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Top 35 Quotes About Great Nights

#1. I want to remember it all, the good times and the bad times, the late nights, the boozing, the dancing into dawns, and all the great and not-so-great people I met and loved in those years ... - Author: Ava Gardner
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#2. I still want to do my work. I still want to do my livingness. And I have lived. I have been fulfilled. I recognized what I had, and I never sold it short. And I ain't through yet. - Author: Louise Berliawsky Nevelson
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#3. I wish nights like this weren't so fragile and slippery and impossible to nail down for study in one's leisure. But the really great nights pass through you like whispers or shadows. They shimmer, but don't adhere. - Author: Pat Conroy
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#4. Anyway, our fellow apes eat insects out of each other's fur; maybe bath bombs and body glitter are the modern human equivalent. - Author: Emily Nagoski
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#5. Yeah, I was a local hero. It was great for me, 'cos I had a full house every night all night seven nights a week for five years that I played. The next five years I just played five days a week, but I still had a full house every night. - Author: John Hunter
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#6. People say, 'Jay, you're a great guy, you just had a couple of bad nights.' People that have themselves under control don't have a couple of bad nights like that. Plain and simple. - Author: Jayson Williams
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#7. He hated to think of his own life stretching ahead of him that way, a long succession of days and nights that were fine - not good, not bad, not great, not lousy, not exciting, not anything. - Author: Robert Cormier
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#8. I would love to have been a documentary filmmaker; I just didn't have the resources to do that. - Author: Anna Deavere Smith
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#9. I had an opportunity to be in Frank's [Sinatra] circle, but I couldn't take advantage of it because I couldn't get over how awed I was by him. It was so uncomfortable for me because he meant so much to me, but I just couldn't be myself, so I fled rather than having those great nights hanging out. - Author: Ron Perlman
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#10. As a species, we are most animated when our days and nights on Earth are touched by the natural world. We can find immeasurable joy in the birth of a child, a great work of art, or falling in love. - Author: Richard Louv
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#11. Noah took much ridicule building his great arc, but after 40 days and 40 nights he was looking pretty smart. - Author: Garth Brooks
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#12. Sometimes great, banned works defy the censor's description and impose themselves on the world - 'Ulysses,' 'Lolita,' the 'Arabian Nights.' - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#13. Alexander the Great slept with
'The Iliad' beneath his pillow.
Though I've never led an army,
I am a wanderer. I cradle
'The Odyssey' nights while the
moon is waning, as if it were
the sweet body of a woman. - Author: Roman Payne
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#14. Presumption should never make us neglect that which appears easy to us, nor despair make us lose courage at the sight of difficulties. - Author: Benjamin Banneker
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#15. Chilling Tales For Dark Nights, these people or let's say these team is trying to return the fear, the theater... Which so far is great to hear, acting in reading a story and everything one place, just awesome, - Author: Deyth Banger
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#16. When awful darkness and silence reign Over the great Gromboolian plain, Through the long, long wintry nights; - Author: Edward Lear
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#17. I have had some pretty wild nights! I think the media keeps a very close eye on what people are up to these days. I was out with George Clooney a few nights ago and we had a great time. - Author: Tom Jones
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#18. To make an individual uncomfortable, that is my task. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#19. Musk took to the Mars Society right away and joined its board of directors. He donated another $100,000 to fund a research station in the desert as well. Musk's - Author: Ashlee Vance
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#20. I went to a performance-art high school, and a teacher there was signing me up for open-mic nights at the comedy club. I think about it now, and I think, 'Well, that may be inappropriate,' but it was great!' - Author: Margaret Cho
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#21. I'm a baby. I sleep like a baby - I'm up every two hours. And I think a lot. I worry a lot. I have great nights of no sleep where ideas come. - Author: Billy Crystal
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#22. Maine out of season is unmistakably a great destination: hospitable, good-humored, plenty of elbow room, short days, dark nights of crackling ice crystals. - Author: Paul Theroux
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#23. I love the future we might invent for ourselves that I have not yet dreamt of. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#24. Make time for one another. Don't forget about those date nights. Put on a sexy dress and some sexy high heels and have a great night and enjoy each other. Also, incorporate your husband. Get him involved and let him know how important he is with taking care of your joy. - Author: Tia Mowry
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#25. I believe that the best measure of whether a nation is going to be successful is whether they are tapping the talents of their women. - Author: Barack Obama
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#26. The conditions which now exist in Germany make it impossible for industrial production to reach the levels which the occupying powers agreed were essential for a minimum German peacetime economy. - Author: James F. Byrnes
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#27. In far-off lands stand the great stones
on which my thoughts rest.
It was a foreigner who wrote the strange words
on the hard board that is called my soul.
Days and nights I lie and think
about things that never happened:
my thirsty soul was once given a drink. - Author: Edith Sodergran
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#28. It was great spending the nights with him, but sometimes, she needed a little break from him and the her that she became around him. - Author: Peter Murphy
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#29. I think summer has become a venue for TV like it hasn't been in years past, especially on Sunday nights. I know that when I'm winding down at the end of the weekend, just a really great TV show or movie is exactly what the doctor ordered. - Author: Anna Wood
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#30. There's this great TV show we have called 'Later ... with Jools Holland', a live-music show on Friday nights. Anyone and everyone's been on it. - Author: Asif Kapadia
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#31. Do not let your thoughts take flight, flutter, and climb. Simply cleave and cling to Christ. It is imperative to remain solely with the Person of Christ. If you have that, you have all; but if you lose that, you have lost all. - Author: Martin Luther
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#32. It was as if this night were only one of thousands of nights, world without end, night curving into night to make a great arching line of which I couldn't see the end, a night in which I roamed alone under cold, mindless stars. - Author: Anne Rice
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#33. Very near Auch, Lectoure, and Mirande, great fire will fall from the sky for three nights. A most stupendous and astonishing event will occur. Very soon afterwards, the earth will tremble. - Author: Nostradamus
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#34. I love Calgary. It's a great city. I enjoyed my time there, quite a bit. Shooting and filming in that cold could be very difficult, at times. When you're shooting nights, and it's 3 in the morning and minus 35 degrees, that's hard to work in. - Author: Colin Hanks
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#35. At the premiere of Hairspray on Broadway, Harvey Fierstein's mom said to my mom, "Didn't we raise great sons?" and my mother just started sobbing, because I'm sure they'd both been through other nights when people didn't say that. - Author: John Waters
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