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#1. I have to admit I've never had a Fruit Loop. - Author: Ruth Reichl
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#2. Part of it is living in Tennessee. I'm so out of the loop. And as a person, I'm out of the loop. I'm oblivious by nature. - Author: Ann Patchett
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#3. I walk around talking to myself in accents. Usually people look at me like I'm a complete fruit loop. - Author: Eddie Redmayne
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#4. If I wanted to have an interesting life - which I did - then there was no point sitting around debating everything in my head on a constant loop. If I wanted my life to change, then Had to do something. Or at least try. - Author: Robin Talley
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#5. W. C. Fields, a lifetime agnostic, was discovered reading a Bible on his deathbed. 'I'm looking for a loop-hole,' he explained. - Author: W.C. Fields
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#6. reflexive loop": - Author: Peter M. Senge
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#7. Acting is an odd lifestyle. You make deep bonds quickly and, though you move on, you go around on a loop and see people again. - Author: Talulah Riley
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#8. The Western rhetoric of appeasement creates a self-reinforcing loop of mental and moral corruption. Speaking the truth now would mean confessing to many months of lies - Author: Garry Kasparov
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#9. Every time I want to impress someone about samples and hip-hop, I play 'Portrait of Tracy.' It's one of the greatest bass players ever doing a whole composition with only the two harmonics of electric bass; then a three-second loop in it became every great R&B song in five-year intervals. - Author: Diplo
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#10. You can control time. You can stop it or stretch it or loop it around. You can travel back & forth by living in the moment & paying attention. Time can be your bitch if you just let go of the 'next' & the 'before - Author: Amy Poehler
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#11. Get a feedback loop and listen to it ... When people give you feedback, cherish it and use it. - Author: Randy Pausch
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#12. I'm a tomboy beanpole? I can't use a computer, so maybe I'm a bit out of the loop. I don't know whether to be flattered or not flattered. The beanpole bit, is that good? Can you be a sexy beanpole? - Author: Keira Knightley
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#13. Whether these characters are lovable or detestable, they're lovable or detestable in a TV way - defined by a minimal set of traits that are endlessly reiterated and incapable of expansion or alteration, a fixed loop. - Author: Jonathan Rosenbaum
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#14. This is how new habits are created: by putting together a cue, a routine, and a reward, and then cultivating a craving that drives the loop. - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#15. I can loop my tongue into multiple rolls. - Author: Jamie-Lynn Sigler
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#16. Anything that does not belong where it is, the way it is, is an "open loop," which will be pulling on your attention if it's not appropriately managed. In - Author: David Allen
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#17. I was researching a different World War II story when I came across an article in the 'Chicago Tribune' from June 1945 that knocked me for a loop. The article explained that a military plane had crashed in an impossibly remote valley of New Guinea that had been nicknamed Shangri-La. - Author: Mitchell Zuckoff
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#18. I felt stuck in a Sisyphean loop, writing the same press release over and over. Even more, I was tired of promoting other people's creations instead of creating something myself. I imagined myself on my deathbed, and I could hear my biggest regret: I never even tried to be a writer. - Author: Helene Wecker
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#19. When you prepare, regularly work hard, create value, help others get what they want, and persevere ... the life of your dreams is INEVITABLE. - Author: Matthew Loop
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#20. If you happen to be out at night on the bike path without a light, ring your bell constantly. No bell? Then sing "Hotel Yorba" on a continuous loop, loud enough to warn the unseen. - Author: Grant Petersen
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#21. But if it hadn't happened, I would have never seen you- a beautiful, complicated loop of light. - Author: Emily France
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#22. Writing with other people is the only way I ever really work. In some ways it's great because it's helpful to someone pull you out of the loop. - Author: Lauren Mayberry
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#23. I'm fairly out of the loop when it comes to pop culture. - Author: Cynthia Nixon
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#24. How do you know? Maybe you're just out of the loop, maybe those orthogonal stealthnets are running you the way you think you're running Rakshi. You think everyone on the planet's a puppet except for Colonel Jim Moore? - Author: Peter Watts
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#25. You get lonely, is what it is. A person's not supposed to go through life with absolutely nobody. It's not normal. The longer you go by yourself the weirder you get, and the weirder you get the longer you go by yourself. It's a loop and you gotta do something to get out of it. - Author: Jim Shepard
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#26. Stay out of the loop, the club, the inner circle. - Author: Michael Leunig
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#27. I had a friend who, after 25 years of marriage, found himself trying to date again, and it was completely different. Everything had changed, and he had to reacquaint himself. It was funny even talking to him about it. For someone who has been out of the loop, it's a different world. - Author: Steve Carell
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#28. What I enjoy doing more than anything is, I have my little antique car collection, and when the weather is pretty I like to get out one of my old cars. I have a little route I run down in the country, down Nachez Trace Parkway. The loop down through there is just really relaxing, not much traffic. - Author: Alan Jackson
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#29. You and I can become so dedicated to the will of God, we can be so driven by a false sense of purpose, that we might inadvertently take matters into our own hands and leave God completely out of the loop. - Author: Charles R. Swindoll
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#30. I don't know enough about politics. I am out of the loop. - Author: Robin Wright
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#31. Ugh - moral choice: couch or bed, couch or bed? The decision was taken out of my hands as Noah hooked a finger on my back belt loop and tugged me, backward, toward the bed. His arms snaked around my waist and pulled me down alongside him. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#32. New Yorkers only cross water for visual culture if the water is an ocean. The East River throws us for a huge loop. If we started going to Queens and the Bronx for visual culture, many of our rent, space, and crowding problems would be over indefinitely. - Author: Jerry Saltz
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#33. Somehow people have been sold on the idea that only professionals can entertain them, that only professionals can sing or tell jokes. And people are cut out of this creativity loop, and creativity is being limited to these large, centralized voices. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#34. In my 20s I was going round seeing agents who were patronising because I was fat and a girl, which was a double whammy. I knew what it was to feel out-of-the-loop. - Author: Victoria Wood
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#35. In the era of mobile phones and emails, you're no more out of the loop in China than you are in Sydney. - Author: Tony Abbott
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#36. Secondary school parents tell me that they are frustrated, that their teachers ignore them, their children don't give them much feedback because they are adolescents, they feel kind of out of the loop. - Author: Jim Knight
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#37. This changed nothing. Nothing at all. Noah Shaw was still a whore, still an asshole, and still painfully out of my league. This was my inner mantra, the one I repeated on a loop until Noah tilted his head and spoke.
"You coming in?"
Yes. Yes I was. - Author: Michelle Hodkin
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#38. The whole passage was underlined in bleeding, water-soaked black ink. But there was another ink, this one a crisp blue, post-flood, and an arrow led from "How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!" to a margin note written in her loop-heavy cursive: Straight & Fast. - Author: John Green
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#39. Obama isn't just too big to fail. He's too big to know. Obama is so vital to the country and to the world, he must be kept out of the loop in order to save him from his failed presidency. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#40. The most important rule: Do not, I repeat, do not censor yourself in any way. Leave your editorial mind out of the loop. Just let the ideas come pouring out in any way, shape, or form they want to. Do not judge anything. - Author: James Scott Bell
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#41. People are like, 'Oh, you can't take humans out of the loop, I'm a human and I'm an awesome driver.' And I'm like, no, man, you're not an awesome driver. You're a monkey, and monkeys suck at making decisions. - Author: Tim Cannon
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#42. I'm pretty far out of the loop. There's always a lot of speculation and what-have-you. I'm sure it's fun for people to watch and have fantasies of who might go where. The reality is, guys will change teams. - Author: Andrew Ference
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#43. Now... We are going in a loop. - Author: Ramakrishna
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#44. I feel great. I'm right there for the top two. I know my long is a very strong program and I've had lots of success with it, so I feel confident going into the long. Just fix up that loop. - Author: Alaine Chartrand
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#45. I have lots of brothers and sisters, two of whom are younger than myself, so I rely on my phone, text messaging or e-mailing to stay in the loop and communicate when I'm away for big chunks of time. - Author: Devon Aoki
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#46. So this is a fundamental problem, being out of a loop that I don't even believe in. - Author: James P. Othmer
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#47. People are always making rules for themselves and always finding loop-holes. - Author: William Rotsler
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#48. He pulled the truck back onto the road and floored it, while the words ran through his mind in a constant loop.
Don't leave. Don't leave. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#49. Last time I was recording, I was trying to loop on the computer, but it's really difficult because it's really different from looping on hardware. - Author: Julia Kent
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#50. When stress and anxiety have your system stuck in a brainstem loop? Reboot. It's I.T. for life! - Author: Bill Crawford
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#51. No matter how much you try to do things your own way at all times, you can always be thrown for a loop. - Author: Shamara Ray
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#52. First, there is a cue, a trigger that tells your brain to go into automatic mode and which habit to use. Then there is the routine, which can be physical or mental or emotional. Finally, there is a reward, which helps your brain figure out if this particular loop is worth remembering for the future: - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#53. Jutta drags herself closer; she watches her brother with outsize eyes. A piano chases the violins. Then woodwinds. The strings sprint, woodwinds fluttering behind. More instruments join in. Flutes? Harps? The song races, seems to loop back over itself. "Werner?" Jutta whispers. He blinks; - Author: Anthony Doerr
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#54. He's like a song she can't get out of her head. Hard as she tries, the melody of their meeting runs through her mind on an endless loop, each time as surprisingly sweet as the last, like a lullaby, like a hymn, and she doesn't think she could ever get tired of hearing it. - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
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#55. So, you see, in essence, cruelty is a cycle. A person inflicts it and it spreads. It simply breeds more and more of itself in a loop. - Author: L. H. Cosway
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#56. There are some sights that, once seen, can never be unseen. They replay themselves on a loop in your mind's home-theatre system with Dolby surround sound until you're so desperate to be rid of them that you'll resort to other loops simply to dislodge them for a while. - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#57. The anesthetizing against caring really threw me for a loop. I was seeing it with 15-year-olds. It was how they were starting their intimate lives. It alarmed me. - Author: Peggy Orenstein
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#58. I rent a small brick bungalow within a loop of other small brick bungalows, all of which squat on a massive bluff overlooking the former stockyards of Kansas City. Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas City, Kansas. There's a difference. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#59. It's a weird sound [ "Animals"] inspired by a hip hop drum loop. I listen to a lot of hip hop tracks and it's not used quite often in House currently. I chopped up the loop and edited it so you wouldn't recognize the original. - Author: Martin Garrix
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#60. The handwriting in the letter is the neatest I've ever seen. It looks like an old-fashioned love letter or something, every loop perfectly formed. I guess you have a lot of time to practice penmanship in prison. - Author: Roan Parrish
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#61. Having the kind of infinite loop of what a digital stream is - you can shoot for a long time without cutting - allows me to sometimes perform really exciting things. - Author: James Mangold
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#62. People repeat behaviour that leads to flooding their brains with pleasurable chemicals. The short-term reward loop acts over hours to years, and the long-term reproductive success loop over generations. - Author: Keith Henson
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#63. I remember the initial genesis quite clearly. My interest in dreams comes from this notion of realizing that when you dream you create the world that you are perceiving, and I thought that feedback loop was pretty amazing. - Author: Christopher Nolan
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#64. Sometimes when the poop hits the fan we should block it and run, sometimes we should haul off and knock it for a loop back at the spinning blades. Wisdom is knowing two things. One is which time is which. The other is that no matter what you do you're gonna get crap on your hand. - Author: Faith Hunter
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#65. We don't lose people, they just slip down like sand through the loop holes we have in ourselves. - Author: Himanshu Chhabra
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#66. Zane dragged his hands down Ty's body to grasp his ass. Ty responded, his muscles bunching, his cock stirring against Zane's groin, kicking up a wicked feedback loop between the two of them as they rubbed against each other and grew more and more aroused. Ty - Author: Abigail Roux
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#67. It is, therefore, possible to extend a partially specified interpretation to a complete interpretation, without loss of verifiability, [ ... ] This fact offers the possibility of automatic verification of programs, the programmer merely tagging entrances and one edge in each innermost loop. - Author: Robert W. Floyd
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#68. An appallingly high percentage of doctors and other practitioners are still pretty much out of the loop regarding trigger points, despite their having been written about in medical journals for over sixty years. - Author: Clair Davies
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#69. She glared at me. I didn't care. One word was playing a loop in my heaad: mine. - Author: Kristen Callihan
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#70. Our society lacks a feedback loop for controlling technology: a way to gauge intended effects from actual effects later on - Author: Kevin Kelly
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#71. A lot of the books that have been written about Silicon Valley are really good. Michael Malone's books are incredible. I think his 'Infinite Loop' is the best book that's been written about Apple. - Author: Sarah Lacy
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#72. Don't shut down the feedback loop with judgment, rigid beliefs, and prejudices. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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#73. A thing cannot be delivered enough times:
this is the rule of dogs for whom there are no fool's errands.
To loop out and come back is good all alone.
It's gravy to carry a ball or a bone. - Author: Kay Ryan
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#74. Yeah. It was like giant bubbles ... you know, the kind that you used to play with as a kid? You blow bubbles through a little loop and stuff? It was like that, but only way, way bigger, stronger, and there were so many of them popping up and closing around people. - Author: Hayden Thorne
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#75. Life is an infernal loop where the day before yesterday has merged with today, and yesterday has been jettisoned. We think we are moving forward in time, but we are always prisoners of the past. - Author: Shan Sa
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#76. Beyond the edge of the world there's a space where emptiness and substance neatly overlap, where past and future form a continuous, endless loop. And, hovering about, there are signs no one has ever read, chords no one has ever heard. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#77. A mantra like one of those ridiculous self-help hypnosis cds playing in my head on a loop: I am a strong, confident, sexually experienced woman who does not need to feel ashamed of her nudity. - Author: Jessica Gadziala
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#78. He didn't know if he was more furious with his brother, for knowing precisely how to loop the wire around his neck, or with himself, for his inability to duck out of the noose. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#79. I think it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better. - Author: Elon Musk
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#80. These days, I am the most boring, methodical runner. I always do the same three- to five-mile loop near my home every evening. I hardly ever miss a day. On the weekends, I might go longer or add in weights. - Author: Mika Brzezinski
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#81. You'll notice that the Intrepid's inertial dampeners don't work as well in crisis situations, Dahl remembered Jenkins telling them. The ship could do hairpin turns and loop-de-loops any other time and you'd never notice. But whenever there's a dramatic event, there goes your footing. - Author: John Scalzi
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#82. The summit of Mauna Kea should never have been developed as it is not safe for humans up there. I am now locked into an endless loop of doctors visits for what appears to be classic very high altitude heart, lung & brain damage because I was unfortunate enough to have worked there. - Author: Steven Magee
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