Top 100 One To Watch Quotes

#1. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
The bed be blest that I lie on.
Four angels to my bed.
Four angels round my head.
One to watch and one to pray,
And two to bear my soul away.

Don Reid

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#2. The taipan is the one to watch out for. It is the most poisonous snake on Earth, with a lunge so swift and a venom so potent that your last mortal utterance is likely to be: I say, is that a sn

Bill Bryson

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#3. Lizzy Parks. Check this out, this is brilliantShe is a fantastic jazz singer definitely one to watch from now on, she's got a great voice and she's a great songwriter as well

Jamie Cullum

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#4. A man who likes to get hit is the one to watch out for.

Matt Bondurant

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#5. There are some days when history is made. Yesterday was one - and I was honoured to be in Washington to watch Barack Obama being sworn in. During his soaring inaugural address, the new president gazed over a teeming National Mall that was crowded with more than a million people.

Des Browne

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#6. Everybody knows that I am not usually patient enough to actually sit down and watch one of my own films from the beginning to the end - I never do.

Abbas Kiarostami

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#7. It's one of my favorite things to do, watch TV and stretch. I'm so flexible. I can put my legs behind my head. I want to be the most flexible person in the world.

Mo Rocca

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#8. Watch out for men who want to turn everything into a story that's all about them. There will always be a few of them, and once one of them starts, another one of them will want to fight with him.

Chris Beckett

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#9. I'd never watch a horror film, but after I found out I was going to be in one, I watched, like, four of them, including The Shining, I was terrified - I couldn't sleep for days. But I wanted to get myself used to things I was going to see on the set.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

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#10. Right, I can't watch this shit." Kacey grunted as he got up. "It's one thing getting a hard-on over you, baby girl. The fact that Tyler happens to be in the picture ... I'm freaking slightly.

Elizabeth Morgan

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#11. For when people do not keep watch over the commons, it is destroyed. It results, then, that they fall into civil faction, compelling one another by force and not wishing to do what is just themselves.


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#12. I was turning into one of those ABC Afterschool Specials that we were forced to watch as kids.

Ashlan Thomas

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#13. It strikes! one, two, Three, four, five, six. Enough, enough, dear watch, Thy pulse hath beat enough. Now sleep and rest; Would thou could'st make the time to do so too; I'll wind thee up no more.

Ben Jonson

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#14. It's a rare thing when you can read a script in one sitting and you haven't looked at the watch or you've gone to make a cup of tea.

Tom Hiddleston

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#15. 'How to Train Your Dragon,' the first one, was a film I'd seen prior to being approached for the sequel. I don't often watch family animated movies, but it's one that I loved and thought was really well done: beautifully crafted storytelling.

Kit Harington

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#16. One study says that 90 percent of our everyday behavior is based on our habits ... That means how we treat people, how we spend our money, what we watch, what we listen to - 90 percent of the time, we're on autopilot. We do what we've always done.

Joel Osteen

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#17. I think it's insulting to an audience to make them sit and watch a film and then give them a message in one sentence.

Asghar Farhadi

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#18. Well, I make that one murder victim, one police interrogation and one conversation with a ghost," George said. "Now that's what I call a busy evening."
Lockwood nodded. "To think some people just watch television.

Jonathan Stroud

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#19. I don't watch that much TV, so I can't compare one show to another. When I watch television, I watch people talking to one another usually or a science show where they show me microbes, you know. Microbes actually communicate quite a bit, and so there's a lot of talking going on.

Alan Alda

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#20. She wanted to read and talk and laugh and watch television and listen to the radio. She wanted to watch the world around her go by, and make up stories in her head about everything she saw...Like a princess in a carriage, surveying her kingdom, preferably one with a magical forest.

Jami Attenberg

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#21. On a whim, he stopped and bought a watch from a sidewalk vendor. Normally, Billy could not abide keeping time, especially when it was attached to one's body. Time was like a relentlessly needy lapdog one had to haul around. It barked too much and had no sense of loyalty.

Jim Carroll

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#22. I'm one of the guys who wants to watch the film completely done, with special effects, sound and music, because I tend to get disappointed if I watch it not fully done.

Luke Ford

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#23. And then he only had eyes for the pie. Watch any man, he could be ninety years old and drooling spit, but at the sight of homemade pie every last one of his wits will spring to attention.

Elizabeth Hay

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#24. I have prayed for years for one good humiliation a day, and then, I must watch my reaction to it. I have no other way of spotting both my denied shadow self and my idealized persona.

Richard Rohr

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#25. He did not recognize the guards standing watch at the gates he had once protected so proudly, the gates he had ridden through not even a year ago with an assassin newly freed from Endovier, her chains tied to his saddle.
Now she led him in chains through those gates, an assassin one last time.

Sarah J. Maas

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#26. They had moved closer to one another to watch the dying moments of the day, this beautiful bright May day.

Guy De Maupassant

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#27. I would like to be on the farm. To ride the horses. To watch the cattle, and the plantations, and the beautiful vegetables that my sons are growing there. I would like it. I am one of those who do not have to worry about what I am doing later. I love the fields.

Ariel Sharon

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#28. Mindfulness allows us to watch our thoughts, see how one thought leads to the next, decide if we're heading down an unhealthy path, and, if so, let go and change directions.

Sharon Salzberg

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#29. When you are a member of an organization, life isn't only about you. As part of a circle of people who depend on one another, you watch one another's back and remain loyal to the concept of brotherhood.

Sonny Barger

One To Watch Quotes #506091
#30. When you sit quiet and watch yourself,
many things may come to the surface.
Do nothing about them, don't react to them.
As they have come, so will they go, by themselves.
All that matters is mindfulness, total awareness of oneself,
or rather, of one's mind.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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#31. I say: If you don't know how to cook, I'm sure you have at least one friend who knows how to cook. Well, call that friend and say, 'Can I come next time and can I bring some food and can I come an hour or two hours ahead and watch you and help you?'

Jacques Pepin

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#32. The trouble with us
daydreamers is,
we tend to watch
the world through
a coloured lens.

Then one day
we fall
and the lens cracks.

The Dreamer

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#33. It's liberating to live at home during the week, but on the weekend it's like, Jesus Christ, how much History Channel can one human being watch?

John Rzeznik

One To Watch Quotes #613407
#34. To call yourself a child of God is one thing. To be called a child of God by those who watch your life is another thing altogether.

Max Lucado

One To Watch Quotes #629297
#35. My mum was a wonderful mother. She died, aged 80, of Alzheimer's disease, which was dreadful to watch. I remember she said to me: 'Believe in yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.' I'm sure a lot of my success is due to her words of advice.

Bonnie Tyler

One To Watch Quotes #647098
#36. As Popa penetrates deeper into his life, with book after book, it begins to look like a Universe passing through a Universe. It is one of the most exciting things in modern poetry, to watch this journey being made.

Ted Hughes

One To Watch Quotes #660836
#37. No one's going to watch The Bible on primetime TV.

Mark Burnett

One To Watch Quotes #667563
#38. I love to discuss WWI American Trench Watches. If you have a question about one of my books, a Waltham Trench Watch or an Elgin Trench Watch drop me a line through my web page at LRF Antique Watches. I'll do my best to get back with you quickly!

Stan Czubernat

One To Watch Quotes #676288
Little girl, one lesser garment
will suffice to clothe your crotch,
Hide that undiscovered cavern
Where old Time will wind his watch.

William Gaddis

One To Watch Quotes #725831
#40. We'll watch the stars fade and the moon disappear. We'll watch the sun set fire to the horizon. And we'll talk about the future one last time before it's actually upon us.

Marieke Nijkamp

One To Watch Quotes #738157
#41. Leila was sure ifhe partner didn't come and she had to listen to that marvellous music and to watch the others sliding, gliding over the golden floor, she would die at least, or faint, or lift her arms and fly out of one of those dark windows that showed the stars.

Katherine Mansfield

One To Watch Quotes #782359
#42. I thank the Lord for the brain He put in my head. Occasionally, I love to just stand to one side and watch how it works.

Richard Nelson Bolles

One To Watch Quotes #789386
#43. She'd always wondered what it would feel like to stand on one end of a ballroom and watch a handsome, powerful man make his way to her. This was as close as she'd ever come to it, she supposed. Standing at Diana's side. Imagining.

Tessa Dare

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#44. Someone sits at a table or lies on a sofa while staring motionless at a wall or ceiling. Once in a while this person writes down seven lines, only to cross out one of them 15 minutes later, and then another hour passes, during which nothing happens. Who could stand to watch this kind of thing?

Wislawa Szymborska

One To Watch Quotes #795744
#45. In one sense, reading is a great waste of time. In another sense, it is a great extension of time, a way for one person to live a thousand and one lives in a single lifespan, to watch the great impersonal universe at work again and again,

Mary Ruefle

One To Watch Quotes #805929
#46. It turns out that she's the only one I can trust to watch my back.

Susan Ee

One To Watch Quotes #808743
#47. The most mesmerizing of artists is always like one who was merely drawing in the sand and people came to watch.

Criss Jami

One To Watch Quotes #815944
#48. I'm a sport fan. So, I have always watched everything, and I used to watch racing. Formula One was always on. The genius about it is that it's on at lunchtime on a Sunday.

Asif Kapadia

One To Watch Quotes #826122
#49. One day we're going to watch people fight to the death, like Roman times. Instead of being in a coliseum, we're going to watch it on TV.

Lenny Kravitz

One To Watch Quotes #827149
#50. No one ever taught me how to shave; no one ever sat down to watch a Braves game with me. I paid for Yale myself, I lived by myself, I taught myself how to play the guitar. I did this all on my own.

Kip Pardue

One To Watch Quotes #827537
#51. I stay subjective because that's what I do. That's one of my abilities. I don't need to watch it because I've had the adventure. I don't do low-budget acting. I do the same acting, whether I'm in a Jim Cameron or not. I always try to do good work. There's no snobbery in there

Lance Henriksen

One To Watch Quotes #855255
#52. Trying to get the talk show, looking back on it, we had to beg a lot of station managers to pick up the show because people thought no one would watch it because I'm openly gay.

Ellen DeGeneres

One To Watch Quotes #864351
#53. We have an agreement," she explained. "I watch nothing to do with a hobbit, Vulcan, or comic book hero, and in return, Dexter's not forced to sit through a foreign romance, a BBC production, or one my classic films.

Kristin Billerbeck

One To Watch Quotes #910482
#54. To watch this crystal globe just sent from heaven to associate with me. While these clouds and this somber drizzling weather shut all in, we two draw nearer and know one another.

Henry David Thoreau

One To Watch Quotes #916638
#55. My dinner spot is usually in front of the TV. I'll grill a steak and whip up a salad and watch 'Hoarders'. I love it because a) I'm kind of voyeuristic, and b) every time I see an episode, I go to the one room where all my unpacked boxes wound up, and I throw out a box of stuff.

Nathan Fillion

One To Watch Quotes #947347
#56. I remember Julianne Moore talking about acting and she said, "I'm just looking for truth. When people watch, they're not looking to see me. They're looking to see themselves." That's one of my new favorite sayings

Ryan Hurst

One To Watch Quotes #953602
#57. I love TV. I know all the theme songs from the shows I watch. I'm not one of those who'd rather be a movie star. I prefer TV because of the rushed way of working-on a movie set, you sit around and wait and wait to do a scene because they're adjusting the lights.

Dana Hill

One To Watch Quotes #981438
#58. To retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making.

Otto Von Bismarck

One To Watch Quotes #994449
#59. When this is over," she said, tucking the watch into a fold of her cloak. "I want to be the one to slit his throat.

V.E Schwab

One To Watch Quotes #997010
#60. The best system is to have one party govern and the other party watch.

Thomas Reed

One To Watch Quotes #1008676
#61. I want to catch words one day. I want to hold them then blow gently, watch them float right out of my hands.

Jacqueline Woodson

One To Watch Quotes #1054719
#62. The way to become rich is to put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.

Andrew Carnegie

One To Watch Quotes #1063638
#63. Milt was one of the men who discovered Bobby Orr. He once said that if a player comes along who is better then Bobby Orr, may the Good Lord let me be alive to see him because he is going to be one hell of a player to watch. Enough said.

Milt Schmidt

One To Watch Quotes #1068265
#64. Maybe not this year or the next but one day they'd end up married. In this lifetime and every one after it. Just knowing that I'd get to watch them find each other and fall in love in every life made me smile.

Abbi Glines

One To Watch Quotes #1073468
#65. I used to watch 'Top of the Pops' when I was a kid and say 'Yeah!' or 'Boo!' at every single song. So there was nothing in the middle. You brutally put it on one side or another.

Damien Hirst

One To Watch Quotes #1148266
#66. I want the kids who watch 'One Tree Hill' to know that it's all pretend, and that the person at the core of that character values morals, honor and things like that. You want to inspire them to look beyond what is superficial and try to find that greater thing.

Hilarie Burton

One To Watch Quotes #1175433
#67. Oftentimes I think it is far better to listen for an answer, rather than talk out of an effort to create one.

Craig D. Lounsbrough

One To Watch Quotes #1177219
#68. To "stand around with egg on one's face" is not to be confused with "standing around with one's thumb up one's fundament," which means not knowing what to do next, as does "not knowing whether to defecate or wind one's watch.

Kurt Vonnegut

One To Watch Quotes #1184643
#69. One thing I don't personally like is not having that privacy I used to have. Being able to do whatever I wanted to do without people recognizing me. That makes me watch what I'm doing more carefully. I'm not going to be acting no fool.

Marvin Sapp

One To Watch Quotes #1198353
#70. I've made my peace. He will always be part of me. I don't need to watch him die. I am just glad I was able to watch him live.

Ralph Webster

One To Watch Quotes #1233694
#71. Think of your windshield as an energy source for your brain. Use pictures (the walls of many talent hotbeds are cluttered with photos and posters of their stars) or, better, video. One idea: Bookmark a few YouTube videos, and watch them before you practice, or at night before you go to bed.

Daniel Coyle

One To Watch Quotes #1263639
#72. The sea is as desolate and barren as it is fertile and life-giving. It is cold and dismal, yet bold and spirited. Sometimes imperious and conquering, other times gentle and meek. But it is always mysterious. Those mysteries hold many secrets. One has but to listen and watch to discover them

Jocelyn Murray

One To Watch Quotes #1267228
#73. Women are like a living, breathing casino
Like a judge and jury
They sense everything
They sense what you try to hide
They sense your weaknesses
They sense your power levels
One must be patient
One must listen
And wait
Before one strikes

Robert Black

One To Watch Quotes #1268876
#74. One thing I love to do when I'm working out is take my watch off, take my heart strap off, and just run - not for time, not for exertion, but just to get the blood flowing.

Abby Wambach

One To Watch Quotes #1321374
#75. There are a handful of actors who sustain interest because it's exciting to watch them get better at what they do. I want to be one of those actors.

Julia Stiles

One To Watch Quotes #1339657
#76. It takes an unusual man to make up a hymn in a hurry, but such a man was Captain Roberts. He knew every hymn in The Antique and Contemporary Hymn Book, and sang his way through them loudly and joyously when he was on watch, which had been one of the reasons for the mutiny.

Terry Pratchett

One To Watch Quotes #1353751
#77. Perhaps long spaghetti is the kind of thing that ought to be eaten quite alone with nobody to watch one's struggles. Surely

Barbara Pym

One To Watch Quotes #1368975
#78. In the '80s, I was the only one who didn't watch the shows about teenagers. I had to go over to friends' houses to see them. I still don't have a TV!

Clemence Poesy

One To Watch Quotes #1380086
#79. There's a great deal to say in the Bible about the signs we're to watch for, and when these signs all converge at one place we can be sure that we're close to the end of the age.

Billy Graham

One To Watch Quotes #1382016
#80. Among the Internet's many gains for humanity, decreasing paranoia has not been one of them. Anything from that lump under your armpit to what's lurking in the sea - just type it into a search engine and watch your nerves explode.

John Niven

One To Watch Quotes #1392092
#81. Personally, I know the lifestyle I lead is really busy. If I want to watch an entire series of something, it usually has to be in one weekend. I'll dedicate two days to it because it's not the kind of thing I can come back to, every night. I think this is a really smart format.

Penelope Mitchell

One To Watch Quotes #1404986
#82. They were too much to carry
so i left them behind
for a new life, in a new place
but no one forgot who i was
i didn't
and neither did the people who watch
they watched for years
they watch now

Ally Condie

One To Watch Quotes #1418178
#83. I've seen my own films close to a thousand times in one form or another. When you edit them. When you shoot them. Then you run them over and over again for sound and music. Then you'd go to premiere screenings, and have to do promotional screenings in other cities. I can't watch any of my old films.

William Friedkin

One To Watch Quotes #1420484
#84. Tendulkar is a world class player and a great ambassador for the game. As a youngster I watched the games and that's where all my dreams started. You watch Tendulkar on TV and you think that I want to be like that one day

Graeme Smith

One To Watch Quotes #1453421
#85. Watch it, loincloth, I'm not afraid to spork your eyes out.

Magan Vernon

One To Watch Quotes #1482922
#86. The one time I tried to get her to watch Pride and Prejudice, she hadn't been able to sit still. Granted, it was the six-hour version, but come on. What's not to love?

Alyxandra Harvey

One To Watch Quotes #1513523
#87. There are many forms of tapeworm, three of which can readily infect the brain. From a public health perspective, there's one in particular to watch out for. "It's mainly the pork tapeworm that's the main brain one," says Helena Helmby from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


One To Watch Quotes #1521750
#88. Watch for the blue-eyed green-eyed one," they would whisper to guests. "She killed her cousin, with one strike. Because

Kristin Cashore

One To Watch Quotes #1528996
#89. One episode of 'Game of Thrones' is equivalent to my film 'Centurion' in budget and scope. 'Centurion' has a longer running time, but that's kind of the only difference, and I think people now, if they want drama, they watch TV.

Neil Marshall

One To Watch Quotes #1536606
#90. till, silently
without one peep, the angels come, their watch to keep.
They'll hold you safe while dreaming deep. The pillow cool beneath your head,
all star lit is your feather bed which glides the moonbeams like a sled,
above towns which glitter blue and red.

Dixie Dawn Miller Goode

One To Watch Quotes #1537800
#91. I'm not one of those people who sees documentaries as a stepping stone to doing fiction. I love documentaries and watch tons of documentaries. But, I like fiction films a lot, too.

Marshall Curry

One To Watch Quotes #1548500
#92. For me, my guilty pleasure is that if I don't want to do anything one day, I won't. I'll just sit around, not shower, hardly even eat, and just watch TV.

Kris Allen

One To Watch Quotes #1559246
#93. Or maybe I'm supposed to confront her right now, because as soon as I round the corner, my eyes land on her. I come to a quiet stop and watch her. She's the only one in the hallway

Colleen Hoover

One To Watch Quotes #1580375
#94. I'm my own artist, and I see artists as movies. No one should try to change them for anything. If you don't like it, you just don't follow it. And if you don't like a movie you don't watch it. Watch another movie.


One To Watch Quotes #1595247
#95. [Kids today] think "Grease" is just one long music video. So they watch it over and over again the way we, when we were kids, we listened to albums.

Didi Conn

One To Watch Quotes #1609327
#96. People who watch and do not want to be watched, people who listen and do not want to talk, people who live vicariously, are just perverts, and no one should want them around.

Natasha Stagg

One To Watch Quotes #1621733
#97. I've had every known chemical
cocaine, booze
and tobacco is the hardest one in the world for me to quit. You watch old flicks? It's suggestion by looking at something: You see a cigarette, and it makes you want to smoke!

Ozzy Osbourne

One To Watch Quotes #1630728
#98. This is isn't going to become one of those creepy situations where you show up at all hours of the night to watch me sleep, is it? he asks playfully.

Cynthia Hand

One To Watch Quotes #1633238
#99. I really loved the 'Sopranos' but didn't have HBO. So someone would send me tapes of the show with three or four episodes. I would watch one episode and go: 'Oh my God, I've got to watch one more.' I'd watch the whole tape and champ at the bit for the next one.

Ted Sarandos

One To Watch Quotes #1654553
#100. Now let's go back to your place and bake shit and watch Harry Potter.

Magan Vernon

One To Watch Quotes #1661302

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