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#1. I'm not an activist per se, but I have strong feelings about things. People can jump on celebrities for being ill-informed or naive, but I've got a right to say what I believe.

Ed Harris

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#2. Don't you dare hide behind your illness!"
"You were the one who just said I couldn't help it!"
"You can't help being ill, but you can help what you do about it," Eithne says sharply.

Tess Stimson

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#3. I hadn't stopped fearing the chance of passing on an illness, but that fear had become balanced by the observation that being ill wasn't the same as being beaten.

Victor LaValle

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#4. Nothing is a greater impediment to being on good terms with others than being ill at ease with yourself.

Honore De Balzac

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#5. Foolish defiance was his lifelong response to being ill.

Paul C. Nagel

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#6. Being ill makes you feel what well people call sentimental, but what you feel is nonetheless genuine whatever they call it.

Elizabeth Goudge

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#7. Being ill like this combines shock - this time I will die - with a pain and agony that are unfamiliar, that wrench me out of myself.

Harold Brodkey

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#8. I love rock ballads, and I'm kind of in emotional turmoil, being ill and high, so I start to sing to the song, I turn it up and start to sing.

Nicolas Winding Refn

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#9. She felt like a hospital patient who longs for her kindly visitor to leave so she can resume being ill.

Ian McEwan

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#10. In my 20s I was in constant pain from undiagnosed endometriosis. With no prospect of a cure, I decided I needed a career - writing - that could accommodate being ill.

Hilary Mantel

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#11. I no longer find such pleasure in that preeminently good society, of which I was once so fond. It seems to me that beneath a cloak of clever talk it proscribes all energy, all originality. If you are not a copy, people accuse you of being ill-mannered.


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#12. Encouragement to all women is - let us try to offer help before we have to offer therapy. That is to say, let's see if we can't prevent being ill by trying to offer a love of prevention before illness.

Maya Angelou

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#13. I felt I came back rather quickly from being ill and didn't give myself the time to reflect.

Delta Goodrem

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#14. I am scared of getting old. I am scared of being ill.

Ben Stein

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#15. Grieving is like being ill. You think the entire world revolves around you and it doesn't.

Sue Grafton

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#16. Leave your bed upon the first desertion of sleep; it being ill for the eye's to read lying, and worse for the mind to be idle; since the head during that laziness is commonly a cage for unclean thoughts.

Frances Osborne

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#17. Retirement should be a happier time, conditioned upon not being ill.

David Blanchflower

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#18. My daughter lived with my wife being ill since she was 2.

Titus Welliver

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#19. For a while she considered being ill, but she changed her mind ...

Tove Jansson

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#20. Smoking is the now the principal avoidable cause of premature death in Britain. It hits the worst off people hardest of all. Smoking is one of the principal causes of the health gap which leads to poorer people being ill more often and dying sooner.

Frank Dobson

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#21. Sleeping and waking lost their edges. Healing and being ill too. It was difficult if not impossible to draw a line between them.

James S.A. Corey

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#22. In late marriage alone lies the compulsion to retain an institution which, twist and turn as you like, is and remains a disgrace to humanity, an institution which is damned ill-suited to a being who with his usual modesty likes to regard himself as the 'image' of God.

Adolf Hitler

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#23. Neither good nor ill is done to us by Fortune: she merely offers us the matter and the seeds: our soul, more powerful than she is, can mould it or sow them as she pleases, being the only cause and mistress of our happy state or our unhappiness.

Michel De Montaigne

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#24. I have a totally unhealthy and unrealistic fear of being eaten by a great white shark. This is because I belong to a very specific demographic called American Child Whose Parents Made the Ill-Advised Decision To Allow Her To Watch the Movie Jaws At a Sleepover During Her Formative Years.

Elle Lothlorien

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#25. I think that the genes for being an artist and mentally ill aren't just related, they are the same gene, but try telling that to a bill collector. We

Neil Hilborn

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#26. Mental illness is among the most stigmatized of categories.' People are ashamed of being mentally ill. They fear disclosing their condition to their friends and confidants-and certainly to their employers.

Elyn R. Saks

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#27. I'm sure that being sober all these years accounts for my ill humor.

Fran Lebowitz

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#28. Every age, Through being beheld too close, is ill-discerned By those who have not lived past it.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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#29. It generally takes its rise either from an ill-will to mankind, a private inclination to make ourselves esteemed, an ostentation of wit, and vanity of being thought in the secrets of the world; or from a desire of gratifying any of these dispositions of mind in those persons with whom we converse.

Joseph Addison

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#30. I get lots of awards for being mentally ill. Apparently, I am better at being mentally ill than almost anything else I've ever done. Seriously - I have a shelf of awards for being bipolar.

Carrie Fisher

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#31. The ill-fated dodo. Slow, flightless and dangerously trusting, the dodo was driven to extinction just seventy years after first being spotted by European sailors on its island home of Mauritius.

Bill Bryson

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#32. Psychological theories of illness are a powerful means of placing the blame on the ill. Patients who are instructed that they have, unwittingly, caused their disease are also being made to feel that they have deserved it.

Susan Sontag

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#33. Being a housewife, makes women sick.It may therefore be that married women say they are happy because they are sick.To be happy in a relationship which imposes so many impediments on her, as traditional marriage does, women must be slightly mentally ill

Jessie Bernard

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#34. Because even then I was ill at ease with the commitment to spiritual imperialism which most Christians feel to be the sine qua non of being Christian, as if one could not be a true Christian without being a militant missionary.

Alan W. Watts

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#35. It seems to me to be the best proof of an evangelical disposition, that persons are not angry when reproached, and have a Christian charity for those that ill deserve it.

Desiderius Erasmus

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#36. For religion to truly become an aid to humanity as a whole, every human being must make sincere efforts to break down the dogmatic barriers among different religions constructed by the pathologically ill and dangerous fundamentalists.

Abhijit Naskar

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#37. I have seen the cycle of a non-violent, mentally ill offender who is arrested repeatedly and put into the system repeatedly-never being treated for his illness and, as a result, becoming more and more ill.

Mike DeWine

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#38. I will meet you in the next three days. In the name of God Almighty, I proclaim the end of the world in this century. All the world will be destroyed, every human being will die. I am not God, I am not son of God, I am Christ eternal.

Mehmet Ali Agca

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#39. In charity to all mankind, bearing no malice or ill will to any human being, and even compassionating those who hold in bondage their fellow men, not knowing what they do.

John Quincy Adams

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#40. You're not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but Earl Blackwell finally died, and I was on his blacklist every year for being the worst dressed person.

Meryl Streep

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#41. To use words and phrases in an easygoing manner without scrutinizing them too curiously is not in general a mark of ill-breeding. On the contrary, there is something low-bred in being too precise. But sometimes there is no help for it


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#42. To care only for well-being seems to me positively ill-bred. Whether it's good or bad, it is sometimes very pleasant, too, to smash things.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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#43. He tried to remember her ever being this way before. In her voice
almost overexuberant
was not simply holiday cheer but joyous relief, like some terminally ill patient who's just been told she's not sick anymore.

Andre Dubus III

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#44. A fearful instance of the ill consequences attending upon irascibility - alive, with the qualifications of the dead - dead, with the propensities of the living - an anomaly on the face of the earth - being very calm, yet breathless.

Edgar Allan Poe

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#45. I have always disliked being a man. The whole idea of manhood in America is pitiful, in my opinion. This version of masculinity is a little like having to wear an ill-fitting coat for one's entire life (by contrast, I imagine femininity to be an oppressive sense of nakedness).

Paul Theroux

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#46. He had never been involved with the mentally ill before, but he now felt more than ever that there should be strong international laws against them being too good-looking.

Lorrie Moore

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#47. The simple fact was, that Oliver, instead of possessing too little feeling, possessed rather too much, and was in a fair way of being reduced to a state of brutal stupidity and sullenness for life, by the ill usage he had received.

Charles Dickens

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#48. Decisions to cut aid for the terminally ill, for the elderly, for dependent children, for food stamps, even school lunches, are being made by men with full stomachs who live in comfortable houses with two cars and umpteen tax shelters. None of them go hungry to bed at night.

Audre Lorde

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#49. The biggest gift of being unambiguously mentally ill is the time I've saved myself trying to be normal.

Mark Vonnegut

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#50. Missis was, she dared say, glad enough to get rid of such a tiresome, ill-conditioned child, who always looked as if she were watching everybody, and scheming plots underhand. Abbot, I think, gave me credit for being a sort of infantine Guy Fawkes.

Charlotte Bronte

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#51. Why will any man be so impertinently officious as to tell me all prospect of a future state is only fancy and delusion? Is there any merit in being the messenger of ill news. If it is a dream, let me enjoy it, since it makes me both the happier and better man.

Joseph Addison

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#52. I live in a constant endeavor to fence against the infirmities of ill health, and other evils of life, by mirth; being firmly persuaded that every time a man smiles, but much more when he laughs, it adds some thing to his fragment of life.

Laurence Sterne

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#53. Those who wish their virtue to be advertised are not striving for virtue but for renown. Are you not willing to be just without being renowned? Nay, indeed you must often be just and be at the same time disgraced. And then, if you are wise, let ill repute, well won, be a delight. Farewell.


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#54. I think the impulse took shape in early childhood when I was very ill with lymphoma for a number of years. I spent a lot of time in hospitals and sick-rooms, being read to by various relatives, and I learned to associate books with love and attention.

Damon Galgut

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#55. My Lawyer being practiced almost from his Cradle in defending Falsehood; is quite out of his Element when he would be an Advocate for Justice, which as an Office unnatural, he always attempts with great Awkwardness if not with Ill-will.

Jonathan Swift

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#56. It ill becomes any of us to take the attitude that all evidence for God is false evidence, beneath consideration, simply by virtue of its being evidence for God, or even by virtue of its being outside the purview of science.

Kitty Ferguson

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#57. Perhaps she drives men away. Perhaps, without even being able to help herself, she just puts men into her ill-tempered car and drives them off: to quarries, dumps, small anonymous bodies of water.

Lorrie Moore

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#58. Mankind being originally equals in the order of creation, the equality could only be destroyed by some subsequent circumstance; the distinctions of rich, and poor, may in a great measure be accounted for, and that without having recourse to the harsh, ill-sounding names of oppression and avarice.

Thomas Paine

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#59. For this, Love is enraged with me;
Yet kills not. If I must example be
To future rebels, if the unborn
Must learn by my being cut up and torn,
Kill and dissect me, Love; for this
Torture against thine own end is:
Racked carcasses make ill anatomies

John Donne

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#60. Doctoring sick calves becomes my sole work. I don't even notice when or where the new ones were born. My days and nights are lived in the herd, and an intimacy blossoms as it does when one attends any gravely ill being, after talk becomes impossible or unnecessary to exchange.

Gretel Ehrlich

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#61. Every one is well or ill at ease, according as he finds himself! not he whom the world believes, but he who believes himself to be so, is content; and in him alone belief gives itself being and reality

Michel De Montaigne

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#62. Poirot and I behaved in the customary fashion of people being shown over houses. We stood stock still, looking a little ill at ease, murmuring remarks such as: "Very nice." "A very pleasant room." "The morning-room, you say?

Agatha Christie

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#63. That is, they choose to be ill because being "normal" is too much like hard work.

Paulo Coelho

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#64. Once I asked Teichman what he thought of Bird's chess: "Same as his health," he replied, "always alternating between being dangerously ill and dangerously well."

William Ewart Napier

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#65. The second attention is the occult side of the being. It is the ability to manipulate others, be it for good or ill intent.

Frederick Lenz

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#66. I looked at the stained-glass image of the lamb in the window above me, but that only reminded me that lambs are famous for being led to slaughter, or sometimes hanging out with lions in ill-advised relationships.

Maureen Johnson

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#67. When we seek reconciliation with our enemies, it is commonly out of a desire to better our own condition, a being harassed and tired out with a state of war, and a fear of some ill accident which we are willing to prevent.

Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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#68. Since being 17, I can honestly say I've only been ill twice on drink. I stop when I feel happy, so I don't throw up.

Nikki Sanderson

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#69. If we were to tell you to deliberately spend ten minutes every day envisaging yourself being very ill, you'd quite rightly refuse to do it. Most people know that's a bad idea - yet those same people may spend time every day worrying about their health.

Peter A. Cohen

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#70. I think there's a very fine line between the type of performing that some actors do, and being in a state in your mind where you actually believe what's going on. If we weren't actors, what would we do with that ability? Would we not be slightly insane? Mentally ill? I don't know.

Samantha Morton

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#71. Improper breathing is a common cause of ill health. If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly. There is no single more powerful -or more simple- daily practice to further your health and well being than breathwork.

Andrew Weil

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#72. And she leaned back in the corner, to indulge her murmurs, or to reason them away; probably a little of both - such being the commonest process of a not ill-disposed mind.

Jane Austen

Quotes About Being Ill #113573
#73. Being that I am of a high intellect, I find cursing distasteful and ill mannered. If that were not the case, however, I would compose a creative, innovative ballad of cursing and recite it at this moment," Elle announced,

K.M. Shea

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#74. There's no possibility of being witty without a little ill-nature.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan

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#75. If someone has harmed you, don't wish them ill
wish for them to gain clarity! Hope that they will soon be able to fully see the pain they have caused you, as well as new ways of being and doing.

Karen Salmansohn

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#76. There is a constant suspicion that headache and giddiness are to be ascribed to philosophy, and hence all practising or making trial of virtue in the higher sense is absolutely stopped; for a man is always fancying that he is being made ill, and is in constant anxiety about the state of his body.


Quotes About Being Ill #97118
#77. I am told so many ill things of a man, and I see so few in him, that I begin to suspect he has a real but troublesome merit, as being likely to eclipse that of others.

Jean De La Bruyere

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#78. Anxious. Intriguing word. It literally means, "to be divided" or "distracted." It conveys the idea of being so mentally ill at ease that you cannot do what you need to do because you are so distracted in your thinking.

Charles R. Swindoll

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#79. Injuries, therefore, should be inflicted all at once, that their ill savour being less lasting may the less offend; whereas, benefits should be conferred little by little, that so they may be more fully relished.

Niccolo Machiavelli

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#80. The chances are that, being a woman, young,
And pure, with such a pair of large, calm eyes,
You write as well ... and ill ... upon the whole,
As other women. If as well, what then?
If even a little better,..still, what then?
We want the Best in art now, or no art. (L144-149)

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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#81. When you're used to being healthy and strong and vibrant and everything and then - bang - overnight you're desperately ill, it's frightening.

Ann Romney

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#82. I've always had a huge fear of dying or becoming ill. The thing I'm most afraid of, though, is being alone, which I think a lot of performers fear. It's why we seek the limelight - so we're not alone, were adored. We're loved, so people want to be around us. The fear of being alone drives my life.

Jennifer Lopez

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#83. Having waited my entire life to get an award for something, anything ... I now get awards all the time for being mentally ill. It's better than being bad at being insane, right? How tragic would it be to be runner-up for Bipolar Woman of the Year?

Carrie Fisher

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#84. Slaves were taught to be fine chefs, but they endangered their lives if they made a mistake or served an ill-prepared dish. Rather than being reprimanded, they were often hauled into the dining room and flogged in the presence of the guests.

Jeff Smith

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#85. The diagnosis of homosexuality as a "disorder" is a contributing factor to the pathology of those homosexuals who do become mentally ill ... Nothing is more likely to make you sick than being constantly told that you are sick.

Ronald Goldman

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#86. To kill for fun is the job of the psychopaths! And what is a matador, apart from being a mentally ill person?

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#87. I would like Taeyeon unnie to be the leader, but like Hyoyeon unnie said, I think shes carrying a lot of burdens by being in that position. So, Ill just leave it to the unnies.


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#88. I'm going to be 58, and I'm a woman. In this business, that seems to be a bigger crime than being mentally ill.

Patty Duke

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#89. Gipsies, who every ill can cure,
Except the ill of being poor
Who charms 'gainst love and agues sell,
Who can in hen-roost set a spell,
Prepar'd by arts, to them best known
To catch all feet except their own,
Who, as to fortune, can unlock it,
As easily as pick a pocket.

Charles Churchill

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#90. The ill-informed masses included her own family among their ranks, a family that specialized in being both inconvenient and asinine.

Gail Carriger

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#91. Oh! you are a great deal too apt, you know, to like people in general. You never see fault in any body. All the world are good and agreeable in your eyes. I never heard you speak ill of a human being in my life."
"I would wish not to be hasty in censuring any one; but I always speak what I think.

Jane Austen

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#92. Entire ignorance is not so terrible or extreme an evil, and is far from being the greatest of all; too much cleverness and too much learning, accompanied with ill bringing-up, are far more fatal.


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#93. Control is an illusion - a fact you will learn very fast if you become ill, or have things fall apart in some other way. When we understand vulnerability and suffering as an essential part of being human, our individual fate can be easier to manage.

Harriet Lerner

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#94. To argue against any breach of liberty from the ill use that may be made of it, is to argue against liberty itself, since all is capable of being abused.

George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton

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