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Top 100 Quotes About Diamonds

#1. I don't just want to sing about simplistic things all the time. It's good to have a mix of songs that have a real depth, and that provoke and challenge people, and then songs that are fun and people can enjoy. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#2. Lots of women are gifting themselves with diamonds for their right hand. - Author: James Patterson
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#3. Botswana was rich in diamonds, Ghana in cocoa and gold, Morocco in phosphates. There were many countries I was eager to visit and revisit, such as Zambia, with its emeralds and copper, and Cameroon, awash in oil. I could not wait to visit - Author: Jim Rogers
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#4. Priceless diamonds often shape in worthless dirt. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#5. Trout, incidentally, had written a book about a money tree. It had twenty-dollar bills for leaves. Its flowers were government bonds. Its fruit was diamonds. It attracted human beings who killed each other around the roots and made very good fertilizer. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#6. Let us not be too particular. It is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all. - Author: Mark Twain
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#7. Take your diamonds and throw em up like you're bulimic. Yeah, the beat cold, but the flow is anemic. - Author: Kanye West
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#8. Botswana is actually very peaceful. It's democratic. It never was in debt. They've been fortunate, they've had diamonds. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#9. Mothers are the diamonds that God gave us when we were born - Author: Michelle Geaney
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#10. Diamonds are the tears of the poor. - Author: Helen McCloy
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#11. Her heart is of a much harder material ... A diamond. Beautiful, but deadly ...
And amid people with hearts of diamonds, it is best to remember that no one is exempt from their malevolence. Not even themselves. - Author: Katlyn Charlesworth
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#12. Forget diamonds or dogs - a girl or boy's best friend is always a high-powered weapon. - Author: Saraha
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#13. Obviously when you're a teen you have no money, so you make, like, three outfits out of one dress. You're like, 'OK cut the arms here. Alright: New party, cut them to here.' - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#14. And we laughed, at the world. They can have their diamonds, And we'll have our pearls - Author: Jill Sobule
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#15. If you're shipwrecked on an island with 10 million dollars and your wife has gold and diamonds, but there's no water, no arable land, no fish, you have nothing. Money is a 'nothing' thing. - Author: Jacque Fresco
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#16. Oh we're a mess, poor humans, poor flesh - hybrids of angels and animals, dolls with diamonds stuffed inside them. We've been to the moon and we're still fighting over Jerusalem. - Author: Richard Siken
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#17. But this is Miami, you can't come to Miami and not show any skin. You gotta show something. If you're all covered up in this heat, you're gonna make me pass out out just to look at you. It's sweaty in Miami-but the diamonds will keep me cool. - Author: Lil' Kim
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#18. Touring can be tough; the crew and I travel everywhere by a big pink bus, and live in petrol stations. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#19. My Crown is in my heart, not on my head:
Not deck'd with Diamonds, and Indian stones:
Nor to be seen: my Crown is call'd Content,
A Crown it is, that seldom Kings enjoy. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#20. Diamonds were everything I hoped to be; beautiful, yet containing unimaginable strength. - Author: Kerri Maniscalco
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#21. Only from dark coal tunnels white diamonds come, but only by the light are they recognised. - Author: Akiane Kramarik
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#22. Astronomers have discovered a planet that is twice the size of earth and made of diamonds. President Obama says the planet may be inhabited by aliens not paying their fair share. - Author: Jay Leno
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#23. European languages must not be considered diamonds displayed under a glass ball, dazzling us with their brilliance. - Author: Cheikh Anta Diop
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#24. Burlesque girls were alchemists. They were steel-tough performers who were willing to use kitchens as dressing rooms, haul their costume bags through the snow, and go into debt over fake diamonds, all for the five minutes onstage when they were goddesses. - Author: Molly Crabapple
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#25. Of two hearts one is always warm and one is always cold: the cold heart is more precious than diamonds: the warm heart has no value and is thrown away. - Author: Graham Greene
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#26. Don't use your advance to buy an antique sports car, diamonds by the yard, or a bottle of wine from Thomas Jefferson's cellar instead of investing in your book. - Author: M.J. Rose
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#27. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, I wonder if blood diamonds are a girl's best friend 5 days out of the month? - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#28. All the horror and blood and monsters and fear crystallized to a fine thin shard inside her, harder than diamonds. What was one more monster in the face of so many? - Author: Christina Henry
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#29. This is a story of Africa. A pioneer woman's journey north was merely the beginning. - Author: Jeffrey Whittam
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#30. That look will get you diamonds, baby," he said, "but not my cock pierced. - Author: Olivia Cunning
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#31. I think celebrity culture and sexuality in pop music is really important, but I want there to be an alternative for people. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#32. I feel like artists that are always quite sad in real life always make really happy music, and artists who are really bouncy and bubbly always make really sad music. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#33. Carbon's eastern neighbor on the table, nitrogen, dresses up diamonds in pinks, yellows, oranges, and brownish tints known romantically as 'champagne.' - Author: Sam Kean
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#34. I consider myself a feminist because I believe women should have equal rights. Of course. It's just that the term 'feminism' conjures up other things for people. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#35. Women want love.
Men want power.
I want both. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#36. Our dreams are our precious diamonds; without them, we are endlessly poor. Let us perpetually dream to be overly wealthy! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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Good manners are not easy
They need a little care,
But when we least expect it
Bring rewards both rich and rare.
Brute force or bribes of diamonds
Bend others to your will,
But gentle words have greater power
And gain more conquests still. - Author: Charles Perrault
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#38. When diamonds boast that they can't be crushed, let 'em go, 'cause dreams don't turn to dust. - Author: Owl City
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#39. One of my most sentimental items is my grandmother's engagement ring that my mom gave me a few years ago. It's a Victorian-style setting that's closed in the back, so it doesn't sparkle the way diamonds do now. I wear it as a pendant. - Author: Georgina Chapman
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#40. THERE WAS NEVER A SCHINDLER'S LIST. It was drawn up by a man called Goldman. This man took money to put a name on that list - no money, no place on the list. I was told this by a Dr Schwartz, in Vienna; he had paid in diamonds to save his wife - Author: Emilie Schindler
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#41. It is true there is nothing displays a genius, I mean a quickness of genius, more than a dispute; as two diamonds, encountering, contribute to each other's luster. But perhaps the odds is much against the man of taste in this particular. - Author: William Shenstone
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#42. I've always been interested in how fast-moving our identity is and that I've never been able to pin down who I truly am. That inspires me to write, because I feel like that cements me a bit, in that I find my identity in being an artist. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#43. Griphook: (referring to a tiara) Moonstones and diamonds, Made by goblins, i think?
Bill: And paid for by wizards. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#44. He loves the sparkling fountains and their cascades and says the strangest things as he watches them.
they look like stars breaking.
Or, They look like Mama's diamonds.
Or, They look like all the souls in heaven. - Author: Jennifer Donnelly
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#45. When you see a woman in silks and sables and diamonds speak to a little errand girl or a footman or a scullery maid as though they were the dirt under her feet, you may be sure of one thing; she hasn't come a very long way from the ground herself. - Author: Emily Post
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#46. You deserve every star in the galaxy laid out at your feet and a thousand diamonds in your hair. You deserve someone who'll run with you as far and as fast as you want to. Holding your hand, not holding you back. - Author: Jay Kristoff
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#47. I feel numb most of the time
The lower I get the higher I'll climb - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#48. Sometimes, someone you have known all your life becomes no longer familiar to you, but strange in a marvelous way, as if you have discovered a beach you have been visiting all your life is made not of sand but of diamonds, and they blind you with their beauty. -Malcom Fade, Lord of Shadows - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#49. I never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back. - Author: Zsa Zsa Gabor
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#50. She smiled and said with an ecstatic air: "It shines like a little diamond",
"What does?"
"This moment. It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond; I am eternal. - Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
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#51. I don't like flowers, chocolate, cakes or diamonds either, I am definitely not a hard one to impress. - Author: Pushpa Rana
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#52. I felt connected with Madonna from a very young age. I think I share a lot of qualities from her personality. I really respect her. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#53. The luster of diamonds is invigorated by the interposition of darker bodies; the lights of a picture are created by the shades; the highest pleasure which nature has indulged to sensitive perception is that of rest after fatigue. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#54. Let the Gita be to you a mine of diamonds, as it has been to me; let it be your constant guide and friend on life's way. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#55. Ya know it was a toss-up whether I go in for diamonds or sing in the choir. The choir lost. - Author: Mae West
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#56. Rastafari means to live in nature, to see the Creator in the wind, sea and storm. Other religions pointed to the sky, and while we were looking in the sky, they dug up all the gold and diamonds and went away with them - Author: Jimmy Cliff
Quotes About Diamonds #60564
#57. The sky was a sparkling succession of black diamonds on black velvet made crystal clear by the blackout. - Author: Sara Sheridan
Quotes About Diamonds #57367
#58. There are no letters in the mailbox
And there are no grapes upon the vine
And there are no chocolates in your boxes anymore
And there are no diamonds in the mine - Author: Leonard Cohen
Quotes About Diamonds #52342
#59. A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, But Diamonds are a girl's best friend. - Author: Leo Robin
Quotes About Diamonds #50221
#60. Diamonds are found only in the dark places of the earth, truths are found only in the depths of thought. - Author: Victor Hugo
Quotes About Diamonds #46746
#61. No pressure, no diamonds. - Author: Mary Case
Quotes About Diamonds #45921
#62. Ever heard of "The House of Diamonds"? - Author: Ian Fleming
Quotes About Diamonds #42127
#63. Diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend but it's impossible to know for sure where they have come from so I find it is safer just to avoid them altogether. - Author: Leona Lewis
Quotes About Diamonds #42046
#64. Apologies come in all shapes and sizes. You can give diamonds, candy, flowers, or just your deepest heartfelt sentiment. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#65. Don't open your diamonds in a vegetable market. Tie them in bundle and keep them in your heart, and go your own way. - Author: Kabir
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#66. It's diamonds in your pockets one week, macaroni and cheese the next. - Author: Jolene Blalock
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#67. I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#68. She was feeling supernatural tonight. She wanted to EAT diamonds. - Author: Angela Carter
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#69. As hard as the diamonds in your smile,
the wind carries its hammers with no hands
and sustains a moan with no mouth,
seems to cradle solitude in its rough arms like firewood
to be burned in my house as it passes through
and asks, Where does she sparkle from? - Author: B.J. Ward
Quotes About Diamonds #21028
#70. My new world is etched in diamonds and sealed in gold, drowning in pretension. - Author: Dawn Ius
Quotes About Diamonds #17189
#71. I am absolutely not a roll-on-stage kind of girl! I would be totally freaked out if I didn't warm up, and I don't know how other singers do it. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
Quotes About Diamonds #13822
#72. People are all diamonds. They are already valuable, brillant and unique in their own right. Sometimes a person can do with a buff, a fluff and a polish to bring out the natural brillance and clarity that has always existed within them. - Author: Evette Rose
Quotes About Diamonds #13739
#73. When you die, they can make you into diamonds now. It's scientific. That's how I want to be remembered. I want to shine. - Author: Neil Gaiman
Quotes About Diamonds #11846
#74. If you believe something enough, it comes true eventually, and that's so true even with lies. If you tell yourself a lie, after a few years you'll think it's true. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
Quotes About Diamonds #9851
#75. Diamonds can be found anywhere. - Author: Chris Anderson
Quotes About Diamonds #9183
#76. Stars of love burn bright
'till they're ready to die
the broken spend their lives
staring at the sky - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
Quotes About Diamonds #118378
#77. Like cats' eyes gleaming in the gloom, the precious diamonds rest. - Author: Robert B. Leighton
Quotes About Diamonds #154647
#78. I feel weird without lipstick. Even after the first time I wore a really neon pink or a really bright red, I felt really strange without it there. My lips are a main feature, so I feel naked without them. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
Quotes About Diamonds #153495
#79. A goatee is to beards what diamonds are to ornaments. - Author: Pawan Mishra
Quotes About Diamonds #152562
#80. I think some people just have an innate musical ability, and I'm lucky enough to be one of those people. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#81. Nature, who has played so many queer tricks upon us, making us so unequally of clay and diamonds... - Author: Virginia Woolf
Quotes About Diamonds #150872
#82. If you're making too many excuses for someone, agonising over them in a way which takes up all your waking thoughts and feel so nervous around them you could be sick, then they are probably the wrong person. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
Quotes About Diamonds #150733
#83. I gazed up at the stars as I waited. They twinkled down at me, like a huge handful of diamonds someone had coated in glue and thrown on the ceiling. - Author: Kelly Batten
Quotes About Diamonds #144755
#84. A new doctor had been sent for, Lazzaro of Pavia, who had administered to Lorenzo a pulverized mixture of diamonds and pearls. This hitherto infallible medicine had failed to help. - Author: Irving Stone
Quotes About Diamonds #137872
#85. Yes. He told me things. Like what for instance? Like once he said I had beautiful eyes. He said my eyes were like black diamonds lit up on a starry night. They are, honey. But nobody ever told me. No, Maggie said. They never do. - Author: Kent Haruf
Quotes About Diamonds #135716
#86. Diamonds do not need anyone's permission to shine. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Quotes About Diamonds #135061
#87. Time is more precious than gold, more precious than diamonds, more precious than oil or any valuable treasures. It is time that we do not have enough of; it is time that causes the war within our hearts, and so we must spend it wisely. - Author: Cecelia Ahern
Quotes About Diamonds #132437
#88. Naked Mr. America, burning frantic with self bone love, screams out: My asshole confounds the Louvre! I fart ambrosia and shit pure gold turds! My cock spurts soft diamonds in the morning sunlight! - Author: William S. Burroughs
Quotes About Diamonds #124119
#89. Don't know why folks need diamonds and pearls, fur coats, first-class tickets, island adventures when simple shit like this is the best thing you could ever do. - Author: Kristen Ashley
Quotes About Diamonds #5275
#90. Diamonds are only lumps of coal that stuck to their jobs. - Author: B.C. Forbes
Quotes About Diamonds #114827
#91. Diamonds are forever, my youth is not. - Author: Jill St. John
Quotes About Diamonds #103693
#92. Give me the setting sun, and I'll be a richer man than most / For never have I seen gold like that which glows above the earth. / Give me the night sky, and I'll be rich beyond all ruin / For never have I seen diamonds like those that dance beside the moon. - Author: Rachel Morgan
Quotes About Diamonds #103610
#93. Rejection is a universally embarrassing topic and 'Electra Heart' is my response to that. It is a frank album. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
Quotes About Diamonds #101887
#94. Rainstorms are incredible: falling shards of glass, the air full of diamonds. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#95. People are complex, and I think it's a huge element of what I do, because you have to balance out the fact that you talk about quite serious things with a sense of irony and tongue-in-cheek humor. That's my personality as well. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#96. My dad's quite a conservative person, and he brought me up to be very questioning of the commercial world. He looked down on pop culture. I definitely got the impression that pop was evil and that Britney Spears was evil. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#97. I'm interested in how identity is transient. How do we know who we really are, when different situations and environments dictate how we behave? I'm interested in the role we all play. We spend our whole lives becoming ourselves when we are born as no one else. - Author: Marina And The Diamonds
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#98. A millennium without air or light pollution made for pitch-black skies. The stars didn't just appear anymore. They exploded. Diamonds on black velvet. You couldn't tear your eyes away. - Author: Blake Crouch
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#99. Girls from my graduating class come into the store brandishing solitaire diamonds like Legion of Honor medals, as if they've accomplished something significant - which I guess they think they have, though all I can see is a future of washing some man's clothes stretching ahead of them. - Author: Christina Baker Kline
Quotes About Diamonds #75075
#100. You want diamonds? I'll give you diamonds. I'll shower you in them. Hell, I'll get you a gown made out of them. But it's going to be skimpy. - Author: Richelle Mead
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