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Top 100 Quotes About Extension

#1. Style is an extension of yourself. My approach is to enhance the personality of the wearer, so he has his own voice

Ozwald Boateng

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#2. We created computers as an extension of our brains, and now we're connecting through those computers and the Internet cloud as a way of expanding them,

Tiffany Shlain

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#3. The disintegration of the culture starts with the artist. I'm on a crusade to turn the tide in the arts, to restore dignity to the arts and, by extension, to the culture.

Thomas Kinkade

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#4. Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart.

Russell Page

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#5. Probably the most fun I've ever had, actually, acting. Because it was the perfect extension of the stuff that I'd started to do on Late Night With David Letterman, and when I look back on all my work, it was probably the best possible incarnation of Chris Elliott, of me.

Chris Elliott

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#6. A man who possesses a veneration of life will not simply say his prayers. He will throw himself into the battle to preserve life, if for no other reason than that he himself is an extension of life around him.

Albert Schweitzer

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#7. The human psyche shows that each individual is an extension of all of existence.

Stanislav Grof

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#8. At night the sky was very near, sprawled in star smoke and gamma cataclysms, but she didn't see it the way she used to, as soul extension, dumb guttural wonder, a thing that lived outside language in the oldest part of her.

Don DeLillo

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#9. None of my teams win anything. They are an extension of my personality.

Jeremy Hotz

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#10. It should be possible to exist with only a short shelf of books, to read and give away. After all - we may not open a book, once read, for ten years or more. But the act of reading has made it part of us - to relinquish it would be to lose an extension of our being.

Pam Brown

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#11. A real stormtrooper is the extension of the First Order, of Supreme Leader Snoke's will, nothing less.

Greg Rucka

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#12. Under certain conditions, index numbers may do very useful service as an aid to investigation into the history and statistics of prices; for the extension of the theory of the nature and value of money they are unfortunately not very important.

Ludwig Von Mises

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#13. I'm Nancy Pelosi, but my grandchildren call me Mimi. For me, politics is an extension of my role as a mother and a grandmother. For the Democratic women of the House, our work is not about the next election, but rather the next generation.

Nancy Pelosi

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#14. The problem of the environment is the extension of good housekeeping of the thinking woman.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas

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#15. If you walk down the street and see someone in a box, you have a choice. That person is either the other and you're fearful of them, or that person is an extension of your family. And that makes you at home in that world and not fearful. So really it's very self-serving.

Susan Sarandon

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#16. Being an actor somehow can be a perverse extension of that feeling we generally all have as children, that feeling of wanting to please. Of course you're looking for affirmation, encouragement.

Gina McKee

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#17. What's called art now probably has some legitimate things happening in it, but I've become more and more distrustful of a lot of it because it seems like an extension of the fashion trade and the stock market.

Art Spiegelman

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#18. A guitar is a very personal extension of the person playing it. You have to be emotionally and spiritually connected to your instrument. I'm very brutal on my instruments, but not all the time.

Eddie Van Halen

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#19. You're not a lumberjack trying to hack down a tree. You're a dancer, and the sword is an extension of your arm. Move with the blade and keep your eyes on your enemy's upper body, not their weapon.

Julie Kagawa

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#20. You are new at every moment. You are an extension of the previous moment of your awareness. You can radically change, if you unhook yourself from what you have been.

Frederick Lenz

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#21. I could never release something on the label I didn't personally love. The label's really an extension of my own musical career, and I'm intensely involved with every aspect personally, so it'd be a betrayal to myself if I released something simply because I thought it would make money.

Michael Gira

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#22. Engaging with creativity in a serious way is a shamanistic activity, and by extension when you choose to follow a mystical path you cannot have a "normal" life within the community. Your job is to stand outside the community and hold up the mirror.

Kevin Keck

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#23. We'll always be compatible. You're an extension of me. A piece I've been missing for so long, Bit.

Anie Michaels

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#24. International institutions like the Security Council, the General Assembly, the G20, the BRICs, the IMF, etc., continue to be little more than an extension of the (increasingly conflicting) values and interests of member states.

Ian Bremmer

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#25. Minimalism in the service of others is a logical extension of the same ethos of selflessness.

Joshua Becker

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#26. The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was when I was wearing a hair extension and it fell out on set.

Oliver Sykes

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#27. I think it's a conundrum. If we have no laws on this, people take it to one extension further, does it have to be humans, you know?

Rand Paul

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#28. The nineteenth-century liberal regarded an extension of freedom as the most effective way to promote welfare and equality; the twentieth-century liberal regards welfare and equality as either prerequisites of or alternatives to freedom.

Milton Friedman

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#29. A weapon is only an extension of one's own persona; as lethal or useless as the person wielding it.

Anurag Shourie

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#30. There's a herd instinct, and every time that people hear an announcement such as PayPal's in Dundalk, they start thinking, 'Ireland must be good if they're investing there', and by extension, 'Dundalk must be good, so let's have a look at it.'

Martin Naughton

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#31. Heaven isn't an extrapolation of earthly thinking; Earth is an extension of Heaven, made by the Creator King.

Randy Alcorn

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#32. We shouldn't use God for our purpose alone but also be instruments of the extension of His Kingdom

Sunday Adelaja

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#33. For me, if the writing and - by extension - the subject matter and the characters are all good, it doesn't matter if it's film or TV. Each medium has great things going for it.

Adam Croasdell

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#34. My music and lyrics became an extension of this Indian philosophy.

Gary Wright

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#35. Technology is an extension of our hands and our feet, not our spirit.


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#36. I say now, however, as I have all the while said, that on the territorial question - that is, the question of extending slavery under the national auspices, - I am inflexible. I am for no compromise which assists or permits the extension of the institution on soil owned by the nation.

Abraham Lincoln

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#37. Writing is a way of life. I do it because it's a way of experiencing the world, and trying to come to terms with it and understand it and express it and engage with it. And to me it's a natural extension of reading.

Emily Perkins

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#38. Since the gangsters are glamorized, by extension the women they sleep with are also necessarily glamorous.

Sonia Faleiro

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#39. But for me, it feels like a natural extension of what I've been doing: exploring relationships. Here you have two relationships and we can explore how difficult it is for people to be together.

Neil LaBute

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#40. The human society is the extension of the individual. Therefore, if we really want a radical change, if we want a better world, we need to change individually.

Samael Aun Weor

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#41. History ... may be regarded as an artificial extension and : broadening of our memories and may be used to overcome the natural bewilderment of all unfamiliar situations.

James Harvey Robinson

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#42. Having been an actor and a writer for so long - 20 years or so - I felt that it would be daft to go to one's grave without having directed. It's a natural extension of writing and acting, and so I knew it would happen one day.

Stephen Fry

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#43. Our generation's grown up with the Internet, so it's an extension of our social lives; it's an extension of us. It makes perfect sense for me to use that medium.

Chet Faker

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#44. Something in the movement of fingers on the keyboard enhances thought. Fingers pull your thoughts forward. Fingers are in some way an extension of your brain, with a lot of cortex associations at their trigger. Get them going!

Josip Novakovich

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#45. Spaceflight isn't just about doing experiments, it's about an extension of human culture.

Chris Hadfield

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#46. As a player, remember that the bench is not a prison, but an extension of the first group. Concentrate on the quality of your play when you do get into the game. If you play 20 minutes, play the best 20 you can possibly play.

Stan Albeck

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#47. All of today's DNA, strung through all the cells of the earth, is simply an extension and elaboration of [the] first molecule.

Lewis Thomas

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#48. My style is an extension of acting and an outcome of some serious lessons I picked up learning when I did theatre in my early days.

Kapil Sharma

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#49. In Latin America, specialists and polling organisations have, for some time, observed that the extension of formal democracy was accompanied by an increasing disillusionment about democracy and a lack of faith in democratic institutions.

Noam Chomsky

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#50. Alphabets therefore encourage an atomistic conception of meaning and, by extension, of the universe

Charles Eisenstein

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#51. Joining the Bipartisan Policy Center is a natural extension of my efforts to achieve results throughout my tenure in Congress, and it provides an ideal means for developing strategies that can garner the broad support necessary to achieve real solutions to the challenges confronting our nation.

Olympia Snowe

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#52. I see [my pen] as an extension of my musculature. It's like being a painter. It's the closest I can get to my breath.

Spalding Gray

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#53. Of all the men, and ashamedly, that included Bill, David was the one who I felt in my core, as though I only existed as an extension of him. I wanted to fall just so he could catch me.

Jessica Hawkins

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#54. First, her father had a minor stroke, giving Claire a glimpse of his mortality and, by extension, her own. And then she had a vision of herself thirty years in the future: a spinster librarian in an apartment full of cats named after New Wave directors. (Godard, leave Rivette's chew toy alone - )

Jess Walter

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#55. I think, for me, when I direct my own work it's just an extension of the authorship.

Adam Rapp

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#56. If heaven gives me ten more years, or an extension of even five years, I shall surely become a true artist.


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#57. The code that most prisoners live by is an extension of the masculine roles they were taught growing up, how they were conditioned about what it means to be a man: you've got to be strong, you've got to be tough, you've got to be in charge.

James Fox

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#58. I'm very much a word person, so that's why typography for me is the obvious extension. It just makes my words visible.

Erik Spiekermann

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#59. It's her ability as an artist to see possibility where others see a blank page and, by extension, to see victory where others see certain defeat that truly empowers her ...

Sarah Cross

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#60. The European Commission granted France an extra two years to meet its mandated budget deficit target of 3% of GDP. The deadline had already been extended by two years in 2013. It gave little explanation for the latest extension, which disappointed fiscal hawks.


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#61. The difference between objective and subjective extension is one of relation to a context solely.

William James

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#62. The true God He has extension, and form, and dimensions. He occupies space; has a body, parts, and passions; can go from place to place. He can eat, drink, and talk.

Orson Pratt

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#63. I really see the vocation of politics like I see every vocation - whether it's being a reporter or serving in public life or being a plumber - as an extension of ministry.

Kevin Cramer

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#64. If you're going to buy a castle, make sure you get on the property extension ladder.

Benny Bellamacina

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#65. Cult: simply an extension of the idea that everyone's supreme aim in life is self- fulfillment and happiness and that one is entitled to wreck marriage, children and certainly one's health and sanity in pursuit of this.

Stephen Spender

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#66. Self-driving cars are the natural extension of active safety and obviously something we should do.

Elon Musk

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#67. Forgiveness, both its extension and receipt, requires a lower, humble position before both God and man. Forgiveness, both its extension and receipt, is not the natural inclination of man, and I must fight for it.

Seth Haines

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#68. In pre-colonial Africa, men who had sexual relationship with older men almost always married a woman later in life and had children. Exclusive homosexuality would not have been and is still not a viable option for Africans who value wealth and patronymic extension through marriage.

Chantal Zabus

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#69. Any powerful technology has sauce for the goose and the gander ... It's just an extension of humanity.

John Perry Barlow

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#70. You only have to look back five years to see a different world, and, by extension, tangible proof that culture is ours to shape, if we try. Obviously

Lindy West

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#71. Science fiction is an extension of science.

Len Wiseman

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#72. Rejection hurts so much because we take it as a damning judgement passed not merely on our physical appeal but on our entire selves, and by extension (at this stage we're crying into our pillow, as something by Bach or Leonard Cohen plays on the stereo) on our very right to exist. 2.

Alain De Botton

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#73. I stare into the ruggedly handsome face, the eyes alight with a vast intelligence and that eerie, unearthly power. He's beautiful, so haunted with power it takes me a second to realize exactly what position Nolan Storm has put me in, and by extension, my family.

L.E. Sterling

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#74. To Tengo, sexual desire was fundamentally an extension of a means of communication. And so, to look for sexual desire in a place where there was no possibility of communication seemed inappropriate to him.

Haruki Murakami

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#75. A team should be an extension of a coach's personality. My teams are arrogant and obnoxious.

Al McGuire

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#76. The team is an extension of the coach.

Don Meyer

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#77. All art is an expression and extension of ourselves.. Art finds its deepest value when it is the authentic expression of a deep human experience.

Erwin Raphael McManus

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#78. I'd support life extension by whatever means, from cryonic suspension to cyborgism to coding ourselves into our computers or whatever. There is nothing noble or beautiful or dignified about dying. Like poverty, it is ugly, nasty, brutal and primitive.

Robert Anton Wilson

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#79. When you look at another person, see them as an extension of your thought or feeling. What you two thought or felt THEN, magnetically connected you two NOW.

Franklin Gillette

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#80. Acting is sort of an extension of childhood. You get to play all of these roles and have so much fun. Playing an athlete would be so cool. Or where you get to shoot guns, ride horses. I wouldn't turn down any of that.

Jon Hamm

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#81. Illness or pain is just an extension of negative emotion. When yo are no longer feeling any resistance to it, it's a nonissue.

Abraham Hicks

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#82. if your pet is a robot, it might always stay a cute puppy. By extension, if your lover were a robot, you would always be the center of its universe. A robot would not just be better than nothing or better than something, but better than anything. From

Sherry Turkle

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#83. Computer is not a device anymore. It is an extension of your mind and your gateway to other people.

Mark Shuttleworth

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#84. The society is the extension of the individual. If the individual is greedy, cruel, merciless, egoistic, etc. so it will be the society.

Samael Aun Weor

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#85. The logical extension of synthetic nature is the irrelevance of "true" nature
the certainty that it's not even worth looking at. (62)

Richard Louv

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#86. The studio is an extension of the sandbox and the kindergarten playroom. It has a dynamic unlike any office or factory. It's a room at the service of a dreamer on her way to becoming a master.

Robert Genn

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#87. People who work to bring about perfection see work as an extension of themselves. The point is to do a good job. That will empower you. To do a poor job will make you weaker.

Frederick Lenz

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#88. Non-co-operation in the political field is an extension of the doctrine as it is practised in the domestic field.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#89. English is like a poetic extension of myself. It holds my creativity and imagination in blissful and inspiring captivity. Though I consider myself not a prisoner, but rather a valued guest of honor.

Storm Princeholm

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#90. Edwards commented as he signed an extension to his contract. They had changed coaches every three or four years before my getting the head job. It was just going to be a matter of when I got fired. There were a lot of people that felt that.

LaVell Edwards

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#91. In a narcissist's world you are not their one and only. You are an extension of that person and last place in their mind, while they secure back up narcissistic supply.

Shannon L. Alder

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#92. Now where there are no parts, there neither extension, nor shape, nor divisibility is possible. And these monads are the true atoms of nature and, in a word, the elements of things.

Gottfried Leibniz

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#93. Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.

Earl Nightingale

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#94. Was this what marriage was, the slow process of getting to know another individual far better than was advisable? Sometimes [his] gestures and inflections were so mercilessly familiar that it was as if he were an extension of me, an element of my own personality over which I had little control.

Curtis Sittenfeld

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#95. The chief problem is, of course, whether the marching of the general spirit of things is heading consciously or sub- consciously toward an idea of extension of boundaries.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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#96. My cinema is an extension of myself. A sort of life-testimony of my vital experience, with my few virtues and my numerous limitations.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

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#97. But I just really think there is a natural extension into other types of media because it's an excellent system for reliably locating and retrieving content.

Shawn Fanning

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#98. Children, on the other hand, were systematically turned against their parents and taught to spy on them and report their deviations. The family had become in effect an extension of the Thought Police. It was

George Orwell

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#99. She took Tsukuru's business card, her whole face lighting up in a smile, then pushed an extension number on her phone as if pressing the soft nose of an oversized dog.

Haruki Murakami

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#100. To carry the atmosphere of God's Glory is to extend it to the whole earth

Sunday Adelaja

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