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Top 39 Pirate Ship Sayings

#1. It's obvious that St. Louis has certain advantages compared to other cities: namely, a concentration of financial services. - Author: Jim McKelvey
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#2. It is not enough to be loving, you have to be sympathetic, kind, caring, and compassionate. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#3. You're either my ship's cook-and then you were treated handsome-or Cap'n Silver, a common mutineer and pirate, and then you can go hang! - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
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#4. For my new book 'Pirate Hunters', I follow John Chatterton and John Mattera, two world-class scuba divers, who teach themselves to think and act as pirates while searching for what would be only the second pirate ship ever found and positively identified. - Author: Robert Kurson
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#5. Sayings from Chairman Jobs." 1. Real artists ship. 2. It's better to be a pirate than join the navy. 3. Mac in a book by 1986. - Author: Andy Hertzfeld
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#6. I'm 27. I feel like I get it. I'm OK with being sexy if I feel like it. Some days I'm brainy, some days I'm funny, some days I'm sexy, and sometimes, I just want to dance. - Author: Nelly Furtado
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#7. The really best acting is children in a playground or in a backyard. They're just lost in their imagination. The backyard isn't a pirate ship or a jungle, in the same way that the soundstage isn't Shambala. - Author: Nolan North
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#8. When the king asked him what he meant by infesting the sea, the pirate defiantly replied:
The same as you do when you infest the whole world;
but because I do it with a little ship I am called a robber,
and because you do it with a great fleet, you are an emperor. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#9. When I was a child, I wanted to raise horses in Wyoming or be a cabin boy on a pirate ship. - Author: Sadie Jones
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#11. In her unworldly voice she thanked them for finally understanding her. She reminded me of a female pirate captain alone on the deck of her sinking ship. - Author: Raymond Radiguet
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#12. It wasn't fair that my friends could stay at Captain Morgan's pirate ship party while I was drop-kicked into a basement with homeless people chanting the Serenity Prayer. - Author: Sarah Hepola
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#13. Freedom is the kind of essence of being a pirate: You're away from land-locked Europe. You're not part of the society. You're part of the brotherhood of the sea, Your ship is your sense of identity. So when you approach the wheel, that's what you own. - Author: Geoffrey Rush
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#14. Enough about me. Tell me about Princess Marigold. Ever been on a pirate ship? - Author: Erica Ridley
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#15. And our nation, though it has no drinking water, electricity, sewage system, public transportation, sense of hygiene, discipline, courtesy, or punctuality, does have entrepreneurs. - Author: Aravind Adiga
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#16. Even pirates, before they attack another ship, hoist a black flag. - Author: Bela Kiraly
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#17. Mr. Bird flung his food away and leaped to his feet, glaring around at no one in particular. 'I am not a dog!' he shouted agrily, his gold earrings flashing in the firelight. - Author: Tim Powers
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#18. In a virtuous and free state, no rewards can be so pleasing to sensible minds, as those which include the approbation of our fellow citizens. My great pain is, lest my poor endeavours should fall short of the kind expectations of my country. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#19. I am a woman pretending to be a man, pretending to be this ship's first officer, pretending to be a pirate, pretending to be innocent of murder ... I begin to lose track of all the roles I am playing. - Author: Mercedes Lackey
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#20. My biggest dream since I was a kid was to be the woman sneaking on the pirate ship dressed like a man, who was this great sword fighter, and the captain fell in love with her. - Author: Maria Bello
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#21. My fantasy football team got mixed up in another fantasy and now they're stuck on a pirate ship with a chick in a Catwoman suit. - Author: Dana Gould
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#22. I didn't care if my ship sank or all the treasures I keep in it because you are my greatest and only treasure and without you I am the poorest pirate alive. I love you, Tilia. - Author: Catherine Banks
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#23. Lego allows all levels of complexity. But a child can do their own thing at any level. They can built a pirate ship, for example, and then mash it up with completely different things. - Author: Jorgen Vig Knudstorp
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#24. I don't act; I react. - Author: Gamal Abdel Nasser
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#25. I realised at a certain point that if I was going to have the kind of life that I fantasised about, I needed to get my act together. - Author: Natalie Massenet
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#26. I have a ship's bed, which totally plays to my obsession of, if I were not an actress, I would be a pirate. - Author: Zosia Mamet
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#27. A captured pirate was brought before Alexander the Great. "How dare you molest the sea?" asked Alexander. "How dare you molest the whole world?" the pirate replied, and continued: "Because I do it with a little ship only, I am called a thief; you, doing it with a great navy, are called an emperor. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#28. Ever since I read 'Kitchen Confidential,' I saw a little light bulb go off. Being a chef is like being on a pirate ship; it's not like 'Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?' or whatever my impression was as I was growing up. - Author: Jon Favreau
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#29. It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! A door slammed. The maid screamed. Suddenly, a pirate ship appeared on the horizon! While millions of people were starving, the king lived in luxury. Meanwhile, on a small farm in Kansas, a boy was growing up. - Author: Charles M. Schulz
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#30. The only map of your right life is written on your soul at its most peaceful, and the only sure compass is your heart at its most open. - Author: Martha Beck
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#31. She wondered if the stars could sense the vibrations of human joy and wonder, of grief and despair. - Author: Alison Croggon
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#32. Leafing through Forbes or Fortune [magazine]s is like reading the operating manual of a strangely sanctimonious pirate ship - Author: Adam Gopnik
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#33. You look good as a Pirate." Erin
"Ahoy, matey," he said, laying her back against the grass. "Me cap'n's ship needs a port." V' Aidan
"Me cap'n's port needs a ship." Erin - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#34. Oh, Clikk, thank the stars!' she exclaimed, leaping into my arms. 'The pirate man said to trust him and so I gave him my dress and went with the other pirate in his ship!'
'Oh, good,' I said. 'But next time a pirate tells you to trust him, you mustn't. Understood? - Author: Meg Merriet
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#35. The real freedom comes to us when we can learn to go inside and connect with that voice. Then, we're not relying on outsiders. - Author: Echo Bodine
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#36. Thoughts of being a pirate and stealing her away to my ship race across my mind. Although I'm not a pirate, and she's not my captured princess. - Author: Simone Elkeles
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#37. How did you come to be a pirate?"
"I was aboard a pirate ship."
She rolled her eyes at him. "How did you come to be aboard a pirate ship? - Author: Jade Parker
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#38. Gundar isn't so much a ship's captain as a reformed pirate and a heathen." [Evanlyn] looked apologetically at Gundar. "No offense, Gundar."
The skirl shrugged cheerfully. "None taken, little lady. It's a pretty fair description. Not sure about the reformed part," he added thoughtfully. - Author: John Flanagan
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#39. What's a pirate minus the ship? just a creative homeless guy - Author: Bo Burnham
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