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#1. And there I suddenly found my articulate self in a dazzling land of smiling, jostling people wearing and not wearing all sorts of costumes and doing all sorts of clever things. And that's when I knew! What other life could there be but that of an actor? - Author: Cary Grant
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#2. If only I were articulate to paint in the frail medium of words what I see and know and possess incorporated in my consciousness of the mighty driftage of the races in the times before our present written history began! - Author: Jack London
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#3. I have a lot of aggression in me that needs to come out in a not-very-precise or articulate way. - Author: Christina Aguilera
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#4. There's a power in words. There's a power in being able to explain and describe and articulate what you know and feel and believe about the world, and about yourself. - Author: Tracy Chapman
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#5. I like the Baldwin boys a great deal. Alec is super-smart, super-articulate, almost too smart to be an actor. - Author: Anthony LaPaglia
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#6. We have all the freedoms we want. But what we are missing is red ink: the language to articulate our non-freedom. The way we are taught to speak about freedom- war on terror and so on-falsifies freedom. - Author: Slavoj Zizek
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#7. A recurring theme in the book is instinct versus articulation. Although teen services people may know and understand issues on an instinctive level, they must be prepared to articulate these ideas in the face of threats to teen services. - Author: Jennifer Velasquez
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#8. Atheism has become a major threat to the church. New Atheists tend to be articulate and belligerent. They are aggressively engaging in "atheist evangelism," determined to stamp out every vestige of belief in God, which they insist is not only "stupid" but "wicked." - Author: Dave Hunt
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#9. When I meet large women who walk with confidence and are articulate and really have an understanding of how they walk in this world, I love them so deeply for being able to overcome such unbelievable odds. - Author: Camryn Manheim
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#10. To describe the animate life of particular things is simply the most precise and parsimonious way to articulate the things as we spontaneously experience them, prior to all our conceptualizations and definitions. - Author: David Abram
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#11. I don't like when I watch a fight in a movie that's perfectly worded and very articulate. If you were able to be that composed, you wouldn't be fighting! Fighting in real life is sloppy. - Author: Jason Segel
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#12. The world belongs to the articulate. - Author: Edwin Land
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#13. I have heard articulate speech produced by sunlight I have heard a ray of the sun laugh and cough and sing! ... I have been able to hear a shadow, and I have even perceived by ear the passage of a cloud across the sun's disk. - Author: Alexander Graham Bell
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#14. There is unspeakable yet entirely preventable suffering in this world. The job of journalists and writers engaged with global issues is to articulate the unspeakable and give voice to solutions.
K. Lee Lerner - Author: K. Lee Lerner
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#15. WHY: Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. When I say WHY, I don't mean to make money - that's a result. By WHY I mean what is your purpose, cause or belief? WHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care? - Author: Simon Sinek
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#16. It's amazing how one question can be so hard to articulate, and how the whole world can seem to hang on the answer. - Author: Jessiqua Wittman
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#17. Every family has its scriptures, but most can't articulate them - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#18. These are open secrets, so to speak. Of the kind we dare not articulate, for fear of wounding those close to us. - Author: Joyce Carol Oates
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#19. My father's drinking was sometimes a problem. And a great deal went unspoken. He was not particularly acute or articulate about the emotions. But he was very affectionate towards me. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#20. An ideal's love-fraught, imperious call
That bides the spheres become articulate. - Author: Josephine Preston Peabody
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#21. It's not about going around trying to stir up trouble. As long as you're honest and you articulate what you believe to be true, somebody somewhere will become your enemy whether you like it or not. - Author: Criss Jami
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#22. What the purpose of my life is about is I want to become the kind of person that God wants me to become, and through my study of the scriptures, I can articulate the kind of person that God would be happy if I become. - Author: Clayton Christensen
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#23. Articulate reasons are cogent for us only when our inarticulate feelings of reality have already been impressed in favor of the same conclusion. - Author: William James
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#24. I don't know if I can articulate how I feel. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would make it here. - Author: Keith Carter
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#25. I don't start a piece knowing exactly what effect it's going to have. There is a seed of an idea that I could never articulate, right at the beginning of the piece, literally like one cell. - Author: Siobhan Davies
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#26. One of the greatest failures of our generation is not living out the biblical precepts which we so clearly articulate. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#27. being articulate is not a facility of language but a fidelity to vision. And so we are all articulate when finding the courage to say what we see. - Author: Mark Nepo
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#28. Love is tested in so many ways. How do I articulate this? Two people are together. There are stakes, strife, struggles, all these things that make us fall for someone, love someone even more, leave someone. - Author: Ian Somerhalder
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#29. articulate and define what has previously remained implicit or unsaid; - Author: Donald T. Phillips
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#30. It's really nice to have someone who's intelligent and articulate to talk to about what you're doing, because it's a big part of who we are. - Author: Chris Pratt
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#31. I thought Obama was brilliant. He's so informed. He's circumspect. He's articulate. He's thoughtful. Well, I think in my lifetime, there's never been anything like it. - Author: David Shuster
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#32. To articulate who I hope will pick up this book and take a read: I imagine it being those who find themselves living in the tension between intellectual pursuit and passionate action. Neither - Author: Bruce Reyes-Chow
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#33. A writing teacher once told me that the most successful movies and books were simple plots about complex characters. You should be able to articulate your concept in a couple of lines. - Author: James Scott Bell
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#34. I would like to think that I curse expertly - it's not something that I do without considering it. I never curse without intending to; it's not something I resort to because of inability to articulate or find the correct word. - Author: Adam Mansbach
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#35. I was resolved to sustain and preserve in my college the bite of the mind, the chance to stand face to face with truth, the good life lived in a small, various, highly articulate and democratic society. - Author: Virginia Gildersleeve
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#36. People become discouraged when they listen to their 'inner critic' ... Whatever that voice is saying, articulate a response, drawing from the part of you that feels strong and confident. Be your own cheerleader. - Author: Lauren Mackler
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#37. All Christians should be able to articulate reasons why they believe what they believe - not just for the sake of our spiritually confused friends, but also so that we ourselves will have a deeper and more confident faith. - Author: Lee Strobel
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#38. For being a young guy, I'm articulate and can hold a decent conversation with somebody. But I've been able to do that since I was young. I don't think that has to do too much with schooling, it has more to do with the people I was raised around, my parents. I have respect for adults. - Author: Larry Fitzgerald
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#39. I should come with a consumer warning, like the labels that say "Handle with care" or "May be hazardous to your health." I am unfit for human consumption. I struggle to articulate how awful and isolating this feels, but I can't find the words. - Author: Martha Manning
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#40. While other guitars may have more twang or an esoteric atmosphere, the Les Paul is like a T-Rex thampling everything in it's path .. it can be subtle if you want it to be, but it works best if you have an 'armadillo in your trousers' and you want to articulate that - Author: Miles Zuniga
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#41. Today they have to be three-dimensional. Technology's changed, the communication, the marketing and advertising community supports beautiful girls that can be articulate and smart. And also Anna Wintour doesn't want to sit next to some girl who can't say two words. - Author: Michael Flutie
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#42. It's pretty satisfying to use an image when you don't have a great articulate response. And to be able to customize emoji? Imagine if you were a car enthusiast and you were able to create a car from scratch. That's what this is like for me. I'm an emoji enthusiast. - Author: Chelsea Peretti
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#43. What I say should always be prefaced with this: I'm not really politically articulate. I just try to be like Thomas Paine: what is common sense? So when I say these things to you, I am speaking from a humanist point of view. I just look around and see what's wrong. - Author: Patti Smith
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#44. See, the thing about that word, Sharkey, the F-word, is that sometimes I make that word do too much work. I mean, I say that word as if it clearly articulates what I'm really feeling. And it doesn't. It's a shortcut. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#45. As a kid, I couldn't articulate it but I sought out things that could. At first it was horror films - extreme panic and terror, grotesque and maniacal. These films calmed me and made me feel more connected in my experiences. - Author: Tony Burgess
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#46. Until the administration can articulate a coherent and convincing policy for closing Guantanamo, it should remain open. - Author: Jason Chaffetz
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#47. A lot of people really like Jeb Bush. I'm one of them. I think Jeb Bush is a great guy. He was a terrific governor in Florida. He's smart. He's articulate. So I can certainly understand why people would him an attractive candidate. - Author: Mike Huckabee
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#48. I literally had a very articulate, though highly impaired, homeless man say to me, "Smokey! I love you! What's happening with Jacob?" Here's a guy living on the street, but he finds a way to watch Lost! And I'm looking at him, thinking, Your priorities are completely ass-backward! - Author: Titus Welliver
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#49. I think it's really interesting to play a woman who can articulate that she isn't ready to have a family and isn't even sure if she wants a family. I have a lot of friends like that. But obviously, that's not me. - Author: Reese Witherspoon
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#50. David Mamet was great to work with. He was everything that I thought he would be as a director. He's incredibly articulate, an easy collaborator. Extraordinarily knowledgeable about film and writing. - Author: Chiwetel Ejiofor
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#51. The future of Christian social witness cannot assume the gospel, but must articulate it explicitly and coherently. - Author: Russell D. Moore
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#52. I seem to get into situations that make people laugh, but I don't consider myself that funny of a person. I'm not witty. I'm kind of slow in conversations. I'm not that articulate with jokes. The first time I made stuff and screened it for an audience, I was surprised what people were laughing at. - Author: Nathan Fielder
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#53. He kissed her as if he could breathe her in. Fierce kisses, hard ones, teasingly articulate ones, soft enticing ones, kiss to light bonfires and fill the sky and hold the stars aloft. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#54. My grandmother was an English teacher for a while. And she stressed to me the importance of reading, being able to articulate well. - Author: Kevin Gates
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#55. From what black wells of Acherontic fear or feeling, from what unplumbed gulfs of extra-cosmic consciousness or obscure, long-latent heredity, were those half-articulate thunder-croakings drawn? - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
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#56. What concerns me is that man, unable to articulate, to express himself adequately, reverts to action. Since the vocabulary of action is limited, as it were, to his body, he is bound to act violently, extending his vocabulary with a weapon where there should have been an adjective. - Author: Joseph Brodsky
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#57. I think the most important issue we have as a people is what we started, and that is to begin to trust our own thinking again and belive in ourselves enough to think that we can articulate our own vision of the future and then work to make sure that that vision becomes a reality. - Author: Wilma Mankiller
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#58. The trembling increased, a moan of grief was heard, nothing articulate - as a bird in the night sometimes laments alone. - Author: Hans Fallada
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#59. The greatest texts, I think, first dazzle, then with careful rereading, they instruct. I have learned from Virginia Woolf more than I even know how to articulate. - Author: Lauren Groff
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#60. It's been a huge joy, this experience of being a mom ... I don't know how to articulate it yet, because it is so fresh. - Author: Claire Danes
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#61. Good communicators always articulate messages in a manner they want others to understand and not how they understand it - Author: Moonish Sood
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#62. I am often asked why I started to write poetry. The answer is that my motivation sprang from a visceral need to creatively articulate the experiences of the black youth of my generation, coming of age in a racist society. - Author: Linton Kwesi Johnson
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#63. My colleagues have expressed confidence in my ability to articulate our conservative message and to provide new focus to our efforts in the General Assembly. - Author: Philip E. Berger
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#64. Often times it's really hard for me to articulate why I connect to something. - Author: Jake Gyllenhaal
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#65. The spirit of a painting is very hard to explain and articulate. I can't say it's not intentional because that is the mark I'm trying to hit, however I don't feel I have much control over it. - Author: Danny Fox
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#66. I'm incredibly articulate, thoughtful and moral, and I think about what I do. I want to be known for doing something good. - Author: Simon Fuller
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#67. The oppressed, subaltern, therefore, cannot speak through another and cannot articulate on their own.] - Author: Anonymous
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#68. If I wanted a circus ringmaster, I'd hire Trump. If I wanted advice on brain surgery or hospital management, I'd turn to Carson. Fiorina would make an articulate television pundit. But for president? - Author: Nicholas Kristof
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#69. Thoreau and Huxley calmly state what I have spent years trying to articulate, and never found the words for doing so. To read the words of these great men is to read the highest expression of my very self which is inexpressible due to the shortcomings of my particular nature. - Author: Chris Matakas
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#70. Some things don't need words. Sometimes it's enough to just feel. You don't have to label and articulate all that's around you. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#71. I no longer believe that we can keep silent. We never really do, mind you. In one way or another we articulate what has happened to us through the kind of people we become. - Author: Azar Nafisi
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#72. The reason I am so popular is that I give others back what they need to find in themselves. You need me not because I tell you what I want you to do but because I articulate and justify what you want to do. - Author: Azar Nafisi
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#73. Actual gay people can make many others feel uncomfortable and paranoid because they don't know and can't articulate what makes a person gay, and they worry that maybe they themselves are gay. - Author: Dan Savage
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#74. I'm trying to use the camera to get into people's heads. I use camera techniques a lot to articulate character. - Author: Tony Scott
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#75. I also try to think of ways to articulate the joke more economically. - Author: David Cross
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#76. It was another example of a phenomenon I call "the talking dog syndrome." Some people are still amazed that any woman (this includes Governors' wives, corporate CEOs, sports stars and rock singers) can hold her own under pressure and be articulate and knowledgeable. The dog can talk! - Author: Hillary Rodham Clinton
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#77. When we put the pen to paper, we articulate things in our life that we may have felt vague about. Before you write about something, somebody says, 'How do you feel?' and you say, 'Oh, I feel okay.' Then you write about it, and you discover you don't feel okay. - Author: Julia Cameron
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#78. A society which is clamouring for choice, which is filled with many articulate groups, each urging its own brand of salvation, its own variety of economic philosophy, will give each new generation no peace until all have chosen or gone under, unable to bear the conditions of choice. - Author: Margaret Mead
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#79. It was the arts, those noble expressions of the human spirit that are communicated through literature, dance, song, film, drama, painting and sculpture, among the many other such creative means, that helped articulate the sufferings of [these] people that were heard around the globe. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#80. There's nothing more powerful than someone who has the disease who can be articulate and go in front of Congress or go to local government and say man, this is what's happening, and it's going to be you. - Author: David Hyde Pierce
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#81. I was never more hated than when I tried to be honest. Or when, even as just now I've tried to articulate exactly what I felt to be the truth. No one was satisfied - Author: Ralph Ellison
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#82. By actively thinking about the implications a space has on its inhabitants, we can create great experiences for those who enter. Make Space is an articulate account about the importance of space; how we think about it, build it and thrive in it. - Author: James P Hackett
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#83. I can't really articulate what I feel, - Author: Harold Pinter
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#84. Everyone has a bizarre childhood and unusual life experiences, whether they know it or not. There's no such thing as a normal childhood. What's useful in writing weird fiction is learning how to understand and articulate those moments of personal, particular strangeness. - Author: Kelly Link
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#85. My earliest experience was reading Edward Albee's 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?' at 8, you know, with a bunch of kids on my steps - on the stoops - and knowing that I wanted to direct them saying the lines. I don't really know how to articulate that 'cause there wasn't someone to show me. - Author: Lee Daniels
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#86. I don't know if there is a 'lack' of good black men. But when you haven't taken the time to get to know yourself, be OK with you, and articulate what it is you want in a relationship, then you can't possibly find that person for you because you don't even know what you're looking for. - Author: Keshia Knight Pulliam
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#87. A talent for drama is not a talent for writing, but is ability to articulate human relationships. - Author: Gore Vidal
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#88. At his desk, pen in hand, none was more articulate than Thomas. As soon as he found himself shut into the car with Sarah Ham, terror seized his tongue. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
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#89. To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history but to articulate it. - Author: Daniel Libeskind
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#90. We live at the level of our language. Whatever we can articulate we can imagine or understand or explore. - Author: Ellen Gilchrist
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#91. Writers are given the responsibility of sight. I think that the whole burden, responsibility and beauty of the gift forces us to construct our lives differently so that we are able to become vehicles to transcend, to encompass and articulate not only our own experience but the experiences of others. - Author: Alexis De Veaux
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#92. It is far easier to talk about loss than it is to talk about love. It is easier to articulate the pain of love's absence than to describe its presence and meaning in our lives. - Author: Bell Hooks
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#93. At the core, all successful businesses sell some combination of money, status, power, love, knowledge, protection, pleasure, and excitement. The more clearly you articulate how your product satisfies one or more of these drives, the more attractive your offer will become. - Author: Josh Kaufman
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#94. Of course," Connor replies. "Your daughter is already more articulate than you are, so really, I like Sulli more than I like you."
Connor sips his coffee again like he just professed the weather: sunny with a side of fuck you. Ryke flips him off. The more direct approach to a fuck you. - Author: Becca Ritchie
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#95. Pop music provides not just the soundtrack to our lives, as the cliche goes; it releases our emotions and helps us to articulate them. This is why music is so important to adolescents, who are struggling with questions of identity and self-expression. - Author: Sarah Churchwell
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#96. I was very introverted growing up and I had small circle of friends. Any opportunity I got to rap or articulate things through rhyme or hip hop was great for me. - Author: LeCrae
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#97. I've always found it easy and natural and, more importantly, necessary to articulate thoughts and feelings, and fierce emotions, through the written word. Fantasy and horror came to me when I was very young. - Author: Kim Elizabeth
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#98. The Resurrected/Glorified, God-man Jesus and the angelic beings obviously have knowledge with which to think/reason/articulate/communicate. In my opinion, it seems to me there is 'another way' of knowing something. Yet, they have no physical/organic brain?"

~R. Alan Woods [2012] - Author: R. Alan Woods
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#99. There are some things that you experience with God that you'll never be able to articulate this side of heaven. - Author: Alisa Hope Wagner
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#100. Good art provides people with a vocabulary about things they can't articulate. - Author: Mos Def
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