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Top 24 Playa Quotes

#1. A lot of people get a misconception
And start drifting in the wrong direction
Miss Goody Two Shoes see you later
I ain't got time and you ain't nuthin but a playa hater. - Author: Rappin' 4-Tay
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#2. Oh let Jah love come shining in into our lives again. - Author: Bob Marley
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#3. When I heard the royal family wanted to have me perform in celebration of Prince William's marriage, I knew I had to give them a little something. 'Wet' is the perfect anthem for Prince William or any playa to get the club smokin'. - Author: Snoop Dogg
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#4. Solo artists are generally totally insane. Elton John? Slightly eccentric. George Michael? He's mad as custard. - Author: Noel Gallagher
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#5. You know how as a kid you picture yourself with a tall, handsome husband, and you imagine him cuddling your baby? Ben is like that, like, on crack. - Author: Jennifer Garner
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#6. You know you have a problem when you do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. - Author: Vanessa Grant
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#7. No one survived on the streets without a protective mask. No one survived naked. You had to have a role. You had to be "thug," "playa," "athlete," "gangsta," or "dope man." Otherwise, there was only one role left to you: "victim. - Author: Jerry Heller
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#8. The truth is, we like to talk over our disasters, because they are ours; and others like to listen, because they are not theirs. - Author: Letitia Elizabeth Landon
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#9. Diary Amy. She was meant to be likable. Meant for someone like you to like her. She's easy to like. I've never understood why that's considered a compliment - that just anyone could like you. No matter. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#10. Don't hate the word, playa; hate the dictionary. - Author: Brian Celio
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#11. When they boo you, you know they mean you. - Author: George Halas
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#12. He no playa the game, he no maka the rules. - Author: Earl Butz
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#13. Evidently there is difficulty, real difficulty, in learning a foreign language at all, as if it sprinkled all the sweet flavor of the Greek mythical stories with a foul taste. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
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#14. He tried to carry himself like a major playa but he was far from it. On top of that he was short, thin with big eyes and black lips. He was the true definition of a creature. - Author: George Sherman Hudson
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#15. sucka's only see what's in front of them while real game playa's see the whole board, - Author: Mr. 777
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#16. And it is from inner space, the unconditioned consciousness itself, that true happiness, the joy of Being, emanates. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#17. I don't know,' Charlie said. 'Have you gotten a good look at them? I mean, they got the badonkadonk out back and some fine bajoopbadangs up front, know what I'm sayin', dog? Buss a rock wid a playa?' He offered his fist for Minty to buss him a rock, but alas, the mint one left him hangin'. - Author: Christopher Moore
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#18. Never lose sight of this important truth, that no one can be truly great until he has gained a knowledge of himself, a knowledge which can only be acquired by occasional retirement. - Author: Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann
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#19. Your pops is a real playa - Author: Coe Booth
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#20. I love I love I love myself
I love I love I love myself
I know I know I know myself
Ya playa haters you should love yourself
Brr - Author: BTS
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#21. They call me Fearless Felix. - Author: Felix Baumgartner
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#22. Illegality will never solve the problem of political lawlessness. - Author: Emanuel Celler
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#23. She says that on the day you stop believing in love you may as will lie down and die. I think she may be right. - Author: Dorothea Benton Frank
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#24. There were times I when I'd go out and have some fun, but I wouldn't say I was a 'playa.' - Author: Theo James
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