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#1. Think of the 40 years of confrontation. What is it we gained? ... The old style has exposed itself: it is fruitless. - Author: Sergey Akhromeyev
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#2. I was so used to doing old blues licks with the first three fingers. When I started using my pinky and finding more spread things, that's when I started getting my own style. - Author: Eddie Van Halen
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#3. A lot of men who have accepted - or had imposed upon them in boyhood - the old English public school styles of careful modesty in speech, with much understatement, have behind their masks an appalling and impregnable conceit of themselves. - Author: J.B. Priestley
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#4. My sense of style is an old Polo shirt, jeans and, unfortunately for the longest time, white running shoes, which was not attractive. The one thing I've learned about clothes is to ask a girl. - Author: Matthew Perry
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#5. I have a true love for the old style of Catskill comic. There's a joy in discovering a bad joke ... and then there's the joy of delivering it like, 'Isn't this a hacky joke?' - Author: Andy Kindler
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#6. Some acts are tricky. Eartha Kitt was tricky in a wonderful, old-style way. She did yoga on the piano and put her hands over her ears when the other acts were on. - Author: Jools Holland
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#7. I have peanut M&M's up there."
"Not my style"
"Sam Adams."
Thor narrowed his eyes. "Cold?"
"Downright icy."
Thor crossed his arms over his chest and told him self he was not pouting like a five-year-old. "I want Milk Duds. - Author: J.R. Ward
Old Style Sayings #1123826
#8. Stick to the classics, and you can't ever go wrong. I see old ladies on the street who have fabulous style and realize it's because they are probably wearing really classic items that they've had for years and years. I think if you find something that suits you, you should just stick to it. - Author: Alexa Chung
Old Style Sayings #1109481
#9. I know in fashion what's new is old and trends repeat but the 90's trends ala 90210 aren't exactly styles I'd want to wear today. - Author: Tori Spelling
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#10. My number one style requirement is to have fun getting dressed. Nothing is too old, expensive, cheap, cute or ugly for me. - Author: Valerie June
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#11. These old-style buses had other glories too. I'm sure it was not only me and my friends who enjoyed the occasional ride without a fare on these old wagons. 'Get on a red bus and not pay the fare, get on the red bus and go anywhere,' as I sang in 'Somewhere in London'. - Author: Suggs
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#12. I have eclectic taste, and I love vintage style mixed with glamour and old world charm. - Author: Sonam Kapoor
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#13. Blair liked to think of herself as a hopeless romantic in the style of old movie actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. She was always coming up with plot devices for the movie she was starring in at the moment, the movie that was her life. - Author: Cecily Von Ziegesar
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#14. In late 1949, at two and a half years old, I arrived in Jamaica for the first time. I had crossed the Atlantic by air from England. My Jamaican father was studying in London, my European mother was sick, and so in true Jamaican style I was sent home to my grandparents. - Author: Rachel Manley
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#15. I'm an atheist - a good old North Korean-style atheist. - Author: Jim Crace
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#16. I play blues old-timey style. - Author: Pinetop Perkins
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#17. My mentor in the transition from the old Gabriel Heatter and John Cameron Swayze way of doing things was David Brinkley. He brought an entirely different style to what we were doing. - Author: Tom Brokaw
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#18. American universities are organized on the principle of the nuclear rather than the extended family. Graduate students are grimly trained to be technicians rather than connoisseurs. The old German style of universal scholarship has gone. - Author: Camille Paglia
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#19. In the old days, it had been talent and style and brilliance and now it was more and more productivity. - Author: David Halberstam
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#20. I cut a rap song once. It was a few years ago for my old show 'Buck Commander,' and it was a song called 'You're Short.' It was about my camera guy. We shot the video in Las Vegas, 'Ocean's Eleven' style! - Author: Willie Robertson
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#21. My old man tells me every chance he gets I'm "style over substance" and that I've never done anything of value in my life. I'm fifteen. What does he expect? Being "cool as" is the only thing anyone cares about."
Burt, Book 1 "Making it - Author: Jamie Scallion
Old Style Sayings #915988
#22. Many were starting to use computerized synthesizers & drum machines to produce an entirely new style of music. It was being punted by the critics that the guitar was old hat; I was reminded of the way my father & his clarinets were written off in the late Fifties. - Author: Pete Townshend
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#23. What I lack in style and craft, I can make up for in joy and enthusiasm. I like to be around people who are at ease so I like to think the 25-year-old [I] would find me quite an easy-going late-middle-aged hippie. - Author: Robert Plant
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#24. I started playing chess when I was five years old. I learned the moves from my mother, then worked with my father - and later trainers. My style became very technical. I sacrificed a lot of things. I was always hunting for the king, for the mate. I'd forget about my other pieces. - Author: Garry Kasparov
Old Style Sayings #903309
#25. They were recorded without processed cheese. Listen to old '50s records. The style may be dated, but the recording isn't. - Author: Richard Lloyd
Old Style Sayings #901791
#26. If we got caught being in grandma's smaller room without her or without another adult being there, we were surely in for a good old-fashioned ass whipping, Kunta Kinte style. Grandma Bertha didn't play that shit. - Author: Amina
Old Style Sayings #1394052
#27. I think an old style of addressing environmental problems is ebbing, but the rise of the so-called conservative, political movement in this country is not a trend towards the future but a reaction to this very broad shift that we are undergoing. - Author: Paul Hawken
Old Style Sayings #1545742
#28. I tried to emulate my favourite guitar players, the old bluesmen like Blind Willie McTell and Big Bill Broonzy. I used to sit by the record player and copy Chuck Berry and the Beatles. You can never copy someone completely, so you end up developing your own style. - Author: Ronnie Wood
Old Style Sayings #1532724
#29. I'm the old-school, letter-writing romantic. I know it's out of style, and not a lot of women go for that these days, but that's what I go for. - Author: Andre Holland
Old Style Sayings #1519751
#30. I enjoy looking at old photos of some of my favorite rock icons, but also get inspired from the younger bands that are coming up and really creating their own style, their own image. - Author: John Varvatos
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#31. So now that began to develop into a full-fledged shouting match of its own, and all in all it was soon a full-scale old-style Bombay tamasha, with people watching from every balcony and window in every building, up and down the road, laughing and giving advice and yelling at each other. - Author: Vikram Chandra
Old Style Sayings #1507126
#32. ...Violet followed her friend into the massive kitchen with its Restoration Hardware fixture and faux-weathered, farmhouse-style cabinets. Its perplexed Violet, the way people tried to make the insides of new homes look old. - Author: Susan Gloss
Old Style Sayings #1486036
#33. Over the years, he [Everett Dirksen] developed a style of infinitely subtle fustian, whose effect can still be remotely approximated by sipping twelve-year-old bourbon, straight, while reading Dickens aloud, in a sort of sepulchral purr. - Author: Lance Morrow
Old Style Sayings #1483250
#34. It doesn't take money to have style, it just takes a really good eye. Sometimes you can find amazing culinary antiques that will make it feel like an old French kitchen. - Author: Tyler Florence
Old Style Sayings #1482080
#35. I do not think very highly of Madame D'Arblay's books. The style is so strutting. She does so stalk about on Dr. Johnson's old stilts. - Author: Mary Russell Mitford
Old Style Sayings #1479421
#36. My style icons would be people like Brigitte Bardot and old Hollywood actresses who always look so stunning, cool and chic. I like classic and timeless looks. - Author: Jessica Brown Findlay
Old Style Sayings #1459462
#37. Nobody has ever called Shea Stadium a cathedral. In style, it was more like the old warehouse or outdated movie theater that Korean worshippers have transformed into a church in the borough of Queens. Not a cathedral - but a place where people go to be fulfilled, nonetheless. - Author: George Vecsey
Old Style Sayings #1450343
#38. As an Old Navy style attendant, I'm all about upgrading your bare basics and presenting them to your customer as basics you need to have in your wardrobe. - Author: Brad Goreski
Old Style Sayings #1394736
#39. I had made the unwise decision to have my old clothes bagged and wear my fancy new finds home, so that I could debut my new look to the world at large. The reaction had been mixed at best, but often Tyne and wear was unable to keep up with my style savvy, so I didn't let it dishearten me. - Author: Matthew Crow
Old Style Sayings #894884
#40. As I've gotten old I've really listened to a wide spectrum of music, whether it's The Carpenters, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z or Lauryn Hill. I've kinda' run the gamut, and in listening to so many different styles, you come to take bits and pieces from all of it. - Author: Brooklyn Sudano
Old Style Sayings #1380319
#41. You can't dominate a network with old-style leadership.

But, you can emerge, with the network's consent, as one of its leaders, regardless of your formal position or job title. - Author: Phil Dourado
Old Style Sayings #1379414
#42. Bay looked down at the wispy dress, her fingers trailing over it. It really was perfect. It was a faded teal green with layers of beige netting forming a sheer cowl neck. Old sequins were sewn down the side, forming the shapes of flowers, and a silk sash sat below the hips. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
Old Style Sayings #1357635
#43. I intend more of a kinship with silent films than more modern film. I like the old cinema. My films are more of a hybrid - a different style of filmmaking to what I call talking head movies. Some people don't get it. Especially the more academic types. - Author: George Lucas
Old Style Sayings #1325360
#44. I try to absorb all types of style and design. I don't try and restrict my thinking. I enjoy the old and the new. You need that broad perspective to create something different. - Author: Chad Hurley
Old Style Sayings #1319302
#45. When the necessary eleven days were added, George Washington's birthday, which fell on February 11, 1731, Old Style, became February 22, 1732, New Style. - Author: Daniel J. Boorstin
Old Style Sayings #1316643
#46. To date, most things that I've seen use the internet as a delivery vehicle for old style teaching. We're taking steps in the direction - it'll be a long, iterative process - to create new kinds of educational experiences by using this new tool of the internet. - Author: Rivka Galchen
Old Style Sayings #1282025
#47. Instead of the international police action we had hoped for during the war in Kosovo, there are wars again - conducted with state-of-the-art technology, but still in the old style. - Author: Jurgen Habermas
Old Style Sayings #1255673
#48. My personal style is over-the-top dowager. The old days they said get dressed and take one thing off, I say get dressed and put one thing on. - Author: Joan Rivers
Old Style Sayings #1235296
#49. I've always done the style that I loved, so I didn't mind sending an old pair of jeans down the runway. It's about that style. It's not Hedi Slimane. You know, I'm not all that familiar with his thing-I really don't look. I certainly know who he is. - Author: Hedi Slimane
Old Style Sayings #1225920
#50. In French, there is an old expression, la patte, meaning the artist's touch, his personal style, his 'paw'. I wanted to get away from la patte and from all that retinal painting. - Author: Marcel Duchamp
Old Style Sayings #1205393
#51. The good part of working in TV is it's like being a studio director in old Hollywood and approaching different genres. It's a chance to try out different styles. - Author: Mary Harron
Old Style Sayings #329010
#52. You know the old adage: give a woman a bag and she'll fill it for a day. Teach a woman to pack and she'll fill every damn bag she owns (or something of that ilk). - Author: Annmarie O'Connor
Old Style Sayings #581465
#53. The goal of my diet-style is eating for optimal health and longevity. What greater benefit could there be than living healthfully and actively into old age with no dependence on medications and almost no risk of heart disease, diabetes or dementia? - Author: Joel Fuhrman
Old Style Sayings #547100
#54. As for developing a writing style'I would say that I tried to copy the pacing of the old movies I loved as a kid. - Author: Kola Boof
Old Style Sayings #467328
#55. Shock therapy has arguably created a large block of politicized people ready to vote for someone, perhaps a militarist, a quasifascist, or an old-style Communist, to undo the transitional order that has harmed them. - Author: Russell Hardin
Old Style Sayings #435969
#56. De young an old are doing it I have a rappin mudder
Everybody has dere rap so let's rap to each other
No matter what yu style or de hat dat yu are wearing
Yu can even get away wida little swearing,
Fuck. - Author: Benjamin Zephaniah
Old Style Sayings #428030
#57. I don't look to celebrities for style anymore because I've learned the chain of command. They are being dressed by a stylist who's getting inspiration from a 16-year-old kid running the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Once I learned that chain of command, I just started taking it to the streets. - Author: Lizzo
Old Style Sayings #411611
#58. The whole proletariat must be armed at once with muskets, rifles, cannon and ammunition, and the revival of the old-style citizens militia, directed against the workers, must be opposed. - Author: Karl Marx
Old Style Sayings #407643
#59. I really like the look of old '70s and '80s Japanese comics, so I think that style is something I will continue to draw. - Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley
Old Style Sayings #387430
#60. I think my style is quite grungy and punky. I love the '90s and the music from that time, and I love punk music. I'm also a fan of mixing vintage with some high fashion, which links back to my musical taste because I tend to mix old music with newer songs. - Author: Chelsea Leyland
Old Style Sayings #381195
#61. You know this old style of American family series? Well, I sit there and cry. - Author: Graham Kennedy
Old Style Sayings #380985
#62. My vocal style is called bel canto, which is an old Italian vocal style going back hundreds of years. - Author: Sebastian Bach
Old Style Sayings #369624
#63. Roberto Mancini's got that Italian style, the old joie de vivre. - Author: Perry Groves
Old Style Sayings #329953
#64. Old-style management is irrelevant. - Author: Peter Diamandis
Old Style Sayings #615699
#65. Today, the Ravens answered: What is our identity? 'We are the same old team. We can play the same style of football. - Author: Marshall Faulk
Old Style Sayings #287392
#66. I don't think I'm a style icon, not at all. Sometimes I just want to rock out in me scruffs and me Uggs. You know, a really comfy old tracksuit with maybe a dollop of ketchup down the front. - Author: Cheryl Cole
Old Style Sayings #197237
#67. My friends call my style 'old man chic.' I wear loafers and stylish sweatpants. I love to stay comfortable, so I definitely funk it up, but I'm always comfortable. I wear lots of hats and feathers, and I kind of have a little obsession with Native American jewelry. - Author: Hayley Kiyoko
Old Style Sayings #195029
#68. I read an awful lot in college - a lot of Dickens, a lot of 19th century American stuff, a lot of old mysteries. Maybe it's helped me attain a certain fluidity with my style. - Author: Josh Lieb
Old Style Sayings #143953
#69. Every poet depends upon generations who wrote in his native tongue; he inherits styles and forms elaborated by those who lived before him. At the same time, though, he feels that those old means of expression are not adequate to his own experience. - Author: Czeslaw Milosz
Old Style Sayings #119177
#70. It is the style of idealism to console itself for the loss of something old with the ability to gape at something new. - Author: Karl Kraus
Old Style Sayings #107723
#71. My mother's family were full-on Irish Catholics - faith in an elaborate old fashioned, highly conservative and madly baroque style. I sort of fell out of the tribe over women's rights and social justice issues when I was just 13 years old. - Author: Geraldine Brooks
Old Style Sayings #104007
#72. My style in Italian is very old-style. - Author: Andrea Bocelli
Old Style Sayings #71728
#73. Almost all great painters in old age arrive at the same kind of broad, simplified style, as if they wanted to summarise the whole of their experience in a few strokes and blobs of colour. - Author: Kenneth Clark
Old Style Sayings #10486
#74. Serpine: No, my old enemy, I think for the moment anyway, we're all alone. And you have something I want
Skulduggery: A winning sense of style? - Author: Derek Landy
Old Style Sayings #5771
#75. People are appreciating the old stuff again and there's no MTV-style scene police to try to make us all listen to Machine Head and Pantera *puke*! - Author: Mat McNerney
Old Style Sayings #4793
#76. Of the countless ways to feel old in your 40s, perhaps none is quite as perplexing as seeing a young person trendily decked out in 1980s-style garb and saying to yourself, 'I can't believe that look is back in style. It was bad enough the first time around!' - Author: Meghan Daum
Old Style Sayings #766350
#77. If you get old fashioned enough, you'll always be in style. - Author: Frances Farmer
Old Style Sayings #875764
#78. To me, you can't have style without being inspired. When I design a collection, I am inspired by so many things. The color of a flower. The shape of a butterly's wing. The juxtaposition of an old tenement building next to a shiny new skyscraper. - Author: Isaac Mizrahi
Old Style Sayings #871704
#79. When I was 13 years old, I was dressing in a rap style. And then I changed schools, and the rap style became old-fashioned, so I changed it completely. - Author: Louis Garrel
Old Style Sayings #856026
#80. I'm as old as the moon and the stars, and as young as the trees and the lakes. My style comes from looking at what came before me, and from visiting a lot of places. - Author: Afrika Bambaataa
Old Style Sayings #855131
#81. In some ways, 'The Little Mermaid' was old-fashioned. Rendered in the hand-drawn style, it was the last Disney animated feature to use cels and Xeroxing. Pixar and its CGI imitators soon made that rigorous process obsolete. - Author: Richard Corliss
Old Style Sayings #821058
#82. War isn't a TV show with plot twists to keep the viewers interested. The proliferation of images and blanket media coverage have suffocated the life out of old-style photojournalism. - Author: David Burnett
Old Style Sayings #807093
#83. When I look at 'Napoleon Dynamite's style I'm reminded of how I spoke when I was an eight-year-old boy. It was just like capturing the essence of, 'Duh!' It was just like the stuff that I would say when I was like eight, nine, ten years old. - Author: Jason Reitman
Old Style Sayings #802724
#84. Modernity of form is the style of old fogies yet to be. - Author: Anthony Marais
Old Style Sayings #789864
#85. The idea of old was to conform yourself to a style of cooking, it was not to create a style of cooking. Now the chef is so much into 'I want to sign that dish and say I am the one who made that dish.' - Author: Jacques Pepin
Old Style Sayings #787067
#86. As my own boss, I have the opportunity to get to work with great brands like Old Navy, and I get to style some looks together that people can actually buy and afford. - Author: Brad Goreski
Old Style Sayings #786410
#87. I think that old school style of 'I'm your parent and I'm greater than you' doesn't work. What I establish with my children is a partnership. - Author: Jada Pinkett Smith
Old Style Sayings #767997
#88. Musically, I want to graduate and become one of the greatest. You can't do that just spitting punchlines. I respect those people who say they love that old style, but it would be greedy of them to want me to stay that same person. - Author: Chamillionaire
Old Style Sayings #767902
#89. The fact that I made a special movie with an old-fashioned style - even if it's a mix between with modern and old-fashioned things - must mean I feel both ways about change. In a way I'm resisting, but in a way adapting myself to the times. - Author: Michel Hazanavicius
Old Style Sayings #4028
#90. If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
Old Style Sayings #759286
#91. I once said that CGI makes you less inventive. At the time I was bemoaning the loss of the practical stunt. If a stunt can be done practically and safely, I'd rather do it old-style. - Author: Steven Spielberg
Old Style Sayings #745845
#92. Our top-down pyramid style of management is a very old concept borrowed from centuries of war and monarchies. - Author: James Hunter
Old Style Sayings #722429
#93. They were never young and will never be old. They have no beauty, no charm, no style. They don't have to please anybody. They are safe. They - Author: Raymond Chandler
Old Style Sayings #719426
#94. No matter how I'm doing financially, the Depression has never disappeared from my consciousness. To this day, I hate waste. When neckties went from narrow to wide, I kept all my old ones until the style went back to narrow. - Author: Lee Iacocca
Old Style Sayings #705565
#95. [My mom] is quite the strict editor. I feel like maybe she has more of the old-school editing style, which really works in picture books, because you don't want to articulate anything in words that is already shown through the pictures. - Author: Jenna Bush
Old Style Sayings #684933
#96. The grand style is available now only in old poems, museums, and parodies. - Author: Mason Cooley
Old Style Sayings #678923
#97. Clive, at moments like this, had a smile like the lace in an old-style football. Anyone could be forgiven for wanting to boot it. - Author: Graham Joyce
Old Style Sayings #655696
#98. I have been styling my own hair since I was four years old ... and I still don't let anyone else touch it to this day. I cut, color, style, and spray my own hair, on all sets and shoots, that's just the way it goes. I get way too nervous when someone else starts to mess with it. - Author: Jenna Elfman
Old Style Sayings #651083
#99. We moved from the East coast to the town of Spokane, Washington, when I was about 13 years old, and I did not adapt very well to the, to the style of the place, and I spent most of my time in the public library. - Author: Irwin Rose
Old Style Sayings #639476
#100. IF we don't start to rethink how we are acting now ... We will pay the price later for our "old-stinking-thinking" style - Author: Tony Dovale
Old Style Sayings #631274

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