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#1. My favorite definition of success is that it is a state of mind combined with a state of readiness. You can have one and be a flop; if you have both, you'll win every time.

Carolyn Warner

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#2. You take a chance to do something and you realize in your heart it's either going to be the greatest thing that ever happened or the worst thing that ever happened. It won't be an in between, I almost made a hit. It will be an instant flop or an instant success.

Ben E. King

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#3. I make my own surprises and I'm always surprised to see what I do, to see it when it's finished and the biggest challenge is once I finish it, it's not a failure. It's not a flop.

Robert Barry

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#4. I experimented a bunch with Ernie Ball in getting the strings to not flop around too much, but at the same time not to be too thick to where you're playing telephone cables.

John Petrucci

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#5. I don't really get stuck in a time warp where, if my film is a success, I have to keep partying till the next one releases, or if my film is a flop, I keep wallowing in sorrow until the next comes my way. My hard work in each film is always there.

Rani Mukerji

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#6. The things that I have done that haven't been as successful have been things that have been largely out of the public view, which is great. It's terrible, when you're a theater writer, to have a big flop publicly.

Robert Lopez

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#7. I let myself flop - so gently, so slowly - into my one real chair and tried to make myself understand that I was on the doorstep of the universe.

Frederik Pohl

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#8. Insomnia
I cannot get to sleep tonight.
I toss and turn and flop.
I try to count some fluffy sheep
while o'er a fence they hop.
I try to think of pleasant dreams
of places really cool.
I don't know why I cannot sleep -
I slept just fine at school.

Kathy Kenney-Marshall

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#9. I prefer to remake flops. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was a remake of a flop, and The Quiet American is a remake of a flop.

Michael Caine

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#10. Life is full of Floppy Flips... You have to know when to Flip your Flop that counts!

Peggy Grigowski

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#11. When Jess had Tanzie, young and daft as she had been, she'd had enough wisdom to know she was going to tell her how much she loved her every day. She would hug her and wipe her tears and flop with her on the sofa with their legs entwined like spaghetti. She would cocoon her in love.

Jojo Moyes

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#12. When people say they take hits and flops in their stride, I personally feel that they are just lying. Of course, I'm upset when my movies flop. I take it very personally.

Mahesh Babu

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#13. You can't flip-flop and be commander-in-chief.

Newt Gingrich

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#14. I wish you well and I hope it will be a huge hit, because that would be very good for me. And if, God forbid, it's a terrible flop, well that would be very good for me.

Jonathan Harris

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#15. I may well be a flop at this line of endeavor. Columbus too thought he was a flop, probably, when they sent him back in chains. Which didn't prove there was no America.

Saul Bellow

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#16. I went to Hollywood to test for Martha Ivers and I thought I was going to play the part that Van Heflin played.But they wanted me to play the part of Barbara Stanwyck's husband, so I played that. Then when I finished the movie, I went back to Broadway and did another flop.

Kirk Douglas

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#17. Except for certain moments - when cells are dividing, for instance - chromosomes don't form compact, countable bodies inside cells. Instead, they unravel and flop about, which makes counting chromosomes a bit like counting strands of ramen in a bowl.

Sam Kean

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#18. Your brilliant first flop was a raging success! Come on, let's get busy and on to the next!" She handed a notebook to Rosie Revere, who smiled at her aunt as it all became clear. Life might have its failures, but this was not it. The only true failure can come if you quit.

Andrea Beaty

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#19. I've been told I've done a lot of flop movies. And I think, 'Wow, I've never considered them flops!' I've loved every character I played.

Robin Wright

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#20. I'm not an amazing trumpet player. It's mostly smoke and mirrors. You shake the trumpet and it starts to vibrate in a ridiculous drunken way, or you flop notes at the right time and you don't have to play stuff that would take seven years to learn.

Zach Condon

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#21. With Hollywood you're yesterday's news if you get a flop at the box office. So you might as well be braced to have something else to do that's interesting. Have something lined up to keep your stories fulfilled, and your ideas, because if you're just cranking out movies three times a year.

David Gordon Green

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#22. I'd rather be a flop at show business than to be a success at something I didn't like.

George Burns

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#23. I had no agenda in writing this play except expressing myself ... It later occurred to me that I was not only announcing things to my family; I was announcing it to the world. Of course, if the play had been a flop, only my family would have known.

Mart Crowley

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#24. It's not fair that people wrote that all of my films had not done well. There were a few films like 'Nippu,' 'Devudu Chesina Manushulu' and 'Sarostaru' which were really bad. But, 'Veera' and 'Dharuvu' had done well. Strangely, people have added them to my 'flop list.'

Ravi Teja

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#25. The only thing that's been a worse flop than the organization of nonviolence has been the organization of violence.

Joan Baez

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#26. I think that you get the mood of a song stronger if you get it right that way. On the other hand, you put some songs out live and they don't catch flight. They just flop. It is hard to tell until they are out there.

Peter Gabriel

Quotes About Flop #465092
#27. I'm trying to use people like Meredith Monk and Philip Glass and Terry Riley as the backing tracks for new pop songs. It's really hard trying to use the format and write a pop song on top of avant-garde music, so we'll see. It could be cool, or it could totally flop.

Autre Ne Veut

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#28. Hold'em - like life itself - has its defining moment. It's the flop. When you see the flop, you're looking at 71 percent of your hand, and the cost is only a single round of betting.

Lou Krieger

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#29. I feel very meditative when I ride. A horse does not know whether my movie is a hit or a flop or what is happening in my relationship.

Randeep Hooda

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#30. Our first single, 'Ticket To Ride', was a kind of half-hit, half flop: in some places it was number one, in others it was ash-tray material.

Karen Carpenter

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#31. All the watchmaker needs is a mechanism to count the back-and-forth oscillations - and counting is one of the simple tasks that binary logic gates can perform. In the digital watch a logic gate called a JK flip-flop counts the vibrations of the crystal.

T.R. Reid

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#32. I was aware that everybody said I was going to be a vast mega-flop, and that William Hague was just oh-so intelligent, and oh such a great parliamentarian, and therefore so different from me! So I thought, I must deprive them of the satisfaction of proving themselves right.

Harriet Harman

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#33. Don't improve it into a flop!

Samuel Goldwyn

Quotes About Flop #600896
#34. Once or twice she'd looked back at him and seen such a look of compassion in his brown eyes it had made her heart flop around like a fish on dry land.

Melanie Dickerson

Quotes About Flop #622963
#35. The second half of the twentieth century is a complete flop.

Isaac Bashevis Singer

Quotes About Flop #646618
#36. It is explained that all relationships require a little give and take. This is untrue. Any partnership demands that we give and give and give and at the last, as we flop into our graves exhausted, we are told that we didn't give enough.

Quentin Crisp

Quotes About Flop #658937
#37. Republicans can't run their normal playbook on me that they try to run on Democratic candidates. They can't say I flip-flop because I don't. They can't say I'm weak on defense because I'm not. They can't say I'm weak on values because I'm not. They can't say I'm a big taxer and a big spender.

Joe Lieberman

Quotes About Flop #740013
#38. Call me old-fashioned, but whenever I see those wire-fortified ribbons, I have the secret stab of nostalgia for old-timey ribbon, the kind whose ends flop like spaniel ears. I'm suspicious of unnaturally perky ribbon.

Rhoda Janzen

Quotes About Flop #748100
#39. You write a hit the same way you write a flop.

Alan Jay Lerner

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#40. Cedars are terribly sensitive to change of time and light - sometimes they are bluish cold-green, then they turn yellow warm-green - sometimes their boughs flop heavy and sometimes float, then they are fairy as ferns and then they droop, heavy as heartaches.

Emily Carr

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#41. I'm a worthless check, a total wreck, a flop But if baby I'm the bottom, you're the top.

Cole Porter

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#42. I looked at her. my lovely, tall mother with her pretty coil of hair and her hard, bitter mouth. Her veins were never open. Her heart never leapt out to flop helplessly on the lawn. She never melted into puddles. She was normal. Always. At any cost.

E. Lockhart

Quotes About Flop #805675
#43. I don't know if a song is going to be a hit or it's going to flop. I never know. I just do the music and if people like it, they like it.


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#44. Flip-flopping is kind of an easy thing to identify. During a recent convention, we heard an irate Senator make an angry speech declaring that it is not what you say but, rather, what you do that counts. You flip-flop when you make promises and fail to fulfill them.

Frank Lautenberg

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#45. The hardcore fanbase of nerds that live on the Internet are not nearly as powerful as I thought they were. They really, really aren't. They also flip-flop like mad.

Evan Goldberg

Quotes About Flop #844719
#46. You see them? You see the things that float and flop about you and through you ever moment of your life? You see the creatures that form what men call the pure air and the blue sky? Have I not succeeded in breaking down the barrier; have I not shown you worlds that no other living men have seen?

H.P. Lovecraft

Quotes About Flop #859668
#47. My first film 'Saawariya' was a flop; I don't regret it.

Ranbir Kapoor

Quotes About Flop #871746
#48. What was great about the 80s was that you still had record companies who would get behind developing you as an artist. You had these bonkers heads of department and A&R people who, even after a flop album, would let you make another one.

Marc Almond

Quotes About Flop #899817
#49. They heard the click of the mail slot and flop of letters on the doormat.
"Get the mail, Dudley," said Uncle Vernon from behind his paper.
"Make Harry get it."
"Get the mail, Harry."
"Make Dudley get it."
"Poke him with your Smelting stick, Dudley.

J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Flop #912557
#50. May the flop be with you.

Doyle Brunson

Quotes About Flop #941592
#51. Suddenly to change one's opinions and go over to another party. The most notable flop on record was that of Saul of Tarsus, who has been severely criticised as a turn-coat by some of our partisan journals.

Ambrose Bierce

Quotes About Flop #983380
#52. As happy as I would be to forgo the very doubtful pleasure of watching you flop about like an exhausted eel over the least cantrip," he bit out, "we've already seen the consequences of leaving you to your own devices.

Naomi Novik

Quotes About Flop #993615
#53. Like the theater, offering food and hospitality to people is a matter of showmanship, and no matter how simple the performance, unless you do it well, with love and originality, you have a flop on your hands.

James Beard

Quotes About Flop #1015793
#54. I have one rave 'New York Times' review framed next to a flop 'Los Angeles Times' review. And it's for the same show. These people watched the same show. That's what happens. They love it, they hate it.

Bruce Vilanch

Quotes About Flop #1066111
#55. Position is good to have pre- flop. It's very good to have on the flop. It's great to have on the turn. And it's outstanding to have on the river. There is no more important time


Quotes About Flop #1070750
#56. Put me up in front of a million people and ask me to speak. I'll flop. But put me behind my drums and I'll always go with it.

Travis Barker

Quotes About Flop #1115922
#57. With a beautiful girl I could have consoled myself that she was out of my league; that I was so haunted and stirred even by her plainness suggested - ominously - a love more binding than physical affection, some tar-pit of the soul where I might flop around and malinger for years.

Donna Tartt

Quotes About Flop #1119229
#58. If you call a hundred dollars but have a chance to win $10,000, those are excellent odds if you are at a table with people who have two aces or two kings. If you catch a flop you will get all their chips. I just play them because there is value.

Daniel Negreanu

Quotes About Flop #1134283
#59. One of the best things that ever happened to me was Rocky Horror being a total flop in New York as a play. I mean, it was a disaster, and it was the night of the long knives as far as the critics were concerned.

Tim Curry

Quotes About Flop #1135998
#60. No one tells you what to do if you completely flop at the beginning of a performance.

Joshua Bell

Quotes About Flop #1155798
#61. The New Deal began, like the Salvation Army, by promising to save humanity. It ended, again like the Salvation Army, by running flop-houses and disturbing the peace.

H.L. Mencken

Quotes About Flop #1161526
#62. Playing people and position post-flop are definitely my strengths. When I get into a hand, I'm aggressive but I'm also paying attention to my opponent's betting patterns.

Daniel Negreanu

Quotes About Flop #1162226
#63. Flip-flop, hippety-hop, offa your rocker and over the top, life's a fiction and the world's a lie, so put on some Creedence and let's get high.

Stephen King

Quotes About Flop #1166491
#64. Even if I flop, I still qualified for the Games, and that was my goal. My target was to be at an Olympics for the third time with people I like.

Laure Manaudou

Quotes About Flop #1187281
#65. Love says respect the other as an end unto himself or herself; never use the other as a means. Nobody is a means for you, everybody is an end. But then ambition will flop, and our whole educational system depends on ambitiousness, our politics depends on ambition, our religions depend on ambition.


Quotes About Flop #1203618
#66. A couple of flop plays, a death in the family, and it could all collapse.

Patrick Marber

Quotes About Flop #1235809
#67. I could have easily been too afraid to say 'yes' to Chicago, because it requires so much I haven't done before. If I am a flop at singing and dancing, maybe my love for it will carry me through.

America Ferrera

Quotes About Flop #1238951
#68. Chickens can move and flop for hours after their heads are cut off. They have no heartbeat either," Naja said, "and that doesn't involve magic.

Terry Goodkind

Quotes About Flop #1263738
#69. Describing a Navy SEAL-
I have no idea what 'unconventional warfare' really means, but i'm pretty sure i was on my way to meet a man who could kill me in 7 different ways with a flip-flop.

Dave Gorman

Quotes About Flop #1267519
#70. My second hit was a flop.

Shakin' Stevens

Quotes About Flop #1274381
#71. The last time I checked, I wasn't the one who tripped over a glass container of sugar that I had myself dropped ... after, of course, having received several bruises from an attempt to retrieve a flip-flop that had somehow ended up in the sink.

Gina Marinello-Sweeney

Quotes About Flop #1310017
#72. He remembers you," said June, and my stomach gave an odd stunted flop.
"Remembers me?"
"The girl who wanted to set the lobsters free. That was the day we left for Germany. I was shopping for a few last-minute things, and he wanted to talk to you. He liked your hair.

Francesca Zappia

Quotes About Flop #1346371
#73. When you flop, that's just another message that you don't know how to play me. Stand up and take your medicine like a man.

Shaquille O'Neal

Quotes About Flop #1351370
#74. Now flip, flop, and fly, I don't care if I die.

Big Joe Turner

Quotes About Flop #1363374
#75. I don't work for production houses. I only work for good scripts and roles. If you follow my career graph, you will find that I have not given a single flop yet in my career. I am proud of it.

Anushka Sharma

Quotes About Flop #1388529
#76. I'd rater share the glory of a hit than star by myself in a flop

Kate Jackson

Quotes About Flop #1431647
#77. If you run into trouble doing what's expected, people sympathize with you, while if you try something else and flop everyone says, You see?

Katha Pollitt

Quotes About Flop #1437050
#78. You know what I think happened? After 'Rocky,' I was almost set up in the eyes of the media to make a flop.

Sylvester Stallone

Quotes About Flop #1506986
#79. Even if you don't mind Romneycare, or the abortion flip-flop, or any of the rest, there's a more basic problem: He's not a natural campaigner, and on the stump he instinctively recoils from any personal connection with the voters.

Mark Steyn

Quotes About Flop #1511603
#80. Making a big commercial movie is hard when you think about how many of them flop.

Beeban Kidron

Quotes About Flop #1541426
#81. Nonviolence is a flop. The only bigger flop is violence.

Joan Baez

Quotes About Flop #1552775
#82. You grew up too fast, baby.
Didn't always feel that way, especially this morning when I couldn't find my other flip-flop and I'd been, like, two seconds from kicking a fit.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Quotes About Flop #1554354
#83. You remember Ernest Angley? TV healer. He'd slap people's foreheads - whap! - and they'd flop over, quivering like fish." She hooted in laughter. "I used to love watching him. It was like professional wrestling for Baptists.

Daryl Gregory

Quotes About Flop #1573382
#84. It takes time and energy, and if I'm working, then I'd rather flop in front of the telly than put on a tiny dress and work out how to get myself to God knows where. I mean, lazy some would call it.

Daisy Donovan

Quotes About Flop #1585585
#85. I'll be a flop in movies. Besides, I don't like 'em, and I never did believe there was a place called Hollywood. Somebody made it up!

Patsy Kelly

Quotes About Flop #1598484
#86. He was furious with me. I didn't care. He was back. He was alive. My heart did a flip-
flop. I thrilled to his presence. I would anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances. No
matter what he was, what he'd done.

Karen Marie Moning

Quotes About Flop #1599574
#87. The do-it-yourself version of pensions is a flop, as many Americans have painfully learned.

William Greider

Quotes About Flop #1602152
#88. It's the Point of Your View that Decides What You See - / One Man's Flop Is Another Man's Hit. / From Manners to Movies, the Picture Keeps Changing / Depending Upon Where You Sit.

Bette Midler

Quotes About Flop #1604475
#89. let him turn over and flop onto his back. "Watch me.

Cassandra Carr

Quotes About Flop #1623631
#90. Prohibition is an awful flop. We like it. It can't stop what it's meant to stop. We like it. It's left a trail of graft and slime It don't prohibit worth a dime It's filled our land with vice and crime, Nevertheless, we're for it.

Franklin P. Adams

Quotes About Flop #1645452
#91. You write a hit play the same way you write a flop

William, Saroyan

Quotes About Flop #1668157
#92. I lock onto his beautiful blue eyes, memorizing his face. The way his eyes crinkle at the corners when he laughs, the way they flash blue when he's happy and grow dark when he's sad. I'll miss his flop of dark hair and his dimples when he smiles.

Elle Strauss

Quotes About Flop #1712742
#93. I hate mules. I hate the noise when someone walks with mules. Clomp, clomp, clomp. I think it's very not chic. I don't even like a flip-flop. I don't like this noise.

Carine Roitfeld

Quotes About Flop #1713412
#94. There was clearly nothing to do but flop down on the shabby little couch and howl.

O. Henry

Quotes About Flop #1746603
#95. If you have a flop movie, so what? And if you have a hit movie, it's 'so what,' too - it's on to the next movie.

Eddie Murphy

Quotes About Flop #1758549
#96. A trusted man doesn't flip-flop on where he stands. He says what he means and stand where he stands.He's not easily influenced by fear. He's influenced by destiny and will not be taken advantage of.

Henry Johnson Jr

Quotes About Flop #1774405
#97. Kuwei gave an affronted sniff and lowered himself onto the floor of the sickboat. He folded his arms neatly over his chest.
"No," said Kaz. "No. The bodymen don't bother to arrange them."
Kuwei let his hands flop to his sides.

Leigh Bardugo

Quotes About Flop #1786069
#98. I think I have grown accustomed to the glass and I am terrified that when it breaks, when I am alone, I will spill out into the wide open unknown and flop around, helpless, lost,grasping for breath.

Khaled Hosseini

Quotes About Flop #1847809
#99. When I first heard Ray Charles, he was a flop artist on a small label in California. He hadn't sold any records. And I bought his contract for $2,500.

Ahmet Ertegun

Quotes About Flop #1847953
#100. If I tried to make a commercial album, it would be a complete flop. I have no idea what the world at large likes.

Brian Eno

Quotes About Flop #1861742

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