Lord, heap miseries upon us yet entwine our arts with laughters low. - Author: James Joyce
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#68. The city is a fact in nature, like a cave, a run of mackerel or an ant-heap. But it is also a conscious work of art, and it holds within its communal framework many simpler and more personal forms of art. Mind takes form in the city; and in turn, urban forms condition mind. - Author: Lewis Mumford
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#69. We object not to the narration of the deeds of our unregenerate condition, but to the mode in which it is too often done. Let sin have its monument, but let it be a heap of stones cast by the hands of execration - not a mausoleum erected by the hands of affection. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#70. We must heap up a great pile of doing, for a small diameter of being. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#71. However small your garden, you must provide for two of the serious gardener's necessities, a tool shed and a compost heap. A wire bin takes up negligible space and can be concealed by shrubs, or you can make a small pit into which you sweep leaves and clippings, but try not to fall into it. - Author: Ann Scott
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#72. Hardly anything is as exciting or as diverse, as strong a confirmation of life and hope and the universe's urge towards creativity, as a lively compost heap or the first draft of a novel. - Author: Margaret Simons
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#73. Education should train the child to use his brains, to make for himself a place in the world and maintain his rights even when it seems that society would shove him into the scrap-heap. - Author: Helen Keller
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#74. You English are like mad bulls ... you see red everywhere! What on earth has come over you, to heap on us such suspicion as is unworthy of a great nation. I regard this as a personal insult ... You make it uncommonly difficult for a man to remain friendly to England. - Author: Wilhelm II
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#75. There's only so much room at the top of the heap. The rest of us are fill dirt. - Author: Sue Grafton
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#76. A president aiming for 'Great' or 'Near Great' status must do more. He must give lots of interviews, make records accessible, and heap the flattery on academia - each of which Mr. Bush has signally failed to do. - Author: Thomas Frank
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#77. If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head. - Author: Anonymous
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#78. Shrago stayed on his feet for a long second, and then his knees got the message that the lights were out upstairs, and he went down in a vertical heap, like he had jumped off a wall. - Author: Lee Child
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#79. Just as on a rubbish heap swept up on a main road a purely fragrant, delightful lotus might there spring up, Even so amidst those rubbish heaps (of men) does the savaka of the Perfectly Enlightened One outshine in insight the blind puthujjana - Author: Gautama Buddha
Quotes About Heap #238437
#80. It takes a heap o' livin' in a house t' make it home - Author: Edgar A. Guest
Quotes About Heap #236442
#81. The more I deal in it, the surer I am that human nature is all of the same critter, but that there's a heap of choice in the cuts. - Author: George Horace Lorimer
Quotes About Heap #223274
#82. Retirement may be looked upon either as a prolonged holiday or as a rejection, a being thrown on to the scrap-heap. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
Quotes About Heap #220799
#83. 6So she went down to the threshing floor and did just as her mother-in-law had commanded her. 7. And when Boaz had eaten and drunk, and o his heart was merry, he went to lie down at the end of the heap of grain. Then she came softly and uncovered his feet and lay down. - Author: Anonymous
Quotes About Heap #216036
#84. Love, he thought. That too is love. The old miracle. It not only casts a rainbow of dreams against the gray sky of facts - it also sheds romantic light upon a heap of dung - a miracle and a mad mockery. Suddenly he had the strange feeling of having become, in a remote way, an accomplice. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#85. Once I actually get in the studio and I start working, I'm fine, but it's just getting there and these hours of torment with myself and self doubt, thinking 'I'm useless' and 'Who am I, conning myself into thinking I can do it again.' - Author: Imogen Heap
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#86. I'm a great believer in governments doing as little as possible and people power doing the rest, so I'm in favour of governments being there to govern in the areas that need governing, not a whole heap of other things that they stick their sticky fingers into. - Author: Gerry Harvey
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#87. I grew up writing songs in my room on GarageBand, and I would make the beats just out of layering my vocals over and over again. Very Imogen Heap-inspired. - Author: Ariana Grande
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#88. Mesopotamian literature is concerned about the jurisdiction of the various gods in the cosmos with humankind at the bottom of the heap, the Genesis account is interested in the jurisdiction of humankind over the rest of creation as a result of the image of God in which people were created. - Author: John H. Walton
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#89. If the garden of Eden really exists it does so moment by moment, fragmented and tough, cropping up like a fan of buddleia high up in the gutter of a deserted warehouse, or in a heap of frozen cabbages becoming luminous in the reflected light of roadside snow. - Author: Helen Dunmore
Quotes About Heap #13692
#90. A little and a little, collected together, becomes a great deal; the heap in the barn consists of single grains, and drop and drop make the inundation. - Author: Saadi
Quotes About Heap #185104
#91. Fertilizer does no good in a heap, but a little spread around works miracles all over. - Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Quotes About Heap #178066
#92. The two of them went down in a heap, with not even a turkey to break their fall. - Author: Eoin Colfer
Quotes About Heap #170494
#93. Her heart became a bird, trapped inside the glass box of her chest, flapping violently into wall after invisible wall, crumpling into a heap of broken hollow-bones on the transparent floor. - Author: K.I. Hope
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#94. Out of many things a great heap will be formed.
[Lat., De multis grandis acervus erit.] - Author: Ovid
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#95. This magnificent butterfly finds a little heap of dirt and sits still on it; but man will never on his heap of mud keep still. - Author: Joseph Conrad
Quotes About Heap #161508
#96. It bothers me when I hear it in a car commercial or some such. But for the most part, it's better than seeing sacred music relegated to the scrap heap. - Author: Richard Morris
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#97. One function of the income gap is that the people at the top of the heap have a hard time even seeing those at the bottom. They practically need a telescope. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt probably didn't was a lot of time thinking about the people who build their pyramids, either. - Author: Molly Ivins
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#98. The laughing, snuggling heap on the ground was her baseline. - Author: Becky Chambers
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#99. In Norway, we have a community of people who prefer to use a version of Norwegian that looks very much like lutefisk: Dug up remains from the garbage heap of history and dressed up to look like a tradition. - Author: Erik Naggum
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#100. I'm not going to end up in some heap of crushed dreams. - Author: Steven Dos Santos
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