Top 100 Quotes About Creativity

#1. thinking is the enemy of creativity because it's self-conscious.

Sean Patrick

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#2. Without imagination, there would be no creativity. Without creativity, there would be nothing.

Aneta Cruz

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#3. There is only one answer to destructiveness and that is creativity.

Sylvia Ashton-Warner

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#4. People simply learn to process information to the point where it doesn't serve true creativity.

Michael Masser

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#5. Trust your creativity.

Jeanette Winterson

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#6. Become aware that you already possess all the inner wisdom, strength, and creativity needed to make your dreams come true.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

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#7. I hope I haven't grown up. The cliche for all artists is that you don't want to lose that child inside. I think when you get sedentary and set in your ways, you can lose a lot of that spontaneity and creativity. I hope I'm holding on to that.

Catherine Hardwicke

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#8. The ship name. It's unusual. I swear, if I board one more ship named after someone's kid or the girl they left behind after that magical weekend on Titan, I'm going to start fining people for general lack of creativity." Holden

James S.A. Corey

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#9. Artists strive to free this true and spontaneous self in their work. Creativity, meditation are ways of freeing an inner voice.

Gloria Steinem

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#10. Creativity. Inspiration. We worship them here, Donald. They are our guidance, and we revere them. Do you understand? Revere them. So many people think that writers merely sit down and string together words and poof! a piece of writing. Not so!

David Bischoff

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#11. Creativity is the art of concealing your sources.

Coco Chanel

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#12. Great innovations, powerful interactions and real art are often produced by someone in a state of wonder. Looking around with stars in your eyes and amazement at the tools that are available to you can inspire generosity and creativity and connection

Seth Godin

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#13. I'm a big believer in creating parameters for creativity. I think parameters make people more creative. So that starts with my budgets. I only do low budget movies, and I think that makes the movies better.

Jason Blum

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#14. I think that 'Floor Sample' is a story of resiliency, a lifelong spiritual search, and a lifelong sense of spiritual companionship that is most often expressed as creativity. My desire in writing the book was to step from behind the icon of 'Julia the teacher' and introduce 'Julia the artist.'

Julia Cameron

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#15. The two terrors that discourage creativity and creative living are fear of public opinion and undue reverence for one's own consistency.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#16. The most valuable "currency" of any organization is the initiative and creativity of its members. Every leader has the solemn moral responsibility to develop these to the maximum in all his people. This is the leader's highest priority.

W. Edwards Deming

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#17. The universe is one of continual creation, so therefore we too are continually creating. The form of our creativity is not as important the loving essence within a given form, because that love is the foundation of our creative expression itself, eternal and indestructible.

Joseph Curiale

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#18. Creativity, not normality, has become the paradigm of mental health.

Stephen Mitchell

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#19. Creativity is at the root of excitement.

Lawren Leo

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#20. If the rules of creativity are the norm for a company, creative people will be the norm.

Jim Gilmore

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#21. Boredom doesn't exist where creativity lives.

Sanjo Jendayi

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#22. Fear is a conditioned response, a life-draining habit that can easily consume your energy, creativity and spirit if you are not careful. When fear rears its ugly head, beat it down quickly. The best way to do that is to do the thing you fear. Fast.

Robin S. Sharma

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#23. At the end of the day, photography is ninety-nine percent business, connections, and politics and one percent creativity.


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#24. (As Plato There is nothing superstitious about forcing bad consequences for the hubris of paternalistic utopianism. Humanity should never be frozen into a vision of the best. A creative society must be willing to tolerate some degree of instability because creativity is inherently unstable.

Rebecca Goldstein

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#25. When dreams come true creativity becomes art.

Martin Schuster

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#26. In an era of parental paranoia, lawsuit mania and testing frenzy, we are failing to inspire our children's curiosity, creativity, and imagination. We are denying them opportunities to tinker, discover, and explore - in short, to play.

Darell Hammond

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#27. Use creativity and storytelling as your main muscle instead of smartness.

Astro Teller

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#28. Your creativity comes from the universal source of all creation, the source of all intelligence and wisdom.

Robin Sharma

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#29. The creativity inherent in life is the counterbalance to tragedy. it affirms our belief that life is a good thing and provides a rich potential source of human meaning.

Greg Graffin

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#30. Anybody can make the simple complecated. Creativity is making the complecated simple.

Charles Mingus

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#31. There are different types of talents and intelligences, and traditional schools sometimes ignore the creative ones. It is important for us to give kids every platform for them to find what they are good at and what they love. The arts also provide a space for newfound creativity.

Caity Lotz

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#32. Creativity works on a winding, circuitous route.

Gail Z. Martin

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#33. We are more willing to offend someone with whom we have weak ties, and a willingness to offend is an important part of creativity. Strong ties make us feel good, make us feel that we belong, but they also constrict our worldview.

Eric Weiner

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#34. Quite frankly, the Urban brand organization became too siloed, with too little communication across functional areas. The great creativity that has been the hallmark of our success became stifled.

Richard Hayne

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#35. I guess I started running when I was about 18 and ... I feel like it assists my creativity a bit because it completely just flushes everything out.

Ellie Goulding

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#36. In a world that devalues creativity, writers stand in a courageous place.

Greg Sushinsky

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#37. Creativity is not and never has been sensible.

Julia Cameron

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#38. There is a deep connection between technical, scientific, and artistic creativity.

Barbara Oakley

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#39. In creativity, brightest minds have no place You have to think from the heart

Raghu Rai

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#40. You have been crafted with utmost care and creativity by your Creator. There is none other like you in the world.

Pooja Ruprell

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#41. The highest level of creativity consists in being, not doing. When the being is intense enough, when the words are spoken enough, when the thoughts are thought enough, the doing will automatically follow.

Marianne Williamson

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#42. There is new research showing that our creative potential increases with age. Our creativity is a product of our inner and outer experience, and as we get older, we have all kinds of experience to draw on. Also, research tells us that creativity brings energy, vitality and good health.

Sandra A. Cusack

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#43. Creativity stands at the center of all education.

Bruno Bettelheim

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#44. I don't think that a company should own a studio and the network, and program for their own network. It hurts the creativity - it is not a level playing field.

Scott Bakula

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#45. These powers of imagination and creativity are among the few things that set us apart from the rest of life on Earth. But they make all the difference.

Ken Robinson

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#46. Creativity is a fragile flower, but perhaps it can be fertilized with systematic doses of serendipity.

John Brockman

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#47. I'm an attorney when I'm not writing comics, and have been for years. That's a side of my life I don't always associate with pure creativity, but it's all worked out nicely.

Charles Soule

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#48. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams

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#49. No one can take credit for inspiration or creativity.

Ron Brackin

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#50. I just consider being one of the luckiest people in the sense that creativity came to me and it flowed.

Vidal Sassoon

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#51. Perspective: it is the creativity we possess, the beliefs we follow and the lessons we learn.

Alexis Hurley

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#52. Sometimes creativity seems wasteful, illogical . . . unless it's done for a greater purpose.

Veronica Roth

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#53. Knowing a lot ... is a springboard to creativity.

Charlie Rose

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#54. Modern art is childish - not childlike, remember, childish; not innocent but stupid, insane, pathological. We have to get rid of this trend. We have to create a new kind of art, a new kind of creativity. We have to bring to the world again what Gurdjieff calls objective art.


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#55. God is creating at every moment of the world's existence in and through the perpetually endowed creativity of the very stuff of the world.

Arthur Peacocke

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#56. American mainstream is obsessed with black creative genius - be it music, walk, style - but at the same time puts a low priority on the black social misery which is the very context out of which that creativity flows.

Cornel West

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#57. I try to stay focused on my creativity.

Christina Aguilera

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#58. People think that creativity is largely a matter of talent, experience, or luck. They are wrong. Talent, experience, and luck are all key elements, but there is something more fundamental, accessible, and powerful that you can use to multiply your creative effect.

Richard Koch

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#59. Sexual living is a reflection of God's love for us. It has two key qualities, which is faithfulness and creativity of new life.

Vincent Nichols

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#60. Technology is technology and then art form and people's creativity is another thing. Anything that helps an artist do anything - great! Technology for technology sake doesn't mean much to me anyway.

Tim Burton

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#61. Creativity is the firing of my soul.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Quotes About Creativity #1734802
#62. Creativity has nothing to do with any activity in particular - with painting, poetry, dancing, singing. It has nothing to do with anything in particular.


Quotes About Creativity #1734847
#63. Creativity is the key to success in the future, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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#64. Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.

Julia Cameron

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#65. In limits, there is freedom. Creativity thrives within structure. Creating safe havens where our children are allowed to dream, play, make a mess and, yes, clean it up, we teach them respect for themselves and others.

Julia Cameron

Quotes About Creativity #1735400
#66. Sometimes you get more creativity when you're in a box than when you can do anything. In really difficult situations, sometimes, you get the most interesting thinking.

Jim Mullen

Quotes About Creativity #1736893

Julia Cameron

Quotes About Creativity #1738647
#68. LEGO gives its designers cost parameters: they can design anything they want as long as it falls within budget. These cost limitations resulted in a spike of creativity. 4.

Ramon Vullings

Quotes About Creativity #1740070
#69. Creativity is enhanced by less-than-perfect control over what content is on the network.

Lawrence Lessig

Quotes About Creativity #1740183
#70. Far more creativity, today, goes into marketing of products than into the products themselves

William Gibson

Quotes About Creativity #1740740
#71. One of the enemies of creativity and innovation, especially in relation to our own development, is common sense.

Ken Robinson

Quotes About Creativity #1741228
#72. My wealth is measured not in money but in photographs, not in quantity but creativity.

Destin Sparks

Quotes About Creativity #1741924
#73. If you think of the universe as a vast electrical sea in which you are immersed and from which you are formed, opening to your creativity changes you from something bobbing in that sea to a more fully functioning, more conscious, more cooperative part of that ecosystem.

Julia Cameron

Quotes About Creativity #1743114
#74. Every single thing you see on-screen came out of somebody's creativity. It doesn't exist. Nature didn't deliver it to us. Everything had to be dreamed.

Jeffrey Katzenberg

Quotes About Creativity #1744128
#75. I think I learned a lot about collaboration and about joint creativity with other people. It is honestly so much fun and I don't think that I would have had the same album if I had just written it by myself.

Bridgit Mendler

Quotes About Creativity #1744448
#76. Creativity does not depend on inherited talent or on environment or upbringing; it is the function of the ego of every human being.

Silvano Arieti

Quotes About Creativity #1744565
#77. Creativity is every company's first driver. It's where everything starts, where energy and forward motion originate. Without that first charge of creativity, nothing else can take place.

Nolan Bushnell

Quotes About Creativity #1744671
#78. Entrepreneurial Leadership is where your vision, influence and creativity converge; it is where opportunities become limitless and your capabilities boundless.

Farshad Asl

Quotes About Creativity #1745817
#79. Creativity comes by breaking the rules, by saying that you're in love with the anarchist.

Anita Roddick

Quotes About Creativity #1746066
#80. A requirement of creativity is that it contributes to change. Creativity keeps the creator alive. - FRANK HERBERT, unpublished notes

Brian Herbert

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#81. The misuse of extrinsic rewards, so common in business, impedes creativity, stifles personal satisfaction and turns play into work.

Daniel H. Pink

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#82. In my experience, poor people are the world's greatest entrepreneurs. Every day, they must innovate in order to survive. They remain poor because they do not have the opportunities to turn their creativity into sustainable income.

Muhammad Yunus

Quotes About Creativity #1746837
#83. Everyone has huge creative capacities. The challenge is to develop them. A culture of creativity has to involve everybody, not just a select few.

Ken Robinson

Quotes About Creativity #1747223
#84. In all fields of creativity you see the result of work that has become habit. Where the creative impulse has become flaccid or has died out altogether, and yet because it is our work and our life we continue to do it.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Quotes About Creativity #1748561
#85. Creativity is the key for any child with dyslexia - or for anyone, for that matter. Then you can think outside of the box. Teach them anything is attainable. Let them run with what you see is whatever they need to run with.

Orlando Bloom

Quotes About Creativity #1752698
#86. A wonderful emotion to get things moving when one is stuck is anger. It was anger more than anything else that had set me off, roused me into productivity and creativity.

Mary Garden

Quotes About Creativity #1752922
#87. A Persian fairy tale tells of the Three Princes of Serendip, who "were always making discoveries, by accident and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of."7 Creativity in the wild operates much like that.

Daniel Goleman

Quotes About Creativity #1767525
#88. Creativity reduces instinctual tension, it fuses pleasure with reality, and satisfies the libido.

Peter Shepherd

Quotes About Creativity #1763423
#89. I feel like we are at a time of great creativity if we choose to embrace it as such, if we choose to engage the will of our imaginations and imagine another way of being in the world.

Terry Tempest Williams

Quotes About Creativity #1763681
#90. I like to go into the studio and let things happen. I like to just let the session take on. I don't want to have to clock in at nine and end at eight. That's just not me, that's not how my creativity flows.

Brooke Valentine

Quotes About Creativity #1763725
#91. Business is difficult. But it could be approached two ways: Seriously, or with the same way you're doing your job, with entertainment aspect, with pleasure, with fun. And we decided to try to make it as fun that we do our creativity.

Guy Laliberte

Quotes About Creativity #1764202
#92. Creativity is unlimited when you have an unlimited Creator.

David A. Henderson

Quotes About Creativity #1766890
#93. People are the least creative when fighting the clock ... Time pressure stifles creativity because people can't deeply engage with the problem.

Teresa Amabile

Quotes About Creativity #1767405
#94. By the time a player becomes a Grandmaster, almost all of his training time is dedicated to work on this first phase. The opening is the only phase that holds out the potential for true creativity and doing something entirely new.

Garry Kasparov

Quotes About Creativity #1768261
#95. Creativity is the greatest gift of human intelligence.

Ken Robinson

Quotes About Creativity #1769123
#96. When a dad admits he is wrong or asks for help, he allows the child to see him- or herself as adequate even when she or he is also wrong. It encourages children to make suggestions and, therefore, to discover their creativity because they have a chance of making a contribution.

Warren Farrell

Quotes About Creativity #1768491
#97. Creativity is essential to any kind of joyful living. Sometimes I act, sometimes I draw, I paint, I write poems. I can't imagine living without it.

Zephyr Teachout

Quotes About Creativity #1768486
#98. Creativity starts when you cut a zero from your budget.

Jaime Lerner

Quotes About Creativity #1762691
#99. As an actor, there is room for a certain amount of creativity, but you're always ultimately going to be saying somebody else's words. I don't think I'd have the stamina, skill or ability to write a novel, but I'd love to write short stories and poetry, because those are my two passions.

Daniel Radcliffe

Quotes About Creativity #1768011
#100. It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity, and joy that lie at our core.

Thomas Moore

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