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Top 13 Quotes About 12 Step Recovery

#1. Non-mainstream people seem to balk at the idea of 12-step. A lot of us think 12-step recovery means sitting in a church basement full of Republicans and Christians who drink to much. - Author: Bucky Sinister
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#2. It's just like an alcoholic to think he's doing the Zombie Apocalypse wrong. - Author: Michele W. Miller
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#3. Reflecting on this, Albert LaChance recognized an opportunity - what if the work he and so many others found so fruitful in the 12-Step recovery programs could be expanded to an ecological, a global, or even a cosmic level? - Author: Albert J. LaChance
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#4. Are you repeating someone else's narrative, taking it for granted? Talk therapy sessions and 12-step recovery shares help develop the ability to present a coherent life narrative through the safe structure of clear rules of communication that support healthy self-expression and self-awareness. - Author: Alexandra Katehakis
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#5. Set the kind of goals that will make something of you to achieve them. - Author: Jim Rohn
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#6. While in the clinic, I discovered I had problems with concentration, motivation, attitude, and temper. I have found a new way of life through the clinic's program and a 12-step recovery plan. - Author: Albert Belle
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#7. Forget sleeping in it. I'd also shoved a bookcase in front of the door and forbidden anyone else to go in. Thomas didn't say a word.
But he did start perusing local real estate listings. - Author: Myra McEntire
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#8. Victims should come first. - Author: Maria Julia Hernandez
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#9. Generality is, indeed, an indispensable ingredient of reality; for mere individual existence or actuality without any regularity whatever is a nullity. Chaos is pure nothing. - Author: Charles Sanders Peirce
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#10. There's really only one true path to recovery that's using the 12 step program and finding a belief in something greater than yourself (spirituality). - Author: Nikki Sixx
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#11. I smoke a pipe abroad, because
To all cigars I much prefer it,
And as I scorn you social laws,
My choice has nothing to deter it. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
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#12. Yoga has spread harmony between man and nature. It is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. - Author: Narendra Modi
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#13. Not using faults does not mean that one does not have them. - Author: Antonio Porchia
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