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#1. When I arrive in Los Angeles in the entertainment community, and I use implements like a shovel and a hammer, our society has distanced itself so far from working with its hands that those incredibly pedestrian skills are perceived as somehow being extraordinary.

Nick Offerman

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#2. You can be special without being extraordinary.

Nancy Werlin

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#3. Drop the idea of being Extraordinary! It's keeping you mediocre. To be Ordinary is the most extraordinary thing in the world. The Ordinary person has light in his eyes; he has become extraordinary but he has no idea of it.


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#4. I had always thought that if I just did something extraordinary enough, then people would like me. But that wasn't true. You will drive away everyone by being extraordinary ... . But you, you will never learn your lesson. The world embraces ordinary. The world will never embrace you.

Leila Sales

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#5. anybody who has spent two months training a goshawk, knowing that it will be fatal even to give the creature even a cross look,' the man says, 'it seems very extraordinary that the complex psychology of a human being can be taught with a stick.' Sitting

Helen Macdonald

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#6. We know about the issue of children being sold and adopted and taken away but what is so extraordinary is how these two people come through something like - how both of them do, in actual fact. I think that she's one of the most considerable people I've ever met, Philomena.

Judi Dench

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#7. In this book, I want to share with you some extraordinary observations that I have made in my 50 years in dentistry. I believe these experiences made me a better dentist and played a significant role in my evolution as a human being.

James E. Rota

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#8. Imagine living in abject poverty and not knowing anything other than that for generations. Or alternatively, imagine being born into a really wealthy family, but there was no real love. Everyone's living these extraordinary, interesting lives whether they know it or not.

Annie Lennox

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#9. It's the most extraordinary and saddest thing, the amount of talent out there not being seen.

Gedde Watanabe

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#10. it seems very extraordinary that the complex psychology of a human being can be taught with a stick.

Helen Macdonald

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#11. Gabriel Byrne is an extraordinary human being. We have two extraordinary kids and we work at it. We were always friends. He stuck by me through very hard times, and I hope he'd say the same about me.

Ellen Barkin

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#12. When we receive Holy Communion, we experience something extraordinary - a joy, a fragrance, a well-being that thrills the whole body and causes it to exalt.

John Vianney

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#13. Mark Knopfler has an extraordinary ability to make a Schecter Custom Stratocaster hoot and sing like angels on a Saturday night, exhausted from being good all week and needing a stiff drink.

Douglas Adams

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#14. You'll get to the end of your life anyway-- why not reach that place as an extraordinary human being?

Robin S. Sharma

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#15. Another novelty is the tea-party, an extraordinary meal in that, being offered to persons that have already dined well, it supposes neither appetite nor thirst, and has no object but distraction, no basis but delicate enjoyment.

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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#16. The first step toward becoming extraordinary is, of course, to stop being ordinary.

Seth Godin

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#17. I'd think, maybe he truly is something extraordinary. He's what he is, that's it. Maybe that makes him strong enough, being what he is.

Ken Kesey

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#18. When I look at narcissism through the vulnerability lens, I see the shame-based fear of being ordinary. I see the fear of never feeling extraordinary enough to be noticed, to be lovable, to belong, or to cultivate a sense of purpose.

Brene Brown

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#19. In interviews with dozens of black advisers, friends, donors and allies, few said they had ever heard Mr. Obama muse on the experience of being the first black president of the United States, a role in which every day he renders what was once extraordinary almost ordinary.

Jodi Kantor

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#20. Being with Marcus DeLuca was draining, frustrating, confusing, and extraordinary all at the same time. Mia (Disastrous)

E.L. Montes

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#21. Mr Newton, a fellow of our College, and very young, being but the second year master of arts; but of an extraordinary genius and proficiency.

Isaac Barrow

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#22. I find Suez astonishing for the first hour. It is a ditch in a desert, but a stunning one. The sensation of being hemmed in by huge ships, moving at a stately pace through a man-made waterway, is extraordinary.

Rose George

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#23. In addition to being an extraordinary actor, Bryan Cranston is a really generous guy and also very funny.

David Costabile

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#24. I do think that being the second [female Supreme Court Justice] is wonderful, because it is a sign that being a woman in a place of importance is no longer extraordinary.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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#25. if you want to be extraordinary, the first thing you have to do is stop being ordinary.

Juli Baldwin

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#26. There is something fantastic about getting divorced. Everyone should do it to experience the extraordinary sense of freedom after being in marriage jail.

Delia Ephron

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#27. Forgive me for being so ordinary while claiming to know so extraordinary a God.

Jim Elliot

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#28. All exceptional people are, by definition, exceptions to the norm. If we insist on being ordinary, we can never be truly extraordinary.

William Ritter

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#29. Lack of education is an extraordinary handicap when one is being offensive.

Josephine Tey

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#30. Being in Harlem on the night of Barack Obama's election was extraordinary. It was the best street party I have ever gone to, and it felt like the period of American history which began with slavery had ended that evening.

Hari Kunzru

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#31. I would love to do a Black Widow movie. That's perfect, I would love to do that. That character is really interesting: she doesn't have any superpowers; she just has extraordinary skills, and the world that she comes from, being this ex-K.G.B. assassin, I find that really fascinating, yeah.

Neil Marshall

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#32. I admit to being a moron at lots of things. Being a moron in one or two areas serves to highlight my extraordinary brilliance in everything else.

Ellie Marney

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#33. At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#34. Courage is the moment when an ordinary being becomes an extraordinary being.

Brian Jacques

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#35. Often extraordinary excellence, not being rightly conceived, does rather offend than please.

Philip Sidney

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#36. It's extraordinary how self-obsessed human beings are. The things that people always go on about is, 'tell us about us', 'tell us about the first human being'. We are so self-obsessed with our own history. There is so much more out there than what connects to us.

David Attenborough

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#37. I already came upon the world as a extraordinary human being; to my parents' great horror, I was equipped with a clubfoot which, however, did not hamper my rapid progress.

Siegbert Tarrasch

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#38. Being honest is what counts. To make the ordinary extraordinary is so much better than starting with the extraordinary.

Ricky Gervais

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#39. It happens to us once or twice in a lifetime to be drunk with some book which probably has some extraordinary relative power to intoxicate us and none other; and having exhausted that cup of enchantment we go groping in libraries all our years afterwards in the hope of being in Paradise again.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#40. It is necessary for all of us to awaken in ourselves this spirit of cooperation, for then it will not be a mere plan or agreement which causes us to work together, but an extraordinary feeling of togetherness, the sense of joy in being and doing together without any thought of reward or punishment.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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#41. I did make some money, the first money that I ever made, doing this last one, and it's an extraordinary feeling just being given the freedom to do something.

Duncan Roy

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#42. Lack of education," old Mrs. Sharpe said thoughtfully, "is an extraordinary handicap when one is being offensive. They had no resources at all.

Josephine Tey

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#43. Being in Russia filming War & Peace ... filming War & Peace alone is an extraordinary experience, but to be out there was just magical.

James Norton

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#44. It gave me an extraordinary feeling, being on the receiving end of such a stare. It made me feel like I was more important than air to him for a brief, profound moment.

R.K. Lilley

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#45. The difference between being ordinary and extraordinary is doing the right thing while nobody is watching.

Jim Rohn

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#46. You could be ordinary and attempt something extraordinary, without being able to explain it in a logical way.

Rachel Joyce

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#47. I am essentially optimistic. Being alive is incredible. Life is extraordinary and beautiful. It can be hard and sad and terrifying, but it's all we've got.

James Frey

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#48. A person who has achieved control over psychic energy and has invested it in consciously chosen goals cannot help but grow into a more complex being. By stretching skills, by reaching toward higher challenges, such a person becomes an increasingly extraordinary individual.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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#49. Are things getting better with each generation? Yes. It's quite interesting to be living in these times, for me to witness an African-American being elected president. It's quite extraordinary.

Lenny Kravitz

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#50. I think being able to be malleable is a great weapon and I'm a very, very good strategist. I create the most amazing strategies in my head and I have created the most extraordinary strategies in my head for my career ...

Salma Hayek

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#51. I guess my music career is my personal life. You know, I've always been a writer who wants to write about my experiences. And so this experience being added to that, I - I want to live extraordinary experiences. And when I give advice to people, I want it to be sage advice.

Jason Mraz

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#52. If you're going to be a fucking rock star go be one. People don't want to see the guy next door on stage; they want to see a being from another planet. You want to see somebody you'd never meet in ordinary life.

Lemmy Kilmister

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#53. The kinds of mystical experiences that I have had definitely convinced me that I was able to get out of time. I have had experiences, or brief glimpses, of being able to see the future and then come back into time, and then go into extraordinary realms of the past.

Fred Alan Wolf

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#54. I've long suspected dogs of being much smarter than people; I was even certain they could speak, but there was only some kind of stubbornness in them. They're extraordinary politicians: they notice every human step.

Nikolai Gogol

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#55. 'Friends' played in this territory of being funny, and then also just grabbing your heart. And not afraid of that. It was a comedic soap opera. Not being afraid to have an audience feel something, laugh and cry, was quite extraordinary and quite wonderful.

Warren Littlefield

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#56. Being herself was extraordinary enough,

C.E. Murphy

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#57. Ordinary people, even weak people, can do extraordinary things through temporary courage generated by a situation. But the person of character does not need the situation to generate his courage. It is a part of his being and a standard approach to all life's challenges.

Michael Josephson

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#58. I adore being hitched. It's so extraordinary to discover one unique individual you need to irritate for whatever remains of your life.

Rita Rudner

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#59. Allow yourself to think that the possibility of failure is a necessary part of parenting well ... Avoiding the possibility of failure means avoiding the possibility of being an extraordinary parent-and avoiding what you want for your child.

Lisa Coyne

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#60. It is extraordinary to think about. We still speak of Socratic or Platonic philosophy, but actually being Plato or Socrates is quite another matter.

Jostein Gaarder

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#61. It's very strong after the birth. It's extraordinary. You can't watch anything to do with kids being harmed.

Julie Walters

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#62. Being kind modified the extraordinary, alarming otherness of him, which was threefold - large, male and American.

Kate Atkinson

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#63. The citizens have "the extraordinary and exhausting practice of sitting down to dinner at any time between 10m and 11 p.m. I found it challenging to stay animated and conversational when my normal bedtime was usually about the time that the first course was being cleared".

Tony Leon

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#64. You're kind and patient and honorable, and yes, maybe those aren't flashy, magical, extraordinary traits. Maybe being all those things does make you a bit ordinary, but the ordinary things are the important things.

H.L. Burke

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#65. I'm reading Our Ecstatic Days, by Steve Erickson. It's an extraordinary journey and the most exciting thing I've found since The Master and Margarita, which I've read about 20 times. I like being taken away somewhere by a book.

Sienna Guillory

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#66. We call someone a saint in a world in which everyone is abnormal. The normal person becomes extraordinary. But there's nothing extraordinary about being a saint, that's just someone who's somewhat online with life.

Frederick Lenz

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#67. The practice of Yoga brings us face to face with the extraordinary complexity of our own being.

Sri Aurobindo

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#68. Jesus was a human being, bound by history and the natural world; an extraordinary man, to be sure, but still a man.

Paul Verhoeven

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#69. As a human body it is an extraordinary piece of creation. But as a human being he is rotten because of the culture.

U.G. Krishnamurti

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#70. Being brave is about the everyday points of bravery that when taken together and viewed from a collective perspective make for an extraordinary life of love.

Andrea T. Goeglein

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#71. The Tea Party elites gained extraordinary influence by being able to funnel millions of undisclosed dollars into campaigns with ads that distort the truth and attack government.

Chuck Schumer

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#72. There is no mystery about my style. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity. Every movement in Jeet Kune-Do is being so of itself. There is nothing artificial about it. I always believe that the easy way is the right way.

Bruce Lee

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#73. We are quick to forget that just being alive is an extraordinary piece of good luck, a remote event, a chance occurrence of monstrous proportions.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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#74. I loved being on the other side of the camera. I loved watching another actress in the spotlight, do an extraordinary job, and I loved making her beautiful and interesting, protecting her emotions, and showing people her talent.

Angelina Jolie

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#75. I am an extraordinary being, you think. I am a mysterious creature

Jostein Gaarder

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#76. I am sometimes accused of being a dictator because I provoked the extraordinary elections by nominating the interim government. Can you imagine any dictator who provokes free elections in his own country?

Milos Zeman

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#77. It was clear to me that thinking yourself superior was a sure sign of being inferior and that thinking yourself extraordinary was a sure sign of being ordinary.

Erica Jong

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#78. There are some extraordinary fathers, who seem, during the whole course of their lives, to be giving their children reasons for being consoled at their death.

Jean De La Bruyere

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#79. You become like that, what you admire most. By admiring excellence and practicing, it can boost you to become excellent.

Mark LaMoure

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#80. But Racine's extraordinary powers as a writer become still more obvious when we consider that besides being a great poet he is also a great psychologist.

Lytton Strachey

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#81. What I will say is that what I have learned for myself is that I don't have to be anybody else; and that myself is good enough; and that when I am being true to that self, then I can avail myself to extraordinary thingsYou have to allow for the impossible to be possible.

Lupita Nyong'o

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#82. This body of ours has one fault: the more you indulge it, the more things it discovers to be essential to it. It is extraordinary how it likes being indulged ...

Teresa Of Avila

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#83. I long to be ... Like Other People! The extraordinary, ungetatable, oddly cruel Other People, with their way of wantonly hurting and then accusing you of being thin-skinned, sulky, vindictive or ridiculous.

Jean Rhys

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#84. There has never been, and never again will be a human being like you. There is nothing ordinary about you. If you feel ordinary, it is because you have chosen to hide the extraordinary parts of yourself from the world.

Barbara De Angelis

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#85. If you love the roses, that is ordinary; if you love the weeds, that is extraordinary! Rather than being common, be extraordinary!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#86. Mandela is this extraordinary individual who can inspire the world. Instead of wanting revenge after being brutalized, he showed the world how to forgive.

Naomie Harris

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#87. Common people are often enough; that is why God made so many of them. Your job is to be

Shannon L. Alder

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#88. How is it, that for many of us, being a good Christian is nothing more than being a good person? The entire focus of our faith has been the elimination of sin, which is important but inadequate; rather than the unleashing of a unique, original, extraordinary, wonderfully untamed, faith.

Erwin Raphael McManus

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#89. Sometimes, the things that seem the most difficult end up being the most extraordinary.

Aurora Rose Reynolds

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#90. I've said it before about the Nobel Prize: it's like being struck by a more or less benign avalanche. It was unexpected, unlooked for, and extraordinary.

Seamus Heaney

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#91. Television is all about sound. You'll never get a moment of silence unless there's something really extraordinary going on, on screen, visually. They never let a moment of silence pass without being filled in television because it's a very sound-driven medium.

Charlie Hunnam

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#92. To a superior race of being the pretensions of mankind to extraordinary sanctity and virtue must seem ... ridiculous.

William Hazlitt

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#93. What a vindication of the belief that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, what a reminder of what Bobby Kennedy once said, about how small actions can be like pebbles being thrown into a still lake, and ripples of hope cascade outwards and change the world.

Barack Obama

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#94. Being a part of 'Sex and the City' was like being at the center of the universe - it was extraordinary.

James Remar

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#95. As in 1914, the government mounted an extraordinary campaign to help. Winegrowers were granted delays in being called to active duty, military labor detachments were sent to the vineyards and farm horses of small growers were not to be requisitioned until the harvest was completed.

Don Kladstrup

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#96. Here we are, arguably the most intelligent being that's ever walked planet Earth, with this extraordinary brain ... and yet we're destroying the only home we have.

Jane Goodall

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#97. Needed the very famous actor to know that you could be ordinary and attempt something extraordinary, without being able to explain it in a logical way. But

Rachel Joyce

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#98. There's something about being able to literally consume a work of art - then to divide all that pleasure of it - because it's a memory. A great wine for me is a memory, it's an extraordinary experience.

Robert B. Parker

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#99. It's time to stop being vague. If you wish to be an extraordinary person, if you wish to be wise, then you should explicitly identify the kind of person you aspire to become.


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#100. Like taking a breath, learning was the simple and extraordinary result of being alive.

Zander Sherman

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