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#1. I cannot love a man who cannot protect me. - Author: Anne Bronte
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#2. You're unpredictable and dangerous and protect those you love fiercely. You should be proud. To me you're more than a knight in some stupid shiny armour. You're the monster who no one can tame but the woman he loves. - Tess Snow - Author: Pepper Winters
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#3. It can't be anyone but you
I understand the reason now
Like an angel gently descending,
You taught me the meaning of living on earth
Whispering,"I want you to protect me,"
You supported my heart - Author: Kozue Chiba
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#4. It would be an honor, and my greatest desire, if you would allow me to protect, love, and serve you for the rest of our lives. - Author: K.M. Shea
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#5. She was afraid to love me," Nancy said. "I never realized it. By keeping her distance, she thought she could protect me. If she didn't love me, maybe I would escape notice. I would survive. - Author: Emilie Richards
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#6. From the first time I saw you. You were beautiful and ... you had this light to you. It drew me like a moth. I thought, This is a man powerful enough to let me protect him and strong enough to take me. I thought, with you, maybe sometimes I could let my guard down at last. Except you hated me. - Author: Kim Fielding
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#7. One of the things I love about you is how protective you are, but it also drives me crazy. You can't protect me forever.
Oh, I could so do that. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#8. From his inside jacket pocket he produces a ring and gazes up at me, his eyes bright gray and raw, full of emotion. "Anastasia Steele, I love you. I want to love, cherish and protect you for the rest of my life. Be mine. Always. Share my life with me. Marry me". - Author: E.L. James
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#9. Kahlan guide me. Kahlan teach me. Kahlan protect me. In your light I thrive. In your mercy I am sheltered. In your wisdom I am humbled. I live only to love you. My life is yours. - Author: Terry Goodkind
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#10. And if not for the caterpillars and butterflies, who will I talk to? You'll be far away. And as for larger creatures, I'm not afraid. I have my thorns ... to protect me. - Author: Antoine De Saint-Exupery
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#11. ....he has done nothing but prove to me that not only is he a good man, he's a man madly in love with my daughter, and will do anything to protect her. - Author: Sam Crescent
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#12. I've always done what felt right. I do what I can to protect the people I love, and even though I don't like you very much right now, I love the shit out of you. If anything happened to you, it might take me out for good. - Author: Sarah Fine
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#13. I swallow, my throat painfully dry. If it were just me, I wonder how hard I'd fight, what extremes I'd go to to survive. But it isn't just me, and extremes don't even come close to what I'd do to protect the people I love. I - Author: Amanda Bouchet
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#14. We met less than a week ago and in that time I've done nothing but lie and cheat and betray you. I know. But if you give me a chance ... all I want is to protect you. To be near you. For as long as I'm able. - Author: Marissa Meyer
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#15. And you're going to help me find it."
"Oh, really?" he replied with a wry grin. "Why's that?"
"Because you promised to love me," she said in a dopey voice. "And, uh...honor me...and protect..."
He snickered. "Shut up, spaz. - Author: Gina Damico
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#16. Lord don't hold Your tender mercies from me. Let Your unfailing love and faithfulness always protect me. - Author: Jessica R. Patch
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#17. It's true my father abused me and didn't love and protect me the way he should have, and at times it seemed no one would ever help me and it would never end. But God always had a plan for my life, and He has redeemed me. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#18. One woman told me that every time she wears Lanvin, men fall in love with her. Another told me she wore Lanvin to face her husband's lawyer because she felt protected. If I can make men fall in love with women and if I can protect women, I think I can die peacefully. - Author: Alber Elbaz
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#19. There are two things I was born to do. One is to protect Atlas," Jackson began. He paused, tracing a fingertip from my temple to my jaw. "The other is to love you. If you don't believe in anything else, believe in that. Trust me. Trust in me. - Author: M. Leighton
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#20. Humph! Just protect yourself. Quianna's told me stories that I'd love to report to the CDC." "Unnecessary, - Author: Chicki Brown
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#21. Don't you get it?" he asked. "Every time you try to protect me, you end up breaking my heart. - Author: Katie Alender
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#22. Love and Other Theories challenged my assumptions, dared me to think differently and burrowed into my heart. A heart-achingly beautiful story about whether it is better to protect your heart or to take the biggest risk of all. - Author: Daisy Whitney
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#23. All the Saints of God are there to protect me, to sustain me and to carry me. And your prayers, my dear friends, your indulgence, your love, your faith and your hope accompany me. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#24. Do not degrade me in the military uniform I wear for it represents the love I have for my country, and the sacrifices myself and millions of other American soldiers make everyday to protect the freedom we enjoy by living in the United States of America. - Author: Larry David
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#25. But more than any of that, I was thankful for the possibility he'd shown me: that a man really could love a woman enough that he'd do anything to protect her. That's how much Tod loved Addy.
That's how much I wanted Nash to love me. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#26. They love me like I was a brother They protect me, listen to me They dug me my very own garden Gave me sunshine, made me happy Nice dream, nice dream Nice dream - Author: Thom Yorke
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#27. All I want to do is hold you and protect you and love you. Will you let me do that, not matter the consequences? - Author: Lynetta Halat
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#28. Look, I'm not going to apologise anymore ... Yes, I want to protect you. You're my wife. I'd fucking kill for you, Liv, and if that makes me a possessive bastard of a husband, then fine. That's what I am. I'm not going to change either. I love you too goddamned much. - Author: Nina Lane
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#29. He taught me to fight, to defend myself, to stand up for what I believe in, and protect people I love. I thanked him for that lesson after that weekend in New Orleans when some guy put his hands on Delia, and I had to tear him apart. - Author: Jolene Perry
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#30. Madlen came to sit beside her on the bed. "Lady Queen," she said with her own particular brand of rough gentleness. "It is not the job of the child to protect her mother. It's the mother's job to protect the child. By allowing your mother to protect you, you gave her a gift. Do you understand me? - Author: Kristin Cashore
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#31. It took me years to get over you. Truth is, I never did fully get over you. I just learned to live without you. I can't ever do that again. It almost killed me. And as much as I would love to kiss you right now, I have to protect myself. It can't happen. I'm sorry. - Author: Rachel Hanna
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#32. Trent had been ready to kill that man to protect me. I had seen it in his eyes. I was damn sure I wasn't comfortable with that - not when I knew how badly he wanted to differentiate himself from his father. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#33. I refer you to my earlier statement. I love you, Ryder. It doesn't shut off because you run away. It doesn't die because you want it to in order to protect me. You think you're destroying me, but loving you strengthens me. Heals the broken. - Author: Melyssa Winchester
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#34. We drive in silence until I need an answer, "What did he say to you at the elevator?" I look straight ahead when I ask.
"He thanked me for being there for you, even as a boy, when he could not protect you himself. He told me that I had his permission to love you. - Author: Tara Brown
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#35. I pledge to love Jesus more than anything or anyone. And you are next in line, God's remarkable gift to me. I promise to protect, honor, and cherish you for the rest of our lives. - Author: Robert Wolgemuth
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#36. I felt a splinter of guilt wedge into my heart. Charlotte had hurt me; in return, I'd hurt Rob. Maybe that's what we do to the people we love: take shots in the dark and realize too late we've wounded the people we're trying to protect. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#37. Your mother said that Fraser sent her back to me, knowing that I would protect her
and you ... And like him, perhaps I send you back, knowing
as he knew of me
that he will protect you with his life. I love you forever, Brianna. I know whose child you truly are. With all my love, Dad. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#38. Promises of his love, that he'd always protect me and keep me safe, filled the air around us until I believed it, with every ounce of my soul. - Author: Meredith Wild
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#39. I love him and therefore I want to protect him
even from me, if that makes sense. I didn't want to skip any steps of preparation, or leave anything unresolved that might reemerge later to harm us
to harm him. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#40. No one ever stepped forward to protect me, Inspector. I wonder why I should feel any driving sense of duty to protect anyone else. Let me tell you something about love. It can be very cruel and very greedy. I've had done with it. And that has given me a freedom that I cherish. - Author: Charles Todd
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#41. I dare because I want no misunderstanding between us. I am everything you think I am, but I love your daughter, and what I love, I protect with all of the violence in me, which, as you've guessed, is considerable. - Author: Jeaniene Frost
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#42. Luna, the thought of losing you is like losing my heart. You have me completely, and if you died because I wasn't there to protect you, it would kill me. I know you're strong, I know you're different, but that doesn't change my natural instincts. I still have to protect you. - Author: Justine Winter
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#43. Lord Jesus, don't let me lie when I say that I love you ... and protect me, for today I could betray you. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
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#44. I swear to you, Patch, to take your love and cherish it. And in return, to give you my body and my heart - everything I possess, I give to you. I am yours. Wholly and completely. Love me. Protect me. Fulfill me. And I promise to do the same. - Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
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#45. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you in the United States House of Representatives. Together, we will continue fighting to protect our Texas conservative values and the preservation of the America we know and love for future generations to come. - Author: Mike Conaway
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#46. You are more capable of being loved than you understand. And - Celeste, this is important - you nurture and love and protect more than anyone I have known. Or could know. Don't take that away from me. From us. - Author: Jessica Park
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#47. I was wrong. So damn wrong. You need a strong man, babe. You need a man to love you, to protect you, to be your fuckin' world." Her breath paused and I smirked. "It's me, babe. It's so fuckin' me. - Author: Tillie Cole
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#48. I've bled for you. I've killed for you. I've held you in my arms and done my best to make love to you. I'd give my life to protect you. Now I sit beside you, askin' you to trust me. - Author: Pamela Clare
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#49. I take my time because I love how it feels to carry her, the way she needs me, the way I need to protect her. - Author: Jessica Sorensen
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#50. Love is undying,of that I feel certain.I mean deep,abiding,cherishing love.The love that gives protection even as you,my guardian angel,gave me protection long after you had gone-and continue to give this very day ...
A love beyond Death-a love that makes Life alive! - Author: Ruskin Bond
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#51. Love surrounds me and protects me. - Author: Louise Hay
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#52. And it was only in that moment, as I felt my father's arms holding me upright and his strength keeping me steady, that I knew his love was strong enough to protect me from an ocean. - Author: Martin Pistorius
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#53. I decide then that love is a terrible, terrible thing. Loving someone as fiercely as my mom loves me must be like wearing your heart outside of your body with no skin, no bones, no nothing to protect it - Author: Nicola Yoon
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#54. I recognize that there are times in God's divine will and infinite wisdom that He chooses not to heal or to protect from harm. It was out of my love relationship with God that I was able to trust Him to walk with me through the situation, regardless of how it turned out. - Author: Henry T. Blackaby
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#55. Even though Xavier was only human, it seemed he could protect me from anything and everything. I wouldn't have been worried if a fire-breathing dragon had torn of the roof, because I knew that Xavier was there. I wondered fleetingly if I was expecting to much og him, but dismissed the idea. - Author: Alexandra Adornetto
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#56. His warmth was all around me, as was his love, and again, I felt that completeness. I had that missing piece of my word back. The soul that complemented mine. My match. My equal. Not only that, I had my life back -my own life. I would protect Lissa, I would serve, but I was finally my own person. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#57. I like all the angels around because they protect me and my daughter. I mean, her Dad's an angel. - Author: Courtney Love
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#58. I see you, and I suddenly forget why I was keeping score. That's why I stayed away, I guess. It was a last-ditch effort to protect myself. Because you totally, utterly undo me. - Author: Andrea Lochen
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#59. They moaned in unison as she slowed her movements. Sitting in Ryan's lap, his hands on her waist, she slowly opened her eyes.
"That was amazing." She leaned in and kissed him.

"It's always amazing with you, baby. - Author: Jennifer Culbreth
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#60. The darkness isn't so frightening with Ryan. With him I can believe that I am a princess with a wreath of flowers and ribbons crowning my head and he is my prince sworn to protect me from the evils in the night. - Author: Katie McGarry
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