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#1. There's no sense drawing attention to yourself, Li." "Hellooooo. I'm aHorseman of the Apocalypse, and I'm betrothed to the most infamous, most powerful demon in existence. I couldn't draw more attention to myself i I wore Lady Gaga's meat dress to a PETA convention. - Author: Larissa Ione
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#2. I adore the challenge of creating truly modern clothes, where a woman's personality and sense of self are revealed. I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman. - Author: Vera Wang
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#3. Heavens protect us from the dress sense of American academics. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#4. By the time we leave, I have red lips and curled eyelashes, and I'm wearing a bright red dress. And there's a knife strapped to the inside of my knee. This all makes perfect sense. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#5. In effect, to follow, not to force the public inclination; to give a direction, a form, a technical dress, and a specific sanction, to the general sense of the community, is the true end of legislature. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#6. Unfortunately we've seen meditation insulted in a sense with the image of ritual. You have to dress a certain way, follow a certain type of lifestyle, all that sort of thing, very culty - and that, of course, has nothing to do with the practice whatsoever. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#7. Strive not for singularity in dress; Fools have the more and men of sense the less. To look original is not worth while, But be in mind a little out of style. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#8. My style when I was younger was still unique to me. I didn't necessarily dress by the trends, but I was always aware of what was trendy at the time and how I could apply it to my own sense of style. - Author: Maria Sharapova
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#9. We have a society in which men sexualize women, period. If you don't want male attention, it makes total sense you'd do everything to your dress and physicality to not be sexualized. But I see that changing dramatically. Now, [younger lesbians] look more like Paris Hilton than Billie Jean King. - Author: Jackie Warner
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#10. You are addressed by the way you dress. Your attire reflects your sense of value or taste and of course, your speech either makes or mars you. - Author: Jaachynma N.E. Agu
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#11. Girls think they're only allowed to wear dresses on formal occasions, but I like a woman who says, you know, I'm going over to see a boy who is having a nervous breakdown, a boy whose connection to the sense of sight itself is tenuous, and gosh dang it, I am going to wear a dress for him. - Author: John Green
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#12. I seem to have no dress sense at all. I'm always being listed in New York among one of the ten worst dressed men of the year. Someone once described me as "looking like an unmade bed." He was right! - Author: Orson Welles
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#13. Any child who is self-sufficient , who can ties his shoes, dress or undress himself, reflects in his joy and sense of achievement the image of human dignity which is derived from a sense of independence. - Author: Maria Montessori
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#14. (Of course there are gay Betas: the Beta Male boyfriend is highly prized in the gay community because you can teach him how to dress yet you can remain relatively certain that he will never develop a fashion sense or be more fabulous than you.) - Author: Christopher Moore
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#15. In clothes as well as speech, the man of sense Will shun all these extremes that give offense, Dress unaffectedly, and, without haste, Follow the changes in the current taste. - Author: Moliere
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#16. He's attractive, has perfect dress sense, and doesn't talk. I think I want him to father my babies. (Savannah) - Author: Eden Summers
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#17. My so-called bad dress-sense phase happened when I was confused - I think I was taking advice all too often, without listening to my inner voice. Add to the fact that I was a little overweight; so every wrong 'outfit' got compounded all that much. - Author: Vidya Balan
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#18. She didn't like to think she was so shallow that a mere dress could make her happy, but she had to concede that it gave her a new sense of self-confidence. - Author: Julia Quinn
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#19. Klaus Toppmoller: hair like David Gower and dress sense like Austin Powers. - Author: Jon Champion
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#20. I really do feel now that the way I dress onstage and for work is a true reflection of my own sense of style as well. - Author: Rachel Stevens
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#21. We recklessly attempt to disguise our 'greed' by dressing it in the garb of other nobler ideals such as 'rights' and 'privileges.' Yet, if we dare dress 'greed' in an authentic sense of thankfulness, greed will suffocate within the folds of that very clothing. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#22. When someone comes forward and is an individual, such as a Lady Gaga or a Katy Perry, people respond to them because there is that sense of innocence. It's obviously dress up and theatre. - Author: Brad Goreski
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#23. The difference between a man of sense and a fop is that the fop values himself upon his dress; and the man of sense laughs at it, at the same time he knows he must not neglect it. - Author: Lord Chesterfield
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#24. I can't bear shopping. I can choose clothes for my characters, but not for myself. I've got no dress sense. Or I've lost it. - Author: Richard C. Armitage
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#25. I love to dress up. You have to have a sense of fun in life, too. We can all be serious and work and do our bit, but every now and again you have to have a good giggle. - Author: Marie-Chantal Claire
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#26. There is a sense in which the Christian's life on earth is a dress rehearsal for heaven. Not in terms of costumes and theatrics, but in terms of worship and devotion to the One we will worship for all eternity - the Lamb who sits on the throne of heaven. - Author: David Jeremiah
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#27. In matters of dress we wish neither silk nor rags," President Hinckley said. "We seek for the clean look, call it a wholesome look, the bright and happy look of young men and women who walk with a sense of who they are, of what is expected of them, and of what they may become. - Author: Daniel H. Ludlow
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#28. Was walking home alone from school and I was wearing a dress. A dude drove by and yelled, "Nice tits." Embarrassed and enraged, I screamed after him, "Suck my dick." Sure, it didn't make any sense, but at least I didn't hold in my anger. - Author: Tina Fey
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#29. I find my dress sense tends to be a bit of a mixture between high fashion and unique vintage pieces with a little bit of street trends. For example, I might find a really nice, suede dinner jacket that I'd wear with a basic plain white shirt and some chinos and a pair of Nike trainers. - Author: Tinie Tempah
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#30. I like to maintain a certain sense of fantasy in my life. I am kind of like that at home. Do I have the full hair and makeup? No. But I might have the nice dress on. - Author: Jennifer Lopez
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#31. Keynes was scarcely a 'revolutionary' in any real sense. He possessed the tactical wit to dress up ancient statist and inflationist fallacies with modern, pseudoscientific jargon, making them appear to be the latest findings of economic science. - Author: Murray Rothbard
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#32. A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you - Author: Francoise Sagan
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#33. To the Muslim woman, the hijab provides a sense of empowerment. It is a personal decision to dress modestly according to the command of a genderless Creator; to assert pride in self, and embrace one's faith openly, with independence and courageous conviction. - Author: Randa Abdel-Fattah
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