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#1. Sometimes memory is the only gift we give ourselves and the only hope we have of finding our way home. - Author: Harley King
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#2. Won't You guide me through the dark night of the soul That I may better understand Your way ... Let me purify my thoughts and words and deeds That I may be a vehicle for Thee ... Give me my rapture today. - Author: Van Morrison
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#3. I can say this: don't give up. Not on love but, more important still, not on you. Never let yourself believe that you are unlovable or flawed in any way. You deserve to be loved. You deserve kind words and an unwavering eye. - Author: Menna Van Praag
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#4. Acting is such a bizarre way of life. Unless you're really passionate about it, you should give it up. Don't beat yourself up. - Author: Stockard Channing
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#5. You can give your message to anybody, to everybody, from anywhere, from everywhere, in every way possible. The only thing you have to consider is this: Let your message be simple and understandable! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#6. Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way. - Author: Native American Saying
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#7. Along those lines, to get personal for a moment, I think the best way to die would be swallowed by a giant snake. Going feet first and whole into a slimy maw would give your life perfect symmetry. - Author: Joseph Fink
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#8. Over-confidence is the way to give your soul to the devil an inch at a time. - Author: Joe R. Lansdale
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#9. When you need something tedious done, and don't have time for it, give it to a workaholic. This way, both of you will be happy. - Author: Ernie J Zelinski
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#10. When you have received Him, stir up your heart to do Him homage; speak to Him about your spiritual life, gazing upon Him in your soul where He is present for your happiness; welcome Him as warmly as possible, and behave outwardly in such a way that your actions may give proof to all of His Presence. - Author: Saint Francis De Sales
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#11. Old ideas give way slowly; for they are more than abstract logical forms and categories. They are habits, predispositions, deeply ingrained attitudes of aversion and preference. - Author: John Dewey
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#12. You give up not meditating. It's called meditation action. There's no way out of it. Meditation means to be constantly extricating yourself from the clinging of mind. - Author: Ram Dass
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#13. If they give you ruled paper, write the other way. - Author: Juan Ramon Jimenez
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#14. To move the earth like Archimedes, one needs not a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it. There is an easier way: Give a genius a beautiful remote house in a green valley where he can think calmly, and he shall move the earth with ideas! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#15. Give the reader what they want, just not the way they expect it. - Author: William Goldman
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#16. Give yourself permission to change your world and others around you, in a positive way, with love and respect. - Author: Tasha Hoggatt
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#17. The whole reason people fill their homes with furry carnivores and not with, say, iguanas and turtles, is because mammals offer something no reptile ever will. They give affection, they want affection, and respond to our emotions the way we do to theirs. - Author: Frans De Waal
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#18. Jack, I know I'm not perfect, but I'm really hoping you're not ready to give up on me yet. I don't have gifts or love letters or anything like you had. But what I can give you is my word, my promise, my vow to you. Which I will back up with actions, by the way. - Author: J. Sterling
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#19. To me, unconventional thinking is approaching a problem and asking, 'Why not? Why can't something be done?' If someone can't give me a good reason why you can't do something, I find a way to do it. - Author: Eli Broad
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#20. We give up too soon. The sure way to succeed is to endure to the very end. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#21. The ultimate act of heroism shouldn't be death. You're always saying you want to give Baz the stories he deserves ... So you're going to kill him off? Isn't the best revenge supposed to be a life well-lived? The punk-rock way to end it would be to let them live happily ever after. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#22. Timid young artists, adding parental fears to their own, often give up their sunny dreams of artistic careers, settling into the twilight world of could-have-beens and regrets. - Author: Julia Cameron
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#23. Girls are genius at getting through sexual abuse. Often the only way to get through is not to feel. And that is exactly what these fantasy worlds allow: They give girls a place to go so they don't have to be present in their violated bodies. Brilliant. - Author: Patti Feuereisen
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#24. It was completely fascinating to me the way that love grew. I kept thinking I'd found a way to give him all that I had, but then I'd learn a new quirk, hear a new story, go through a new experience, and my heart swelled. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#25. You are pregnant, with child, in the family way. People, some of whom you hardly know, will begin to comment on your belly size. They might even give it a rub, like you have strapped an animal of some kind in your front side and given total strangers permission to pet you at their leisure. - Author: Amy E. Spiegel
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#26. I used to do films for money earlier. I never knew what perception meant. I didn't give too much attention to scripts. It was either to buy a house or to buy a car. There was a certain frivolity to the way I used to pick up things. I wasn't taking my career seriously. - Author: Emraan Hashmi
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#27. Since you couldn't be bothered to give me your name, I'll just tell Moira that an extra from the porno version of Something Wicked This Way Comes was looking for her. - Author: Allison Pang
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#28. Within the universe there is a pure light. It is a light that is beyond all darkness. It does not give way to anything. It is the light of existence, the dharmakaya. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#29. When Christians unto carnal men give ear, Out of their way they go, and pay for 't dear; For Master Worldly Wiseman can but shew A saint the way to bondage and to woe. - Author: John Bunyan
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#30. Any military man will tell you that the way to pull two divided groups together is to give them a common enemy. This is what Hitler did, when he came to power in 1933 as chancellor. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#31. I guess there's so much more I have to learn,
But if you're here with me, I know which way to turn
You always give me somewhere, somewhere I can run,
You make it real for me - Author: James Morrison
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#32. I deserve passion," she said. "I deserve to be loved- in every way. I deserve a man who'll give his whole heart, not the part he isn't using at the moment.. - Author: Loretta Chase
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#33. I don't think, by the way, that any network would have given us their show to release all 13 episodes once ahead of them, and the same way, I don't think any studio will give us their movies to release the same day they are in the theaters - not yet, not yet. - Author: Ted Sarandos
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#34. The best thing you can give me is your time. The easiest way to get me angry is to waste my time. - Author: Lorene Scafaria
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#35. Like JJ Abrams, creators just want to tell a story and entertain people. So why only focus in one way of telling it?Give readers another way to connect with your story. Entertainment does not need to be contained in one medium. Think about telling your story in many mediums. - Author: Anne-Rae Vasquez
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#36. The saddest thing is there won't be anyone to miss us when we're gone. No family, no friends, no one waiting at home."
"It's better that way," I said. "It'll be easier for me, knowing my death doesn't add to anyone's pain."
"If you can't give anyone pain, then you can't give them joy either. - Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
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#37. I used to have trust with reporters. Give them scoops. Those were the old days. It's very strange, when you give a story and it doesn't come out the right way. - Author: Joe Arpaio
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#38. Best way to get something done is to give it to someone who is busy, said Vetinari. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#39. I had never before considered leaving my religion, my family, my customs, and my beliefs behind. It was all that I had ever known. Would it be worth it to give it all up? I had no way of knowing. It was frightening even to contemplate a life beyond - Author: Carolyn Jessop
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#40. [May] understood people and she let them be whatever way they needed to be. She had faith in every single person she ever met, and this never failed her, for nobody ever disappointed May. Seems people knew she saw the very best of them, and they'd turn that side to her to give her a better look. - Author: Cynthia Rylant
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#41. The bitter pinecone may be eaten, The mist on high give nourishment. The whole world takes to go-and-getting; My way alone is difficult. - Author: Du Fu
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#42. Dead grass is awakened by fire,
dead earth is awakened by rain.
One life will give way to another,
the cycle will begin again. - Author: Susan Dennard
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#43. The best way to control cow and sheep is to give them a big grazing field. - Author: Shunryu Suzuki
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#44. Don't despair for story's future or turn curmudgeonly over the rise of video games or reality TV. The way we experience story will evolve, but as storytelling animals, we will no more give it up than start walking on all fours. - Author: Jonathan Gottschall
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#45. I felt total bad about it, and empty. Granpa said he knew how I felt, for he was feeling the same way. But Granpa said everything you lost which you had loved give you that feeling. He said the only way round it was not to love anything, which was worse because you would feel empty all the time. - Author: Forrest Carter
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#46. A competitor will find a way to win. Competitors take bad breaks and use them to drive themselves just that much harder. Quitters take bad breaks and use them as reasons to give up. It's all a matter of pride. - Author: Nancy Lopez
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#47. It's alright to do things the way you want. There is no map to life, no blueprints to survival, you can create your world day by day if you have a clear vision and an unwillingness to give up. - Author: John O'Callaghan
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#48. I think there is a good deal of promise in those discussions as well. I think there is a range of matters that might be discussed between NATO and Russia that can provide a mechanism for talking through these issues, a way to give reassurance on these issues. - Author: Warren Christopher
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#49. A person must have principles, Epiphany. That's the one thing no one can take from you. The only way you can lose your principles is to give them up. Remember that. - Author: Lisa Wingate
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#50. I travel the broad path as is the way of youth, I give myself to vice unmindful of virtue, I am eager for the pleasure of the flesh more than salvation, my soul is dead and I shall look after the flesh. - Author: Carl Orff
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#51. England's Protestant," they declared. "Why else did we throw out the Stuarts? The government and their placemen are selling us down the river. If they'll give way over Catholics, what will they give way over next? - Author: Edward Rutherfurd
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#52. If I were to give myself a pat on the back, it would be for sticking with bookmaking as my primary way of expressing myself over the span of fifty years. - Author: Jerry Pinkney
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#53. I knew we could improve our lives even in jail. We could come out as different men, and we could even come out with two degrees. Educating ourselves was a way to give ourselves the most powerful weapon for freedom. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#54. No one can give you faith. It is a gift from God alone. Seek and ye shall find. Read the Gospels. There is no other way. - Author: Jennifer Worth
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#55. Watson loved them sour kind of jokes, which I enjoyed myself. I mean, ain't life some kind of a sour joke? Might's well laugh, that's the way him and me seen it, whether nice folks seen the joke or not. One time when Watson caught me grinning along with him, he give a wink and lifted up his hat. - Author: Peter Matthiessen
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#56. But how can I give to God what is rightfully His? There is only one way; that is in service to others. - Author: Charles L. Allen
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#57. I just want Aerosmith to always give me a hard-on, that's all I ever ask for, for it to be the most special thing in my life. As long as I look at it through those eyes, it will always be that way. - Author: Steven Tyler
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#58. I do things my own way! don't give me any lip about it!.. - Author: Zoro
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#59. Way back in 1755 Benjamin Franklin wrote, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." With - Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
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#60. If you want the reward, you must also have the punishment; the only way to get out of the punishment is to give up the reward. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#61. You don't have to give way to careless speech or complaining. You don't have to let your feelings get in the way of what God wants to do in your life. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#62. Oscar Wilde said that the gods punish us in two ways: first, they don't give us what we want, then, they do. He forgot the third way: we finally see the cost of getting it. - Author: Perry Brass
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#63. The only way to get love is to be lovable. It's very irritating if you have a lot of money. You'd like to think you could write a check: 'I'll buy a million dollars' worth of love.' But it doesn't work that way. The more you give love away, the more you get. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#64. The finest inheritance you can give to a child is to allow it to make its own way, completely on its own feet. - Author: Isadora Duncan
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#65. The soul is kissed by God in its innermost regions. With interior yearning, grace and blessing are bestowed. It is a yearning to take on God's gentle yoke, It is a yearning to give one's self to God's Way. - Author: Hildegard Of Bingen
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#66. We don't like death. We'd rather produce seeds another way. But death to ourselves, our agendas, our expectations, our hopes is necessary to find deep joy that comes when we fully relinquish ourselves to the gospel. - Author: Mary E. DeMuth
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#67. When they offered me 'Wayne's World 2,' they said: 'We were going to give this to another actor, then we thought we'd see you'. I just thought: 'Surely you always had me in mind for that just in the way that it's written?', but they never admitted it. It was a wonderful gig to do. Really special. - Author: Ralph Brown
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#68. I believe that with great wealth comes great responsibility, a responsibility to give back to society and a responsibility to see that those resources are put to work in the best possible way to help those most in need. - Author: Bill Gates
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#69. As we consider the fast pace of scientific and technological progress in our modern world, we must not lose our moral compass and give way to 'free market eugenics'. - Author: Sam Brownback
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#70. In all great changes of established governments, forms ought to give way to substance - Author: James Madison
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#71. When somebody's never heard you, that's the way to do it: Just give them music for free and let them decide for themselves if they like it or not. - Author: Sam Hunt
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#72. I feel like a child. But I learn a little something every day. It's like a whole new way of living. It's a willingness to give up control. To make a commitment and have faith it'll work out. - Author: Leigh Greenwood
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#73. When you've got good writing, you can kind of give up all the research, in a way, and start just following the emotional integrity of the journey of your character. - Author: Linus Roache
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#74. As a director, you want to be really connected to every part of your set, from your actors all the way to your camera operators. Everybody is a part of the creative process, and if they feel like they're part of a team versus just being a tool, they're going to give you something special. - Author: Eric Balfour
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#75. During the 2000 election, the current administration told our military, help is on the way. That is clearly not the case. The administration has failed to request the funds needed for the defense of this Nation. We must give the Army what it needs. - Author: Ike Skelton
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#76. Visitors at the zoo indulge in transports of delight at the way an elephant reaches for an apple with it's trunk....but give not a moments thought to the ineffable capabilities of their own hands. - Author: John Russell Napier
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#77. If you're going through a dark time ... don't ever give up. You can always make your way back to the other end of that circle and find your happiness again. - Author: Lady Gaga
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#78. It would be stupid to confide your entire plan to one person. It's infinitely smarter to give little pieces of it to each
person working with you. That way, if someone betrays you, the loss isn't too great. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#79. Gas is almost a give-away in the U.S. at the moment. They've gone for fracking in a big way. This is what makes me very cross with the greens for trying to knock it ... Let's be pragmatic and sensible and get Britain to switch everything to methane. We should be going mad on it. - Author: James Lovelock
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#80. No two people see the world exactly alike, and different temperaments will often apply the same principle, recognized by both, differently. Even one and the same person won't always maintain the same views and judgments: earlier convictions must give way to later ones. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#81. Sentences I never thought I would write. (1) That John Prescott certainly has a way with the ladies. (2) Give it to Steve McClaren, he seems like the man for the England job. (3) Peter Crouch is the man to replace Rooney. - Author: Martin Samuel
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#82. If iT was Possible To Go The Way our Mind think and our Eyes Sometimes See, Life Will give more Pleasure to Us. - Author: Jan Jansen
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#83. If you give people an idea these days, they just think you are sharing it with them so they can critique it, play devil's advocate, and so on. It doesn't occur to them that they might help or get enthused or at least have the courtesy to get out of your way. - Author: Esme Raji Codell
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#84. I got used to it, in a way, being this sack of skin full of problems, because having a body doesn't give you the right to have one that works correctly. Having a body doesn't seem to give you any rights at all. - Author: Catherine Lacey
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#85. One must not give way altogether, and, because others have died, want to die too. You must pull yourself together, Monsieur Bovary. It will pass away. - Author: Anonymous
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#86. She thinks she can overcome everything, that everything will give way to her. - Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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#88. That is the Roman way: to give favors to the favorites. - Author: Hans Kung
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#89. We are all broken in some way. But it's all the shattered pieces that give us depth. Like stained glass, it's how the pieces and colors fit together that truly makes us beautiful. - Author: Adriana Law
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#90. Happy Holidays

Is it not this day to smile?
Is it yet a time to give?
Is this friend as old as good?
Is my family so well?

Santa is just on his way,
Bringing gifts and love tonight,
Have a prosperous New Year!
And a happy day to last! - Author: J.M.K. Walkow
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#91. A great responsibility to bring and give
a new way of watching to the world.
The Religion Of The Blue Circle
Religious Leader Petra Cecilia Maria Hermans
December 25, 2016 - Author: Petra Hermans
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#92. Walk on with the spirit of boldness; talk on with the glory of confidence. You have a mandated seal on your chest ... When you go with a bold chest, the devil and his cohorts must give way! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#93. The only way to BE happy is to GIVE happy. - Author: Chris Brady
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#94. Eating is more than a fix, it's nature's way to nourish cells -- it's a way to extend life. Don't give a natural body unnatural food. - Author: Nancy S. Mure
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#95. We need to dig deep and give people a reason to be optimistic just as Obama is doing in America. Because in the same way that outcome of the U.S. elections will change the course of events there and around the world, so too do politics here in Britain. - Author: Lucy Powell
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#96. I rode all day.
I cried all night.
The moon didn't glow.
The sun didn't rise.
A comet blazed
Between my eyes.
West and South,
Wind and rain.
Every way is
Just the same.
Pray give me a box
To hide inside.
Pray give me a spade
To dig my own grave. - Author: Gail Carson Levine
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#97. Truth has to be given in riddles. People can't take truth if it comes charging at them like a bull. The bull is always killed. You have to give people the truth in a riddle, hide it so they go looking for it and find it piece by piece; that way they learn to live with it. - Author: Chaim Potok
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#98. Religions are all living faiths and their essence does not consist in their externals such as rituals, methods of prayer, ceremonies, etc. It rather consist in the inner beliefs and convictions which they carry along with them and which give their followers a distinctive character and way of life. - Author: Kedar Nath Tiwari
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#99. If you give your body a choice, it will always take the easy way out. Your body lies. It tells you it cannot when it can. - Author: Matthew Kelly
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#100. There is no easy way out of our circumstances...Sometimes you stick it out even when you want to give up because you know that on the other side is either a better situation or a better you." -Watercrossing (Phantom Island Book 3) - Author: Krissi Dallas
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