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#1. But think of me fondly right till the end. Think of me always as your brother's friend. Think of me whenever you see an Amrood tree. Think of me on cold winter nights.'
('Left from Dhakeshwari') - Author: Kunal Sen
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#2. As the sun sets, we've all had those nights where you question your choices and where your life is going. - Author: Tori Amos
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#3. Most nights I end up wearing a wife beater T-shirt and boxers. - Author: Jessica Alba
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#4. Bad nights lead to better days - Author: Ryan Adams
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#5. I don't do sketch anymore and sometimes I miss it. But I think what I really miss is that time in my life, it was kind of like college. No kids, no real responsibilities, just comedy, food and late nights. - Author: Alex Borstein
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#6. I think that first nights should come near the end of a play's run-as indeed, they often do. - Author: Peter Ustinov
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#7. I've thought about writing, but it hasn't happened yet. It's like schoolwork - you start doing your revisions two nights before you're compelled to turn it in. - Author: Matthew Goode
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#8. On some nights, he has nowhere to sleep, on others, he suffers from insomnia. "That's just how it is," thinks the Warrior. "I was the one who chose to walk this path. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#9. No day copies yesterday, no two nights will teach what bliss is in precisely the same way, with precisely the same kisses. - Author: Wislawa Szymborska
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#10. What if trials of this life, the rain, the storms, the hardest nights, are Your mercies in disguise? - Author: Laura Story
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#11. Cotton rows crisscross the world
And dead-tired nights of yearning
Thunderbolts on leather strops
And all my body burning
Sugar cane reach up to God
And every baby crying
Shame a blanket of my night
And all my days are dying - Author: Maya Angelou
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#12. No more diving into pools of chlorinated water lit green from below. No more ball games played out under floodlights. No more porch lights with moths fluttering on summer nights. No more trains running under the surface of cities on the dazzling power of the electric third rail. No more cities. - Author: Emily St. John Mandel
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#13. The days, I can forget, baby doll. But the nights ... " His voice dropped to a hoarse growl, filled with intense feeling. "The nights will be torture knowing I won't have this for eternity. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#14. My dad was a telegraph operator for the Cotton Belt Railroad. He worked seven nights a week from 4 until midnight, no vacation. - Author: Johnny Gimble
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#15. So treasure your moments of happiness, the glimpses you see of truth, the nights you've been loved. That's all you've got. - Author: Fay Weldon
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#16. I'm always hoping for the nights that are inspired where you almost have an out of body experience. - Author: Dave Brubeck
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#17. So it is that we are unhappy we sense more acutely the unhappiness of others; rather than dispersing, the emotion becomes focused ... - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#18. He no longer lives in years; he is down to seasons. Finally it will become single nights, each one perilous as a lunar journey. He - Author: James Salter
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#19. The nights seem to me too long ... I am often scolded by Madame Pasteur, but I tell her I shall lead her to fame. - Author: Louis Pasteur
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#20. Hen nights should be banned. You're honour-bound to behave atrociously, then feel terribly ashamed afterwards.
(This Charming Man) - Author: Marian Keyes
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#21. A couple of nights ago I had an erotic dream about Edward Norton. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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#22. The nights are his, but in the daytime you will hound him and hound him until he takes fright and flees or until you drag him, staked and screaming, into the sunlight! - Author: Stephen King
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#23. There was no moon, no stars, but even the darkest of nights steals light from somewhere. - Author: Kate Thompson
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#24. Don't you just hate nights like that, when you think over every mistake you've made, every hurt you've received, every bit of meanness you've dealt out? There's no profit in it, no point to it, and you need sleep. - Author: Charlaine Harris
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#25. Late nights, bloodshot eyes at school, walking around like a Flare-infested Crank, - Author: James Dashner
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#26. Under the burning sun on the street I began to feel the weight of my ninety years, and to count minute by minute the minutes of the nights I had left before I died. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#27. My reputation as a ladies' man was a joke that caused me to laugh bitterly through the ten thousand nights I spent alone. - Author: Leonard Cohen
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#28. I'm all for sex. Seven nights a week. Days, too. - Author: Steve Allen
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#29. Four days will quickly steep themselves in nights;
Four nights will quickly dream away the time. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#30. There's some nights I can't remember with friends I can't forget. - Author: Toby Keith
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#31. The fly-by-nights don't want to spend any time with you. - Author: Robert Manning
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#32. Nights when I need to sleep and you can't. Days when I want to talk and you won't. Hours when every noise you make interferes with my silence. Weeks when there is a buzzing in the air, and we both pretend we don't hear it. - Author: David Levithan
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#33. I always knew I wanted to start my own line. Nights and weekends, I would work on my business plan. - Author: Chris Benz
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#34. If only certain things had been preventable, his life would have unfurled in front of him as intended, like a lush Oriental carpet. No surprises, no detours. Just a thick tapestry of days and nights that at the end of his time on earth, he could roll up and proudly claim as his own. - Author: Shilpa Agarwal
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#35. Because the nights bring the threat of invasion and terror to the villages, thousands of children in northern Uganda have become night commuters, leaving the nightmare of capture behind for the safety of the city. - Author: Sam Childers
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#36. Being with you is never Easy. It's long nights and Cryptic answers, and Constant challenges. - Author: Nazarea Andrews
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#37. Alas, why are my nights all thus lost? Ah, why do I ever miss his
sight whose breath touches my sleep? - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#38. I don't do the same show on any two nights. - Author: Trace Adkins
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#39. It was said that the hernia whistled like a lugubrious bird on stormy nights and twisted in unbearable pain when a buzzard feather was burned nearby, but no one complained about those discomforts because a large, well-carried rupture was, more than anything else, a display of masculine honor. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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#40. I worked like a crazyman. I worked day and night, often days and nights at a time - without sleep. Gallons of coffee kept me awake; the paintings kept me fired up. - Author: Jules Olitski
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#41. I never received any encouragement. My father would work nights and my mother would work during the day. We were expected to get a job with a trade. - Author: Ozzy Osbourne
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#42. The thingy? You want me, the most intelligent cognitive processor in the known worlds, to say thingy?"
"Yes," I reaffirmed. "That is correct."
Do you stay up nights thinking of ways to humiliate me?" HARV asked. - Author: John Zakour
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#43. What I learned from this movie, 40 Days and 40 Nights: Abstinence can be a very good thing. Especially from box offices where this film is playing. - Author: Joel Siegel
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#44. The nights are clear but suffused with sloth and sullen expectation. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#45. The day you forgive your past and close your eyes. You will hear a river flowing inside you again. You will hear that waves of the ocean hitting the seashores of your soul once again. And again the sun will shine, lighting up your darkest nights. - Author: Akshay Vasu
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#46. Fate. As a child, that word was often my only companion. It whispered to me from dark corners during lonely nights. It was the song of the birds in spring and the call of the wind through bare branches on a cold winter afternoon. Fate. Both my anguish and my solace. My escort and my cage. - Author: Leslye Walton
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#47. I think it's relatively easy for people to accept something like telepathy or precognition or teleplasm because their willingness to believe doesn't cost them anything. It doesn't keep them awake nights. But the idea that the evil that men do lives after them is unsettling. - Author: Stephen King
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#48. She is never alone when she has Her Books. Books, to her, are Friends. Give her Shakespeare or Jane Austen, Meredith or Hardy, and she is Lost - lost in a world of her own. She sleeps so little that most of her nights are spent reading. - Author: E.M. Delafield
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#49. I am the land, the bones of the hills," he said fiercely, "I am the winter. When I am dead, I will come for you all in the coldest nights. - Author: Conn Iggulden
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#50. You fly until you crash two days two nights no sleep, no food, come down off the monster YOU CRASH REAL HARD - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#51. So: this is where we are going to become parents. You walk into the building as a couple, and leave a few minutes later as a family. You walk in recollecting long romantic dinners, nights at the theater, and care-free vacations. You leave worrying about where to get diapers, milk, and Cheerios. - Author: Scott Simon
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#52. Nobody knows what tribes we came from nor what our tribal inheritance is nor what the mysteries were in the woods where the people lived that we came from. All we know is that we do not know. We know nothing about what happens to us in the nights. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#53. Those fields of daisies we landed on, and dusty fields and desert stretches. Memories of many skies and earths beneath us - many days, many nights of stars. - Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh
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#54. If it comes to that," retorted Frederica, with spirit, " I am continually shocked by the
things you don't scruple to say to me,cousin! You are quite abominable!"
He sighed. "Alas, I know it! The reflection gives me sleepless nights. - Author: Georgette Heyer
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#55. MATTHEW 4 Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. - Author: Anonymous
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#56. I'm sure she felt rejected by Fade, but she hadn't spent long nights in the tunnels with him, or guarded his back when Freaks were determined to eat him. All she had to offer were maps, and he didn't need those forever. - Author: Ann Aguirre
Quotes About Nights #22876
#57. The fiend with all his comrades Fell then from heaven above, Through as long as three nights and days, The angels form heaven into hell; And them all the Lord transformed to devils, Because they his deed and word Would not revere. - Author: Caedmon
Quotes About Nights #22854
#58. Make a habit of inviting demons over?" "Yeah, actually. Wednesdays are movie nights. They bring the snacks. - Author: Pippa DaCosta
Quotes About Nights #21951
#59. I think I'm realising more and more that I've got a job to do and I can't be doing the big nights out and working to my full potential the next day. I feel much better for it. - Author: Johnny Vegas
Quotes About Nights #21599
#60. I find the term 'workaholic' to be distasteful because it reminds me of the harried-looking lawyers I recall chained to their desks through nights and weekends during my lawyer days years ago. - Author: Rachel Sklar
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#61. Obnoxious smart-ass. Never been anywhere, never done anything, huh. Arrested development, huh. Considering that it was coming from a man who spent his nights peeing on his neighbors' fences, that was rich. Shoot, I should've told him that. - Author: Ilona Andrews
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#62. I hear him in the creak and groan of the floorboards as the summer nights stretch them, can visualize him sitting at the foot of my bed, saying, Other houses have support beams and foundations. Ours has bones and a heartbeat. I - Author: Emily Henry
Quotes About Nights #19281
#63. I cornered him a few nights after the stampede and made sure he knew that little boys who liked rope got sliced up by men who liked knives. - Author: Amy Harmon
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#64. I was trying to find an original style that didn't sound like Tony Bennett or anyone else. So I prayed about it, woke up with this high voice, and by 1954, I was going to amateur nights and winning. - Author: Tiny Tim
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#65. If there is nothing you can share with other people, try to be close to Things. Things will not abandon you. The nights are still there, and the winds that move through the trees and across many lands. Everything in the world of Things and animals is filled with being, of which you are part. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#66. At I Am My Brother's Keeper, there were no dues, no drives, no singles nights. Membership grew the old-fashioned way: a desperate need for God. - Author: Mitch Albom
Quotes About Nights #16783
#67. Marriage can, should, and must evolve. Don't be alarmed, and don't resent it. Be patient and kind, unflaggingly. In the long run, it's the unasked-for hot-water bottles on winter nights that matter more than the extravagant gestures. - Author: David Mitchell
Quotes About Nights #14457
#68. I grew up in New York City, and both my parents worked. On weekends, we'd go out to the country, and on Sunday nights we'd come back. Sometimes we were a little cranky - it was a long drive. But we could always look forward to one thing: my mother's ziti and meat sauce. - Author: Christa Miller
Quotes About Nights #13878
#69. I've certainly never taken the care of myself that I should have. On the contrary. I've done a lot of late nights without enough sleep and all that. But I've had fun. Whatever wrinkles are there, I've enjoyed getting them. - Author: Ava Gardner
Quotes About Nights #12137
#70. William Kowalski is the kind of storyteller you don't see quite enough these days. The yarn spinner with a generous soul. The Hundred Hearts is a moving, humane adventure about the price of personal connections and the costs of sacrifice. I tore through this bad boy in two short nights. - Author: Victor LaValle
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#71. It may be ordained that we have many nights and days to follow, if full of peril, but we must go on, and from no danger shall we shrink. - Author: Bram Stoker
Quotes About Nights #9753
#72. I have a sickness doctors can't cure,
Inexorably pulling me to the well of my destruction,
Consented to be a sacrifice, killed for her love,
Eager, like the drunk gulping wine mixed with poison,
Shameless were those my nights,
Yet my soul loved them beyond all passion. - Author: Ibn Hazm
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#73. Will I get nights of ecstasy?"
"And days. Ecstasy all the time. - Author: Ilona Andrews
Quotes About Nights #5625
#74. We live a life that is often spent in crowds - parties, festivals and first nights - so it's nice to avoid them. - Author: Julian Fellowes
Quotes About Nights #3006
#75. I spent my Saturday nights in New York, because those gleaming, dazzling parties of his were with me so vividly that I could still hear the music and the laughter, faint and incessant, from his garden, and the cars going up and down his drive. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
Quotes About Nights #1393
#76. I want to remember it all, the good times and the bad times, the late nights, the boozing, the dancing into dawns, and all the great and not-so-great people I met and loved in those years ... - Author: Ava Gardner
Quotes About Nights #46490
#77. And I get lost in your eyes and thrilled at your touch. Nights like these were made for love. - Author: Katie Ashley
Quotes About Nights #56213
#78. I wanted to have a global company, so I chose a global name. Alibaba is easy to spell, and people everywhere associate that with "Open, Sesame," the command that Ali Baba used to open doors to hidden treasures in One Thousand and One Nights. - Author: Jack Ma
Quotes About Nights #54019
#79. I'm dying to know how nights unfold when they aren't bought, sold or arranged in advance. - Author: Lauren Blakely
Quotes About Nights #53330
#80. There would be nights when I would wake up and couldn't get back to sleep. So I would go downstairs and write. The staff had a pool going on how many pages of typing I would bring in here in the morning. - Author: Harold H. Greene
Quotes About Nights #52969
#81. Thanks to you guys and girls who read my stuff, too. May you have long days and pleasant nights. - Author: Stephen King
Quotes About Nights #52378
#82. Some dark nights hide the cruelest of secrets. Such are the tales of the dark shadows hidden in that old castle in a distant land. The story of ages started with a classic; highlighting the infamous monster made out of a man. - Author: Adhish Mazumder
Quotes About Nights #52253
#83. I worked every waking minute, nights and weekends, in order to make enough money to buy those summers off, and even then we wouldn't have made it except that my mother helped out with a yearly check and my father bought me a car when my old one die - Author: Debra Dean
Quotes About Nights #52041
#84. You are the best I've ever had. If all we do from now on is straight missionary sex at eight p.m. on Tuesday nights of months that start with J, you'll still be the best I've ever had. - Author: Cherrie Lynn
Quotes About Nights #51603
#85. If only i could get that under control then i feel like i could stay here a long time, watching the days leaking into the nights, swilling over the buildings, bleeding back again.
I could lie and not think of anything but ways to describe the sky, the clouds, the light. - Author: Gwendoline Riley
Quotes About Nights #50741
#86. So often, we leave the selfless side of ourselves for nights and weekends, for our charity work. It is our duty to inject that into our day-to-day business, into the work that we do, to improve corporations, to improve civil society, and to improve government. - Author: Leila Janah
Quotes About Nights #50622
#87. When words, half love, all tenderness,
Were hourly heard, as hourly spoken,
When the long, sunny days of bliss
Only by moonlight nights were broken. - Author: The Bronte Sisters
Quotes About Nights #47722
#88. The hours ahead, like all her nights with him, would be added, she thought, to that savings account of one's life where moments of time are stored in the pride of having been lived. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#89. Structural linguistics is a bitterly divided and unhappy profession, and a large number of its practitioners spend many nights drowning their sorrows in Ouisghian Zodahs. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#90. As long as the number one worry for people, keeping them up at nights, is whether they're going to have a job in the morning, then they are less likely to resist unfair changes, or unfair treatment, or cuts in real pay at work. - Author: Frances O'Grady
Quotes About Nights #44978
#91. I block in days / nights for writing where I don't touch emails or social media. - Author: Julia Woodman
Quotes About Nights #44877
#92. The implicit requirements of the committed relationship Joshua was pursuing with Kimiko assumed spending Saturday nights together for the purposes of intimacy. - Author: Aleksandar Hemon
Quotes About Nights #42296
#93. He swallowed again and tightened his grip so even if she wanted to leave, she couldn't. It astonished him how difficult it was to find the one word he needed after these exquisite days. The one word he had no right to say.
He forced the forbidden syllable from his tight throat.
Stay. - Author: Anna Campbell
Quotes About Nights #40557
#94. Other nights ... I visualize to the point that I know exactly what I want to do: dive, glide, stroke, flip, reach the wall, hit the split time to the hundredth, then swim back again for as many times as I need to finish the race. - Author: Michael Phelps
Quotes About Nights #38993
#95. I have sleepless nights before press days. - Author: Amanda Burton
Quotes About Nights #38843
#96. There are plenty of dates that are dead nights that you could do. There are plenty evenings that are dead nights that you could have the debates in. - Author: Donald Trump
Quotes About Nights #37412
#97. I work on quiet call nights in the hospital, on airplanes and on my sailboat when I have a bit of time - I cram it into wherever it will fit. - Author: Kevin Patterson
Quotes About Nights #35283
#98. What the hell's wrong with you? You look like you're about to have a seizure." - Hawk
"If your halo shines any brighter, it's going to permanently damage my retinas." - Jace - Author: Suzannah Daniels
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#99. Nights are the worst. You just don't know what it's like for me, trying not to think of [him] ... knowing that we're going to be apart for so long. It's pure torture. - Author: Judy Blume
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#100. There are times when we should, remember, the strange courage, of the second-rate who refuse to quit, when the nights, are black and long and sleepless, and the days are without, end. - Author: Charles Bukowski
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